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From Sina Weibo:

@我的朋友是个呆B: Sometimes, when these things happens, our choice to remain silent or bravely step forward can affect that person’s entire life.

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Comments from Sina Weibo:


[拜拜] I’m waiting to see people in the comment say girls getting drunk in bars/nightclubs deserve this happening to them. I just want to say: you think males going to bars/nightclubs these days is very safe? Better watch your own asshole then.


I bet there’s going to be people again saying [girls] going to bars and getting drunk deserve it, that they deserve it for wearing so little, that they deserve it for recklessly flirting with guys… all girls deserving it… [拜拜] Once again time to bring out that saying: A country’s level of civilization is measured by its attitudes towards the female sex.


The other day, without hesitation, I helped a girl by pulling off a pervert who was being vulgar towards her. That man threatened to beat me up. I’m not afraid of being beaten up, but… that girl didn’t even say a word of thanks, while the people around remained aloof over me being threatened and beaten, instead saying that man has connections and urged me to stay away from the pair. In the end, I ended up resigning and leaving, my heart thoroughly disheartened. Next time when I encounter this kind of thing, I will still help, but I pray that I don’t encounter such a thing again.


Refuse to be a bystander, refuse to be indifferent.


[拜拜] Those in the comments saying girls going to bars deserve it when they are raped or whatever, I’ve already taken screen shots of all of them. I will silently observe you, wait until you have a girlfriend and then send the screenshot to her. Yes, you heard me! I’ll send it to her!


I really admire the values some people have. Just how bad is a person for going to a bar? That they deserve to be raped? Frightening. Reminds me of a rape case where the victim said after being raped, there were actually people denouncing her as being wanton and that she says its rape but it was actually half-willing and half-unwilling only. This is the attitude of people these days, using the greatest malice to slander and hurt other people.


I don’t want to vilify my own country but in there are probably very few people would who intervene in the Heavenly Kingdom. From we are small, we are educated to fit in [go with the crowd, not cause trouble], to not stick our nose in other people’s business. You say it’s sexual harassment, and everyone says you have a glass heart [too sensitive, overreaction]. Take your seats, the majority of us are the silent.


In Taiwan, two of us girls and a guy were bicycling, but because we had taken the wrong road, we were still riding at night after 9pm, rushing to get back. Suddenly, a truck stopped by the road, and the driver jumped down and asked us if we wanted a ride. We were afraid of being deceived so we stalled a long time finding all sorts of reasons to refuse. The driver became a bit indignant, grumbled a bit but then got back in his truck and left. Several minutes later, we again see that truck stopped on the roadside, with the driver saying to the guy: “Just think of me begging you guys to get in. You’re a guy, so it’s okay, but don’t let the two girls suffer along with you.”


A bad person’s crime begins with a good person’s silence. [闭嘴][闭嘴][闭嘴]


Once my best friend and I took a very packed public bus and she had a pervert stand very close to her. It was only after we got back to the dorm that she told me. Afterwards, every time we took the public bus, I would have her stand within my arm’s reach, because I’m not the least bit afraid of fighting back when encountering a pervert.


Hehe, when I suffered sexual harassment on the public bus, I don’t know if anyone saw, but when I warned the pervert to stay away from me and he flew into a rage out of embarrassment yelling at me as if he were going to assault me demanding that I apologize, the male university students in the bus, not a single one opened their mouth to say anything, and it was only a woman afraid of me being who said “everyone calm down/let it go”. I can only say it’s hopeless, so better depend on yourself.


In the comments, someone says it’s no big deal to look at other girl’s photos, but notice that those photos were taken with and in that boy’s mobile phone. Who would allow their own boyfriend to have other girls’ photos in his mobile phone? It’s clear that boy has relations with different girls taking photos. Put another way, boys, would you like to see your own girlfriend or wife’s photo in another man’s mobile phone? For him to take it out and allow many other men to partake in it?


Foreigners are thinking of how to encourage more people to protect women, while the comments think those who get drunk deserve it. [doge]


Sometimes, a silent sheep is the same as a evil wolf.


Responding to @七曜之心: So let me see if I can understand the mental short circuit of some people. So if a person gets drunk in a bar, then they deserve to be gang-raped? You think your dad is Li Shuangjiang? If we reason further, a person who is robbed deserves it, because he had money, and someone who is murdered was asking for it, because he was vulnerable.


Those in the comments saying the people who get drunk at those kind of places deserve it, you think allowing the girl to be raped is upholding social morality, right? I hope you are cut down to warn other scum not to come out and open their mouths.


After reading many comments, I want to say: 1. Is having your shoulders caressed like this by a man you aren’t familiar with not considered sexual harassment? The reaction of the person involved was of loathing. 2. That guy was showing his girlfriend’s private sexy photo to other guys. With regards to sexual harassment (the most common being perverts in public buses), if you see it, please stop it, because you might have a daughter in the future. If you are the person involved [victim], please be brave, because you did not do anything wrong.


I’ve seen so many reports, where after someone does the right thing and saves another [and then suffers a reprisal, is beaten up, injured], the person involved [victim] sometimes disappears, sometimes is unwilling to come out and testify, sometimes instead says the rescuer deserved it, so sometimes being the good guy can be rather discouraging. Let me ask all girls, if one day you were to be taken advantaged of, would you dare to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the person rescuing you to fight? Will you bravely ferret out the bad guy to be brought to justice? Are you willing to pay the medical expenses of the person who suffers injuries in their effort to save you? It is our ungratefulness that has increased the indifference in society.


This is not only the responsibility of females, what’s more important is that men need to know to respect female and respect the law. If we go by what someone below said, if a guy himself gets drunk and is ass-raped, then he was just getting his just deserts and can’t blame anyone else? What kind of logic is that? Think about your own wife, daughter, mother. Can we please speak with some conscience!


A woman’s body and heart both belongs to the woman, and may not be touched by anyone she doesn’t like. Those saying such girls deserve it, just who are you to such girls? Just what right do you have to make decisions about her body and heart?

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