Wang Jiayun: Chinese Blow-Up Doll Becomes Famous In Korea

Wang Jiayun, Chinese high school schoolgirl looks like an inflatable doll.

Wang Jiayun, Chinese high school schoolgirl looks like an inflatable doll.

From Hoop China:

Chinese female high school student Wang Jiayun becomes famous on the Korean internet—–Does everyone know this inflatable doll~?

Chinese female high school student Wang Jiayun has become famous on the Korean internet, for looking like an inflatable doll. Wang Jiayun is 164cm tall and weighs 42kg. Born in Kowloon of Hong Kong SAR, she currently resides in Shenzhen of Guangdong province, China. On the 16th and 17th of this month, her name ranked amongst the top search queries on various Korean portal websites.

Chinese high school schoolgirl Wang Jiayun becomes a top search query on Korea's Naver search engine.

From MSN China & Sohu:

Schoolgirl becomes famous on Korean internet, because she looks like a blow-up doll

“Blow-up doll” Chinese female high school student Wang Jiayun has received a lot of attention on the Korean internet.

After high school student Wang Jiayun’s weibo photographs spread on the internet, her name became a top search term on various major Korean web portals on the 16th and 17th of this month.

Wang Jiayun’s height is 164cm, her weight 42kg. As of the afternoon on the 17th, the number of visits to Wang Jiayun’s weibo already surpassed 3.5 million. On the 17th alone, the number of visits exceeded 1.18 million.

Wang Jiayun says she was born in Kowloon of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and presently lives in Shenzhen City of Guangdong province in China. Wang Jiayun’s blog ID name is “冰山” [bingshan, “iceberg”], says she likes the color white. Netizens one after another left comments saying “Body Terminator [her body is good?]”, “Hope to see even more photos”, “I am Korean, I have a good impression of you [like you]. Hope we can be friends”, “Big sister [you] have already become a star in Korea. I am big sister’s fan“, “I hear you’ve become famous, so I’ve come specially to send my regards”, etc., the responses very enthusiastic.

Chinese Wang Jiayun becomes famous on the Korean internet.

Chinese Wang Jiayun becomes famous on the Korean internet, for looking like an inflatable doll.

Chinese Wang Jiayun becomes famous, for looking like a sex doll.

Chinese Wang Jiayun becomes famous on the Korean internet.

Chinese Wang Jiayun becomes the number one search term on Korean search engines.

Born in Hong Kong, Wang Jiayun has become famous on the Korean internet, for looking like an inflatable doll.

Living in Shenzhen, Wang Jiayun has become famous on the Korean internet, for looking like a sex doll.

Wang Jiayun in a black miniskirt.

Wang Jiayun, heavily photoshopped.

Chinese high schooler Wang Jiayun.

Chinese teenage girl Wang Jiayun looks like a sex doll.

Chinese teenage girl Wang Jiayun looks freakishly like a sex doll in her heavily photoshopped photographs.

Wang Jiayun taking her own portrait in a mirror.

Wang Jiayun and a friend.

Wang Jiayun using a laptop.

Wang Jiayun standing in a hallway showing off her legs.

Wang Jiayun in a black skirt.

Wang Jiayun's freakishly photoshopped picture.

Chinese female high school student Wang Jiayun becomes famous on the Korean internet.

Wang Jiayun's doll-like face, and her friend, showing off their long slender legs.

Wang Jiayun at her makeup table.

Wang Jiayun becomes the number one search query on Korean portal websites.

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Wang Jiayun holds up a stuffed animal from the Happy Goat Chinese cartoon series.

Wang Jiayun winks at the camera.

Wang Jiayun in a black hat and pink top.

Wang Jiayun winks at the camera.

Wang Jiayun sticks out her tongue and winks, looking cute.

Wang Jiayun and her long thin legs.

Wang Jiayun poses with a friend.

Chinese teenager Wang Jiayun.

Wang Jiayun shopping for fruits and vegetables.

Wang Jiayun in a gren bikini with really white skin.

Chinese high school student Wang Jiayun has become famous on the Korean internet, because she looks like a sex doll.

Wang Jiayun becomes the number one search query on Korean portal websites.

Wang Jiayun sitting on a table taking self-photos.

