Whale Shark Suspected to Have Been Butchered Alive

Whale Shark Suspected to Have Been Butchered Alive

A netizen has uploaded a video showing the butchering of a whale shark at a harbor in Mawei Island. Many passersby thought the scene was too cruel after the fish could be seen moving its mouth as it was being sliced up by a two-man saw. Although it’s still unclear where the whale shark came from, animal expert Shou Tuo told thepaper.cn that it was probably accidentally caught up in nets near to shore, as the protected species was unlikely to be the target of fishermen. Previous attempts to sell whale shark meat have attracted fines. Some netizens felt guilty for watching the video.

Source: qq

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  • DD Bear!

    in veg market, fish sellers hit fish head to death everyday many times.
    who cares!

  • Col. Martin Hessler

    The cruelty of the human race towards animals nevers ceases to amaze me. Unfortunately, this website has only too much of it…

    • mistertibbs4u

      I’m an African-American… I read your comment… too many brilliant replies in my head… my brain’s on overload… so I’ll settle for my reaction to your statement #artinmotion

  • Foreign Devil

    The animals are not a part of their immediate family or protected by law so they don’t care.

    • Zack Snyder

      They don’t even care how their fellow human beings feel let alone animals.

      • mistertibbs4u

        I feel obliged to make #blacklivesmatter and Cecil the lion comparisons… but I’ll digress… I’ll just quote someone else.

        “WASPs… LOVE animals… hate people” – Gordon Gecko

  • WghUk

    This is pure evil! I thought only Japan cut these big fish alive.

  • Mihel

    Imho the bigger issue here is that the animal was killed in a disgustingly atrocious way, the fact that it was a protected species just adds salt to the injury.

  • mistertibbs4u

    I think we’re all over thinking this a little bit. You’ve got to set your mind to “Chinese” for this one…

    Accidentally caught protected animal… technically not my fault… (this is where thought between Chinese and Western fork)… too much trouble to get it back in the water (alive)… a waste to watch it die of suffocation on the pier… rather haul off tens of thousands of RMB of fresh whale shark meat to customers, than use a face mask to haul off tens of thousands of pounds of dead carcass (yes, a whale whale shark typically ways 47,000 pounds… don’t troll me) to the local landfill… government is not 100% expected to assist in this situation without fining me for costs (additional geographically-specific Chinese concern), therefore, let’s get to cuttin’…

    Honorary consideration: collectively, everyone at that location PROBABLY didn’t know that it was even a whale shark, let alone protected, hence, possible source for lack of outrage (lack of empathy for animals already socially engrained).

    Secondary honorary consideration: without Wikipedia, would half of Westerners even KNOW that whale shark was a protected species? I’ll be honest… I could assume, but without looking it up, you couldn’t quote me on that.

    Tertiary honorary consideration: Baidu Baike (China’s answer to Wikipedia) is not exactly a daily “go to” reference for the average person, so I wouldn’t expect the average person to exactly be privy to that information either.

    Quaternary honorary consideration: This site sucks. Please go to a local city college, where the average Chinese English major undergraduate would happily translate for free, in exchange for several beer (or Starbucks) sessions, a few KTV excursions and your sincere friendship.

    Don’t worry. We’ll wait. (listening to “Patiently Waiting” by 50 Cent)

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