Wenzhou Wedding Motorcade Worth Hundreds Of Millions RMB

Lamborghinis and Ferraris as part of a Chinese wedding motorcade in Wenzhou city.

Ferraris as part of a wedding motorcade in Wenzhou, China.

The following short video on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku accumulated nearly 1 million views within 2 days of being uploaded, receiving over 2 downvotes for every 1 upvote…

From Youku:

Wenzhou rich people once again gather together to show off their wealth, appearing as a super luxury car wedding motorcade worth over a hundred million

Boring video? Why did it have so many views?

From Xinmin:

Wenzhou’s super luxury car wedding motorcade challenges Shanghai’s Auto Show, 26 luxury cars estimated to be worth over a hundred million

Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, and over ten other top-end famous luxury cars drove by one after another in a line. But this isn’t for the “2011 Shanghai Auto Show”, but rather a luxury car wedding motorcade in Wenzhou.

That morning, a netizen published a post on Wenzhou’s 703804 discussion forum titled “Wenzhou rich people once again gather together to show off their wealth, appearing as an extravagant and wasteful wedding motorcade worth over a hundred million [of RMB]!“. It could be seen from the photographs and video in the post tens of top-end luxury cars one after another lined up on the west to east direction section of Jiangbin Road in front of the Zhongrui Manhattan Upscale Residences, creating crowded traffic on an already narrow street.

A netizen commented: “Is it really necessary to have this many cars? Even if it is just one person riding in each car, it probably still isn’t necessary. How much better it would be to save the money and donate it.”

This post’s louzhu even wrote: “Wenzhou rich, wealthy but uncharitable, not very interested in giving to the public, and instead spend all day gathering to show off their wealth. Just what kind of example and morality does this give the next generation? What social justice, those with money call the shots! Just what kind of blood flows in the bodies of Wenzhou’s rich?”

Another netizen calmly expressed: “This is just how life is. When you have several hundreds of millions, you spending however much money to buy a car is your business. Showing off wealth is also very normal, at least much better than not having money and pretending you do.”

Lamborghini and Ferrari supercars at a Wenzhou city wedding motorcade.

Rolls Royce Phantoms part of a wedding motorcade for a young couple in Wenzhou, China.

Rolls Royces decorated with wedding flowers in Wenzhou, China.

A line of expensive black Rolls Royce Phantoms at a wedding in Wenzhou, China.

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A lime green Lamborghini Gallardo at a wedding in Wenzhou, China.

Comments from Youku:


So ostentatious.


8 Rolls Royces, 10 Bentleys, 4 Lambos, 4 Ferraris…


To be able to get rich is a sort of ability. We shouldn’t envy, we should admire.


Zhejiang [province] sure has a lot of rich people.


These cars can be rented….


Why is there nouveau riche mentality? It is when one has just been poor and also is uneducated.


If one doesn’t have money, it is best not to go to that place, [where you would be] worse than a dog~ People without money should be in a smaller place, a smaller city, it will be much better there, and you’ll have the opportunity to move up [in the world].


搞笑 Not bad, but definitely still behind us Americans. We put more emphasis on the content, upbringing, quality. You Chinese people are only nouveau riche. Hehe.


Haha, so you call those who drive luxury cars nouveau riche, then may I ask what kind of car could they drive without being called nouveau riche? You would have someone with hundreds of millions in assets drive a second hand Changan Alto? 搞笑 When someone really does drive by you in an Alto, aren’t you just full of contempt for them? Can’t accept those who are better than you, yet also looking down on those lower than you. 搞笑


Can we be certain these are all real [not fakes]?

网上的SGLD: (responding to 比想象中完美)

Well said. If you go to a smaller city where the cost of living is a bit more average, life will be a bit easier. Those places where real estate is astronomical, where jobs require high academic credentials, where starting a business requires a lot of capital, those places are not suitable for pursuing dreams.


Wenzhou is city built out of money… Rich people have entire warehouses of luxury cars… And I can’t even afford a 50 sqm home…


So hilarious. Rich people show off their wealth for poor people to see: Look how rich I am! Then they despise the poor people: Look how poor you are! Rich people, you guys are just like the most SB maggot on a piece of shit thinking you’ve captured the high ground patting yourself on the back. Actually, everyone knows that you’ve long been covered in filth and have a bad reputation. ~\(≧▽≦)/~ Lalala!

wen1324: (responding to above)

And you don’t look down upon those who are poorer than you? Just how many rich people in this society earn money in a normal/legitimate way? Being able to make money is the ultimate truth. You’re a classic example of someone who can’t handle others being better than you, yet also look down upon the poor. Give you money and you’d be the same. [You too would be a] Poser/show-off~

What about you? Do you look down on poor people? On those who are inferior to you? Do you think most people can’t accept those who are better than them but also look down on those who are worse than them?

