Wang Sicong Buys 2 Apple Watches for His Dog, Angers Netizens

Wang Sicong Buys 2 Apple Watches for His Dog, Angers Netizens

Wang Sicong, the son of a Chinese property mogul, has angered netizens by posting several pictures of his pet husky wearing two gold Apple Watches worth around 250,000 RMB. In the post the man said “Xixi has new watches! I wanted to give him 4, because he has 4 long legs, but then I thought that would be too flashy (tuhao) and decided to get 2. Do you have one?” Netizens both in China and abroad have been lambasting the man, with comments like “I can’t wait to see what eventually happens to Dalian Wanda when the old man kicks off and this doofus takes control. At 34 billion, I’d give it about two years to tank.”

Source: WeChat

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  • Amused

    “There’s nothing more useless than a rich man’s son”

    • Edward Kay

      He’s entitled to be useless and idiotic.

  • TJ

    Rags to riches to rags?

  • this big shabi is such a low dog.
    i do not know why so many girls write: fk me, honey! under his weibo everyday. low bitches and low dog match so well.
    hope one day the gov check how his dad gets all the land so easily, then this shabi and these low bitches disappear forever.

  • Jahar

    In the AP article I read, his father blames this on his western education. Because they are acting like us…

  • guest

    Epic trolling.

    Odds are ones a gift the other for him.

  • donscarletti

    I know plenty of folks also consider him to be quite intelligent, if not wise.

    In response to a recent string of celebrity sex scandals, he quoted a single English word “Bonobo”. Many netizens then read about the bonobo (the closet extant relative to humans) and its legendary promiscuity and found the comparison apt.

    This dog thing is also most likely to be deliberately ironic. He probably just bought a watch for himself and one for someone else and decided to rile up a bunch of idiots online by sticking them on his dog.

    • yes, when you are rich, the fart is yammy too.
      sleep with young diggers all the time but insult these actress may sleep for fame, guess coz they do not give him a fk.
      use dirty words insult female all the time, but these low bitches always say fk me, fk me to him…
      this sob is totally fame whore, im happy everyday many people go to his weibo insult him back.
      what a word…….

  • Foreign Devil

    hehe I enjoy the guys sens of humor at least.. . taunting regular Chinese people and their Apple frenzy. Similar to people in USA lining up to buy newest Apple gizmo and then destroying it in front of all the other people in line.. well actually this is better than destroying it.

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