Village Head Suspended Over Indecent Video

Village Head Suspended Over Indecent Video

The head and vice secretary of Changxi Village, Rugao has been suspended by Wuyao Discipline Inspection Commission over three videos which feature him stripping clothes off a woman sitting on his lap. The videos’ poster says that they are filmed at a hotel in Rugao, and feature village head Mr. Chen and a woman who works at an entertainment establishment in the city. Chen can also be seen fondling the woman’s chest and legs in the videos. One netizen said that such village cadres are a disgrace to the Chinese Communist Party.

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  • 42

    serves him right, nobody can be this insolent and untouchable.

  • WghUk

    Fondling is only the tip of the iceberg.

    • Xinlei Lee

      I can not understand.

  • Xinlei Lee

    It is very ugly.

  • hahaha!
    some or most men are so fking disgusting!

    • EE Bear!

      Shut your pie hole.

    • Xinlei Lee

      I agree