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A pair of black Rolls Royche Phantoms at a Wenzhou, China wedding.

Wenzhou people. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Matt


    I don’t know how long it will take for the “hate the rich” mentality to take off in China. In my hometown in the USA, the car would be lusted after and admired, but the people would be ridiculed and accused of small penis syndrome.

    • jd lang

      I don’t know where your hometown is but in many parts of California it’s so common to see luxury cars that it gets old. This girl in my school went to prom in a Bentley……no one cared………zzzzzzzzzzz

      • Californian ABC

        Very true…

        Unrelated: Has chinasmack not allowed you to post short comments? It’s not letting me…

    • Anon

      It’s not hate the rich thats needed, it’s hate the system and value-system more than anything else.

      These cars barring the 6000cc capacity which would be hardly used, cost less than USD$3K in materials to build. If India and China put their minds to it cooperating on materials and technology, the Murcielago designed 1000cc semi-clone (so it won’t break any design copyright laws) would be all over the world displacing ALL other car brands. Try the Tato Nano, and next, a USD$3K-limo that looks good as hell as well (there’s your cure for small penis syndrome, actually they have the tech to grow longer penises already I think, it’s just not popularized yet and ALSO should not cost more than USD$3K).

      http://hplusmagazine.com/2010/03/23/print-your-own-designer-organs/ (thats the 200K version which I’m sure most of the commentators are worth at least, imagine what the 20 million version could do?)

      So a brand name makes a car worth millions? No way should any consumer want to pay like this even if they could afford it, no way should ‘brand’ cars be allowed carte blanc to fleece consumers anymore. Enough with the profiteering.

      Time to end the brand name hegemony and ridiculously expensive cars, and perhaps build out of organic materials like Tung-Oil infused Jute for the ‘green’ 500cc version.

      In a decade or 2 anti-grav versions if we don’t die from EMF/GMO/radioactive pollution first. Still no value for money. And the wiser Chinese had better hold back on their acquisitions of overpriced brand name goods (the idiots), price of luxury goods look set to drop, though price of basic necessities look set to rise.

      • Jack

        Using 100 year old combustion engine technology to power your million dollar car…how stupid is that?

        I would rather be a conspiracy theorist any day than a billionaire.

        Money just buys you more slavery. Try running your car in hydrolysis water and see who knocks on your door to shut it down or try zero point energy system…this is what will lift all of humanity.

        • James

          very well said. In our society we value too much on power, like horse power that a car can produce instead of renewable, nonpolluting car that is power by solar energy, hydrogen or electricity.

    • Wago

      In the US, that’s ballin’

    • donscarletti

      I am slightly saddened to read comments like “To be able to get rich is a sort of ability. We shouldn’t envy, we should admire.” because honestly, most rich in China do deserve an even greater contempt than their western counterparts. It is impossible to make that much money in China through hard work and ingenuity.

  • Glowndark

    Ha ha ha… only in mainland China ….i am speechless…. i can see your education system have failed over there..

  • ander

    What? No Chinese cars?

    • Anon

      Absolutely! Stop wasting $$$ on non-Chinese brands which will deliver value for money VERY soon. $3K sportscars and limos anyone? Look out for the below headlines :

      “India and China state cooperative destroys low-cost and luxury automobile/aircraft/seacraft/electronics industry Worldwide.”

      USD$1M air craft carriers or USD$20K Gundams anyone? Again, nanomite cleaners and EMF/ELF bvl;ocking clothing lines please!

      • Foreign Devil

        Hey Anon, you do realize nobody knows what the fuck you are talking about in any of your posts right? You need to step out of your bunker and socialize a bit man!

        • Anon

          Oh look an antiquated someone from the Red coats in the GOP. How nice to meet ya. No really? Whats a bunker? (Socializes with a USD$5K unmanned drone bought off the internet . . . ) Eh?

          • rollin wit 9’s

            ok I had to step in on behalf of FD cuz i really thought you would come back and speak english in your reply but seriously – WHAT THE FCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???

