What Do Chinese Soldiers Eat On The Battlefield?

From Mop:

06 soldier rations is divided into 06 soldier instant meals (12 item menu) and 06 soldier self-heating meal (3 item menu). Although it cannot compare to the 22 item menu of the American military’s MRE, it is still considered a big improvement for the country.


#1 menu! Packaging is not large.


The other side of the packaging. The labeling includes included food and calorie and nutritional composition, a total of 1049 kikocalories.


When you open it, all have some “xia mi wan gao”! The #1 meal includes compressed food, energy bar, egg rolls with pork, pickled mustard tuber, and instant solid beverage.


Fondly remembered compressed biscuit!


List of nutritional ingredients. This has 554 kilocalories, equivalent to an average lunch’s kilocalories.


Open and see, there are two pieces!


The outside of the biscuits have plastic wrap, so remember to tear off before eating!


When you bite it, it is very brittle and dry, and it is very powdery in your mouth. Compared to the previous compressed biscuit, the flavor is a little better, and also not sweet and greasy. The instructions say this can also be mixed with water to become porridge, but I have not yet tried.


Given the weight, not wanting to absorb too much of the compressed biscuit’s calories, I put it aside to begin examining the energy bar.  Why is it called an energy bay? It is not even the same of a bar, so calling it an energy block would be better. Energy block…our country’s troops are all Transformers!!


The energy bar’s packaging reverse side, also printed with instructions and nutritional composition, calorie content. 303 kilocalories.


Let us open and see. Just a blocky block  of red bean moon cake!!!


Upon taking a bite, the taste is average, about the same as the individually wrapped moon cakes in supermarkets/convenience stores, but a bit harder, and personally a little too sweet. After eating, my energy was indeed full, and without eating lunch until 2pm in the afternoon I did not feel hungry!

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Let us take a look at the egg roll with pork, whose name sounds very attractive. However, after the experience of the previous two,  this time I did not have any expectation of savoring something delicious. This time the nutritional composition and calorie content were all direcly printed on the front. 115 kilocalories of energy.


The back has nothing printed on it, just a serial number.


Out comes the egg roll with pork, a whiff of packaging flavor. On the surface are some chilis. I like to eat hot/spicy things!  The yellow-colored wrap is chicken egg, the rest is pork, but it is suspect just how much pork is inside, there is no room for jokes in the army…


I take a bite to taste…it is just flattened ham sausage, so it would be more suitable to be called Ah Bian [former Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian] brand ham sausage! It would be even better if it had more spiciness and flavor! As for the chicken egg…just pretend it is chicken egg!


After finishing the egg roll with pork, let us look at the refreshing pickled mustard tuber! Mustard tuber does not have much calories, so this time they decided not to print any nutritional composition and calorie content information. I suppose this is just for you to taste.


The light and crispy flavor is okay,  but the taste is not as good as pickled vegetables on airlines.


Finally, let us have some beverage! Solid instant beverage, what is this? Coffee? Orange juice?


This small bag has 57 kilocalories! Has citric acid, so it must be sweet and sour to drink and better tasting than nutrition!

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The color is like tea. However it is sour, a little like sweet-sour plum juice, the flavor is not bad! That is it, time to clean up!


The #2 meal pictures:









I do not understand, the stuff the Chinese military eats, why are foreign words printed on them? Preparing for export?


The battlefield situation is complex.
Reinforcements, so-called international humanitarian organizations, and prisoners of war.
It is very normal for there to be different unexpected circumstances on the battlefield.

It is the exact same reason why the Coca-Cola and Xianchengduo [President?] sold in China’s market have foreign words printed on them.  I do not know why you do not take a look.

In the end, your question is no big deal, but your tone of voice is truly disgusting.
In fact, I have encountered people who have truly suffered social destruction, and not even they are not like you, filled with hatred.


I have seen this on Tiexue [another Chinese BBS] before. Our domestic-made rations have improved a lot in recent years. However, they are still differences with foreign countries’ rations.
Work hard and jia you!


If the volunteer army [troops that volunteer to take part in the war of another country] had eaten these back then…
There would not be a Korea today.


The meal issue is solved, but what about physiological needs?