Wang Jiayun sitting on a table taking self-photos.

Wang Jiayun sitting on a table taking self-photos.

Wang Jiayun sitting on a table taking self-photos.

Wang Jiayun winking.

Wang Jiayun, Adobe Photoshop fan.

Wang Jiayun, big eyes and smooth white skin.

Wang Jiayun and a friend.

Comments from Hoop China:


Pretty girl, the doors in your home are so crooked, can you tell me how you’re able to close them?

Chinese netizen shows how Wan Jiayun's sel-taken photos may have been doctored or edited.

Chinese netizen shows how Wan Jiayun's sel-taken photos may have been doctored or edited.


My first reaction after seeing her pointy face was: PS


No traces of PS…evaluation complete…


Became famous on the Korean internet…bangzi are shocked by the Heavenly Kingdom‘s skill.


Korea’s masses are amazed, right? Our PS skills have surpassed your plastic surgery skills simida.


Actually, this is just an inflatable doll that was made to look more realistic, JRS [jian ren‘s, dirty-minded people] don’t be fooled.


How come this doesn’t make me hard [erect] at all…?


Bangzi say Wang Jiayun is actually Korean.


The Heavenly Kingdom‘s people proudly say to the bangzi:
Suffering a thousand cuts to the face is worse than moving a mouse with your right hand.


Fake eyelashes + pupil-enlarging contact lenses + PS. Korea’s plastic surgery industry is being challenged by the Heavenly Kingdom.


Adobe is truly a great company.

Inflatable dolls. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Nereis

    Uncanny valley man.

    • Nereis

      I’d also like to take this opportunity to say that I call shotgun on the sofa. Thankyoul.

    • Alikese

      Yeah, I don’t get this. They take a girl who is probably attractive, and use photoshop to make her look like a sex doll? I thought the entire point of a sex doll was to look like a real girl.

      • It was, but it’s like when they tried to cure “gay” with electro-shock therapy and instead ended up with a bunch of homosexual men who got off on electro-shock therapy. Have sex while being shocked? Grow to love shocks. Have sex with dolls? Grow to love dolls. Sex seems to override all other impulses…

        One day we’ll have men trying to find girls who look like fleshlights…

        • Alikese

          Sentient fleshlights? That will be the beginning of the robot revolution and forthcoming robopocalypse.

    • moom

      She might look like a silicone or foam doll, not an inflatable one…

    • kate

      i was about to say the same thing. holy crap

    • yournametobynow

      these are pretty obvious photoshops, that’s what the comment about her having crooked doors was about.

      I mean those eyes are just fucking scary – even the weird-ass contacts girls use here aren’t THAT big.

      • yournametobynow

        like, look at how the background of every single photo curves in at her waistline, almost as if she’s so thin (and hungry) that she actually bends light, like a black hole.

        • John


        • 404namenotfound


  • Tommy

    Someone says: “I’d like to kick her tires!”

  • McCurry

    Wonder if the doll got all the parts right. It probably got a smiley face down there just because it is Made in China (or censored)

    • cdn icehole

      A smart businessman would charge extra for those ‘parts’. I can only image the advert: “For an extra $99.95, you get the mèimèi. Nothing better than the realistic feeling of a young women. And that’s not all. If you call in the next 15 minutes, we’ll throw in a month supply of KY and a Shammy, FREE!. Guys, we’re gonna make America fit again, one bang at a time. Hurry! This is a limited time offer. Call Now!”

      Oh yeah, if any of you bastards decide to go ahead with this venture, I want 5% of the sales for helping you out with the marketing.

  • Flea On A Drum

    This is all derived from the 1960’s portrait paintings of San Francisco artist Margaret Keene, later immortalized by the late, great Captain Beeheart with his song “Big-Eyed Beans From Venus.”

  • Chad

    I’ll be in the bathroom.

    • Shanghainese

      Why What r u doing

      • John

        i think he went to his bathrrom to vomitt~ he can’t take it~

  • Pvt. Joker

    Be right back, I hear someone calling me to the kitchen to have a seat and chat…

    Damn that grow them better over there.

    • lol

      please, have a seat

      • Pvt. Joker

        Sure thing, you want some coff……. hey wait a minute!?! What’s with the camera crew????

