Wenzhou Wedding Motorcade Worth Hundreds Of Millions RMB

Lamborghinis and Ferraris as part of a Chinese wedding motorcade in Wenzhou city.

Ferraris as part of a wedding motorcade in Wenzhou, China.

The following short video on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku accumulated nearly 1 million views within 2 days of being uploaded, receiving over 2 downvotes for every 1 upvote…

From Youku:

Wenzhou rich people once again gather together to show off their wealth, appearing as a super luxury car wedding motorcade worth over a hundred million

Boring video? Why did it have so many views?

From Xinmin:

Wenzhou’s super luxury car wedding motorcade challenges Shanghai’s Auto Show, 26 luxury cars estimated to be worth over a hundred million

Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, and over ten other top-end famous luxury cars drove by one after another in a line. But this isn’t for the “2011 Shanghai Auto Show”, but rather a luxury car wedding motorcade in Wenzhou.

That morning, a netizen published a post on Wenzhou’s 703804 discussion forum titled “Wenzhou rich people once again gather together to show off their wealth, appearing as an extravagant and wasteful wedding motorcade worth over a hundred million [of RMB]!“. It could be seen from the photographs and video in the post tens of top-end luxury cars one after another lined up on the west to east direction section of Jiangbin Road in front of the Zhongrui Manhattan Upscale Residences, creating crowded traffic on an already narrow street.

A netizen commented: “Is it really necessary to have this many cars? Even if it is just one person riding in each car, it probably still isn’t necessary. How much better it would be to save the money and donate it.”

This post’s louzhu even wrote: “Wenzhou rich, wealthy but uncharitable, not very interested in giving to the public, and instead spend all day gathering to show off their wealth. Just what kind of example and morality does this give the next generation? What social justice, those with money call the shots! Just what kind of blood flows in the bodies of Wenzhou’s rich?”

Another netizen calmly expressed: “This is just how life is. When you have several hundreds of millions, you spending however much money to buy a car is your business. Showing off wealth is also very normal, at least much better than not having money and pretending you do.”

Lamborghini and Ferrari supercars at a Wenzhou city wedding motorcade.

Rolls Royce Phantoms part of a wedding motorcade for a young couple in Wenzhou, China.

Rolls Royces decorated with wedding flowers in Wenzhou, China.

A line of expensive black Rolls Royce Phantoms at a wedding in Wenzhou, China.

A lime green Lamborghini Gallardo at a wedding in Wenzhou, China.

Comments from Youku:


So ostentatious.


8 Rolls Royces, 10 Bentleys, 4 Lambos, 4 Ferraris…


To be able to get rich is a sort of ability. We shouldn’t envy, we should admire.


Zhejiang [province] sure has a lot of rich people.


These cars can be rented….


Why is there nouveau riche mentality? It is when one has just been poor and also is uneducated.


If one doesn’t have money, it is best not to go to that place, [where you would be] worse than a dog~ People without money should be in a smaller place, a smaller city, it will be much better there, and you’ll have the opportunity to move up [in the world].


搞笑 Not bad, but definitely still behind us Americans. We put more emphasis on the content, upbringing, quality. You Chinese people are only nouveau riche. Hehe.


Haha, so you call those who drive luxury cars nouveau riche, then may I ask what kind of car could they drive without being called nouveau riche? You would have someone with hundreds of millions in assets drive a second hand Changan Alto? 搞笑 When someone really does drive by you in an Alto, aren’t you just full of contempt for them? Can’t accept those who are better than you, yet also looking down on those lower than you. 搞笑


Can we be certain these are all real [not fakes]?

网上的SGLD: (responding to 比想象中完美)

Well said. If you go to a smaller city where the cost of living is a bit more average, life will be a bit easier. Those places where real estate is astronomical, where jobs require high academic credentials, where starting a business requires a lot of capital, those places are not suitable for pursuing dreams.


Wenzhou is city built out of money… Rich people have entire warehouses of luxury cars… And I can’t even afford a 50 sqm home…


So hilarious. Rich people show off their wealth for poor people to see: Look how rich I am! Then they despise the poor people: Look how poor you are! Rich people, you guys are just like the most SB maggot on a piece of shit thinking you’ve captured the high ground patting yourself on the back. Actually, everyone knows that you’ve long been covered in filth and have a bad reputation. ~\(≧▽≦)/~ Lalala!

wen1324: (responding to above)

And you don’t look down upon those who are poorer than you? Just how many rich people in this society earn money in a normal/legitimate way? Being able to make money is the ultimate truth. You’re a classic example of someone who can’t handle others being better than you, yet also look down upon the poor. Give you money and you’d be the same. [You too would be a] Poser/show-off~

What about you? Do you look down on poor people? On those who are inferior to you? Do you think most people can’t accept those who are better than them but also look down on those who are worse than them?

A pair of black Rolls Royche Phantoms at a Wenzhou, China wedding.

Wenzhou people. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


Written by Fauna

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