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@我的朋友是个呆B: Sometimes, when these things happens, our choice to remain silent or bravely step forward can affect that person’s entire life. http://t.cn/RwFUnfr

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Comments from Sina Weibo:


[拜拜] I’m waiting to see people in the comment say girls getting drunk in bars/nightclubs deserve this happening to them. I just want to say: you think males going to bars/nightclubs these days is very safe? Better watch your own asshole then.


I bet there’s going to be people again saying [girls] going to bars and getting drunk deserve it, that they deserve it for wearing so little, that they deserve it for recklessly flirting with guys… all girls deserving it… [拜拜] Once again time to bring out that saying: A country’s level of civilization is measured by its attitudes towards the female sex.


The other day, without hesitation, I helped a girl by pulling off a pervert who was being vulgar towards her. That man threatened to beat me up. I’m not afraid of being beaten up, but… that girl didn’t even say a word of thanks, while the people around remained aloof over me being threatened and beaten, instead saying that man has connections and urged me to stay away from the pair. In the end, I ended up resigning and leaving, my heart thoroughly disheartened. Next time when I encounter this kind of thing, I will still help, but I pray that I don’t encounter such a thing again.


Refuse to be a bystander, refuse to be indifferent.


[拜拜] Those in the comments saying girls going to bars deserve it when they are raped or whatever, I’ve already taken screen shots of all of them. I will silently observe you, wait until you have a girlfriend and then send the screenshot to her. Yes, you heard me! I’ll send it to her!


I really admire the values some people have. Just how bad is a person for going to a bar? That they deserve to be raped? Frightening. Reminds me of a rape case where the victim said after being raped, there were actually people denouncing her as being wanton and that she says its rape but it was actually half-willing and half-unwilling only. This is the attitude of people these days, using the greatest malice to slander and hurt other people.


I don’t want to vilify my own country but in there are probably very few people would who intervene in the Heavenly Kingdom. From we are small, we are educated to fit in [go with the crowd, not cause trouble], to not stick our nose in other people’s business. You say it’s sexual harassment, and everyone says you have a glass heart [too sensitive, overreaction]. Take your seats, the majority of us are the silent.


In Taiwan, two of us girls and a guy were bicycling, but because we had taken the wrong road, we were still riding at night after 9pm, rushing to get back. Suddenly, a truck stopped by the road, and the driver jumped down and asked us if we wanted a ride. We were afraid of being deceived so we stalled a long time finding all sorts of reasons to refuse. The driver became a bit indignant, grumbled a bit but then got back in his truck and left. Several minutes later, we again see that truck stopped on the roadside, with the driver saying to the guy: “Just think of me begging you guys to get in. You’re a guy, so it’s okay, but don’t let the two girls suffer along with you.”


A bad person’s crime begins with a good person’s silence. [闭嘴][闭嘴][闭嘴]


Once my best friend and I took a very packed public bus and she had a pervert stand very close to her. It was only after we got back to the dorm that she told me. Afterwards, every time we took the public bus, I would have her stand within my arm’s reach, because I’m not the least bit afraid of fighting back when encountering a pervert.


Hehe, when I suffered sexual harassment on the public bus, I don’t know if anyone saw, but when I warned the pervert to stay away from me and he flew into a rage out of embarrassment yelling at me as if he were going to assault me demanding that I apologize, the male university students in the bus, not a single one opened their mouth to say anything, and it was only a woman afraid of me being who said “everyone calm down/let it go”. I can only say it’s hopeless, so better depend on yourself.


In the comments, someone says it’s no big deal to look at other girl’s photos, but notice that those photos were taken with and in that boy’s mobile phone. Who would allow their own boyfriend to have other girls’ photos in his mobile phone? It’s clear that boy has relations with different girls taking photos. Put another way, boys, would you like to see your own girlfriend or wife’s photo in another man’s mobile phone? For him to take it out and allow many other men to partake in it?


Foreigners are thinking of how to encourage more people to protect women, while the comments think those who get drunk deserve it. [doge]


Sometimes, a silent sheep is the same as a evil wolf.