  • dim mak

    Maybe I’ve been living in the West too long, but do guys back in Asia seriously find the “doll” look hot? This does nothing for me. I’m Asian and I want thick asses. Fuck yes.

    • John

      yeah! i’m asian man and i want those big boobs and thick asses~
      thumbs up man!

  • Sunshine

    Wow………. There’s so much photoshop in all the photos I can’t even fathom…. Seriously? If I PSed my photos, they’d look like this too LOL.
    Face+tits aren’t even consistent in all the photos.

    • 吴兰

      Agreed. But in most pics she consistently harbors a stache over her upper lip. LOL.

      • Pat

        now that you mention it I see it, too. dammit. nothing more scary than a girl with a ‘stache

        • John

          makes me wanna vomit man! is this girl a real gurl? think his a 8 y.o. boy who wear a wig

        • 404namenotfound

          i was fapping to her before you punks painted that image in my head :(

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  • Anonanon

    What is this I don’t….

    Well, now that I can gauge what Korea believes to be “true beauty”, I guess all the girls need to do is ask the plastic surgeon to cut the face completely off and level it with a “Phantom of the Opera” mask.

  • katwright

    Her parents are OK with this. I don’t know,pretty scary.

    • cdn icehole

      Doubtful that her parents are aware of what’s going on. There are some parents that are not aware that their daughter is involved in prostitution via Craigslist.

  • greater

    have any seen Grudge movie series? isnt she looks like same?

    • John

      ya she does =O
      however.. she looks like an 8 y.o. boy grudge :D

  • Chris

    Wait, what? Photoshop? Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lin

    Wow, a SPAR in China !

    • CK

      Probably HK, lots of them there as far as I remember. They even had Malteasers! (Too long in China without real chocolate…)

      • Kim

        You can get Malteasers now! Well they had them in Shanghai..

  • Eidolon

    I imagine circle lens only look good in photos because people are so accustomed to seeing anime characters. IRL they probably look horrendous.

    • anon

      In my experience, you don’t really notice them unless you look for them (or they are in a strange color). Don’t some emo and scene kids use them too? I could be wrong.

      • Sunshine

        You do notice them, especially if they are designed to make your iris look larger. However if the girl wearing them had big eyes to begin with, then you don’t notice it as much. Otherwise you wouldn’t even be able to see her sclera and that’s hella The Grudge scary. I personally can’t stand girls with smaller eye sizes wearing big enlarging circle lenses. Colours I don’t mind. Actually I own a pair of browns and greys myself. I love changing my eye colour to fit my mood.

        • anon

          I thought “meitong” simply made your pupils appear larger, not your entire iris? They seem to just darken the edges of your iris, making it more defined and distinct from the sclera, right? I guess in some ways, due to replacing the gradient with a more distinct border would make the entire iris seem larger but I always thought it was meant to make the pupil or the darkest part of your eye seem larger to achieve that doe-eyed look. I’m not sure if the colored part extends too far outside the normal iris edge. Anyway, I can still imagine what you mean, like Mystique in X-Men, right (except with black vs. yellow). Yeah, I can imagine that possibly happening on people with smaller eye slits.

          • Sunshine

            No no, the enlarging meitong extends the size of your whole iris. The coloured part is a on average, a 14.2mm wide ring around your iris, not in anyway overlapping the pupil (otherwise you can’t see). Other ones just change the colour of your eyes, so it wouldn’t have anything to do with your pupil, but your iris.

  • Anon

    She is verging on parody of Asian beauty standards with some of these. What is “cute” for a cartoon is ridiculous for a human being, just stop already.

  • Cripes, what passes for fads nowadays…

  • 3B-Real

    The eye fascination is fucking scary. This has to stop. I find slitty or slanty eyes way more sexier than this trend.

    Oh and photoshoped like a mutha fucka!!!

  • SMS

    This is scary! I doubt Korean men consider this attractive any more than most other men do. More likely, they’re looking at this and going “OMG, no wonder Chinese women would rather come to Korea for cosmetic surgery. Look what they get in China!”