        • zee oh six

          seriously, whatever your native language is, your online translator isn’t doing a good job, or it is doing a good job translating your nonsensical gibberish.

  • We judge each other by ourselves.
    Thinking that rich people are “looking down” at poorer ones means you probably would do the same.

    • Marsvin

      That or you’ve dealt with them before and are talking from experience.

    • Boris

      What utter horse-piss!

  • Ho Hum

    Why oh why, Chinasmack, do you pose such banal questions to your readership like

    “What about you? Do you look down on poor people? On those who are inferior to you?”

    Seriously. It’s just retarded. What kind of answers are you expecting? That many people are going to say HELL YEAH I look down on poor people! Dumbarses. And this…

    “Do you think most people can’t accept those who are better than them but also look down on those who are worse than them?”

    Wow. If I were 16 and had a two digit IQ, I might consider that a profound insight into the human condition.

  • k

    Must be some high flootten p*ssy he’s marrying.

  • Thomas

    These people are an embarrassment for their country. No class, no style, no taste. Where have all the Chinese gentlemen gone to?

    • Jon
    • ShanghaiSteve

      I believe that “Chinese gentlemen” disappeared during the Cultural Revolution. It’s unfortunate that the Cultural Revolution deliberately targeted education and sophistication. This resulted in the current generation of parents and grandparents that are often ignorant of everything except how to lie, cheat and steal. How can such a generation raise children to become productive members of society? As for “no class, no style and no taste” among Wenzhou natives; I tend to agree, but show me a part of China that does have class, style or taste. Perhaps you can provide examples of Chinese behavior that are not an embarrassment? I am sometimes pleasantly surprised by the behavior of Chinese citizens, but these surprises are unfortunately overwhelmed by the pervasive ignorance I encounter daily.

      • Sometimes there really is a level of ignorance I think takes generations to develop.

      • zee oh six

        this web has a lot of examples. if it’s not the article itself, you would find it in the chinese netizen comments condemning the embarrasment.

  • Irvin

    People are angry isn’t only because they hate the rich, but how the people get rich and the way they spent their money.

    Wenzhou people are known for monopolizing the housing industry, they pool money together buy up all the apartments in an area and sell it back to you at an inflated price.

    In addition, people need to fend for themselves in china. We don’t have laws to protect children from child abuse. We don’t have medicare. People are still suffering from under education because of lack of schools.

    If they made their money through ethical means while providing hundreds of jobs no one will say a word. If they show off their unethical dough on philanthropy they will actually get praise.

    But no, what do they do? Buy expensive cars that are inefficient, it isn’t even green. It is essentially a big “fuck you” to the people they ripoff.

    The thing about some other countries is that they give their citizen hope, that maybe one day they can be rich. And everyone is competing in a fair environment and are protected by law.

    But in china, we understand and accept that we will never be as rich as these rich fucks. They rich not because they’re smarter but because of the people they know or the rules they break.

    Just because we’ve understand and accept the fact doesn’t mean we have to like it.

    • Chad

      Welcome to capitalism.

      And actually, they sound pretty damn smart. Business smart. If you have a problem with others pooling their money to invest in property, then you need a reality check.

      • Irvin

        You missed the point, this is an ethical issue. Consider some assholes monopolize all the cars where you live and selling it back to you for double or triple the price. How would you feel?

        Alot of people are suffering because of these wenzhou fuckers. And they’re so smart they spend their ill begotten money on what? On fucking overpriced ripoff of a car.

        It’s like saying “I rip you off so I can get rip off myself”. Insulting the chinese people on every level. There are more poor people in china than rich, if they’re smart they really shouldn’t show off.

        • Rick in China

          I think it is *YOU* who missed Chad’s point.

          Free market. You, too, can do exactly as anyone else does. The difference may be “guan xi” related, in which case you’ve just done a very poor job at getting what you obviously need to succeed, hence..failure. Failures in life find it easiest to blame those who have succeeded, saying “They are unethical” or “They had an unfair advantage” is just a poor excuse for your own short-comings. You also don’t know anything about how these people, or many people, got rich – so you just pool them into “unethical idiots”. Cry more, failure.

          You sum it up great with this comment, “In addition, people need to fend for themselves in china. ” Oh, My God, people have to fend for themselves? What shall we do! We need someone to hold our fucking hands or we’ll go hungry! Waa, waaa….waaaaa.

