Wenzhou Residents Fight Back Against Purse Snatchers

Wenzhou residents fight back against motorcycle purse snatchers.

Wenzhou residents fight back against motorcycle purse snatchers.


Wenzhou city residents bravely fighting “motorcycle thieves” praised by the country’s netizens

The entire country’s netizens in unanimous approval: Wenzhou previously had a good man who threw his bicycle, and now they have brave and bold masses that the public security department yesterday expressed appreciation for and have recommended for Good Samaritans awards.

Bold gangsters riding a motorcycle snatched a pedestrian’s bag/purse. When surrounded by Wenzhou’s city residents, the diabolical gangster brandished a 50 centimeter long blade, but no one flinched, throwing at them cardboard boxes, stools, and other “weapons” rushing forth. After this incident was reported in our paper, it incited strong reactions in society. One after another, netizens expressed: “This bunch of true men should be awarded a collective Good Samaritan award.”

In the midst of the struggle, there were several who were especially courageous, distinguished by netizens hailing them “Broom Man”, “Stool Man”, and “Cardboard Box Man”. On the morning of May 20, this reporter once again came to Huanglong Trade City Wenzhou Home Appliances market in western Wenzhou City to interview some of the participants.

More news reports on Xinmin and Sina (both Chinese).

Comments from Youku:


Good, watching them beat them makes me very happy.


If only everyone had such a sense of justice then things would be good.


The one who threw the stool played the most important role. Too handsome.赞


赞赞Wow…so spectacular…since the founding of this country there has never been something that has made everyone so happy…neighbors, old aunties, old grandpas all rushing over…with the people/masses being victorious in the end…satisfying everyone…my entire house was clapping and praising while watching this.赞赞赞


Not bad, not bad, [they] didn’t lose face for Wenzhou people, and what I hate most in Wenzhou are the thieves. Had the police not rushed to the scene, they would’ve been beaten to death by the crowd.


That police uncle’s attacks were really cute, and the weapon in his hands!!! Hehe, well done, ding this up!!! Brave people!!! Everyone needs unite together, then we are able to battle such hooligans!!! Then we are able to In order to keep them down!!! 赞赞


Well done Wenzhou people, unlike here in Guangzhou, so indifferent! However, everyone don’t slander Guangzhou people. The truth is that there are too many waidiren here, so people aren’t able to unite together, and it is every man for himself!


汗 Driving skill is very important, try again after practicing.


Uncommon. Maybe the weather that day was very muggy and there was too much androgen [male hormone] secretion amongst the people, so when they witnessed this scene, they all took out their aggression on those two hapless bastards. Friendly reminder: When it is muggy, it is not worth robbing.


If when beating someone you feel the police is standing on your side, your heart will have a kind of indescribable confidence.搞笑

Brave and bold Wenzhou people. chinaSMACK personals.


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