    • Jess

      Oh, that gives me an idea! A rival koreaSMACK website!
      I don’t think the Korean government would appreciate that, though. I mean, they go to so much trouble just to keep all those damn, dirty foreigners off these pure Korean internets…
      Granted, half of Korean webpages are just pictures of animals, and the other half is mostly gaming-related. So you’d probably not get much variation past the first two posts.

      • anon

        LOL a koreaSMACK website would just translate what is popular on the Korean internet into English for non-Korean readers. It wouldn’t be on the “pure Korean internets” really. The question is whether or not there would be enough people who would want to read it for it to be worth the time of the blogger. Westerners probably find “democratic Koreans” to be more likable than “communist Chinese”, their economy is already developed so they’re in many ways more similar to Westerners in certain social regards, and they have a lot of k-drama and gaming fans that would be natural target audiences. The market for a (good) English Korea blog is probably less saturated than the market for English Japan blogs but maybe more saturated than English China blogs. However, part of what makes chinaSMACK successful is precisely because Westerners find some of the “Chinese” things to be so alien, and because “communist Chinese” engender hate amongst many Westerners (which is just as useful for getting attention as being liked).

        Is the audience for a koreaSMACK large enough to make it worthwhile? Are there existing koreaSMACK-esque blogs?

        [Note from Fauna: If someone want to start a koreaSMACK, I can help.]

        • CHNinUSA

          I really agree with you, actually that has been my question for a long time? Is there ChinaSMACK equivalent in Korea or Japan?
          What I find out is you don’t expect korea to have a koreaSMACK website, not even for Japanese as well. Basically for they are too proud of themselves so that they really have lower tolerance of the media which is focused on “something weird sometimes bad” for their countries. There is a but it was started by a westerner, and there is a by Japanese but it basically focus on the cute, funny, anti-Chinese side of Japan so basically, which is far alway from the idea of xxxSMACK.

          But one more thing needs to be mentioned is that actually many Chinese don’t like the “Bad-things-discussed-by-non-Chinese” thing as well. So I really like Fauna has a great sense of humor and self-mockery.

          [Note from Fauna: I think Japan Probe is started by American not Japanese.]

          • gobblegog

   has a lot of posts about Korean sexual politics and gender culture. It’s more serious and less broad than ChinaSMACK and doesn’t translate “netizens'” (gay term) comments, although it does often translate Korean-language articles. It’s not a real equivalent to ChinaSMACK but it is interesting.

            And I agree, people from all north-east Asian countries are hilariously over-sensitive to criticism from dirty foreigners. is a blog dedicated to photos of people in Korea (Korean and otherwise) passing out in inappropriate places; it’s had to become invite-only after Korean netizens threatened to kill the guy who runs it!

        • Jess

          The difficulty is that, by law, a lot of Korean websites require a Korean social security number to fully access. So it would be more than just typing in the URL and translating. I was born in Australia, so I don’t have one myself. There are plenty of online KSSN generators out there (for gamers who want to play Korean online games, I assume), but by using those, you’re actually stealing someone’s KSSN. And I’ve never been partial to identity theft.

          I agree that there would be less interest in a koreaSMACK than a chinaSMACK. Except for maybe in Southeast Asia…
          The funny thing is, all the comments here about China being the most racist country in the world, and Chinese people seeing themselves as a separate group of people, and all those things…yeah…probably wouldn’t hold up next to a Korean version of this site.
          It is still something that I would be interested in, though.

          [Note from Fauna: Yes, I think Korea has a real name registration system for many websites and online services. However, a “koreaSMACK” should have a Korean person living in Korea who is familiar with the Korean internet and Korean modern society so they can hopefully more accurately represent it to people who cannot read Korean.]

          • cdn icehole

            by law, a lot of Korean websites require a Korean social security number to fully access. So it would be more than just typing in the URL and translating

            How’s that possible when I can access or Do you mean the creation of a website? I noticed that chinaSMACK is using the services of I have no idea if their servers are hosting this site. Anyway, I can’t see why a “koreaSMACK” cannot be created. Just have the site hosted outside of Korea. I agree with Fauna that such a site should be administrated by a local Korean. And the owner doesn’t have to worry about being blocked as there is no “Great Firewall of Korea”.

