Wenzhou University’s Exclusive Club For Rich & Powerful

Recently, posts showing pictures of an invitation card for a private club at Wenzhou University became very popular. There are posts on Mop and Tianya. Below are translations of what is written on the card:


KLSI Private Club – Gentlefolk Center of the University

Match one condition below, and you can get a membership card for FREE:

  1. Own a driver’s license and possess great wealth
  2. Are an entrepreneur and own a company
  3. Are the head of some profitable project
  4. Are the Chairman of any kind of university student union
  5. Are a student studying abroad with a government connection in your family
  6. In the top ten of any big competition, such as singing and modeling competitions
  7. Introduced by an official of KLSI Private Club, have one special skill and are examined by KLSI Private Club Management Committee


Membership Card Application Process:

  1. Log on and download the membership application form. Fill out the form and send it to [email protected] It will be handled within 24 hours
  2. Call the KLSI Private Club Guest Service hot line directly for an application

Member Privileges:

  1. Enjoy services in the KLSI Private Club for free
  2. Organize business parties, birthday parties etc. in the Club
  3. Enjoy private secretary service, such as booking dinners, tickets etc.
  4. Be invited to regular parties held by elites in political or government service

Member Obligations:

  1. Offer authentic, valid information when applying for membership
  2. Be helpful to new members. Every member will be re-examined every year
  3. When introducing others to the club, one should explain the detailed rules for joining the club, and be his/her supervisor in KLSI Private Club
  4. Protect articles in KLSI Private Club from being destroyed

Comments from Tianya:


I think it’s because there are a lot of rich people in Wenzhou.


Wenzhou does have a lot of rich people, but the students of Wenzhou University are from all over China. There are only few people can meet the condition. This is too exaggerated.


This is the same as the club “Skull and Bones” in old Bush’s university. But the way they show off their wealth is very nouveau riche.


Wow, this is just for the second generation rich kids.


Wenzhou people are so… No wonder they can make so much money.


This is totally stupid. Real rich kids wouldn’t want to be with the stupid guys in this kind of club.


I strongly suggest LZ sneak into the club! Be a spy, it must will be very funny!


These guys are the greatest~~~~~ ╮(╯▽╰)╭


Birds of a feather flock together. This is just a way to look for companions who have a common objective. It is reasonable that the club is in Wenzhou. It would be weird in other cities.


Isn’t it obvious that the club is trying to create a class system in the university? This is brazenly! We are in China!


This is China. So, a lot of things are illegal but reasonable..


LZ must be a MM. Come and lament with us……



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