Widespread Flooding in Japan, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A flooded street in Sanjo, Japan.

A flooded street in Sanjo, Japan.

From Youku:

Many Asian countries hit by torrential rainstorms. Japan: Continuous rainstorms, 410k people advised to evacuate

The above brief clip of a news report was amongst the top most viewed videos of the day, with over 430k views and over 6200 upvotes versus 300 downvotes since being uploaded the day before.

Flooding in Niigata and Fukushima prefectures in Japan.

Comments from Youku:


Sitting here waiting for 2012.




Mt. Fuji is about to erupt~~


Hahahahahahahaha Fukushima again~ Drown you motherfuckers!


This kind of experience will only let this perverted nationality become even greater/more powerful.


Just because you haven’t gotten your just desserts doesn’t mean you won’t! Look, look, it has here it comes! 赞


Sigh~~ First an earthquake and then torrential rains. I want to say if one day Japan were to really sink, would they then swear allegiance to the Heavenly Kingdom?


Oh yeah!


Still too little, more, more, more, rain more! It doesn’t matter if you believe or nor, either way I believe!


I heard Japan laughed after 7.23? So at this time, should we cry or laugh?


Japan wronged China in the past, but all that’s history, you bunch of narrow-minded people.


Just yesterday I read on the newspaper that Japan’s underground drainage system is really incredible, and today it’s flooded. 无语

装沧桑伴孤独: (responding to 是两个人)

Everywhere there are Chinese traitors.


Dear God, 赞赞 let the storms come even more fiercely, best if the entire Japan islands are sunk, with no survivors, so that the word Japan no longer appears in the maps of the future.


The people of Nanjing send their congratulations.


I want to know has the nuclear leak accident been resolved yet? Don’t pollute into our home.


So Japan being destroyed would benefit you guys? Will wages increase the next day? More material things to enjoy?

我爱热带鱼俊: (responding to 是两个人)

When news of the 7.23 Train Rear-end Collision was broadcast, the Japanese dogs laughed. You think you’re so high and mighty/righteous?


Theirs is a natural disaster, ours was a man-made disaster.


Several days ago when China’s trains had an accident, the Japanese news broadcaster giggled/laughed, so now its time for them to cry. Hahahahaha


Drown little Japan~~~~, During the Shanghai train derailment, the [Japanese] female anchorwoman giggled, so we’re going to gloat at their misfortune too.

These commenters are referring to this image that was circulated online:

READ  Chinese Husband Stabs Young Wife Over 30x to Death in Nanjing

A image circulated on the Chinese internet allegedly showing a Japanese anchorwoman laughing at the 7.23 Wenzhou train collision disaster.


Outside the country it is always in great suffering. [Referring to the common criticism that Chinese news only reports that things are bad abroad.]

石臼爷们: (responding to 八神VS佩恩)

At least I’ll be in a very good mood, very pleased, very happy~~~ So go fuck yourself!!! Stupid cunt!


Theirs is a natural disaster, ours is a man-made one. Its not the same.


Japan has already had two successive disasters, its already enough. During Japan’s first disaster, the Chinese there that could flee all fled, but the Japanese treated the Chinese who stayed there as their own. The past is the past, one cannot keep looking back.


Stop fantasizing, Japan’s strength and power cannot be stopped with disasters. Those who want revenge have to make themselves strong and powerful first.


The threat will become smaller. The main reason why Japan invaded China for hundreds of years is because that place is too dangerous, innumerable natural disasters, where a natural disaster killing the entire people is a possibility, so they set their eyes on us, us who talk of “harmony”, and with hundreds of years of aggression and hostility, it has brought us the cost of tens of millions of casualties and death. The conflict between China and Japan is of pillaging and defending a place to live.


This is the direct result of the flourishing Japanese AV [adult video] industry.

PC05820: (responding to above)

What does this have to do with the AV industry?