          • anon

            I think you’d be surprised by the amount of censorship on the Korean internet. Not to say it is worse than China but you’d be surprised. Just run a search.

            The social security number is only required for certain things, like for gaming and other online accounts often for certain additional functionality.

          • cdn icehole


            Censorship in Korea? This is news to me. Understandably stated-owned news sites would be “selective” on what gets published. Are you saying that the Korean government deletes info from private websites in the same fashion as Chinese forums? Are private websites even allowed in Korea? What about Japan?

            I have tried to look for forums both in Korea and Japan via Google ( and but wasn’t having much luck. I only searched using simple words using Google’s Translate function which I know is far from perfect. Any sites that I find doesn’t appear to have much traffic. I don’t know how Fauna does it, those Chinese forums look so “crowded”. I get a headache looking at it.

          • Just John


            Maybe you should expand.
            Find a Korean and Japanese and have them start posting.
            You could use it to turn your website into a multinational website.

  , for all the AsiaSMACK.

    • John

      no boobs no butt
      8 y.o. boy who wear a wig =O

      • 404namenotfound

        stop it gaddamit!!! X(

  • marke

    Spends a lot of time in expensive hotel rooms preening …
    and with phone camera and playing with PS.
    Another pretty with no visible means of support . I wonder what she does for a living?

  • Irvin

    Make up is incredible isn’t it? It can make the most plain jane look like a model and a school girl look like a doll.

  • Of Canada

    If you look closely enough into those oversized eyes. . . you can make out the back of her head.

  • Jidoja

    Hey, anyone find it suspicious Pusan Playa isn’t here? He probably found the love of his life! 0_o

  • Skepticist

    I’d quite like to see some unedited pics of this girl.
    Not because I believe that she will appear to be some sort of monster, or average at best, as most commenters would have it, but because im quite sure it’d be prettier than what we see now.

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    All Chinese look the same. Once I confused my ayi to be my to-be mother in law, so what?!? :p

    • kissmyass

      all Caucasian look the same. once I confused my girlfriends father as Jack Nicholson, so what??

      • ##BlothaLonely##

        such a ‘Jack’ass, so what?!

        • kissmyass

          there is a sign…..dont get married!!!! hahaha

          • ##BlothaLonely##

            .. don’t marry a Caucasian; marry a Chinese, get a ayi of lifetime for FREE

      • shanghainese

        hahah actually blacks look the same lol (and we can’t even tell their features with the same black skin colour not that we chinese want to)

        haha caucasians at least have different hair colours thuogh some chinese can’t tell difference with same hair colour

        chinese can’t say. bangzi do look really similar.

        • angryman

          Troll troll troll the blog, gently through the ‘sphere,
          Merrily, merrily, merrily on,
          You fucking Shanghai queer.

          • yeah baby

            song of the article

          • cdn icehole

            LOL….thanks for the laugh.

  • Oh dear

    Omg. So much photoshop and they could not get rid of her mouth hair. FAIL.

    • ##BlothaLonely##

      What do you mean, ‘FAIL’? Total wide pass.. don’t you know facial hair is a major turn on for Chinese boys and it’s only next to chou tofu (read: shit tofu).

      [Note from Fauna: Don’t be silly, that is not true.]

      • ##BlothaLonely##

        This is willy will funny- sarcasm going ‘FAIL’

      • kissmyass

        hahaha thats why i saw people eating chou tofu while they get hard on!!!!

      • Sunshine

        chou tofu is amazing stfu.

        • ##BlothaLonely##

          The only thing my girl (Chinese) asks as her birthday gift every year is a dinner date in a chou tofu specialist restaurant.. We men are brave!

          • Sunshine

            lol great gf. Would you rather she asks for diamonds?

            And I can’t even begin to fathom how you can possibly dislike chou tofu!!!

  • eattot

    cheap cameras always make people look better… but at the same, also make people look cheap…

  • dude

    She is definitely cute………………….for a fourteen year old boy.

    • John


  • JaimePark

    there fore, do not want.

  • kissmyass

    one consequence:
    there are a large number of Pedophilia in Korea, of course not everyone……..

