Village Woman Crushed Trying To Stop Construction In Henan

Zhumadian woman crushed under construction vehicle while trying to stop the construction.

Zhumadian woman crushed under construction vehicle while trying to stop the construction.

From NetEase:

Henan Zhengyang denies law enforcement ignored incident of a resident being crushed to death

Summary: On the morning of the 3rd, in Zhumadian of Henan province, a woman trying to stop construction was run over and killed by a construction vehicle, and it was reported that the police and water department personnel present at the scene turned a blind eye. The Zhengyang County Shenshui River Regulation Project headquarters made an announcement, claiming that it was a fatal construction accident, that the victim slipped on the river slopes onto the moving excavator. Officials deny that the deputy fire chief said “I’ll take responsibility for running over her”.

According to Henan television reports, on the morning of January 3rd, while Henan Zhumadian Zhengyang County police and water department were forcefully carrying out construction along the Shenshui River, a resident trying to stop construction was run over and immediately died. According to Henan telelvision’s report, after the resident fell under the car, the police and water department personnel at the scene pretended not to see, even happily laughed.

Zhengyang County officials responded that this middle aged woman was obstructing the construction as a result of river regulation project being close to her residence, accidentally slipped on the slope and fell under the moving excavator, and died despite rescue efforts. They also claim that official video shows that the workers immediately rushed to rescue and did not ignore or laugh. On the same day of the accident, the driver of the excavator was apprehended, and an investigation team is currently investigating the matter.

The Zhengyang County Propoganda Department says at it is currently coordinating with the victim’s family concerning the issue of compensation but have not yet reached an agreement.

A copy of the above news report on Youku, which was included in this other post on Mop about the same news. In the news report, various villagers are interviewed and there are also footage of the construction workers and government officials “allegedly” ignoring or pretending not to notice the woman having been run over.

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Zhumadian woman crushed under construction vehicle while trying to stop the construction.

A woman wearing red caught under a construction vehicle's tracks/treads.

The woman passes away as rescuers try to save her.

On the left, the local official that allegedly ignored the woman being run over and crushed.

Comments from NetEase: (the comments section have since been closed)


They can’t go one day without lying.


After the Zhaiqiao Village village head’s death, every one of Zhaiqiao Village’s villagers found themselves in danger.

Many Zhaiqiao Village youth have all gone to live with their relatives, petrified that if they say something wrong they will be taken away. Zhaiqiao Village’s villagers no longer dare to walk on the streets at night, as police can be seen everywhere. This author’s friend’s wife is from Zhaiqiao, and she was woken up in the middle of the night yesterday by her mother-in-law, saying: “It’s safer if you go home to sleep.” My friend nervously got out of bed, as this author’s friend is an honest person, petrified of anything happening and causing a problem. Before going out, he first stick out his head to check if there were any JC nearby, and only after seeing that there were no JC, did he quickly leave with his wife, taking the smaller roads to go home.

Now, Zhaoqiao Village villagers have to sign an “agreement”, and what is this agreement? It is for all Zhaiqiao Village villages who know about this incident to sign the traffic accident confirmation that the ZF just issued. According to reliable sources, whoever doesn’t sign will be taken away. This is also one reason why Zhaiqiao Village’s young people have all left [the village]. The reason is because the older people have already decided to pursue investigation of the matter to the end, and don’t want the younger generation to be harmed. As it is understood, Zhaiqiao Village villagers all remember their former village head Qian Yunhui’s great kindness, and will all refuse to sign this “agreement”.

To support Zhaiqiao Village’s action, I asked that netizens ding this post/comment. Let Zhaiqiao Village’s villagers know that we already know of their current plight, and give all the support we can to them on the internet.

One person’s glare may not scare them, ten people’s glare may not make them stop, but one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one million, never has there been a person who was able to persist to the end under this kind of silent glare. It was frowns that ultimately changed racism, and looking on is the same. The precondition is that everyone not give up, not give up your last, smallest bit of effort.

Look on, sit here, sit on the steps of the Lord, and see how the world changes.


What can I say, there is nothing I want to say. If I could, I want to go to Mars to live.


It is always the rabble that suffer accidents.


“Because the scene of the accident was around 20 meters away, workers/personnel didn’t know that Li Li had been ran over.”
Since you guys didn’t know, how could you guys know that she had slipped and fell under [the excavator]?
20 meters away means you couldn’t see? Even if your personnel were all blind, you couldn’t hear the villagers shouting?
I get it now, you guys are both blind and deaf.


I don’t want to stay in the Heavenly Kingdom anymore, I want to go to Heaven!


After the accident happened, Henan’s various levels of leadership all paid great attention and attached great importance to the matter, immediately comforting the victim’s family, quickly organizing an investigation team, and clearly gave the people an impartial explanation. Everyone be reasonable.


Watch carefully, that woman wearing red, people are already shouting that someone is being run over, and at first she was still trying to pull herself up, but the excavator doesn’t even stop and continues to crush her! Watch carefully.


Everyday there is this kind of incident, I’m already numb.


A ZF that fights with the people for benefits/advantage is a shameful ZF. If a ZF is composed of illiterates, reckless men, weapons, and greed, this ZF has no future! The entire country’s people will see it getting its just deserts, the day will come. After all, history is written by the people, and strike by strike the people will remember in their hearts. Every additional stroke of blood debt will only make even more people aware, and there will be even more anger to bury it!


With officials being shameless to this degree, they’ve already become robbers.

What do you think?

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