Villager Pulls Massive Bag Of Natural Gas

Villager Pulls Massive Bag Of Natural Gas

Villager Pulls Massive Bag Of Natural Gas

A villager in a Shandong village driving an electric scooter was pulling a 6 meter-long “giant plastic bag” of natural gas home to cook food, making passersby on the road very nervous. One netizen replied that Shandong is truly very poor. But a lot of netizens also said “what’s weird about that? Every one of our homes has one of those. It’s called an air bag, and it’s not from a gas station, it’s from a gas well. It isn’t easy for peasants to make money, they all want to save a little bit. We’ve used this for 20 years, accidents happen sometimes.”

Source: qq

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  • mr.wiener

    Where do you buy a 6mter plastic bag?

    • Nicki

      In Shandong, apparently.

  • living in china is like walking dead.
    still so many low iq people love to reproduce more salve so much!

    • Mihel

      Less to do with low IQ and more to do with low income.

      • really does.
        the first time i really try to understand normal villagers, they are mean and snobbish and most village kids are so stupid.
        i do not mean city folk are smarter, but i feel so sad to see that so many low iq people around.
        and i merely see fair-mind and integrety inside most chinese. lucky is my parents all have it. that’s why i and my sister are not scared of anything and very straight.

        • WghUk

          Yup, from my experience mainland villagers are loud, ugly, low IQ, stubborn, defensive and dirty (spitting in busy places not to mention shitting). Really messed up what I used to perceive Chinese people as.

    • DC

      that villager seems pretty high IQ to me..

  • vonskippy

    Waiting for the story where an old Oma runs up to the lady and asks for a light for Opa’s cigarette.

  • Amused

    Are these bags manufactured by a company named”Hindenburg” by any chance?