Vietnamese Cop Clings to Bus, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Vietnamese traffic officer Lt. Nguyen Manh Phan clutching to the front of a speeding bus.

Vietnamese traffic officer Lt. Nguyen Manh Phan clutching to the front of a speeding bus.

Over 700k views in one day on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku…

From Youku:

Incredible Vietnamese police officer uses body to stop bus

Comments from Youku:



Vietnam truly is an uncivilized place!


What the hell is going on?


Talk about dedication to one’s job, just one sudden brake and it’d be a tragedy :D


If the vehicle in front were to suddenly brake, then…


Monkeys climbing on poles is normal.


This kind of driver is simply treating other people’s lives like a joke!!!!! Fortunately he was ultimately arrested and sentenced to 3 years [in jail]!!!!!


Different from China. If it were in China, it’d usually be a civilian on the front of the vehicle, not that [police officer].


This traffic officer’s police uniform is a little strange.

Ivancito: (responding to above)

It’s Vietnamese.


Truly TM dedicated to his job. If he were to fall, it would be a horrific death!


Driver, just turn on the windshield wipers!


Is this necessary? Just write down the license plate number, it’s not like its murder or arson, why use such drastic methods and escalate the situation!?


If it were in China, I bet you’d be spending the rest of your life in jail.


This outfit, how come no matter how I look at it, it looks like that of the Japanese Imperial Army??


Just who exactly is filming this?


Those who have been to Vietnam before all know that traffic police officer isn’t dedicated to his job but rather risking his life for a tip [bribe]. Vietnamese traffic officers normally openly and brazenly take money without giving you a receipt, and the locals hate them to the bone.


There are actually people who believe this… This country’s education!!!!!


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Truly dedicated yet also truly retarded. Sigh, in a big world, there are all sorts of strange and weird people.


Before, the vehicle hadn’t been started. The traffic officer climbed onto the car and then it was started, and then another traffic officer was driving in front filming…


It’s not that he doesn’t want to get down, it’s that he really doesn’t dare to!!


In China, that driver would be violently beaten the moment he gets off the bus.


Can only be said this traffic officer is crazy, wants money so bad he’s willing to risk his life, too stupid/foolish.


Vietnamese bus windshield wipers are quite sturdy, and the buses passing by are also quite luxurious. This country has developed very fast.


Instead of looking at the ugly things of one’s own country, going and laughing at other countries.


It’s said that this was filmed by his colleague, who drove 2km without calling the police nor stopping the bus, what a tragedy.


Vietnamese people truly have no aesthetic sense, wearing such an ugly police uniform…

Vietnamese traffic officer Lt. Nguyen Manh Phan clutching to the front of a speeding bus.

So what exactly is going on in this video?

From Associated Press:

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — A Vietnamese traffic cop went on a wild ride in Hanoi, clinging to the windshield wipers of a moving bus for nearly a kilometer (0.6 mile) after the rogue driver tried to avoid a ticket, police said Friday.

Traffic police 2nd Lt. Nguyen Manh Phan ordered the bus driver to pull over the 39-seat passenger coach Monday, said a police officer in Ba Vi District outside Hanoi. The officer spoke on condition of anonymity, citing policy.

The driver allegedly refused to show his paperwork and drove off — but not before Phan leaped onto the front, he added. The officer said the bus reached a top speed of about 50 kilometers per hour (31 mph).

A YouTube video shows the officer trying to get his footing and dangling precariously from the moving bus as oncoming traffic whizzes past. Phan can be heard yelling, “Call the police!”

The driver, Phung Hong Phuong, eventually pulled over after being chased by police and residents.

Even with the bus stopped, Phan stood calmly in front of it, still hanging on to the wipers.

Phuong was arrested for allegedly acting against public officials, an offense that carries a maximum three-year prison sentence, the officer said. He previously served nearly four years in prison for a fatal traffic accident, and was released in 2010.