I never understood this, or maybe we are not like other armies that have that [referring to Japanese military using comfort women].


You motherfuckers, just looking…how come our soldiers did not get these to eat during last year’s big earthquake?



All fucking nonsense, who knows where all of China’s military expenditures have gone?


What I do not understand is, if it is for our country’s soldiers, why is there English?

Is it to make it more convenient for the enemy to know how to use them when you are captured during a war?



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The South China Seas have been seized, and you guys are discussing food?


Once when I went to overnight at an internet bar, I ate a lot of military compressed food. In the end, I could not shit~~~



[“What is this?”]


Why think about the problem of being captured by the enemy during war? But not consider the problem of our country’s military leaving the country to carry out humanitarian rescue missions?


The problem of providing food to the prisoners of war of American imperialism?


Not bad, having meat alone is already not bad.


Army brother, in China, you all are the most long-suffering, but also also our most beloved. Carry on this kind of long-suffering spirit,  for at any time, we must all learn to.


It does not look bad~ at least better than pot cooked mice.


The packaging looks nice, and the English translations are proper, not bad, not bad!


It feels like an imitation of the American military’s food.
Our China should make some original things.


Not bad, what the military eats is just different from what the masses eat.


I want to see America’s…other countries’ to compare.
Still a strong post-topic.


This one deserves dings, I heard of compressed biscuits/dried food when reading novels in elementary school but have never seen them before and have been extremely curious. This time I have finally seen the real thing, although it is still a pity that I have not yet eaten them before, but at least I have gotten closer!

More pictures:

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  • wicked smile

    I am first… on a blog about food of all things.

  • frown

    the foods sound more appetizing than they look

  • small smile

    let’s discuss who would prefer the chinese military diet to american spam and hash?

    I know where my family stands…just check the cupboards…

    As for me, I’m not deciding until I have had a sample…

  • Diu La Sing

    huh…no dan chaofang (Egg Fried Rice)… shoot me..

  • Baoluo

    I think the fact that the ouside of the packaging has English is of no meaning – the enemy would not eat this shit if they captured it…

    • Gao Han

      You’ll be sorely mistaken. Even the Dutch army has similar stuff….

    • MRE: Meals Rejected by the Enemy

      • Mercator

        No, it’s Meals Rejected by Ethiopians.

  • Celkian

    LOL at the “What is this!?!?!?” comment. I have absolutely no idea why the picture is being taken on top of top of someone’s _______. I don’t even know, what flat part of the body does it make sense to plop something down and take a picture of it? Is it maybe on someone else?

    I will also echo the comments wanting to see other countries MREs. So here is what google found for me. http://www.mreinfo.com/us/mre/mres.html

  • Capt. Absurdity VS. the Psy-Opers


    Haha. Let’s see, if I was in the deep of it (assuming I would be fighting against the PLA), been treading thru mud, no sleep for 48 hours, and lost my MRE… I don’t man, I’d eat (prolly) anything. Actually, I’d probably kick down some farmers house and try to find stuff there.

    Why wouldn’t I fight against the PLA? A people’s tyrannical army?

    I would fight the America’s people’s army… if it was tyrannically controlled by Obama-Bin-Laden-Hussien-Bush-the-Third… oh wait…

    Yeah F’em all and let anarchy rule (yeah, I realize I would be dead within the first 24 hours of anarchy… shrugs).

  • Ryz

    lololol gg pork rolls

  • malagebi

    This is why Chinese soldiers are tiny.

    • revi

      LOL, are we still using swords and shields? With a gun in the hand and buttons to push who cares about size. Besides, I’ll take mobility and a big gun anyday. Slaphead, doh!

  • GAC

    Doesn’t look all that different from our MRE’s (I’m not military, but I’ve seen a few MRE’s on Boy Scout camping trips).

    One thing, you might have a bit of a translation error. Given that the average person requires about 2,000 calories per day, I find it hard to believe that Chinese soldiers have hundreds of “kilocalories” in their meals.

    • Joe #2

      Food “calories” are, in fact, kilocalories. It’s actually the normal calorie that would be far too small to measure the amount of energy we get from food. When I look at the untranslated food info blocks on the Asian food I buy, I notice that they correctly label calories as “kcal.” I guess that no one wants to correct American food labeling for fear that people would think that kilocalories would make them 1,000 times fatter than they already are.