Let me see who will speak up for the Japanese, who dare defend this bunch of beasts! When we had our train accident, their news broadcaster even laughed! May I ask, other than the Japanese, what other country’s people laughed? So now I’m going to laugh heartily too. Little Japan, may you all drown! Motherfuckers!

philibert: (responding to 装沧桑伴孤独)

If it truly is as you say, then China sure has a lot of Chinese traitors. All of that is now history. Instead of cursing them, it’d be better to make China stronger and more powerful.


Some of you fenqing, is it because you guys couldn’t vent over the recent man-made disaster so now you’ve run here to vent your spite? You guys think there weren’t many countries who laughed at the man-made disaster several days ago? What are you guys able to change? What can you guys do other than spout shit?

philibert: (responding to 打酱油出身)

I think that was a PS. Sometimes what you see isn’t necessarily real.

Many Chinese netizens questioned if the above image mentioned was actually a fake, a Photoshopped image, and soon countered with this:

Chinese netizens then accused the image of being a fake, having been Photoshopped, and presented the "real" Japanese anchorwoman and news broadcast of the 7.23 Wenzhou train crash accident.

The red Chinese characters are “fake” (top) and “real” (bottom).


Discuss the matter on its own, don’t drag in unrelated issues. When a country suffers a disaster, those who suffer are always the common people! Blindly disparaging other countries’ disasters only humiliates oneself. The people I despise the most are these kind of people.


So what if we defend them, they’re people just like us, you’re not going to die if you posture less.


I’ll curse [the Japanese] however I want. Those trying to stop me from hurling abuse [at the Japanese], what are you thinking/who do you think you are? You sanctimonious hypocrites, being so holier-than-thou. Fucking had you experienced the Nanjing Massacre back in the day, then you’d understand!


Are you a Chinese traitor? Actually speaking for/defending the Japanese! Do you know how many evil things the Japanese did in China? Might as well give you, you Chinese traitor garbage, to the Japanese Unit 731 for them to experiment on!


If Japan is destroyed, there isn’t any benefit for us, but we will feel great in our hearts!…Hahahaha


I think, if this happened to us, our major bridges would just immediately break into pieces…


Those people gloating at others misfortune, tomorrow it will happen to you. And there will also be people cheering jubilantly before your eyes.

philibert: (responding to above)

Exactly, we curse them because of history, they curse us for being narrow-minded, neither side ever knowing to take a step back, always believing that what we think is right.

What do you think?

Agano River flooding in Aga, Niigata Prefecture of Japan.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • alamchop

    1st? The japanese, god bless them. Isnt the celestrial kingdom suppose to take care of little brother japan even if there was a rebellion since 1868/

    • Canadian_Skies

      Quoted from above

      ” Sigh~~ First an earthquake and then torrential rains. I want to say if one day Japan were to really sink, would they then swear allegiance to the Heavenly Kingdom? ”

      Comments like these, they’re kidding, right? Facing annihilation, or a gloating sick pig from a horrid culture, say what you will about either, death, or succumb to a duplicitous PR vulture culture … I’ll take death.

    • Sachin

      I’m from India and we are also one of the age-old enemies of China…Seriously…I would never ever, would wish something bad happen to people of China like wise people in any other country. Its simple for me…I hate it when another human been get hurt ..I don’t need a Harvard degree to empathize…

      We need to wake up and come out of left-right paradigm…Have you met any ordinary people from India, China or Japan? they are all suffering one way or the other in the hands of the system, like wise in US or Europe….look around you.. humanity is been divided and ruled for ages now.

      We need to come out of petty political boundaries and realize we are all one

      • Misia

        I come out of my long time lurking just to thank you Sachin, your post made my day. In Italy we call this “the war between the poors”, it’s one of the main reasons why I moved out of my country and it makes me sick to my stomach every time I see it. It’s nice to see that for once I’m not the only one preaching for unity. Thank you again.

        • vic2u

          “In Italy we call this “the war between the poors”, it’s one of the main reasons why I moved out of my country”

          Yes I know what you mean, Italy is a poor country it’s going down with Spain soon, but you have to sell your body and make money for the govt.

          Poor western fool, where can you go, China don’t need poor homeless people like you.

