Wage-Owing Boss Dragged Out Of Toilet By Angry Employees

Wage-Owing Boss Dragged Out Of Toilet By Angry Employees

Angry employees in Zhengzhou vented their anger at their boss who had “escaped” to a toilet at a car dealership after he withheld their wages for an entire year. Besieging their superior, the impatient workers eventually dragged him out of the toilet, after which one employee firmly grabbed his pants and yelled, “Give us our money”. An expert said that legal methods should be used to chase arrears, as infringing on others’ safety could also affect one’s legal rights. Netizen opinion was divided, with some branding migrant workers as “hoodlums”, whilst others reproached bosses who delay payments.
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  • Necrogodomega

    What legal recourse? It’s pretty obvious after the millions of times this happens the migrants are nearly never protected or helped by anyone in power. So they take matters into their own hands.

    It should be illegal to withhold wages. No matter what. If after that first month they don’t get paid, they should have all they need to go right to the (whatever) bureau and demand help and that bureau should go right to the boss and demand he pay. End of story.

    • mr.wiener

      Daned right. The shit has hit the fan.

    • James

      well that makes too much sense. There is similar bs in America where someone can write you a bad check and then file for bankruptcy or not even do that and never pay you back and THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO. At least in China you can do this.

      • vonskippy

        Not true – if you know the persons real name, there are all types of legal recourse, namely suing for damages – which once awarded will be tacked onto that persons social security number – after which any legal job (i.e. anything but cash under the table) will be garnished until the debt is repaid. Or there’s a little thing called “A baseball bat” – that’s usually quicker and more effective.

        • James

          Unfortunately, it’s not possible or feasible to find a lawyer that’s willing to litigate for a $1000 check. Unfortunately, the alternate solution is what makes China better in some cases. People are less willing to fuck around when they know they might get their shit smashed in.

          • David

            You don’t need a lawyer. You can take them to small claims court for a small fee (depending on your country, where my home is it cost $25 to file). You get the same results, a judgment, then take that to collections.

    • Poodle Tooth

      They should have sold his organs to get their money.

  • Foreign Devil

    Withheld wages for one year eh? I’m thinking of setting up a company in China with 500 employees who will work for me for free for one year. . after which I will dissappear from the country. Seriously it is beyond stupid to work unpaid for that long.

    • David

      and yet we see stories all the time about it happening. I really can not for the life of me understand it.

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