Volunteers Rescue Dogs From “Concentration Camp” In Xi’an

A "concentration camp" for dogs in Xi'an, China.

A "concentration camp" for dogs in Xi'an, China.

From QQ:

True record of a pet concentration camp #40

The dogs who lost their eyesight can only tell what’s happening by listening, so they are very sensitive to the sounds…interestingly, they can even judge your location by listening to you…they want to ask God, can they exchange their precise hearings for a pair of eyes?

October 22nd is a special day, because we have said goodbye to this sad place~

A "concentration camp" for dogs in Xi'an, China.

A "concentration camp" for dogs in Xi'an, China.

Qing Mei’s [name of this place] filthy environment. In this kind of filthy environment, when the dogs do not have water to drink, the thirsty dogs will drink such dirty, smelly water.

A "concentration camp" for dogs in Xi'an, China.

The dogs in the shelter/dog pound are in this kind of environment.

A "concentration camp" for dogs in Xi'an, China.

They are full of fear, having lost the love and care they once had~

A "concentration camp" for dogs in Xi'an, China.

A "prison camp" for dogs in Xi'an, China.

A "prison camp" for dogs in Xi'an, China.

Due to the humidity, the dogs all more or less have skin diseases~

For a bite of a steamed bun, they even unintentionally bit off the eye of one of their own [while fighting for the food].

A "prison camp" for dogs in Xi'an, China.

Hiding in a corner, gnawing at a bone brought by the volunteers.

A "prison camp" for dogs in Xi'an, China.

A "prison camp" for dogs in Xi'an, China.

We’re going to take these dogs away, taking them all to an animal shelter in Zhouzi county, so they can be far away from this kind of bad environment~

Chinese dogs living in horrible conditions.

These two dogs hid in the buildings in the very back~

Volunteers communicated with the dog by the wall in the back for a long time before being able to carry it out~

Underneath the bed board was the second to last dog to be brought out with a net/bag~ Everyone can imagine how the dog reacted when it was netted/bagged~

Chinese dogs living in terrible conditions.

The one of the far left was the first to be carried out. I believe that other than being able to speak, dogs understand everything. as long as you communicate with it~ as long as you give them time, because this one on the far right was convinced by volunteers to be carried out in their arms~

Chinese dogs living in awful conditions.

This is what we least want to see, dogs that have already left us [passed away]~

We believe that they are living happily in heaven, where they won’t starve or suffer the cold, much less inhuman treatment~

In this environment, the dogs will very quickly become infected with parvovirus and canine distemper. Everyday, there will be a few dogs that pass away~

Dead dogs in a pile.

A pile of dead dogs in China.

These dogs’ carcasses were disposed of outside the perimeter walls. What everyone needs to know is that there are actually people who will collect these dead dogs and sell them to hot pot restaurants and dog meat sellers/restaurants for 1 RMB each. Everyone, please don’t eat dog meat~ because there simply is no health/safety inspection department for dog meat, and it simply isn’t within the scope of being food!

Rotting and decomposing dog carcasses.

When the weather is really hot, the dog’s bodies will be covered with maggots by the second day~

A dead dog covered with flies.

When it rains, the dogs will hide in the tent set up by volunteers~

Stray dogs living in a "concentration camp".

These less than two month old puppies can also be captured and brought here~

Puppies brought to an abandoned dog location.

A volunteer holds up a puppy dog.

Every time when we are here, most of the dogs will surround us, because they know we love and care about them, their trust in humans still remaining…

Chinese volunteers rescuing stray or abandoned dogs.

Poor thing, a look of confusion…

A volunteer holds up a small dog.

Dogs filled with fear, their heart-wrenching expressions~

Abandoned dogs living in horrific conditions.

We carried the dogs onto the van~

Chinese animal rescuers load mistreated dogs into a van.

Before entering the van, volunteers will first give them shots for their skin disease~

Chinese volunteers rescuing stray or abandoned dogs.

This yellowish white alien-looking darling made us cry~ We spent half the day coaxing it, wanting to carry it out, but while trying to persuade it to come out, we saw that its leg, the one that everyone can see here, its right leg, part of the bone is exposed and sticking out.

We can’t imagine what it must have suffered and we shed tears as we communicated with it but it was no use. In the end, we had to use the net/bag to capture it and bring it out. At this time, it had already begun wagging its tail as it looked at us. It knew we were saving it~

An injured dog in poor health.

