Water Brain: Monsters, Runny Noses, & Paper Airplanes

Comments from KDS:

I watched the domestic film “Water Brain” and cried, it is 100 times better than McDull

Amongst Japanese cartoons, the one I like the most is Hayao Miyazaki

Recently I saw this domestic short film “Water Brain”…and suddenly discovered that it is favorably comparable to Miyazaki…I did not know our highest level of Chinese cartoons and animation were this close to Japan…

Here is a high quality version:

Comments from KDS:


The style is very good!


It resonated with me, not like McDull which requires you to be a Hong Kong person to completely understand.


To speak truthfully, Miyazaki’s impression/impact is stronger, but it is still very good.
I saw my own childhood.
When that child with the hanging mucus threw the airplane in the middle of all those heavy backpacks, I thought of William Wallace screaming “Freedom!”


The style emulates Miyazaki.
And what more, the self-expression is too strange. It may even seem immature.
Experimental work.

It is okay.


This was a student’s graduation work. It is very praiseworthy as it is.

Japan is indeed the best.

Within China there are many companies that outsource animation to Japan, do you not know?…Making something is one thing, creating something is another, and commercialization is even more another thing.


When I saw that child strapped on that monster (book bag, backpack) and hobble along, tears really came out…MD, back then, my book bag was also that heavy…

Again and again.


Once I did not care if I have them, did not care if I did not.

Today’s dreams, even if I can realize them, I feel I do no thave the ability to protect them~


Amongst the domestic films at present, this is absolutely a work of the highest level, whether it is the composition, characters, art. It is so many times better than any average domestic animation/cartoon!

Comments from Youku:


We must believe in the power of dreams.


The cartoon was done really well~~~ Those CCTV-broadcasted garbage cartoons cannot even compare.
The musical score was exceedingly good~~~
I hope these paper airplanes that bear our dreams can fly further and further…


If this is really an original domestic creation, then China’s animation has hope. 赞赞赞


Is this really from Guangmei [Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts]? No matter how I look at it, it still looks like it was made in Taiwan? The [text in the] books are printed vertically? Also the child’s tie style at the end. It was really done well. It would be great if it was really made by a Guangmei student. Sigh, just afraid it is stolen work…


As long as there is the Radio and TV Bureau, no matter how good you guys make it you will not have any prospects!!! You must believe this point!


There will be a day, paper airplanes are not that fragile…


Honestly, this is the very first, very first domestic animation that I have ever finished in my life.
It is also the very first animation to resonate with me.
I have now seen the first light [first hope] of domestic animation.
The future of domestic animation will now depend on you guys~
I crazily ding you guys~!!!


When will children finally have a free and happy childhood…


This was done really well, and the airplane in the end is the dream that everyone has in their hearts.


In the end, he still was not able to escape the restraints…
Although restrained, he just wanted to let fly the last paper airplane.
But the paper airplane is still reduced to ashes by this world…
This is the reality…
Not only was the art pretty, the message was also very deep, at present the deepest of domestic animation!


I am a student who just took the gaokao examination this year, and seeing this made me touched me.
That path of gates resonates with us.
That paper airplane, is a person’s dreams.

What do you think of this short animated film?


Written by Fauna

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