          • Rick, it is exactly “guan xi” which makes the difference between ethical and unethical.
            When someone can become monopolist not because of having the edge in technology but because of relationship or even brutal force – then it’s not capitalism and not free market competition.

          • Irvin

            What an ignorant asshole you are. You should be on the receiving end of the stick and see how you feel.

            Anyone can do exactly hilter did too, and anyone can also get into ponzi schemes. Just because they CAN do it doesn’t mean they should.

            Certain things like basic necessities need to be regulated, a roof over our head is one of them. Taking advantage of our basic needs is nothing to be brag about, free market or not.

            The maybe successful at making money, but failed at being a human being, and so are you.

          • Boris

            You are a prize fucking dog’s cock! In the UK if I don’t feel like working, I go to the Department of Social Security. If I need a roof over my head I go to the Department of housing. If I need an operation I go to the NHS. If some prick in a black Audi runs a red light and breaks both my legs I have the privilege of suing the fucker. I met a farmer while cycling in the countryside last week. He’d been dispossessed and given almost zero compensation. He felt that I, as a foreigner, had the power to take up his cause with the local government. Trust me when I tell you this kind of corruption goes on a hell of a lot here. In his position he can do pretty much nothing. The people who have power can acquire as much money as they want. And people like him will be sitting ducks for their greed. Maybe I’m jaded but as soon as I see a gratuitous display of wealth my mind jumps to conclude it’s from corruption. If you think Chinese people who are angry at this are failures, you need your cunt kicked into outer-space.

          • Rick in China

            You’re all making the mistake of presuming that everyone who has become wealthy through business success is an unethical douchebag, and all it’s proving is that YOU’VE FAILED and NEED SOMEONE TO BLAME. Hope you find career success teaching English, hint: it doesn’t come from sucking down as many 3 kuai beers as you can and bitching at those who have done well for themselves.

          • Boris

            I’m not making that assumption at all. I know a couple of successful businessmen here who I feel have integrity. My hat’s off to them. What worries me isn’t really either the gratuitous displays of wealth. House prices where I live have increased by 100% in under 5 years. That has enormous social implications. You can call this smart investing, whereas I see it as sowing some serious seeds of destruction. The people at the bottom are justifiably going to be getting angrier. If you plan to stick around here, do you think that’s a good thing? If your answer is ‘yes’ I assume you’re drinking something stronger than 3 kuai beer…

        • Chad

          @Irvin: If some folks monopolized all the cars where I live, I’d feel stupid for not being the one to think of doing that first. As long as it’s legal, it’s fair game. I’d also feel that I should buy cars somewhere else. And you realize that large investment firms can manipulate prices on the stock market far more than individual investors as well. Is that unethical? Don’t like it? Start your own investment firm. Might have to use some guanxi though.

          @Crystal: Who ever said that networking (or as the Chinese call it – guanxi) is unethical? Maybe this concept is disliked in China, but it’s completely fair game everywhere else and is accepted and even encouraged via networking events and whatnot. If you think it’s unethical to get ahead in the world by using your relationships, you’re going to be left behind as a slave working for someone else.

          @Boris: Irvin was talking about Wenzhouers using relationships (guanxi) to pool money in investing in property to create “monopolies”, not corruption. Corruption is a different matter.

        • Chad

          And you want MORE regulation and bureaucracy on top of that. You don’t think there’s not enough opportunity for corruption in China? As I’ve always said, China should be modeled after places like Hong Kong and Singapore where regulation of economic issues is minimal. Hong Kong didn’t even get a minimum wage until very recently. Is there a big rich-poor divide in those places? Yes. But it’s also why their GDP per capita (PPP) are amongst the highest in the world. Economic freedom. Highly capitalist countries.

          You get a more uneven pie, but the pie also gets much bigger.

          Read this article by the way: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/07/business/worldbusiness/07iht-controls.4.11735373.html

    • Andao

      I think it is distinctly Chinese to say that although these people are overly wealthy assholes, “that’s just the way it is.”

      In pretty much every other country in the world, when people don’t like something, they do something about it.

      • Irvin

        Exactly!! We can’t do shit about it, they’re protected by the government which they pay off. Even in a capitalistic country there are still things that regulates things like pricing and monopoly.

        How anyone can praise someone for artificially inflating price of housing that caused many to suffer is beyond me. They’re leeches nothing more. What if it was medicine? or food?