Responding to @七曜之心: So let me see if I can understand the mental short circuit of some people. So if a person gets drunk in a bar, then they deserve to be gang-raped? You think your dad is Li Shuangjiang? If we reason further, a person who is robbed deserves it, because he had money, and someone who is murdered was asking for it, because he was vulnerable.


Those in the comments saying the people who get drunk at those kind of places deserve it, you think allowing the girl to be raped is upholding social morality, right? I hope you are cut down to warn other scum not to come out and open their mouths.


After reading many comments, I want to say: 1. Is having your shoulders caressed like this by a man you aren’t familiar with not considered sexual harassment? The reaction of the person involved was of loathing. 2. That guy was showing his girlfriend’s private sexy photo to other guys. With regards to sexual harassment (the most common being perverts in public buses), if you see it, please stop it, because you might have a daughter in the future. If you are the person involved [victim], please be brave, because you did not do anything wrong.


I’ve seen so many reports, where after someone does the right thing and saves another [and then suffers a reprisal, is beaten up, injured], the person involved [victim] sometimes disappears, sometimes is unwilling to come out and testify, sometimes instead says the rescuer deserved it, so sometimes being the good guy can be rather discouraging. Let me ask all girls, if one day you were to be taken advantaged of, would you dare to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the person rescuing you to fight? Will you bravely ferret out the bad guy to be brought to justice? Are you willing to pay the medical expenses of the person who suffers injuries in their effort to save you? It is our ungratefulness that has increased the indifference in society.


This is not only the responsibility of females, what’s more important is that men need to know to respect female and respect the law. If we go by what someone below said, if a guy himself gets drunk and is ass-raped, then he was just getting his just deserts and can’t blame anyone else? What kind of logic is that? Think about your own wife, daughter, mother. Can we please speak with some conscience!


A woman’s body and heart both belongs to the woman, and may not be touched by anyone she doesn’t like. Those saying such girls deserve it, just who are you to such girls? Just what right do you have to make decisions about her body and heart?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Amused

    About time they started getting some info on this type of shit out there. When I first came to China I ran into more “questionable” people and situations than I’d seen in 30 years outside of this place.
    And it seemed like their versions of right and wrong were wildly different than ours in the US.

    • Bing

      interesting. I work here at NM in an Asian non-profit, and my office buddy is working on the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault program.
      Most E/SE Asian perpetrators won’t do vicious cases like rape/ they prefer sexual harassment.
      And if you are foreigners….i’m not that surprised.
      I’m not sure whether you know this but in ancient times, many women experienced rape will suicide to protect their reputation. And even now, a lot in rural area, still do this after experiencing the horrible stuff.
      I usually lean towards China on news. But for this one, i can’t. Chinese do need more education on this.

      • Luke the Duke

        On what are you basing the assertion that E/SE Asian guys prefer sexual harassment to outright rape? In just a few years of being in China I’ve come across two attempted rapes and one guy whose behaviour was certainly leading towards some kind of rape scenario.

        Maybe rape gets reported less in Asia but that doesn’t mean it’s less common.

        • Bing

          idk. i speak on previous research on DVSA, and also other resources. Sorry can’t provide more direct quotation since i’m not directly working on a paper, and this is a serious topic.
          Asian do need more education on sex education—-and they need a lot.
          But you are right. SA-related crime in Asian is like a big ice mountain, and due to the cultural factors, people don’t report it.

  • Edward Kay

    Oooo..I like the first comment.

  • AbC

    “A country’s level of civilization is measured by its attitudes towards the female sex”.
    Haven’t heard of this one before, but couldn’t agree more.

    • Nat

      That sounds like a variation of Gandhi’s “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can by judged by the way its animals are treated,” and, viewed in that light, is funny. Sort of.

    • Irvin

      What does that say about about the muslim world?

      • Guest

        Indeed. It seems that the shittier one’s government, the more restrictive one’s society, the greater the obstacles to meritocracy, the fewer opportunities for employment or achieving any sort of material success–the more important it is for frustrated men to be “at least better than a woman.” The situation in many Muslim countries is dire. An obsession with the mythical purity of the past, with its implicit rejection of innovation, integration, and incremental improvement, doesn’t help.

    • Bing

      i think the word sex is the key to understand the whole context. oh wait..

