Wenzhou Train Crash: Police Captain’s Insistence Saves Girl

Yiyi, a 2-year-old girl rescued from the July 23rd Wenzhou high speed train crash.

Yiyi, a 2-year-old girl rescued from the July 23rd Wenzhou high speed train crash.

From NetEase:

Special police captain’s insistence on continuing the search in situ results in rescue of little girl survivor

Summary: Even after it was announced that there were no more signs of life in the Wenzhou accident, two-and-a-half-year-old Yiyi was rescued. Special police captain Shao Yerong who was in charge of the rescue efforts at the time had received the order to have the train car lifted up and placed on the ground below the bridge to be cleared out. But it was Shao Yerong’s insistence on searching in situ that little Yiyi [show above] was rescued.

Special police captain Shao Yerong.

Wenzhou special police forces captain Shao Yerong

Special police forces captain insisted on continuing the search in situ, and this insistence brought a miracle

It was in the afternoon that I received the order saying that the crane would be used to lift up the train car and placed at the bottom of the bridge to be cleared out. I didn’t agree, and insisted on clearing it out while it was on the tracks in its original location.

Yes, you don’t know if there are still people alive inside, but what if there are? What would you tell others? My insistence also came with pressure, because after so many days, searching so many times, nothing alive, just stretcher after stretcher of the remains of victims being carried out. Previously on the #16 train car, we found 12 people, and not a single one was breathing. It was a really awful feeling.

But ultimately we still insisted and command agreed to us cleaning out in situ. At the time, we had two squads of special police on the scene, with some on the bridge and some below the bridge on the ground.

I used to handle traffic accident scenes, so I’ve seen a lot and I have experience. The firefighters and us special police were all on the tracks, and it was at the wreckage site that I temporarily took command, having the workers step withdraw we could begin clearing out the scene.

The little girl’s little hand was moving, I saw it too, and this reinvigorated everyone. Her back was facing us and she was hunched over and at the time we couldn’t tell if she was breathing but after we moved the things off her back, I saw her back move, like she was taking a big breath — after so many hours, with such a heavy thing crushing down on her, she hadn’t been able to take a good breath of air!

Yiyi recovering in the hospital.

Yiyi recovering in the hospital.

Comments from NetEase:


No matter what, this insistence/persistence saved a little life, thank you.


If the special police carried out 7 bodies, what about the 500 firefighters and armed police before???!!!

智慧彩虹 [网易山东省济南市网友]:

The [government official overseeing rescue and cleanup] blindly issues orders while riding inside an air-conditioned car, staying in a five-star hotel, and drinking Maotai! He deserves to die!

网易安徽省阜阳市网友 [千駅]:

Will there be a commendation/awards ceremony?

哈哈12334 [网易火星手机网友]: (responding to above)

There has to be.


[She was] nearly buried alive by you guys, and you still have the gall to talk about it?


Who wrote this article?


Two of my friends were on the train. One of them has come back with limitless sorrow, while the other in heaven wishes us the best from heaven. I cry without tears now, how much she loved her motherland, always scolding weak me for wanting to emigrate, for wanting to flee, but now, she doesn’t understand why even they will still lie in the face of the entire world about something so impossible to conceal as death and casualty numbers. The last train car of the first train was completely destroyed, yet the number of dead reported is but a fraction. I can only say, government officials these days have already gotten to the point where there is nothing they will not lie about (Doesn’t matter if you guys believe or not, I believe I won’t speak the truth). I feel helpless, I feel angry, our goodness/kindness is slowly being strangled/stifled. I look up towards the heavens and shout angrily, let the storm come more fiercely!


Fuck, the police rescuing people turns out to be just an act, only a ploy. Once again the image of a great moral police officer is created, shifting the attention of some rabble who are too kind. A complete success. Fucking police take taxpayer money and yet when they do their duty they are lifted up into the sky. Take a look at the rescue site. Take a look at what just what rescue work these bastards have done. They fucking came just to cover up the evidence, the train cars all immediately cleared away.

At time of translation, there were over 7600 comments spanning 197 pages.

Police captain who allegedly insisted on continuing the search and ultimately found 2-year-old Yiyi as a survivor in the Wenzhou train collision wreckage.

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