          • Misia

            Not sure I got that final sentence, was it sarcasm?

            Anyway, there’s still a few options luckily. I spent nearly a couple years in Berlin, now I’m Marseille and if something goes wrong here I’d love to move to our friend Sachin’s beautiful country. In case you’re getting worried I’m a translator, I work from home always for the same Italian NGO I’ve been working for the past 10 years. All I need is an internet connection, I ain’t “stealing” work from anyone. Thanks for your concern.

          • Nyancat

            Seriously man go and drown or something u POS troll, your comments are getting more and more irritating everytime you post. @Misia ignore this pig, it is said that you are what you eat, i guess this a-hole had too much blue glow-in-the-dark pork or fake beef. I’m almost certain that he isn’t even Chinese, what a pathetic human being you are. @Sachin and @Misia Wonderful comments, I agree with you guys. Also ignore vic2u, he’s just a disease.

          • Just John


            I already proved in the past he is actually a white guy.
            The only problem is, he is a white guy that fit the stereotypical “white guy in China” (Can’t get a job, a girl, or anything else in his home country), that somehow even failed the stereotypical “white guy in China” (Get’s lots of money for speaking his native language to schoolkids, and Chinese girls throwing themselves at him because he is white).

            Basically, he failed life, so now we use him as a warning.

            It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.”

        • Tengu

          So basically he’s used like a head stuck on a pike to scare other trolls. Vlad the Impaler would be proud.

          I agree with Sachin’s sentiments, too much division makes everyone enemies. Cultures are lost, ancient hatreds are fed and the average people are set against each other with no benefit to them.

          “Humanity” itself is at great risk at this point in time, the sooner we ALL realize that the better off we’ll be.

          Thanks Sachin!!!!!

          Bravo Misia for supporting his thoughts, we see very little unity here!

          • Roger

            I second that. In my view, these “nationalistic” hatred demonstrated in this post are of no benefit to societies today. Through technology and educational advancement, our society is less and less segregated by boundaries of language and culture.

            The problem lies with people who are eating all these hate up, while government leaders still think is fine to keep feeding them. Just turn on the TV in China and you will see Anti-Japanese films, news and comments. Especially inner China who watches much more CCTV than the more prosper coasts, more people generalized, hate and shifts blame outside of China. You can’t blame them for they do not as much opportunity to see and understand, but for those that do, wake up!

      • G$

        Nationalism and religion divide the many for the sake of the purses of the few (upper echelons of society)

      • While I agree with, and applaud, your general sentiment, I feel that comparing ‘India’ to ‘Japan’ in how Chinese perceive those countries, is perhaps a bit wrong. A better, though still flawed, analogy would be comparing Chinese animosity towards Japan, to the general animosity felt between India and Pakistan. Both have had modern conflicts with each other, and not everyone is keen to forget that, sadly.

      • Barack Obama

        your people were never massacred by the Japanese like the Chinese. Can you honestly say you would react the same way if you were?

      • Alice S

        Non-Chi don’t get it. It’s only Japps. If even a little thing happened to India I wouldn’t feel a tiny bit good about it… I’m Chi.

    • Fred

      My flatmate is from Dongbei. “I wish we had those Japanese back,” is the commonly heard refrain, he tells me.
      You can credit this to black northern humor, but it’s only a half-joke. As abominable as they were, he says, you knew what the Japanese were about, what they would do, and what they wouldn’t do. Under CCP, however, no such niceties: one day you are a good man in society; the next you are dragged from your bed never to be seen again. He knows which he prefers.

  • Roger

    Seriously? Why would people laugh at other’s misfortune. What brought such animosity to this generation? Why are they so hang up on hating Japan?

    • Miako Tamatsue

      It’s ignorance.

      • George

        No, it’s hate.

        Hopefully they’ll grow out of it.

        • Just John

          “5000 year civilization”

          How much longer do we have to wait?

          • lololol

            Well the hate didn’t start from the beginning of those 5000 years…

          • Yeah, lololol is on the ball there… While the hate isn’t groundless, they need to move on.