        If someone provide a service or product even if it’s monopoly it’s fair play, we are paying for a product they created. These wenzhou fuckers made nothing and enrich nothing.

        They’re just a bunch of scheming bastards that’s taking advantage of the corruption and absence of government regulations and we all suffered for it.

        • Boris

          You’re exactly right. Let’s hope we can make a contribution to changing this in our lifetime.

          • JoJo

            Yeah, maybe your contribution can start with getting a job and pulling your weight. All those “services” you suck up when you “don’t feel like working” are paid by hard-working taxpayers.

          • Boris

            Jo Jo
            -thank you for your social conscience. My time is taken up with a job and with voluntary work. I’m financially self-supporting and engage in something which I imagine is an alien concept to you: working for free. The point I’m making is that it’s easy for Westerners who come to China to say, “Everyone can make it big. If you can’t, you’re just jealous.” I’ve never met any foreigners in China that haven’t had a comparatively high level of education and relative financial security. Imagine if you have no financial safety-net in society. You haven’t got a pile of beans and some prick is putting on a wedding like that?

        • Chad

          Actually in many capitalistic countries, plenty of people invest in property, many times in property they don’t even need to use. Why? Because housing prices tend to go up. It’s called investing. So what?

          What if it was medicine? Um, yeah if you invent a drug, you get an exclusive patent on it for over a decade in many parts of the world. This means you get to charge the price you want and it’s why some meds cost thousands of dollars. This leads to a lot of people suffering even though there’s a medication available. So what? This profit is what drives people to invent. Are businesses supposed to be charities?

          As I said, it’s capitalism.

          • Ray

            The fact that the patent will expire means that they did try to limit the monopoly of such products, imagine how unethical it is if there is a never expiring patent on like paracetamol….. (if there ever was one in the first place, ethics).

            Also medicine is kinda different in comparison, when its invented it doesn’t have a set value, however houses have market value. Buying houses at market value then raising the price and selling it for more is smart indeed and that is hard work as well (having to please customers and have the silver tongue), but it is different to buying out all the houses then raising the market price on whatever they feel like.

            To all these people that are saying, well thats just smart and why didn’t I think of that or well you can do the same thing to get rich as well so don’t say its unethical, …. I suppose that you’ve done it right? You are extremely wealthy because you have followed in this smart capitalism idea? You probably can’t do that because they already have the monopoly on the houses, this isn’t even like a competition already, its just a monopoly based on bribery on the officials and getting rich off others that have no choice.

          • Boris

            You’ve done your homework.
            In order to build houses you need land.
            Who owns the land?
            Whatever you’re building, local Party officials will have influence over it and expect to benefit.

          • Irvin

            That’s the thing, they didn’t even build the houses. They just buy up and inflate the price.

          • Chad

            A 10+ year monopoly is a very long time. Millions of people die due to AIDS drugs being too expensive for that reason. I’m just pointing out that monopolies are allowed to an extent in medicine.

            And I don’t even see how a housing monopoly would even work now that you’re asking if I’ve done it. First, I can’t imagine a group buying ALL the houses in a large city unless you have thousands of people in on it. Maybe you can buy the houses in a particular area. People still have choice. Correct me if I’m wrong about that lol. Does one Wenzhou group control the entire housing market? Don’t like the ultra-inflated prices? Buy a house they don’t own then. Even if you do end up buying the houses with ultra-inflated prices, the monopoly ends. What it sounds like isn’t a monopoly but just smart investing.

          • Irvin

            Chad you’re an idiot.

          • Mike

            No one is forcing people to buy houses. It is much cheaper to rent. Guess who will be the bagholders when housing prices decline. I don’t think wenzhou people are the only ones bidding up property. A small group of people would have a hard time controlling prices on housing given the large number of housing units.

    • donscarletti

      Irvin: Yep, PLA can use Wenzhou to test their nuclear arsenal for all I care.

      Even the most free markets need protection from monopolists, this is what keeps them free. Capitalism is where everyone trades openly, anyone who wants to allow cartels to control a market fancies himself the next tyrant to control it.

  • 吴兰

    You need some class, even if you’re just a poser. This is just not a classy way to show off.
    But I guess if you live in Wenzhou which makes it to my personal top ten of the world’s dullest places, this is all your imagination can come up with. I kind of pity them, to be honest. They have it all and … and this is their all ???!!! Poor bastards.
    Don’t hate on these people. They are just a by-product of a society composed of – among others – yourselves. Put in place a system that allows for a more even distribution of wealth, let everyone have their bit and a whole universe of new ideas will open up to you all.

