Wenzhou Train Crash: Police Captain’s Insistence Saves Girl

Yiyi, a 2-year-old girl rescued from the July 23rd Wenzhou high speed train crash.

Yiyi, a 2-year-old girl rescued from the July 23rd Wenzhou high speed train crash.

From NetEase:

Special police captain’s insistence on continuing the search in situ results in rescue of little girl survivor

Summary: Even after it was announced that there were no more signs of life in the Wenzhou accident, two-and-a-half-year-old Yiyi was rescued. Special police captain Shao Yerong who was in charge of the rescue efforts at the time had received the order to have the train car lifted up and placed on the ground below the bridge to be cleared out. But it was Shao Yerong’s insistence on searching in situ that little Yiyi [show above] was rescued.

Special police captain Shao Yerong.

Wenzhou special police forces captain Shao Yerong

Special police forces captain insisted on continuing the search in situ, and this insistence brought a miracle

It was in the afternoon that I received the order saying that the crane would be used to lift up the train car and placed at the bottom of the bridge to be cleared out. I didn’t agree, and insisted on clearing it out while it was on the tracks in its original location.

Yes, you don’t know if there are still people alive inside, but what if there are? What would you tell others? My insistence also came with pressure, because after so many days, searching so many times, nothing alive, just stretcher after stretcher of the remains of victims being carried out. Previously on the #16 train car, we found 12 people, and not a single one was breathing. It was a really awful feeling.

But ultimately we still insisted and command agreed to us cleaning out in situ. At the time, we had two squads of special police on the scene, with some on the bridge and some below the bridge on the ground.

I used to handle traffic accident scenes, so I’ve seen a lot and I have experience. The firefighters and us special police were all on the tracks, and it was at the wreckage site that I temporarily took command, having the workers step withdraw we could begin clearing out the scene.

The little girl’s little hand was moving, I saw it too, and this reinvigorated everyone. Her back was facing us and she was hunched over and at the time we couldn’t tell if she was breathing but after we moved the things off her back, I saw her back move, like she was taking a big breath — after so many hours, with such a heavy thing crushing down on her, she hadn’t been able to take a good breath of air!

Yiyi recovering in the hospital.

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Yiyi recovering in the hospital.

Comments from NetEase:


No matter what, this insistence/persistence saved a little life, thank you.


If the special police carried out 7 bodies, what about the 500 firefighters and armed police before???!!!

智慧彩虹 [网易山东省济南市网友]:

The [government official overseeing rescue and cleanup] blindly issues orders while riding inside an air-conditioned car, staying in a five-star hotel, and drinking Maotai! He deserves to die!

网易安徽省阜阳市网友 [千駅]:

Will there be a commendation/awards ceremony?

哈哈12334 [网易火星手机网友]: (responding to above)

There has to be.


[She was] nearly buried alive by you guys, and you still have the gall to talk about it?


Who wrote this article?


Two of my friends were on the train. One of them has come back with limitless sorrow, while the other in heaven wishes us the best from heaven. I cry without tears now, how much she loved her motherland, always scolding weak me for wanting to emigrate, for wanting to flee, but now, she doesn’t understand why even they will still lie in the face of the entire world about something so impossible to conceal as death and casualty numbers. The last train car of the first train was completely destroyed, yet the number of dead reported is but a fraction. I can only say, government officials these days have already gotten to the point where there is nothing they will not lie about (Doesn’t matter if you guys believe or not, I believe I won’t speak the truth). I feel helpless, I feel angry, our goodness/kindness is slowly being strangled/stifled. I look up towards the heavens and shout angrily, let the storm come more fiercely!


Fuck, the police rescuing people turns out to be just an act, only a ploy. Once again the image of a great moral police officer is created, shifting the attention of some rabble who are too kind. A complete success. Fucking police take taxpayer money and yet when they do their duty they are lifted up into the sky. Take a look at the rescue site. Take a look at what just what rescue work these bastards have done. They fucking came just to cover up the evidence, the train cars all immediately cleared away.

At time of translation, there were over 7600 comments spanning 197 pages.