      In an unrelated note, I have to laugh at the comments about about the English translations. I was wondering almost the same thing. “Instant solid beverage” took me a minute to figure out, though. “Powdered instant beverage” would be more comprehensible. Then again, it seems that the Chinese person was wondering what it was supposed to be, too, so it must say exactly the same thing in Chinese.

  • KCal



    there is no error here.

  • GAC


    Ah, I see. Probably should have looked at that first,thanks.

  • Amak

    Yeah, America uses a different definition of calorie…for whatever reason.

    I thought U.S. MRE’s were bad…though any MRE is probably better than what any country had in the past.

    • Joe #2

      It’s not actually a different definition, per se (they’re still based on the heat required to make a column of water expand by 1 cm at STP), we just call them calories instead of kilocalories/kcal.

      Go figure.

      • Joe #2

        Make that “raise the temperature of water by 1 degree C.” I must have been thinking of something else.

  • gth793y

    Meals Ready to Eat?

    When I was in the army, I believe we referred to it as meals rejected by ethiopians.

    at one point. I did really try to eat tree barks because the main entree is absolutely not edible by any standards.

    Though the sides are amazing, skittles and such. The poppy seed pound cake is surreal to eat in the field.

  • Bokamba

    I imagine the English on the packaging is so that they can be used in humanitarian food donations or used by a foreign military that China is cooperating with. Or maybe it’s just to make the packaging look more fashionable.

    • ST

      I’d bet that it is for export purposes. Having English on there gives it a larger export market. Makes sense.

  • krdr

    Interesting. I thought this is confidential. In Serbia, it is called SDO – suvi dnevni obrok (dried daily meal), which consist from different canned food. To heat, we should make fire, and accessories are standard part. Why cans? Cause they can be very handy in war conditions.It is harder to open, but, if you don’t have enough time to open the can, you don’t have enough time to eat that meal.

  • Ching Chong

    I will shit in ziploc bags and mail it to Chinkland. That’s all those shit-eating disgusting Chinese pigs deserve

    • ST

      Ah the internet… go for a stroll amongst the comments and you can almost always count on stepping in some dog shit like this.

  • SniperWZ

    Ching Chong, better figure out how to avoid forclosure on your house first…

  • fireworks

    I thought the Chinese army main staple is rice?. Southern Chinese eat predominantly rice staple foods.. Northern Chinese prefer wheat based food such as buns and noodles.

  • Hami

    That’s when you look at what French soldiers eat compared to what Chinese soldiers that you understand that France is the country of fine food and gastronomy:

    • Californa Guy

      No wonder the French run from the fight, they’ve all got diarrhea, haha! :D

  • tuquefbensaib
  • tuquefbensaib

    I forgot the fine delicacies of “China Eastern”…

  • monkey

    China despite its large population has been getting its ass kicked left and right by much smaller countries for most of the last 2000 years. Now I know why. Its because they cant feed their gazillion soldiers properly.

  • Oingoboingo

    The reason they are labeled in English, is also because under the Geneva convention, prisoners should be fed as well as their captors, supposedly to stop complaints, although anyone that buys small packets of pedigree chum for their pooch, will recognize some of that stuff.

  • VeerLeft

    Guys, these are battlefield rations…not regular fare. The soldiers aren’t eating this now…relax.

  • will

    interesting for the mustard tubers…… they don’t use pinyin… tsatsai shouldn’t it be like ca cai or something like that?

  • derp

    I’ve ate Canadian military rations, they were pretty good, didn’t taste much diffrent then something you would get from a can. Everyone ate to much compressed bread though (one slice = one loaf)

    • Name

      I agree. I don’t understand why people are always so down on MREs and airplane food. In my opinion most of the stuff isn’t anywhere near as bad as people pretend it is and some taste quite good

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  • Lao Bing

    Actually, soldiers don’t just only eat these stuff, unless they want to lose their appetite :-)

    They can sneak in some instant noodles and other goodies from the supermarket!

  • Hami

    An old European saying says “The strength of army is inversely proportional to the quality of food”.
    Well, let’s say that China has a good army, France a good food…

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