    • KamikaziPilot

      It’s one measurement that can be used to assess how civilized a society is, but it’s not by any means the sole measurement. Other things include how it treats it’s poor, disabled, criminals, and its enemies. Basically how it treats people in general, not just its females.

      • Germandude

        Oh. If a civilized society was measured by those aspects… Europe as a continent would win. What about treatment of people that are strangers to a society?

        • KamikaziPilot

          “Europe as a continent would win”

          Probably, at least western Europe. As for the treatment of people that are strangers to a society, do you mean people like immigrants and minorities? That would be one aspect of civility too, and a big one at that. I just don’t think the degree of civility should be judged solely or even mostly on how it treats its females. Just look at China under Mao. If I had to just give a broad generalization, it would be how a society treats it’s disadvantaged members and the common folks, and also it’s enemies (ex. POWs in wartime)

        • Jahar

          Enemies as well. And Criminals. I think this shows how civilized people are.

      • Xia

        If it is about how you treat your poor, then the richer countries (as measured per capita) will win, because they can afford more charity.

        • KamikaziPilot

          That’s why I included criminals and its enemies. I’d also include minorities and immigrants. I just don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule (ex. only treatment of females) when it comes to judging how civilized a society is.

    • Guang Xiang

      We need to elect Hillary to push the US into a new golden age

      • AbC

        Female presidents/head of state are nothing new in the western world, or even in developing and undeveloped nations. Their election doesn’t seem to change anything on gender equality for their respective countries though. India had a female president up until 2012… She did nothing to stem sexual violence towards women. The same can be said about Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and a handful of African nations. Most end up being nothing more than a political puppet.

        • Guang Xiang

          My comment was in jest, but I appreciate the insight anyways

        • Not in Argentina. Our president rules

          • David

            Ummm not to be impolite but your president is being investigated for the murder of a federal prosecutor who had accused her, the foreign minister and other politicians of illegal activities (involving supporting Iranians in return for favorable trade deals). Not that any evidence has been presented to determine her guilt or innocence yet but if you mean she can be as ruthless as male presidents I think she SEEMS to has proven that.

          • That “federal prosecutor” was an useless fiscal who did nothing in 10 years of “investigation” in the amia case, and used public money to go party with models. He had a close relationship with the leader of the intelligence agency which Cristina wanted dismantle. So he made him do that absurd accusation, with no proofs at all to make a bad image of the president. He was used, and killed for the same people who threatened him to reveal his scandalous life.

          • BigCAD

            Tell it to the marines.

          • donscarletti

            The United Kingdom was ruled by a woman and lead by a woman when it took a switch to the Argentinean military junta’s backside and taught it not to snatch. So I think Anal Belen Ruiz’s point still stands.

            On another note, Prime Minister Thatcher is a good counter point to silly people who claim that if women ruled the world there would be no wars. Prime Minister Gandhi makes a better one. The fact that both these women lead their countries to thoroughly rout the opponents makes it even better.

          • mwal

            Forget I spoke. I didn’t have my glasses on.

    • herodontus

      Yeah, because Ancient Greece was so uncivilised wasn’t it….

  • Teacher in China

    Reading what people were writing in the Chinese comments section makes me think of a recent rape case in India. A woman and her BF had gone to a movie, and got on like a “black” bus to go home. The BF was beaten and then 4-5 guys raped her and killed her. Afterwards, one of them said “She deserved it. Good girls don’t go out after dark. She shouldn’t have fought back, then we would have just raped her and let her go.” I think they even used some sort of metal instrument to rape her. Disgusting.

    • AbC

      The interviewer should never have been allowed inside the prison to let this sicko express his twisted opinion. Imagine the anger and hurt it would have caused the grieving family. All that for a stupid movie…

      (For your info: one of the perpetrators shoved an iron rod through her genitals and damaged her uterus and pulled out her intestines. She was found to have bite marks and blunt force injuries caused by the same iron rod all over her body).

      Thank god they have the death penalty to rid of these vermins.

      • donscarletti

        If nobody heard this sicko’s opinions then the public outrage wouldn’t have been as great.

        Having this excuse come from the mouth of a psychotic murderer serves to discredit it greatly.

    • Amused

      Indians are getting one hell of a reputation as some rapey S.O.B.s.