    • Boris

      ‘They are just a by-product of a society composed of -among others -yourselves.’ -Interesting how you don’t include yourself here.
      “I kind of pity them.’ -You pity everyone.
      This is just another of your ‘I’ll look down my nose at people’ posts. Where did you aquire this ‘Bless you my son’ mentality? Was your father a pastor?
      ‘A whole universe of new ideas will open up to you all’ -so that one day you may even be as great as me, you poor souls.

  • Californian ABC

    I wonder if the chinese have Americasmack, where they read OUR comments in chinese.

  • Sunshine


  • Meow mix

    This is nothing. Tiger Woods spent $30 million on his wedding. But they are saying they are showing off just b/c it’s in the middle of a city. How do you avoid being a show off in the middle of China? There are no remote places to go like Tiger Woods’ private island.

    • Capt. WED

      dude. Tiger and these people are in completely different leagues. The super rich in China would rent out private islands just like suepr rich everywhere else. These people in the above video would rank “not starving, but definitely not rich like me” in the overall pecking order.

      • Rick in China

        Great assumption.

        You know what they say about assumptions.

        • Marsvin

          You mean like your assumption that everyone who’s rich is so because they are deserving and intelligent and everyone who’s poor is just too stupid to get rich profiting off others?

        • Boris

          I assume you’re an arse. Experience confirms it.

        • Capt. WED

          I don’t have to assume since it’s every evident from pictures alone. Ummm Rick In China, the FUCKING SUPER RICH lives in a fucking 10 bed room “mansion” in WENZHOU CHINA. NOT IN THE SAME LEAGUE.


        • Capt. WED


        • Capt. WED

          Let me google that for you…


  • jin

    alot of jealous people

    • Boris

      Jealous of what?!?!?!
      If the guy was lying on a sun-kissed beach in Thailand, smoking a crack pipe and getting his sword swallowed by a ladyboy, THEN I’d be jealous! But these cars?! I could knock up a far less mundane wedding for a fraction of the price. That’s an idea… perhaps I should go into business.

  • Capt. WED

    My super sweeeeeet sixxxxteeeeeeennnnnn

  • I wear blue jeans

    You still can’t buy class.

  • Capt. WED

    People that are unrefined would spent money this way. Is it wrong? I don’t think so. It’s their money, they do what they want with it. It’s just the way people are.

    But this is Chinasmack though, in the end it’s all about how much all Chinese people suck.

    • Capt. WED

      yeah just like how US is full of religious fundamentalists. I hate this place :)

    • Rick in China

      What the hell does this mean, “People that are unrefined would spent money this way” – are you implying driving a luxury vehicle means you’re unrefined? I don’t know, but Rolls hardly has the reputation of marketing to the “unrefined people of the world”. Perhaps you’re implying people who spend lavishly on weddings are unrefined. Really? Lets look at extremely rich/famous people’s weddings, lots of eloping to Vegas, eh? I suppose they’re unrefined also.

      To be refined, in your opinion, do you need to be a paltry behomian on the outside, but with a secret bank and large collection of art that only you enjoy?

      I’d presume you’re neither rich, nor refined, and suit the comment: “Can’t accept those who are better than you, yet also looking down on those lower than you.”

      • Capt. WED

        LOL. I was making an off-handed comment and “unrefined” was the word I picked. Let me try again, I DON’T CARE HOW THEY SPEND THEIR MONEY. I WOULDN’T, because:

        1) I’m FUCKING BROKE.
        2)I feel like that’s TACKY as fuck. Also I don’t think I will get married any time soon so I’m hating.

        Plenty of peole above me said the same thing so why did you latch onto me? You are a BROKE_ASS who spend mucho money on a wedding now YOU MAD.

      • Capt. WED

        Also, please discuss on the topic at hand, going off on a tangent about on how I’m against luxury vehicles is ridiculous.

        This topic is about 20 luxury vehicle at a wedding and from the pictures shown above, looks extreme tacky. I didn’t say anything about luxury cars, only that having 20 of them at this wedding looked tacky to me. One reason is there is nothing else shown on the pictures above. We didn’t get any pictures showing the actual wedding. That was my perception.