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Police captain who allegedly insisted on continuing the search and ultimately found 2-year-old Yiyi as a survivor in the Wenzhou train collision wreckage.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Jack

    Sofa ninja’d!!!

  • Just John

    Good job. This is something that flies right in the face of “Every official is corrupt”.

    • staylost

      I think everyone knows not every official is corrupt. I know many officials in the Hangzhou – Wenzhou area and most of them are really devoted.

      Some are really bad, it is true, but it is the Communism with Chinese Characteristics system that protects them, not the other officials.

      • Just John

        True, but it seems most of the ones talked about online anyways are the corrupt ones.

        You notice many comments are more along the lines of “What did you expect, this is China” when a corruption scandal occurs.

        It is nice seeing someone who goes against his orders to do what is right, and shows that the government isn’t some corrupt machine like it seem hyped as. Shoot, even the official with the sex diary was portrayed as a saint because “He was not very corrupt, only taking 10’s of thousands of RMB in bribes.”

        Just saying, nice to see people doing what’s right, and instilling peoples faith that some officials look out for their well being.

        • vic2u

          The whiteys want China to be like them, things with Chinese Characteristics is not what the western countries want to see.

          “even the official with the sex diary was portrayed as a saint”

          Are you gonna have his babies too?

          So low like a whitey.

          • Just John

            Actually vic2u, I am honestly tired of this game, and all the other members of this blog are probably tired of me playing it and feeding an idiot like you. You win.

            Out of respect to the other chinaSMACKers (Fauna, terroir, appalled, rick, lang, irvin, kedafu, etc…), I am going to quit feeding you.

            I leave you on the note that, you are a complete moron, and I have not yet seen a single post of yours that anyone can even call having a single iota of intelligence.

            So, troll on good sir, troll on.

          • angryman

            “Things with Chinese Characteristics is not what the western countries want to see.”

            So, among other things you’re saying corruption is a Chinese Characteristic? You aren’t earning your 5 mao very well, my young padawan. You just affirmed the corruption, instead of doing the wumaodang crybaby turnaround (like you did below with your specious Afghanistan comparison). Learn to parse before you troll.

            Also, as I fully admit this is a drive-by commenting and I will never read this thread again, I’d just like to remind you that any sadly derivative retorts you try to spit out will just make you look even sillier- which I admit is hard, but then, we have faith in your inanity.

            Keep trying, you’ll learn to troll effectively sometime- probably after you hit puberty.

          • China wants whitey to like them, but things with Chinese characteristics can have problems/be wrong, and so they don’t want western countries to see.

            “these scandals are pouring out of every orfice: sex scandal, the dairy scandal, so many scandals and criticism that portray living in china as insane”

            Are you always going to be sensitive and act like a baby?

            So, allow it like a whitey does — stop being sensitive, respond to criticism, form coherent arguments, be a part of the world rather than apart.

            Otherwise, you won’t get past your own failings since you will always be a VICtim2Urself.

        • Xiongmao

          You clearly didn’t read between the lines in Han Han’s post on the diary case.

  • Simon

    Praise the Lord, honor the Wenzhou Captain.

  • deputamadre

    seems like a good guy. sofa.

    • deputamadre

      dammit. i withdraw my sofa.

      • ##BlothaLonely##

        You’ll just have to be happy with the floor of wrecked train’s cars this time..

      • Loopins

        Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 12:43 pm

        Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 12:52 pm

        You should have had the Sofa…. a bug?

        • Loopins

          ignore me lol…tired..

  • justmega

    Suuuuurrre he did. More propaganda.

    • Just John

      It is always a possibility, but I like to think there are some decent people out there who are not part of the propaganda machine.

      As such, I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      I do agree that this may be pushed heavily by the government, no matter why he did it, to try to highlight the “government official hero” and try to use it to downplay questions, but I am just speculating at this point.

      • hail

        I agree. Regardless of the amount of propaganda it shouldn’t be hard to believe that people have humanity.

    • vic2u

      Only if it was like a US soldier pulling out a living girl from a bombed out village in Afghanistan after a drone attack, that will be a real hero to talk about on the news.

      Not this kind of China BS it’s no real news.

