Whiz-Kid Gets 1.8 Million RMB Scholarship to New York University

Whiz-Kid Gets 1.8 Million RMB Scholarship to New York University

Fan Guoyu, a whiz-kid from the international class at Zhengzhou’s Number 2 High School has been recruited by many major universities. Among them is the Abu Dhabi branch of the prestigious New York University, a university with one of the lowest student recruitment rates in the world. Along with the recruitment letter, he was offered a 1.8 million RMB scholarship. The scholarship includes enough money to pay for all of his tuition, living expenses, spending money and plane tickets home 2 times a year, essentially making his entire university education free.

Source: Sina

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  • WghUk

    What type of whizz? Engineering?

  • UserID01

    Good on him for nailing a full ride scholarship.

  • vonskippy

    You couldn’t pay me enough money to study in a completely muslim controlled uni. Hope his oma/mom/sister likes being treated like property when the kid visits home. NYU has gotten a bunch of criticism for selling out to Sharia “law”. If he truly had offers from several major uni’s, why would the stupid git pick NYU’s Ali Baba branch? The reason it has the lowest recruitment rate is no one with a brain wants to study/teach/be there.

    • Alex Dương

      Different strokes for different folks.

    • Teacher in China

      But I wonder how many other universities are offering such a sweet deal. If the family isn’t in a such a great position financially, this is a huge win for them, regardless of where it is in the world.

  • Super Bunny!

    i wish to be super smart person too.

    • vonskippy

      Talk to your parents, intellectual potential is almost all determined by genetics. Of course what you do with that potential (i.e. ignore it or develop it) is all up to environmental factors.

      • Super Bunny!

        i am very smart too… went to best schools all the time.

  • Guang Xiang

    Um….. *golf clap*

    the scholarship is impressive, but the school?