        Other than that, I personally think I could have done so much more with the the money of RENTING these cars (or do they actually own these). Then again, perhaps I’m too broke to be as imaginative as you as maybe I can have 20 tacky cars AND eat my cake too. Amirite?

        Lastly, it’s my opinion that the way they spend their money is lowbrow. I can imagine much better things for a wedding. I’m made the mental connection of how certain set of Chinese business types are, I know you know what I’m talking about. Just my opinion now, everyone has got them.

        • Ray

          Well said, too many posters here starts their own little discussions over some irrelevant issues and are often judging others opinions on the posts.

  • diverdude

    Article Soundtrack:


    Pink Floyd

  • Curren$y

    Fuck the cars! I want to see the bride.

  • DRaY

    Ha… Chinese are Black!! They love pork, chicken and watermelon, and do tacky ass shit, like in this article. … Chinese have more in common with Black folks than they like to admit!!!! They probably keep plastic on the furniture in their homes as well!!… hahah

    • David B

      @Anon on Chinese cars

      Seriously, you have got to be kidding me. Do you have any idea what actually goes into designing and building a car that can repeatedly go over 300 kph and take corners at high speed?

      Even if any Chinese manufacturer can get anywhere near the power/size ratio of a Lamborghini V12 (very doubtful), it’s all the other stuff that goes into these cars that costs a fortune. The brakes have to be able to stop it from very high speeds, the car has the be light, which means using extremely expensive materials such as carbon fibre, then there’s the cost of development, which is huge for a car with so much technology and so little colume says and on top of that it needs to last for 10 years or longer. Lamborghini, Porsche, ferrari etc. make a good profit, but their cars are absolutely NOT cheap to make.

      Hyundai only recently managed to build a car that’s reasonably sporty, but it’s still a long way from being a supercar and that took them 20 years. All Chinese manufacturers are at least 30 years from being able to build anything like it.

      • David B

        colume says ought to read volume sales, sorry

      • Li Ruike

        Yeah, great cars. I want to see more video of the driving skills. Did you see the Chinese Nascar on Family Guy? Spot on.

      • Anon

        The ‘super’ car, has been done ad nauseum and dozens of brands have all the tech you mention already. Speeding and braking at whatever speed are nothing new?

        All the infrastructure is ready to produce any thing anywhere these days. Ever heard of reverse engineering? They already have ‘Organ Printers’ and nano-builders ‘Virtuosity’ style already.

        I don’t think the future and it’s economy will be anything like we know in 20 years, it is the matter of which government that will be upfront about conning the public about how hard it is to build something invented in the late 18th and refined till now.

        Sportiness is a design issue. Material’s engineering probably already has chassis’ that can reach and brake at 1000kphs. The whole ‘car’ technology paradigm is already outdated, we’re just conned into believing that its so special.

        Probably the UFO (anti-grav vehicle/perpertual motion) has long been invented but kept secret by governments just want to profit off us, or to keep the option of hammering us with a false flag invasion of UFOs on the table. Just look at the fiat issues and quantitative easing in USA, the good cop bad cop Dem/GOP and tell me what I say is not true of technology in cars not worth USD$3K.

        They really can build 6 billion sports cars and distribute them to everyone. It’s nothign special really. But to write a law that forbid’s fiat, or ends apartheid, that my friend is your so called politicians preventing you from living life to the fullest. The wealth and lands of the world belong to all humans.

        Reconsider the reality against the falsehoods of Western economics, then think political revolution, and governance and wealth distribution paradigms in the context of types and desirability of work.

        Here’s an interesting link you might want to read for an idea of how failed the existing system is :


        • Anon


          . . . conning the public **THAN** about how hard . . .

    • bert

      Chinese and US blacks are the same breed.

  • staylost

    Ha! I may have leaned on the orange one at one of the fancy hotels in Wenzhou. (yes, I am well aware that there is probably more than one in Wenzhou) I wonder if they had it parked out there to attract customers or if it actually belonged to a guest.

    Well, I have to say this in defense of Wenzhou businessmen. The only one I know well spends a huge amount of the money he makes on building hospitals.

    These guys may not be cultured, but that doesn’t mean they are selfish jerks.

    Oh, and the mountains around Wenzhou are just so beautiful!

    • Stu

      Dude, hospitals in China can be highly profitable…

      • staylost

        Yeah, I know, I work in one. But then there is profit in everything. What on earth could someone do right if you’ve already decided they are in the wrong?

