Villagers Kill a “Chicken-Stealing” Wolf, Stew and Eat It

Villagers Kill a “Chicken-Stealing” Wolf, Stew and Eat It

Villagers Kill a “Chicken-Stealing” Wolf, Stew and Eat It

Residents of Ayia village in Yunnan stewed and ate a wolf after it was discovered eating one of their chickens. Elderly villager Luo Xin said that she came across two wolves eating the domestic fowl, and so raised the alarm. Soon after, 50-60 villagers armed with clubs gathered and chased one of the animals to a small rock crevice, while the other escaped. Being too big to enter, the wolf was beaten to death, and then promptly stewed and eaten, although some chose not to try it. One netizen said the wolf probably only took the risk to enter the village for food as humans had likely already ruined its environment.

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  • tomoe723

    Some people think wild animals are dangerous.

    • Vance

      They are. One must have respect for wildlife. We can enjoy wild animals, but they must be handled with care.

      • tomoe723

        By respect, do you mean fear for wildlife? They should be handled with care, I agree, but not the put-to-sleep/capture/imprison first then handle with care type. I know I eat meat but surely there’s a way to respect wild animals without having to subdue them first.

        • Vance

          Those that need to approach wild animals need to know how to do that so that the animal’s instinctive fears of them are eased and it won’t feel the need to defend itself. I am in agreement with you. Obviously most meat we eat is livestock that should be raised humanely. When hunting, the hunters should kill quickly and cleanly, although I understand that Chinese are deliberately kept short of weapons, so ganging up on the poor creature and beating him to death me be the only way they have to do it.

  • Amused

    Sixty people somehow cornered a wolf, then beat it to death with improvised weapons without taking an injury? Or they used a wolf trap. Hmmmm

  • WghUk

    Sounds like a scene from the medieval times…and this is China in 2015.

  • James

    must have been delicious

    • mr.wiener

      I’ll bet they wolfed it down.

      Don’t get up,I’ll punch myself in the face.

  • Foreign Devil

    The guy on the left looks like he is retching.

  • DD Bear!

    must be super funny, if i were there, i would go too.
    shoot birds also my favorite outside activity.

  • Percival

    Oddly enough the exact same thing is happening in Switzerland: newly introduced wolves are attacking herds of sheep in the mountains, and the shepherds are killing them to protect their livelihood. It has caused quite a lot of debate these past few years.
    The only difference is they probably didn’t eat the meat because they know how dangerous and unhealthy it is to eat a top of the food chain predator.