  • C&N

    the idiot generation of mental retards with the IQ and look of a 8 yr old…

    • John

      yeah she looks likes a boy maybe she’s a he tho~ =O

  • Cleo

    Coincidentally, my mother had a Hong Kong classmate who looked like this – very Lin Daoyu – and she married a wider faced man with apple coloring! Anyway, their daughters looked exactly like their mother (no widening effect from their father) and I used to see them in NYC’s Chinatown. This is definitely NOT plastic surgery although those scar inducing bone lengthening stories about Chinese people lull insecure and frenzy envy Japanese into thinking that our daughters are not naturally long limbed and truncated just like the Japanese.

    Anyway, why is she masking her good looks with unflattering dead makeup and why is this popular in Korea? Because the yakuza gang raped Queen Min’s corpse in front of her loyal subjects after murdering her? Because of the widespread practice of necrophilia by the Japanese in China? Because post WW2, the Japanese have slyly and ineffectually tried to pretend that necrophilia was about lonely socially inept SHY Japanese innocent immature men who just wanted love and prefer sex dolls to real live girls to excuse their congress with Chinese corpses? All of the above because they are all one and the same. Thank you Chinese government. Thank you beautiful child. For speaking on behalf of all of us past and present.

    • Sunshine

      Did you forget something this morning?

      And who is this Lin Daoyu figure?

      • bobiscool

        Nah, I think he had enough this morning. In fact, I think he overdosed. If you know what I mean.

        • Sunshine

          Yes there is a fine line in consequences between forgetting your pills, and overdosing on them.

  • au8ust

    ໜ້າຕາລາວອອກແນວແປກໆ ຫຼາຍກວ່າ IMO -_-‘

  • John Wayne

    Very beautiful…wow!!

  • tk

    whatthefreak! that’s a serious stache…

    what the hell’s she thinking? auditioning for the next kraken or davy jones on pirates of the caribbean?

    so many pretty girls in china but so many with serious facial hair problem…

  • EC

    Haha, all the pictures with her in a bikini, good thing she took the pictures before she got in the water. I can’t imagine what she looks like when she gets out. ewwww.

    • John

      she looks bony and no boobs like a man =O

  • BaoBei

    After following Korea’s ‘Ulzzang(얼짱)’ phenomena for years, it doesn’t surprise me that this girl is getting so popular there..
    I believe in Korea it’s supposed to be like body-builders who try to achieve the perfect, most muscular body… you think to yourself “wow, that dude is huge!” but is pretty much a freak of nature in normal life. The difference here is that the apex of perfect is as close to a dolls face as possible.
    What’s strange though, is if you encounter one of these gals in person (mostly in Korea), about half of them did the plastic surgery to get the look (which is terrifying to see) and the other half just used Photoshop and are a train-wreck in person.

    Kinda happy Chinese tastes haven’t gotten that heavy yet…

  • bobiscool

    not ugly, but not smart.

    If you’re gonna sell your body like this, at least earn some money from it

    Trying to boost your own self-confidence by trying to make a bunch of low-waged middled-aged men who have nothing else to do is just sad.

  • TomTuttleFromTacoma

    Replicants are like any other machine – they’re either a benefit or a hazard. If they’re a benefit, it’s not my problem.

    • cdn icehole

      LOL. Just make sure it’s chained to something secure or pull out the batteries. I doubt owners would want to be woken up and told that it’s time to die. Seriously, I think the Japanese will develop something like that in the future. And if the claims of Chinese men outnumbering women are true then they’re going to be rich.

  • luzz

    did anyone else notice that she has traces of a mustache????????!

    • luzz

      i am beginning to suspect that ‘she’ is in fact a ‘he’ in disguise.

      • John

        yea same here D=

  • Freakboy

    S how do I meet her, I already have the blow up doll, I am curious to see if she is as good as the doll.

  • mistyfalling

    a really faker that site has her true face

    • Freakboy

      Thanks for those, I would still like to play with her titties all night and I bet nobody has made her that offer yet.

      • John

        as if , if she gots a boobs XDD

        • Gianna

          Now don’t be mean. She has nice small breasts. Or does she have to have D cups only to consider her as having breasts? You Americans are too focused on breasts, and definitely lack the finesse to NOT comment on people’s chest size, which is disrespectful and rude, not only towards the target, but anyone who has a similar body type. Try to be more thoughtful and mannered.