    • mike

      She died because one of them pulled her intestines out and then threw the both of them off the bus – India’s Daughter – very good documentary – Indian men have a ways to go with respect to women !

  • Guest

    /”A country’s level of civilization is measured by its attitudes towards the female sex”/

    In WWII, a major reason Nazi Germany lost was a lack of manpower. Whereas in Britain and America, women worked in factories and men shipped out to fight, in Nazi Germany, they firmly believed that the woman’s place was at home.

    The competition between China and Britain stretches longer than the two Opium Wars, it was a war with brute force, finance, as well as soft power, and China lost – there were many Chinese who prefer British culture to Chinese, but it wasn’t much the other way around. Whereas the upper and middle-class women of China had their feet bound and were confined to home, like human flower vases, the British middle & upperclass women were missionaries (soft power), organizing dinners and balls to raise funds and raise the morals of the troops. Most middleclass and upperclass British women were educated enough to educate their children while their man were off at wars. Meanwhile, in China, when illiteracy were prized in women (unless the women were prostitutes – literacy is prized in high-class prostitutes, just not Chinese Ladies), who teaches the children when the men are away?

    In traditional Japan, daughters were educated so she could educate her children, and the women of warrior families were expected to be skilled enough with the Naginata to defend their homes.

    You can’t fight to be the best of your ability when half your population cannot contributed, worse, have been rendered so helpless and downtrodden (footbinding) that they have to be guarded and carted around. Or guarded to prevent escape to the other side…it is the Chinese male dream to be like the Emperor, to have a harem (prison camp) of women who live (was allowed to live) just to please him sexually. What a waste, how useless! The Kings of Europe had mistresses but the mistresses weren’t locked up, and some even endear themselves to the people and the royals to the people with charity work! It was the compensated dating of its time. Look up Nell Gwynn, mistress of King Charles II who convinced him to approve the construction of a Royal Hospital for ex-servicemen in the city of London. (Gekked from: http://www.cracked.com/article_17126_5-whores-who-changed-course-history.html)

    • Alex Dương

      The competition between China and Britain stretches longer than the
      two Opium Wars, it was a war with brute force, finance, as well as soft
      power, and China lost – there were many Chinese who prefer British
      culture to Chinese, but it wasn’t much the other way around. Whereas
      the upper and middle-class women of China had their feet bound and were
      confined to home, like human flower vases, the British middle & upperclass women were missionaries (soft power), organizing dinners and balls to raise funds and raise the morals of the troops. Most middleclass and upperclass British women were educated enough to educate their children while their man were off at wars. Meanwhile, in China, when illiteracy were prized in women (unless the women were prostitutes – literacy is prized in high-class prostitutes, just not Chinese Ladies), who teaches the children when the men are away?

      China didn’t lose the Opium Wars because of differences in gender equality between Victorian Britain and Qing China. It lost because

      1. British military technology was vastly superior to Chinese military technology;

      2. The Chinese hadn’t fought a major war since the mid-18th Century, whereas the British had recently fought in the Napoleonic Wars.

      Even if point 1 were not sufficient to explain the victory, point 2 implied that the quality of the Chinese military had declined significantly since the mid-18th Century, while the quality of the British military was very high.

      • Guest

        It might not have been the defining matter, but I think China’s gender inequality does contribute to its decline – as well as Britain relative gender equality contribute to its success, to be one of the great empires that quietly wrapped up instead of collapsing like Rome or China. At one point, England was close to bankruptcy after the excesses of Henry VIII, Henry VIII who removed the competing powers of the Catholic Church and his first wife, Princess Catherine of Aragon so there was nobody left to keep him in check…it was his daughter Elizabeth I’s shrewd financial practice that brought England’s books back in the black – under Chinese rules of succession Elizabeth wouldn’t have been monarch at all.

        Educating girls as well as a boys WILL improve a country’s technological might. The father of Nikola Tesla was a priest, he credits his eidetic memory and creative abilities to his mother’s genetics and influence.

        When China starting binding the feet of middle class and upper class girls in the 10th century – they were really hobbling their entire might.

        • Alex Dương

          Just so we’re clear, you are aware that the Empress Dowager Cixi was the true power in Qing China from 1861 until her death? How could this have happened if China were as misogynist as you claim?