On the Net:
Video on YouTube:

A longer ~1:30 version of the video can also be found on YouTube:

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Despite the number of views, there were only several hundred comments on the video on Youku. Interestingly, and translated for your own discussion amusement, much of the discussion on Youku was eventually dominated by Chinese netizens arguing over the answer to the following riddle:


A dog was purchased for 600 RMB, sold for 700 RMB, purchased back for 800 RMB, and then sold again for 900 RMB. How much money was made?

Written by Fauna

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  • lxpatterson

    there should be a sofa at the front of the bus, the man looked so at ease.

  • Brave cop!
    Now here, your sofa.

  • :( :( :(

  • alex

    First owner made 200RMB, and some sucker wasted 900RMB instead of getting a free dog off the street.

  • HarryH

    Clearly 100 RMB was made by the original seller

    • jin

      you fell for it LMAO…..
      its 200 RMB
      bought for 600
      sold for 700 = 100 RMB profit
      bought for 800 = 700 RMB lost
      sold for 900 = 200 earned.

  • lonetrey

    Ahaha, reminds me of Jackie Chan’s Police Story.

  • John

    Reminds me of the story about a Chinese cop holding on to a moving illegal taxi in the same manner. Of course the netizens reactions were a LOT more positive to the Chinese cop, racist *****.

  • A gawd-dang Mongolian

    For some reason the only thought that springs to my mind is that he’d have one hell of a trajectory if the bus suddenly stopped.

  • anon

    Still looks fake to me. But hey, the AP broke the story so…

  • whichone

    The cop probably didn’t think driver was reckless enough to drive after he climbed on, and after he climbed on, can’t really do anything except hang on there.

    Riddle: since it’s posed as a riddle, I would think the answer is nothing, because the dog made no profit (ambiguous profit, owner/buyer implied not explicit)

    as a simple math problem: (900-800)+(700-600) = 200 rmb

    Now, a counter riddle: assuming the three dudes in the transaction (guy who made profit 200, guy who bought at 700, sold at 800 thus profit 100, and the idiot who paid 900) were standing behind three doors, and you are asked to identify the Mr 900 to win a big prize or pick one of the other guys and win nothing, you randomly pick a door, but do not open it. Of the remaining two doors one is revealed to be Mr Profit 100, and you are given a chance to change your original choice, is it to your advantage to take it? :)

    • anon

      I’m going to ruin your riddle:

      • whichone


    • RuN

      lol the answer is he made a loss of 100.

      if he sold the dog to the idiot at the first place he wouldve been making a profit of 300.

      • whichone

        I think you are wrong there, total outgoing expense = 600 + 800, total incoming revenue = 700 + 900, profit is the difference.

        he would lol’s last lol’s the best.

  • arinna

    I think that cop initially climbed on the bus with out thinking that the driver would drive anyway, after that he was just hanging onto it for the sake of his life.

    But yea, the chinese were being totally racist here.

    • Anon

      “Monkeys” is in fact the Chinese racial epithet of choice for Vietnamese.

  • Jeff

    Just who exactly is filming this? is the best comment so far!

  • MonkeyMouth

    just to clarify, i am not the voice of the vietnamese people

  • Dat Ankle

    Almost as great as the one where traffic cop got hit by a car and didnt fall down~

  • cyrus

    Because of this 1 video,certain Chinese call Vietnam uncivilized?That’s funny.Remember Yue Yue,the 2 yr old girl in China that got ran over TWICE and NOBODY helped her?! How about this video A boy got ran over 4 TIMES!Or this video where a woman got ran over 5 TIMES! As the saying goes,”Don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house.”

    • anon

      Absolutely agree people shouldn’t throw rocks when living in glass houses. Unfortunately, a lot of Chinese people are retards like retards from everywhere else. They see a video and they think it confirms all the stereotypes of some other nationality they have built up within them, forgetting that they hate it when other nationalities do the same thing to them, as in the videos you referenced. Humans are ugly hypocritical creatures.

    • AWR

      Internet is full of trolls. Don’t judge everyone based on 1 comment.

  • A gawd dang Mongolian

    Looking back and horrified that no one said it, I’m adding it.