Violent Fight On Shanghai’s Famous Nanjing Road

From KDS:

On the evening of July 11, near the Tibet Road entrance to the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, two waidiren (spoke with accents) came to blows. One side was a husband and wife couple with children pitching in, while the other was a single male who obviously found himself in the disadvantaged position, having been beaten with blood all over his face.

After the police rushed over and tried to mediate, the two parties involved were taken to the police station.

Why was there such a large fight during the day and on lively Nanjing Road? The reason turned out to be…











…fighting over a seat on the Pedestrian Street tourist/sight-seeing tram! (It is said that the male wearing the red shirt who was beaten first became physical towards the child fighting for the seat so the husband-wife couple began ruthlessly hitting the man in red shirt)


The following eight pictures were added later (original only 11):



It is reported that the Korean KBS television channel just happened to be on the Pedestrian Street that day filming a show, and conveniently recorded the entire fight scene.







Comments from Tiexue:


Hehehehe, people these days, some big men will hide and let their wives go fight. Shanghai is not bad, it has female patrol officers. This happens often here. There are two snack/small eats shops where the bosses do not fight but the two bosses’ wives fight violently. When the police come, the most they can do is hold the two women back by the arms, and amusingly, the more the police hold them back, the more they fight harder…


Sigh, truly embarrassing, fighting so awfully here. I trust Korean people are reporting this piece of news (if this could be considered news) they definitely would not say “Shanghainese” or “waidiren“. They will say “Chinese people” are fighting in public over a seat.


A fight is a fight, why emphasize waidiren?
Also there is nothing so embarrassing.
America’s New York is even more incredible, where even a public dispute about cutting in line directly leading to shooting people dead happens.
But New York is still the entire world’s most niu city.
Above there are a lot of Shanghainese people trying to use waidiren fighting in Shanghai to show how Shanghainese people’s characters are better/higher than waidiren
I don’t know what this says about them.


Sigh, a very ordinary post eventually becomes a Shanghai vs. Anti-Shanghai argument. We are all Chinese people, is this necessary?
Some people from some places indeed have some bad habits, but this is not the reason Shanghainese people discriminate against waidiren. To tell the truth, some waidiren‘s bad habits Shanghainese people also have plenty of.


I have suddenly discovered that Chinese police are completely useless. In these fight scenes, at best they are just the role of a mediator trying to break up the fight.
This kind of illegal behavior right in front of the police and yet no police are able to effectively stop…
What use are the police then???


[responding to a comment made by a wai di ren that said this was a fight between Shanghainese people]

Those fighting on Nanjing Road were wai di tourists. Why are you YP [“ying pan”, hard disks] dragging us Shanghainese into this?

Moreover, you guys think you are so big. Us Shanghainese people do not have the time to bother with the problems you guys cause. Even if you guys kill each other it has nothing to do with us.

And making yourselves look good while making Shanghainese people look bad? Is it necessary?

You guys want to boast, fine, but please don’t try to make us look bad. Thank you. You guys can do whatever you guys want, there is no deportation system now, and we’re too lazy to care.

But don’t drag us into it, aren’t we all the same!!!


Shanghainese people will never shirk responsibility. To a certain hard disk above, yes, I called you hard disk, coward, who felt they were looked down upon, insisted on turning wai di tourists fighting into Shanghainese people fighting. Shanghainese people are all reasonable, and fighting has always been something hard disk peoplelike to do, and moreover, just for a seat on a train. Have you ever seen Shanghainese people go ride that tourist tram?

Calling you guys hard disks I personally feel there is nothing wrong. You guys too can insult us. Shanghainese people do not really care about your guys’ insults. Looking at you guys flip out, just thinking about it funny.

Our Shanghai does not have this kind of low character. Moreover, we also do not fight while you wai di hard disks seriously do like to fight. And when something happens, you guys pretend to regret it.

Even if Shanghainese people go to Nanjing Road, would we go ride the tourist tram? It is just something to cheat you wai di ren.

Your hard disk IQ is worth suspecting.


Why do these kind of post-topics always evolve into people insulting and slandering each other? Such a simple post, reminding us to be civilized, ends up becoming Shanghainese people this and this…

Comments from AnJia:


The photographs were taken very well, very “at the scene of the incident.”


One look and you can tell they are Northern people.


It feels like if that female were to fight alone she would not necessarily lose, hahaha.


That mother is so valiant. Therefore, never bully children, otherwise the child’s mother, though a woman, dares to physically fight with a man.


Upon seeing this title, my first reaction was that waidiren have again begun ruining Shanghai. After coming in to read, it turns out I was right, causing Shanghai to be the joke of Koreans.

KBS is pretty good at finding news~~~


Forbid waidiren from entering Shanghai during the World Expo!


The Koreans have nothing better to do also, reporting even this kind of trivial matter
that happens who knows how often everyday in various places throughout the country.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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