Widespread Flooding in Japan, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A flooded street in Sanjo, Japan.

A flooded street in Sanjo, Japan.

From Youku:

Many Asian countries hit by torrential rainstorms. Japan: Continuous rainstorms, 410k people advised to evacuate

The above brief clip of a news report was amongst the top most viewed videos of the day, with over 430k views and over 6200 upvotes versus 300 downvotes since being uploaded the day before.

Flooding in Niigata and Fukushima prefectures in Japan.

Comments from Youku:


Sitting here waiting for 2012.




Mt. Fuji is about to erupt~~


Hahahahahahahaha Fukushima again~ Drown you motherfuckers!


This kind of experience will only let this perverted nationality become even greater/more powerful.


Just because you haven’t gotten your just desserts doesn’t mean you won’t! Look, look, it has here it comes! 赞


Sigh~~ First an earthquake and then torrential rains. I want to say if one day Japan were to really sink, would they then swear allegiance to the Heavenly Kingdom?


Oh yeah!


Still too little, more, more, more, rain more! It doesn’t matter if you believe or nor, either way I believe!


I heard Japan laughed after 7.23? So at this time, should we cry or laugh?


Japan wronged China in the past, but all that’s history, you bunch of narrow-minded people.


Just yesterday I read on the newspaper that Japan’s underground drainage system is really incredible, and today it’s flooded. 无语

装沧桑伴孤独: (responding to 是两个人)

Everywhere there are Chinese traitors.


Dear God, 赞赞 let the storms come even more fiercely, best if the entire Japan islands are sunk, with no survivors, so that the word Japan no longer appears in the maps of the future.


The people of Nanjing send their congratulations.


I want to know has the nuclear leak accident been resolved yet? Don’t pollute into our home.


So Japan being destroyed would benefit you guys? Will wages increase the next day? More material things to enjoy?

我爱热带鱼俊: (responding to 是两个人)

When news of the 7.23 Train Rear-end Collision was broadcast, the Japanese dogs laughed. You think you’re so high and mighty/righteous?


Theirs is a natural disaster, ours was a man-made disaster.


Several days ago when China’s trains had an accident, the Japanese news broadcaster giggled/laughed, so now its time for them to cry. Hahahahaha


Drown little Japan~~~~, During the Shanghai train derailment, the [Japanese] female anchorwoman giggled, so we’re going to gloat at their misfortune too.

These commenters are referring to this image that was circulated online:

A image circulated on the Chinese internet allegedly showing a Japanese anchorwoman laughing at the 7.23 Wenzhou train collision disaster.


Outside the country it is always in great suffering. [Referring to the common criticism that Chinese news only reports that things are bad abroad.]

石臼爷们: (responding to 八神VS佩恩)

At least I’ll be in a very good mood, very pleased, very happy~~~ So go fuck yourself!!! Stupid cunt!


Theirs is a natural disaster, ours is a man-made one. Its not the same.


Japan has already had two successive disasters, its already enough. During Japan’s first disaster, the Chinese there that could flee all fled, but the Japanese treated the Chinese who stayed there as their own. The past is the past, one cannot keep looking back.


Stop fantasizing, Japan’s strength and power cannot be stopped with disasters. Those who want revenge have to make themselves strong and powerful first.


The threat will become smaller. The main reason why Japan invaded China for hundreds of years is because that place is too dangerous, innumerable natural disasters, where a natural disaster killing the entire people is a possibility, so they set their eyes on us, us who talk of “harmony”, and with hundreds of years of aggression and hostility, it has brought us the cost of tens of millions of casualties and death. The conflict between China and Japan is of pillaging and defending a place to live.


This is the direct result of the flourishing Japanese AV [adult video] industry.

PC05820: (responding to above)

What does this have to do with the AV industry?


Let me see who will speak up for the Japanese, who dare defend this bunch of beasts! When we had our train accident, their news broadcaster even laughed! May I ask, other than the Japanese, what other country’s people laughed? So now I’m going to laugh heartily too. Little Japan, may you all drown! Motherfuckers!

philibert: (responding to 装沧桑伴孤独)

If it truly is as you say, then China sure has a lot of Chinese traitors. All of that is now history. Instead of cursing them, it’d be better to make China stronger and more powerful.


Some of you fenqing, is it because you guys couldn’t vent over the recent man-made disaster so now you’ve run here to vent your spite? You guys think there weren’t many countries who laughed at the man-made disaster several days ago? What are you guys able to change? What can you guys do other than spout shit?

philibert: (responding to 打酱油出身)

I think that was a PS. Sometimes what you see isn’t necessarily real.

Many Chinese netizens questioned if the above image mentioned was actually a fake, a Photoshopped image, and soon countered with this:

Chinese netizens then accused the image of being a fake, having been Photoshopped, and presented the "real" Japanese anchorwoman and news broadcast of the 7.23 Wenzhou train crash accident.

The red Chinese characters are “fake” (top) and “real” (bottom).


Discuss the matter on its own, don’t drag in unrelated issues. When a country suffers a disaster, those who suffer are always the common people! Blindly disparaging other countries’ disasters only humiliates oneself. The people I despise the most are these kind of people.


So what if we defend them, they’re people just like us, you’re not going to die if you posture less.


I’ll curse [the Japanese] however I want. Those trying to stop me from hurling abuse [at the Japanese], what are you thinking/who do you think you are? You sanctimonious hypocrites, being so holier-than-thou. Fucking had you experienced the Nanjing Massacre back in the day, then you’d understand!


Are you a Chinese traitor? Actually speaking for/defending the Japanese! Do you know how many evil things the Japanese did in China? Might as well give you, you Chinese traitor garbage, to the Japanese Unit 731 for them to experiment on!


If Japan is destroyed, there isn’t any benefit for us, but we will feel great in our hearts!…Hahahaha


I think, if this happened to us, our major bridges would just immediately break into pieces…


Those people gloating at others misfortune, tomorrow it will happen to you. And there will also be people cheering jubilantly before your eyes.

philibert: (responding to above)

Exactly, we curse them because of history, they curse us for being narrow-minded, neither side ever knowing to take a step back, always believing that what we think is right.

What do you think?

Agano River flooding in Aga, Niigata Prefecture of Japan.


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