      • Just John

        What does a train wreck in China have to do with a drone bomb in Afghanistan?

        Talk about random……

        Have a personal bias or anything?

        PS. I told you, I will keep following you until you profess your undying love for me. Love Me!

        • dilladonuts

          I believe it was sarcasm you idiot

          • Just John

            OMG, an internet slugfest.
            A flame war to feast upon.

            Here, let me get my e-thug on.


            I think it was TROLLING idiot.
            Same thing that just occurred to you.

            He made a pointless reference about something that does not have any relevance, so that he could use it to try to bash Americans in a roundabout way.

            And you, dear sir, are the victim of not only his trolling, but also my trolling, because in case you missed my final comment, I was following the troll around trolling him…

            You have just been the victim of not 1, but 2 random “trollbys”.

            Now, I am a what again?


      • WTF?!?! The U.S. flies those drones and bombs out villages, killing innocent civilians. You call that being a hero?!?!

        • staylost

          So do you get it or not?

          • @staylost I think I get it, but the added “Not this kind of China BS it’s no real news.” Negates the meaning of the first sentence.

        • Tengu

          They’re usually flown by some kid in a trailer on a Kansas Air Force base who’s goof with a joystick.

          We’ve become desensitized to everything, life is a video game now.

          We didn’t do Osama remotely.

          • Osama had already been dead for years. The US gov lies, too; even more than the Chinese gov. They lies so well that the truth is harder to find.

  • Song of the last x4 Articles

    A.R Rahman


  • Brett Hunan

    Regardless of whether it is propaganda or he did really insist to keep up the search and rescue, this little girl was found. A life saved from one preventable accident. I say, kudos!

    • Me

      Well it depends on whose village it is doesn’t it? If its a Taliban village bombing it is heroic. If its a communist village that wouldbe heroic too.If there are pictures of Osama or Mao hanging up at the local gas station I say “drones away.”

      • Brett Hunan

        WTF are you talking about? Don’t comment on my posts.

        • Zac

          I just wanted to laugh. This is the internet, post something like that and expect people to post things like this calling you an idiot. And at least a child’s life was saved. That’s the most important part.


    is it coincidence or a law of Physics?

    Earthquakes, Accidents, Fire

    It seems every time one little cute child will be rescued, even when all others die.

  • When I saw this story in the news this morning, I knew it was going to be chinaSMACKed. Right on, Fauna.

    For those of you that think this is proper-panda, just think: this is a guy who made up his own mind to disobey a direct order to stop, and for his efforts he came up with evidence to prove his superiors wrong: a live body when they were all pronounced officially dead. When confronted with this at the press conference, the Minister of Hauling Trains just said, “It’s a miracle”. (the insinuation being that the rest of the sentence is “…It’s a miracle that someone lives to defy my word and my honor”). It’s a zero-sum game in China: if you win, someone else loses, and while Hero Cop does one good thing, it means that other people with big bellies who eat soup are proven to be wrong. Very wrong.

    I can’t believe this made it to Netease, and I think this is a bigger story than that of yesterday’s “my whole family is dead – answers please” because this is an authority figure who went against the grain. He stood up for what he thought was right, and now that millions know his story, they may in turn be inspired too.

    I don’t think my terroir Seal (Arf) of Approval is really going to cut it here as this guy deserves more, so I will say intstead: this is the Chinese John McClane. He should be dressed in a white wife-beater (the “Shanghai lift” is up to you, sir), covered in filth, smoking a cigarette. Just look at his picture: he couldn’t look more badass if he had a knife in his mouth crawling on his gut towards freedom.

    “Yippee-kai-yay caonima.” China has heroes, good people, and its a shame that a lot of the time their heroism comes at fighting the very system they’re part of. Dragon Boat Race, anyone?

    • Tengu

      I was a disheartened when it they just popped the train off the bridge and began to demolish it with backhoes.

      This man risked his career and proved his superiors wrong, heroic on many levels.

      One child saved, many broken hearts and souls saved as well.

      Thing is it doesn’t have to be a “zero sum game”, cop wins, baby saved, a few heartaches averted, everyone wins.