          • Amused

            Ummm, have you heard of misogyny elves?

          • Alex Dương

            I had to look it up just now.

          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            She wasn’t exactly popular tho, and Chinese history texts seem to blame her for incompetance (for good reason)

          • Alex Dương

            Absolutely. And as you say, there is “good reason” for the blame.

          • Amused

            She gets an unfair amount of blame for the bottoming out of the Qing. Sure she made some asinine decisions, but the country didn’t get in such sorry condition in one generation.

    • Germandude

      Ur first paragraph is completely wrong. As soon as the number of men on the battlefield rose, women Tool over their Jobs. Only differences towards the UK was that GER had more men and exploited POWs until death.

    • Annon

      WTH is wrong with you?! Most women in China were illiterate because they came from poor families who can barely afford to even send a son for his studies. And let’s not forget that women at that time weren’t really required to be literate since they weren’t entitled to hold such jobs even with their education, and that was the case too with British women of that period. BUT the Chinese women WERE required to WORK and support their MAN!
      And don’t get me started with ‘illiteracy is virtue’ for women. That’s not the case! Accomplishments are highly valued of Chinese women (just read the poems of scholars, and historical texts! Heck a LOT were even written by women). These women were multi-talented; being accomplished in music, literature, dance etc. The so called ‘Incapability is a virtue for a woman’, does not mean they want the woman to be stupid and worthless or just pretty vases. It’s more of way to stop women from interfering with politics (‘cuz if they weren’t capable then they can’t). But even that didn’t stop many women from doing it anyways. From dynasty to dynasty, there were examples of women helping on the battlefields or becoming tacticians, especially if those ladies be from warrior families. True they are not the majority, but that’s the case with pretty much every other nation at that time.

      And for your information, foot-binding is strictly a Han culture thing, the Manchus didn’t want their women to have binded feet and to not be able to walk properly (Even within in the Han culture, only the rich ladies who had servants to do everything for them did it, as for the poor ladies, well, they can’t afford to bind their feet because they’ve got work to do!). In fact the Manchus tried to several unsuccessful attempts to ban foot-binding. Manchus were nomads, and most of their women were taught horse-riding, because, yes, they found it to be disrespectful to their ancestors who conquered China on horse-backs if their descendants couldn’t.
      Lastly one important thing you forgot to mention, during the opium war who was the one who had the power in China? CIXI – A WOMAN. If she was required to be illiterate, how the hell can she even read the court appeals or write the decrees?

    • Luke the Duke

      ‘Most middleclass and upperclass British women were educated enough to educate their children while their man were off at wars.’

      Eh? Victorians believed that too much education made women go crazy, because their brains were too small to handle it.

  • Guest

    the pictures he was showing were getting progressively more racy, it’s a canadian public broadcast so they couldn’t actually show pics showing too much (underaged!) skin, so you’re just supposed to understand that the pics he’s showing get more sexy and that the gf sent them just for her bfs eyes.

    • Realist

      That’s called bragging LOL

      • Guest

        …it’s called being an untrustworthy asshole. :/

      • David

        In the U.S. it is called possession and distribution of child pornography if she was underage (and get you many years in jail). If she was legal it was just being an asshole.

        • Luke the Duke

          Ah, the US – a country where one teenager showing his friends a topless selfie that his teenage girlfriend took can be sent to prison for child porn offenses.

          • David

            Yes. It is wonderful. If they want to do that they should go to some country in Europe where thy don’t care and it is not against the law.

          • Luke the Duke

            Not sure if trolling or just from the Midwest.

          • David

            Wow how witty. I live on the east coast of China.

          • Luke the Duke

            I said ‘from’.

        • Shaniqua1990

          distribution = illegal but creating = legal?

          • David

            No, creating it is definitely illegal.

          • Luke the Duke

            lol, so a teenager girl taking a topless photo of herself should be charged with creation of child pornography?

          • David

            Should be and HAS been. Glad you find it child pornography funny. Maybe somebody should be looking at your computer. Of course that is not the law everywhere but in most states in the U.S. it is. Why would it matter WHO creates the child porn as to whether it is a crime or not? If the picture is child pornography it is still child pornography if it is taken by a 45 year old guy or a 13 year old girl.