  • Mansu Musa

    I have seen many of the photographs on my Korean friend’s computer and all of the girls look like that, with fake eyes, hair, bodies etc.
    Personally it looks kinda creepy, if she puts a bag over her head she’s a 10 otherwise she looks like she’s 10.

    • John

      agreeeee~ hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • cantabileloves

    the iris in our eyes are supposed to be round, but hers is elongated and pulled. she’s widened her eyes in photoshop. nevertheless, her skills are pretty impressive. she DOES look like a blow-up doll! heh.

    • John


  • k

    PS, makeup, contacts, and a wig are what make this average girl pretty and even then, she’s so cartoonish looking it’s freaky. If a saw a girl like her in real life, she’d just look freaky and anorexic and 13 years old. I don’t get it why girls like her want to look so abnormal…..most of them are 100% better looking when they just look like themselves…..all the plastic surgery, makeup, etc,. is just too fake and frankly, it’s not like their children come out looking like that, so why lie?

    On side a note, that is NOT what most Korean men find attractive. My husband is Korean and said this girl was so fake and freaky and photo shopped that she was ugly and looked like a freak and that he prefers a woman that takes care of herself, natural, sweet and caring personality, and is down to earth in apperance and personality, that girls that wear a lot of makeup, who buy their beauty with plastic surgery, wear the contacts, etc,. are the least attractive women because their personalities tend to be very fake and very materialistic and very high demanding and very immature.

    A woman that looks natural will always be prettier and more honest than a girl like this girl.

    • John

      k~ i relaly agree with u ^^~ thumbs up on tht ^^

    • Get to know her first

      Just because a girl looks like this on the outside, doesn’t mean she is less honest

      Fake, materialistic, demanding, and immature? Please stop judging girls before getting to know them…maybe if you give them a chance you will find they aren’t bad people! I know this because I used to feel intimidated by very beautiful girls, but after wearing makeup and dressing well I looked like them. After I got to know these girls, who still intimidate me haha ^.^, I found they are like everyone else….but just look pretty!!

      If she wore all the same stuff as now, but looked homely…would you still judge her so harshly?

      Just because your husband doesn’t find her attractive doesn’t mean he stands for all Korean men either.

      Honestly, she probably worked hard to look this way, and just because she looks like a doll doesn’t mean she is empty inside like a doll. She could be a very sweet, caring person for all you know. xo

  • Airy

    Still, better to PS than have surgery, that girl have a future in PS industry =) She should go get pro training and work in the ads industry

    • Airy

      BTW, her stache is REAL and NATURAL. I believe so cause I had a classmate in high school that had the same problem. It was not like a real stache but its like some darker fur =) Its all good

  • kc

    its sad to see beauty girls like wasting their stamina on something bad right i mean its not fun for people outside their country what they say about chinese people.

  • Koreansentry

    I’m sorry, but I’ve never heard of this until some Korean online portal site posted report on this, trust me no Koreans knows her or even heard of her. It was just out of curiosity and they knew it was all PS. Some Chinese need to learn how to read Korean, because this PS is not famous in Korea, just being top daily click on naver search (Korean search engine) doesn’t mean it’s being famous in Korea. Only Chinese wish to claiming some Chinese people or stuffs as Korean. NO Koreans would claim any Chinese with Korean. Most Koreans never heard of Dragon boat race until Chinese netizens went crazy over some rumor made up by island Chinese (Taiwanese).

    • gobblegog

      Hey. Go fuck yourself (this moron runs a pathetic site – – which is full of racism against Chinese and westerners).

  • Leina

    i am chinese and live in canton,china. which is very she lives in. one of my friend saw her when she visits her city shengzhen(she went there for her break and decided to try to see her b.c if u research her name, u will know where her highschool is) and the scary thing is, she looks exactly the same in real life and in those pics. her skin is flawless and slim. but she doesnt look like a doll,more real. i thought her pics were PSed. but she didnt after my friend saw her in real life

    • Gianna

      Yeah, she must be wearing good make up even during everyday life.

  • John

    he got no boobs no butts
    fake lashes, fake eyes(contact lens) too much surgery
    looks anorexic~