      I agree, currently it is a someone has to lose in order for someone to win, much like “It’s not important if I win, it’s more important that you fail” concept.

      • I think in the (western) movie version Chinese John McClare (just imagine him firing off a gun with a cigarette in his mouth) will be crawling in amongst the wreckage shouting, “I see someone! Someone is still alive! Turn off the damn backhoes!” to which his boss will radio back, “Damnit, for the last time McClane: we have our orders! Once you get out of there you are fired!” There will be a moment of silence as there is no response, so the boss tells the workmen to go ahead. Once they do, on the very first plunge of the backhoe shovel, a hand will triumphantly rise out of the debris and a voice will shout, “I have her!”

        That’s just my lousy scriptwriting, but I don’t see how this situation would be any different. But, in the movie version, Chinese John McClane will carry the girl all the way to BJ town, instead of flying he’ll walk and leave a bloody footprint with each step, and he’ll barge into the press conference to which the minister will say “You can’t be in here!” and then Chinese John McClane will reply “That’s right, I’ve got lives to save –starting with yours,” and then punch him and go, “You’re lucky — it could have been Wednesday” (some inside joke of the movie) and credits.

        Movie title? “Hero of Hearts”.

      • dude, “win-win” is a new concept in China. It’s so new it’s a freakin buzz-word: 双赢. Ten years ago, if you said it aloud people would look at you as though you’re rapping the theme song to “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”– and these people only know Wil Smith as being the father of the “Kung fu / Karate kid”

    • Ray

      I dunno about that, using a police figure to demonstrate heroism could be propaganda….

      Judging from just this article, it is not known who is the one who actually gave him the orders to knock down the train, so basically its just simply transferring all the blame for the bad cleanup to some unknown entity that is obviously part of “The Man” group. Since everyone already knows that it is the people higher up that is trying to cover up everything, there is no more damage to their reputation by blaming “The Man” and especially one that is unnamed.

      The police officer will no doubt get away with it no problem if it was an actual propaganda ploy by the government as well.

      But all this could just be usual conspiracy theory talk.

    • anon

      The Yang Feng guy has already been silenced. If Shao Yerong isn’t being backed up by someone, he might get silenced too if he plays the disobeying government orders card too much.

  • wangjian008

    One by one, from shoddy buildings’ collapse in Wenchuan earth quake to kindergarten massacres, again the poisoned Shanlu milk power, who knows how many little angels were buried by those evil and stupid adults who believe in materialism instead of humane. In mainland China abuse little animals and young kids is a common phenomenon, but this time a police officer eventually found his conscience, thank him from the bottom of my heart, and I hope this event can inspire other police officers in the future that they are human anyway, not the teeth and claws of a self-interested regime.

  • Xiongmao

    This isn’t propaganda. This is about some guy who defies his superiors wanting to cover up -or at least adhere to the out of sight, out of mind principle- on the situation. I’m certain there are some people who’d preferred not to get this angle out in public. He might be a hero (for doing his job?!) but he shouldn’t expect any promotions this side of 2040. Making government officials look bad is rarely forgotten.

  • Jess

    I don’t understand… so this is a fake story, just made up to make police officials look good?

    • anon

      That’s what some Chinese netizens are wondering. Its easy to be jaded and cynical in China. Given that what he claims to have done actually makes the government (or some part of the government) look bad, it may at least be partially true. It could also be true that his story is being promoted by the government (or some part of the government) as a feel-good story.

  • Me

    dear little baby, may god bless you.
    solute to the captain. Today we don’t have many officials who put people’s life in the first place.

  • dilladonuts

    lol @ all you western idiots talking about propaganda, you yourselfs sound like a western propaganda machine with all your non stop china bashing.

    You act like western media/government doesn’t spin news in their favor.. get over yourself and your nationality.

    Right, like another commenter said, if this had been a white boy jughead army retard from some western country saving some girl from a bombed out village in the middle east, all you idiots would be praising his heroism.

    • Exactly.

      “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    • Just John

      You think we are not aware of the propaganda that our own governments put out?

      You think people do not question motives?

      You know what the difference between my home country propaganda and China’s propaganda is?