The sun came out, the dogs were all in the van, ready to head to their new home~ No matter what breed they are, they are cute all the same~

I hope more and more people can come adopt them, so they can forever enjoy the sunshine [be happy]~

Chinese volunteers rescuing stray or abandoned dogs.

Let them forever leave this heart-breaking place~

Friends who want a dog can come to Zhouzi [county]. Don’t buy black-market dogs, because there are even more homeless dogs here. Please give them a warm home. Dogs that have been homeless are very well-behaved/understanding/good, they are filled with gratefulness~

There’s a new problem now, the shelter/dog pound has moved, and we don’t know what kind of treatment will meet the dogs that are captured in the future, whether or not they will be euthanized~

Everyone please take good care of your own dogs, promptly pick up after your dogs in public, putting them on a leash when going out, please raise your dogs in a socially responsible manner, registering your dog [license]~ Only this way will there be more and more dog-lovers~

Comments from QQ:


I hope there can be even more people who will protect stray dogs, and respect life.


So touching! I truly feel there are too many dogs that need our help!
What can be done for these poor [dogs] to live a bit better?


These [dogs] are all lives…how loyal and protective of their master’s dogs everyone knows…everyone is equal, so why don’t we go protect them. We should learn from foreigners, who certainly do a very good job on this point of caring and protecting small animals…


Shocking, I hope this can touch the softest part of everyone’s heart. All animals are equal, and every life has the right to life. Man’s greed, selfishness, and apathy has already and is currently sending one by one the lives of weaker animals to heaven. Harmonious society does not mean harmony only between man and man, this is too narrow. I say it should also be in harmony with other animals, because they are also hosts of this planet. Take action then, cruel humanity, sad humans.


Dogs are one of the few true friends of mankind. They give us companionship, protect our safety and property. If we have the least bit appreciation [for them], then we shouldn’t let our friends live so miserably.

Treasure life.


I just hope that those who want to raise pets can be more careful/prudent. If you can’t guarantee that you will always take care of it, then don’t ruin a dog’s life over your own impulse. If you cannot guarantee its well-being, cannot guarantee that its offspring’s well-being, then please don’t let it uncontrollably breed! Dogs are lives too, they have feelings, being so loyal, I really don’t understand how humans can bear to be so cruel! No matter what, do what you can, every bit of help is something!


Just do what you can do. There is a story about a little kid on the beach after the tide had ebbed out picking up each fish one by one to throw them back into the sea. Someone told the child: you can’t save all of them. But the kid replied: Each one I save is one less fish that dies! What an adorable kid. Let us do what little we can, let our sense of responsibility/conscientiousness grow, to be responsible for the pets we raise, responsible to the end…


Dogs are always loyal to their masters, because they understand gratefulness. In contrast, those people who heartlessly and cruelly abandon these angels have shown us their lack of morality and responsibility. However, many times we are unable to stop this irresponsible, even cruel conduct. So volunteers, people full of love, in the midst of dedicating themselves to rescuing and helping dogs time and time again, they are the most adorable [admirable] people, the most respectable people. What dogs want [from humans] is not much, all they ask for is a little place to call home. I hope everyone who raises dogs can live up to the responsibility they owe their dogs. treasuring them. I also hope that more and more people can join in helping rescue stray animals.


I hope more and more people will pay attention to these poor small animals. I hope the “animal protection law” can be passed sooner. I hope everyone can waken even more of humanity’s conscience…


At this point, all the dogs from Qing Mei have finally all left that living hell!

Thank you to everyone who has gone to adopt a dog!

At this very moment, I am very touched. I believe those people who have previously participated in the rescue will never forget Qing Mei #40! They won’t forget the hellish life that the poor dogs lived through, won’t forget the road we have walked together with people we know and people we don’t know, won’t forget the place where we once shed innumerable tears!

The road of rescuing [animals] is so difficult, but we will not halt our steps. Here, I want to encourage the dogs as well as ourselves!

Goodbye, QingMei!

╲╲"Ao Ao:

I wish the dog protection law will quickly be passed.
I wish there will no longer be any place that sells dog meat.
I wish there will no longer be any killing, disease, and death.
I wish I will no longer need to spend everyday in fear.
I wish I can open my eyes and see my beloved master petting my head.
I wish everyday I can get enough to eat, and no longer have to face the elements.
I wish someday that all of these wishes can become true.

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