White Bugatti Veyron Spotted In Downtown Shanghai

From Kaixin001 & KDS:

White Bugatti Veyron in downtown Shanghai on Huai Hai Road

White Bugatti Veyron in Shanghai on Huai Hai Lu

White Bugatti Veyron in downtown Shanghai on Huai Hai Road

Expensive supercar Bugatti Veyron in Shanghai surrounded by crowds

Expensive supercar Bugatti Veyron in Shanghai surrounded by crowds

Shanghai Bugatti Veyron in surrounded by onlookers

Bugatti supercar on Huai Hai Road in downtown Shanghai

Comments from KDS:


If those driving ordinary VW Santanas were to hit it, they would definitely be financially ruined.


The taxi driver is smart, staying far far away.

嘿 姑娘:

emoticonemoticon Too IB.


Such a crowded street and yet such a distance between the cars [surrounding the Bugatti), the drivers behind are definitely thinking very clearly [to avoid getting too close].

J M:

Park 10 minutes in front of a bar/nightclub and all of the XS [girls] inside will run out~


Go drive once around the Shanghai World Expo construction site and he can take it back to Europe for major repairs. emoticon


Meekly asks…what kind of car is this? Is it very valuable? emoticon


LZ‘s post is so funny…
first a partial frontal photo that [makes the car] look really impressive…
then a zoomed out photograph, showing that the road is blocked [with traffic]…
So no matter how impressive the car you drive on Shanghai’s streets, there’s no much difference from the ordinary Volkswagen Santana next to you. emoticonemoticonemoticonemoticon


A really nice house is driving around.


If a taxi driver “squeezes his asshole” [makes a nervous mistake],

one hit is 10 years of wasted work/earnings.

If one day he runs into a drunk driver who hits him, it can ruin someone’s life forever.

Driving a nice car shouldn’t be a risk to other people.


Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: 25-43 million [RMB] emoticonemoticon Too bad it’s white, it would be cool if it were blue.


All I see is a pile of RMB blocking the road. No, a ton of RMB.


So so so so cocky!!! Extremely hot! And it got a license plate?! I wonder which insurance company insures it, because insurance companies usually don’t dare to insure cars of this level. [Need insurance before you can get a license plate]


Who is going to repost this post to Liba? I really want to see what comments Liba girls will have. emoticon


Fuck, this is what IB is. emoticon


So niu, highest racetrack speed, nearly 400km/h. In Shanghai, averaging 40km/h would already be very “high” [exciting].


emoticon OMG, how many lifetimes would an ordinary common person need to earn this much money.
Evil society~~~ emoticon


My schoolmate has seen [this car] on Huai Hai Road many times. I bet this guy drives around there every day. I really wish I could IB like this once. emoticonemoticonemoticonemoticonemoticonemoticonemoticonemoticon


I’m thinking if you let a parking attendant [valet boy] park this car, the valet boy’s hand would shake while driving…


Why are there so many people looking at this car? Why aren’t there any people looking at just who is driving this car, what kind of background, whether it is a man or a woman~~~~~That this car is is niu everyone knows, but the person who can afford such a car and get it licensed [and insured] is even more worth our attention and gossip. Human flesh search this.

Squeeze your asshole. chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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