      I can actively call out my government, and anyone else, on it’s BS. What happens when this occurs in China? Harmonized.

      • vic2u

        “I can actively call out my government, and anyone else, on it’s BS.”

        Depends where you live and if you are a whitey, a Jaw, a black, a muslim or a Chinese?

        > for blacks the DEA will come to talk to you
        >for Chinese may be immigration or CIA will come kick down your door to check on you
        >for muslims more like the army will show up
        >whiteys and Jaws perhaps pres Obama may come calling

        “What happens when this occurs in China?”

        Does the Chinese have the SS yet?

        Same old same old, the cops in black showing up before the sun is up.

      • I repeat:

        “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

        Martin Luther King
        Malcom X
        Jeffrey Miller
        Pat Tillman
        Milton William Cooper
        Vincent Foster

        And on, and on…

      • Just John

        Repeat away.

        It’s your freedom of speech at work.

        Not sure who you are trying to win over, but eh, you are free to beat your head against whatever walls you choose.

        o, and FYI, I never once said we have 100% freedom to do anything we want, that is why there are laws and regulations. I also understand that many things try and sometimes succeed in subverting said freedom (Such as the Patriot Act). Guess what, that is why we have the freedom to call such actions into question, and while not all will get resolved to our satisfaction, we can do our bit to make sure lost freedoms are restored.

        Hey, look at that, you mentioned Martin Luther King, who did just that. Revelation!

        • Martin Luther King was killed by the U.S. government to silence him. Same with:

          Malcom X
          Jeffrey Miller
          Pat Tillman
          Milton William Cooper
          Vincent Foster

          There are more, but I think that’s a good list for now.

          So, for you being silenced by death gives you greater freedom of speech? Interesting. This isn’t “Stars Wars” where a Jedi Knight only gets stronger if he’s killed.

          • Just John

            We actually have a saying for that in the US:
            Freedom isn’t free

            What is the basis of this?
            It means we have to fight to keep it.

            Want to live forever?
            I define what is important enough to me to make a stand, therefore, I define the limit of what actions I take to ensure my own “freedom”.

            If I truly wanted to live as free as you apparently assume “free” means, I will simply leave society, leave all human inhabited areas, and live my “freedom” that way, without social order or restrictions to said “freedom”.

            As for your allegations that the “Government” is behind Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination?
            There is no proof. Please provide said proof, not quote popular conspiracy theories, because they are just that, a “theory”, not evidence.

            As for your obvious approach on the whole conspiracy theory?
            While I admit that the government has the ability and motive to be behind it, and may possibly have had a hand in it, I also believe in “innocent until proven guilty”, no matter what others may view, and as such, I will continue to hold my belief that he died, someone killed him, it probably was to silence him, and I do not know enough to point to a perpetrator (Other then the one who pulled the trigger) and say “he/she/it/they/we/you are responsible for it”.

  • @ Just John

    You’re just talking yourself into circles by showing how the U.S. is not very different from China when it comes to speaking against the government.

    I have proof of Martin Luther King’s government assassination. Read a book. Do some actual research. You will find proof as well.

    In closing, I will repeat:

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    • Just John

      Good, please show me said book.

      Please show me said research.

      I always love to find out factual information, from scholarly research, and smoking gun evidence, so I would gladly accept your information. I mean, OMFG, it’s printed, in a book, so it must be true.

      And please, o please, keep quoting Johann, I love it sooooooo much.

      Now don’t mind me while I go back to chasing my tail.
      At least I can catch that, unlike your “evidence”.

      (PS: Prove me wrong, please, and I will honestly apologize and admit I am wrong, because no matter how sarcastic I am, I like to have all the sides of arguments, and although I know the other sides argument, I have yet to actually see honest to goodness evidence, so apparently I have not yet see your referenced book)

  • patriot (aka We Never Left!)

    I really can’t feel sorry for these Chinamen. They don’t deserver sympathy or empathy because they’re subhuman. Maybe if they opened up to revolutions and DEMOCRACY I would care.

    • Joe

      patriot? More like dumbass.

  • civilization

    author who wrote this passage is a liar, you didn’t tell the truth, the feats of police had been overstated…. fuck you