          • Luke the Duke

            I am lolzing at how wildly draconian you are.

            According to the internet, merely sharing child pornography will get someone at least 10-15 years in the US, so I imagine making child pornography would be at least 15 years. Are you seriously recommending that a teenage girl who takes a topless selfie be charged with producing child pornography and handed a 15-year jail sentence?

          • David

            Are you seriously suggesting somebody who makes child pornography should not be charged, tried and if convicted sentenced? I would say it makes for a good incentive to NOT do that (or to not share it among all the boys or old men).

          • Luke the Duke

            In other words yes, you think it is worth putting a teenage girl in jail for the next 15 years of her life because she took a topless selfie of herself.

          • David

            I think if a teenage girl is dumb enough to take nude pictures of herself and then pass it on to somebody she should suffer the consequences. If you are not aware of the concept, there is something called prosecutorial discretion. For instance, if she sold the picture for profit, yes she is a criminal. If she sent it to her boyfriend she would probably be allowed to plead to a lesser charge and get a lesser punishment (probably no jail time, maybe some community service to give her time to reflect on the bad judgement). If you think most arrests are teenagers taking selfies and sending them to their boyfriends, you are being disingenuous in your argument against the law.

          • gregblandino

            That’s insane. I hope when your generation releases the reins of power Luke and my generation can change these unjust laws. Nowadays any long distance relationship involves sexting of some sort. The notion that prosecutors or police should spend any time at all hunting down teenage girls so they can “suffer the consequences” when there are real crimes, is insane.

            Releasing sexual images of a person without their consent, as is seen in the video, should be prosecuted. Actual child pornography should also be prosecuted.

            What your talking about…how would you feel if your daughter took a topless selfie and then had a criminal record for the rest of her life? Did time in jail. Had to register as a sex offender forever. Had her name and address searchable on a sex offender website…forever. There are definitely people who deserve to be on those lists or kept 50 yards from playgrounds or whatever. Topless selfie chick isn’t one of them.

          • David

            Instead of saying “any long term relationship involves sexting” you should say “my long term relationships involve sexting” as you do not speak for the world. My wife and I are 12,000 miles apart and we manage to speak to each other like adults and express our feelings for each other without sending naked pictures of ourselves, like every other adult I know. Also, if you are an adult and want to do it fine, there is no law against it. It is sending naked pictures of children, that you seem to have no problem with, that is illegal. Yes, my generation, the generation that brought you the sexual revolution, is so uptight and unfair. Good luck when you run the world.

          • Luke the Duke

            ‘I think if a teenage girl is dumb enough to take nude pictures of
            herself and then pass it on to somebody she should suffer the

            In this case, those consequences are that other people spread the photos around and humiliated her. And you want to add a massive jail sentence to that, to punish her for… what? Being a naive kid?

            ‘If you think most arrests are teenagers taking selfies and sending them to their boyfriends’

            I have said nothing of the sort. I just think it’s laughable that you want to treat girls taking nude selfies as if they are child porn manufacturers.

          • David

            If they are children they ARE child porn manufacturers. Are they as bad as some guy raping his 8 year old step daughter and filming it? Of course not. But that islike comparing a woman who decides to be a prostitute to a girl who is sex trafficked. They are different levels of crime even if both are illegal. Does that mean we make it OK for a child to steal a candy bar from a store just because it is not as bad as a bank robber? If society as a whole wanted it to be OK for underage children to take naked pictures of themselves to send around, it would not be illegal. This has bee the opinion of most people for decades in the United States, if it were not, the law would have been changed long ago. As far as the idiots who share the pictures, this takes a special kind of stupid and crassness and they should be punished for what they did also. I am equal opportunity. If you think the law should change than instead of complaining on a Chinese website, you can start your campaign to change the law allowing underage boys/girls to be photographed naked. BTW you will not find a single instance of a teenager being put in jail for 10 years for sending a naked selfie.

