White Doves Set Free in Hefei Looted by City Residents

Two women are trying to catch some doves.

The doves.

From QQ:

A Hundred White Doves Set Free Looted

Two women are trying to catch some doves.

November 13, at the south shore of Swan Lake in Hefei, several couples about to get married purchased nearly a hundred white doves in order to shoot some unique wedding photos and wedding videos. After shooting completed, these doves were “set free”. Just after the film crew left, these “freed” doves met their doom. Many people snatched them up like mad, with one city resident who had just caught one saying: ”This is an dove/pigeon that is used for dishes, it can be eaten.” Very quickly, only a few out of 100 doves were left.

Three young men are trying to catch some doves.

Some men are trying to catch some doves.

A man has caught two doves.

A woman and a man are taking away a dove they have caught.

Comments from QQ:


As someone from Hefei, I feel helpless… However, doves indeed can’t survive the winter. In other words, they were doomed to die! Because they are not wild, they lack the ability to survive [in the wild]. But seeing people catch them, I want to say [to them]: can I someday catch you and cook you as well?!! All life is equal…


Why is the level of thinking like this with people in China?! So sad! Everyone should know the reason why some foreign tourist attractions put up signs such as “Please do not litter” in Chinese now! Wake up! For the image of our great nation.



I think this is more of a reflection of the characters of the nation’s people collectively [not just Hefei]. Broadly speaking, just how many parks or plazas can you find domestically where you can see any doves/pigeons? Foreign parks are filled with flocks of wild ducks and pigeons, and the lakes are filled with especially fat carp…


I am from Anhui, and from Hefei. I don’t know if these farmed pigeons [intended as food] that were set free could survive in the wilderness. I also don’t know if I would also try to catch them if I was there. But I see many comments criticizing/abusing Anhui people. Actually, if this thing were to happen in other places, I believe it would definitely be the same situation. But this incident is our fault. As a man of Anhui, I apologize. Sorry! I also hope the people of Anhui can conduct themselves with more dignity.


There is so much malice between people, yet we boast about compassion and mercy. Sometimes what people need is not how to be noble but rather just how to let go of their narrow-mindedness, and have their actions reflect their words. Universal love begins from each individual! Knowing how to be human [a decent person] first, then comes knowing how to treat other people. And never belittle oneself by making a fuss about market pigeon meat.

加油 丫头:

When we watch horror films, we are disgusted by certain creatures/monsters. But if we employ reverse thinking and to see the human beings who behave like this from a pigeon’s point of view, how can humans not be [similar] monsters with beaks and fangs? There are more than just humans in this world…


If something like this happened in any other province, would there still be some of you cursing the locals of that province as having low characters? Just wait until something like this happens in your province, and then you’ll shut your mouths. In fact, none of us should have a sense of superiority. The characters of those who discriminate on the basis of region aren’t necessarily high/good either. This kind of thing could happen anywhere in the entire country, so people are better off thinking about whether or not they would go do the same! Don’t criticize people here and then turn around and go do it yourself.


Those who like to take petty advantages [exploit petty opportunities] are poor people, but poor people shouldn’t have a poor mind. They only lack education, so what are the propaganda and education departments doing nowadays? The people’s characters are low, so education should be enforced at every level. No one is doing anything about ideological education now and if it goes on like this, the character problem of people looting whatever they see [whenever they get a chance] will be even more a failure of the Chinese education system.


They can ascend to heaven earlier after they eat [the doves], and stop existing here to embarrass China.

Comments from NetEase:

youmingzhihuo [网易山东省济南市网友]:

“with one city resident who had just caught one saying: ‘This is an dove/pigeon that is used for dishes, it can be eaten.’”
Are they so poor that they normally can’t even afford to eat meat?

quleipeak [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

I remember a plaza at some country, where people and doves/pigeons coexisted in peace and the doves/pigeons weren’t even afraid of the people!

网易广东省广州市网友 ip:14.23.*.*: (responding to above)

It’s like this in many countries, and the pigeons there can’t be any fatter. You could see them in the schools, in the parks, even in the train stations. While I was studying overseas, there were even some no-good Chinese who stole [caught] and ate pigeons… But the just and mighty Great Britain wisely deported them back to China and prohibited them from entering its borders for 10 years.

castslb [网易山东省青岛市手机网友]: (responding to quleipeak)

[It’s like this] in many countries, not just one or two. There are also successful examples in China. What this looting of doves reflects is the shortcoming in the cultivation of morals in our citizens and the failure of our national education [system], as well as a loss of control and lack of capability when it comes to the management of society in our country.

网易北京市网友 ip:111.193.*.*:

There were elderly people, there were young people, there were young men, there were young women, there were those who were decently dressed, and there were also those who were plainly dressed… This truly leaves people speechless!

网易江苏省苏州市网友 ip:49.75.*.*:

What can I say…

rinitianchao0 [网易广西南宁市网友]:



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