        • Irvin

          Hospital helps people, if they make profit good for them.

          But what about artificially inflating housing price? how’s that helping anyone? They are in the wrong.

          • Anon

            A reminder on the why of medicine and the sponsorship by state.

            Hospitals should render services and apply charges varying on basis of the salaries or assets (no more than 10% of yearly earnings/profits?). This way, wealth distribution can be applied properly.

            Getting sick is not something the patients want, so this sort of equitable charging Socialist fee structure will allow the hospitals to profit off the rich while the fees from the rich can be considered as sponsoring the poor.

            This ensures everyone gets medical treatment and not spend a single moment ‘hoping’ people get ill so they can make more money which worryingly, many highly processed/GMO/EMF-ELF-radiation emitting food products or consumer electronics seem to be doing these days.

            China needs a stringent equivalent of the b.s. FDA in USA to address this. Especially things like fast food, preservatives, colourings, flavourings, fake beef or silly putty in foods!

            McDonald’s China: “Chickileaks” & The Truth About McChicken

          • James

            it’s not artificially inflated, it’s called an investment, and also the wenzhounese are not making much on housing because most of the time the bank makes the most of the profit from issuing mortgage at a high interest. The wenzhounese just have the balls to borrow money and invest it and trying to get a higher return. And that doesn’t mean there is not risk involve, look at the US housing market now. Those investors’ housing value drop so much that they can’t even pay the bank back, and they are in bankruptcy.

  • REAL song of the article

    Forever Broke


  • diverdude

    cool. the red reffari in the 1st pic has ‘The Mark of The Beast’ on his license tag…

    now we r getting to the bottom of this story !

  • 毫无疑问,有一天我们会审判那些曾经迫害过人民的人,它们包括那些实施迫害,同情迫害,和对迫害熟视无睹的人们。有时我会天真的认为,这样的节日的到来的日子不会太远了。There is no doubt that one day we will put on trial those who had persecuted the people, including implementors, sympathizers and those who turned a blind eye on persecution. Sometimes I would be naive to assume that the festivity will not come too far.

  • Rick in China

    RE: “Can’t accept those who are better than you, yet also looking down on those lower than you.”

    Seems so, so common. Good comment.

    • Boris

      Your comments are somewhat like a string of anal beads -vaguely titillating but ultimately only suitable for an anus.

  • Hylith

    Let’s talk a look at this term “better”. Basically they spent a ton of money on machinery that could have gone to helping out and educating those less fortunate than them.

    Because those who can’t afford these materialistic things worship them, society deems them “better”?

    They are hardly better than you or I, they simply wasted more money on things that don’t matter when they could of used it to make their city, country and world a better place.

    There is no “better”… if better means those who want to publicly display their greed and lack of compassion for their fellow man… then sure… they are “better”.

  • Jas

    they are really rich . it can imagine how sweet is love they are !!

  • Foreign Devil

    It is one thing to be extremely wealthy amongst desperate poverty and not give anything back to those you made your good fortune off of. But it is a new level of selfishness to flaunt that wealth with garish coloured Lamborghini wedding parades, private yachts or other shows of extravagance. Both USA and CHina have extremes between the rich and poor. This will lead to instability. The extremely rich should not forget where their wealth came from. Being able to do philanthropy is one of the best feelings and privileges of the being rich or famous.

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  • tony

    If you HAVE it, then SHOW it. He’s not hurting people. He may just make the bride’s wish come true, or his dream (for his marriage) Or who knows?!
    Well, why do think the chicks at my work dressing like having their tits almost hang out, always hang out (have nothing to do, but bitching BS to everyone) in my building? (they were from the clerk building half a mile away, and we are from the CEO building) — we still have NOT ever thought about put passwords to my office elevator for a REASON even though we could do so, wooohaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    BTW, who’s that guy get married? Lucky girl. Yay, it will be my new goal!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kling

    Bill Gates would never do this…..
    He’s already secure in himself image.

  • Senor Boogie Woogie

    Bentleys and Lamborginis are truly ugly ass cars. The Bentley looks like a funeral car, while the Lamborgini looks like a long plastic box on four wheels. Why would anyone pay so much money for a two door, two seat car? Because one can drive really fast?

    I live in Zhejiang and also see Land Rovers about. Now why the fuck anyone wants that, again, ugly ass vehicle is beyond me. Afraid of IED’s or getting torpedoed?

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