          • gregblandino

            The problem is these laws were legislated before cell phones and digital photography. This whole issue is an unintended consequence of a well meaning law. If you ask people “Are you pro child porn?” of course no one is going to say yes. But a 17 year old sexting her boyfriend should not be charged with any crime, especially child pornography, which then places you on your state sex offenders list with the gropers, rapists, and flashers. That is a gross overreaction to what is a victimless crime. Of course actual child pornongraphy should be illegal, but a 17 year old slefie shouldn’t count. Your criminalizing a hefty portion of the under 18 crowd for no reason at all.

  • Balkan

    I think this is something important to talk about, especially in China. However, I cannot help but notice that it’s always men that pictured as predators – like women wouldn’t ever do anything similar to men. Or a man to man or a woman to woman. I think the video’s scope was too narrow.

  • FYIADragoon

    Boy, I really enjoy and like China, but if you measure by attitudes towards the female sex, then China’s level of civilization is still in the Dark Ages.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      You will take that back only if you knew just a little bit about how they treat women in the Middle East.

      • FYIADragoon

        Obviously they’re still in the Neolithic Age.

  • Carsten Wendler

    I’m not a native English speaker but shouldn’t it be “whom” will you help?

    • Guest

      probably, but no one actually talks like that. sounds a bit pretentious which isn’t the best when you’re trying to encourage people to do something :p

    • Chestnut Bowl

      You are correct. Generally, ‘whom’ has been replaced by ‘who’ due to most Anglophones being ignorant of grammar.

  • “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein

  • In China, the girls go to the bathroom and throw themselves out a window or stab “themselves” multiple times to get away from these scumbags – if I remember two of the previous CS stories correctly?

    The worst incident I ever witnessed in real time was when I walked into a teammate’s bedroom who was drunk as a skunk and acting like a possessed demon. He had his hands full…in the process of tearing the clothes off two girls who were trying to escape but being tossed around like rag dolls; he was insane and also as big/strong as an Ox.

    Someone told me that 1 out of 4 girls in college are sexually assaulted. It would not surprise me with how often young people put themselves at risk.

    • Shaniqua1990

      The 1 in 4 stat was created by a feminist at a single campus, and it included things like “Did you consent to that guy looking at your butt” scenarios counting as “sexual assault” .

  • Shaniqua1990

    I love these ads. Women are dumb weak creatures that need other men to protect them from other men (95% of men are rapists).

  • Miniluv101

    It’s very nitpicky, but it’s kind of nags me that it presents males as the only possible perpetrator and females as the only possible victim.

    Honestly, sexual harassment is based on power, that the victim aren’t in a position to resist (perceived or otherwise), and power doesn’t always need to be physical force. I’ve experienced guys and girls feeling me up, and I’ve seen it happen to girls I know, but in those cases it has been on equal terms: the active partner is aware that the passive is okay with the physical contact.

    Now, the 5% (of reported cases) figure for male rapes isn’t that high, and even if the number is sometimes estimated to reach up to 10% counting unreported crimes we’re still seeing a clear trend of victims being female.

    Still, that doesn’t mean we should perpetuate the idea that it’s Him on Her, and no other possibility.

  • guest

    In China, criticizing the government could get you sent to labour camp, confined to house for life, or beaten to death. Meanwhile, callous vehicular homicide like killing little Yue Yue nets about 3 years in prison. …and sexual assault is either not persecuted at all or the offender get less than 7 years, usually 5, even in this case:

    女嬰遭堂叔強姦 下體出血 – Baby girl raped by paternal uncle, lower body bleeding

    醫生稱,孩子的陰道和處女膜已經破裂。- Doctor says, the child’s vaginal carnal and hymen has been tore.

    徐父稱,雖然當地警方已將堂弟拘捕,但卻是控以最高只可判監五年的「猥褻幼女」,未有控以強姦罪,- the father Xu said, even though the local police have already arrested his cousin, but they only charged him with 「sexual inference of a minor」 which carries a maximum of 5 years,

    大批網民要求當局嚴懲,「應該至少化學閹割」。- Many netizens demand harsher punishment from the government, 「At least chemical caustration」

    ….well, I just learnt that apparently in China, sexual interference with a child only nets the offender a 5 years in prison AT MOST! Are the jails full? No wonder there is so many cases!

  • Alex Dương
  • Emme

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  • saraboulos

    Siding with a nation should never be on ethnic grounds. Side with who you find the closest moral approximation to your own.