    • All wrong; it’s “strength”. Sigh.

    • Alice S

      Maybe they don’t ‘hate’, just insist on acting a certain way & having a particular attitude about.

      • Alphy

        Wow old article. Maybe not everyone “hate”, but certainly enough of them in China I would classify as hate. Just the other day I sat next to a group of Shanghai man talking about how they wish China would just nuke “little Japan”.

  • You can’t see many Japanese films/TV shows on Chinese TV, but I did see one: can’t remember the name, but it’s this crazy movie about the island of Japan sinking into the sea after a series of earthquakes.

    It aired earlier this year. Right after the big one that hit Japan.

    It was still better than that piece of tripe, “2012”. CGI wolves?

    • Tony
      • Looks like it. I’m not one for “documentaries”, myself.

        From the movie’s even crazier WikiMedia page:
        “The film’s disaster footage is based on actual simulations of a total submersion of Japan and crisis management scenarios, and is made with the full support and cooperation of The Japan Defense Agency, the Japan Ground Self Defense Force, the Japan Air Self Defense Force, Tokyo Fire Department and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) . ”

        China wishes it was true, and Japan acts as though it were true. Somewhere in the middle may be a viable peace settlement………..

    • Brett Hunan

      I guess the only movie I have seen about Japan in China, well it wasn’t a Japanese made movie…. But it was about the Japanese invasion in China.

      It was a Looney Toons-like comedy about a small group of villagers with inferior weapons (and kung fu) made the Japanese troops look like buffoons. (One of the Japanese soldiers acted retarded throughout the entirety of the movie, and the villagers consisted of a child, a woman, a kung fu guy, and an old couple.)

      The local government projected it on a screen on main street in Xintang, Hunan in celebration of National Day 2009.

      Anyone else seen this before?

  • aok

    If your friends fathers ancestor killed someone… does that mean you should die for that? That the entire country should die for its past leaders decisions?

    If people can not have compassion for others, then they are no longer humans. They are just as bad as the others that they hate and judge so harshly. In fact, they are worse… because they are trying to judge people who are innocent and tie them to the events of the past.

    If these Trolls had their way, they would invade Japan and do the same things to them. Acting the same way. Enjoying the suffering of innocents, woman and children.

    Just because it is in the name of revenge, will never make it right. They are just the same kinds of people. Black Hearts.
    Dark Souls that should be ashamed of themselves… but also, they have no conscience.

    Its these same people that will bulldoze their Own peoples houses over, with a very little bit of bride money.

    Look into the Mirror, and see that either you are the thing you hate, or you are better. And if you are that thing… then why are you complaining. You should be celebrating human Evils, because that is what you are.

    • nobel peace prize

      This Chinese hate Japanese thing never going to end just like the Jews hate Hitler and Nazis. Thank God German people no longer worship Hitler or any war criminals, unlike Japanese people who put all their war criminals in a shrine and nearly all their prime minister since after the WWII till now went to the shrine multiple times to honor those war criminals who have committed mass murders in China. Imagine if German people put all their war criminals in a church and every German Chancellor went to the Church to honor Hitler, Goring and all the war criminals. I bet all the Israel people and Jews from all over the world will hate Germans like mad. On this comparison Germans are more considerate than Japanese.

      • Genxi

        I have to agree. Many Japanese today still thinks what their ancestor did were honorable and well done. Even though their leaders apologized, their actions did not. Words are easily said than be done, unfortunately.

        • GodsHammer

          Wrong… they go to the shrine to honor the fallen soldiers …same as any war memorial. That some of the fallen are war criminals is an unfortunate reality but you have been brainwashed if you think that the reason for their visit is any different than the visits made to the various veterans memorials in other countries. DO you think these memorials are only made for saints?
          The Japanese have apologized MANY times for atrocities and more telling than that they have been one of the largest contributors to China’s growth and economic acceleration.
          You want to talk atrocities and numbers? Look no further than MAO.

          • Genxi

            “…largest contributors to China’s growth and economic acceleration.”

            How so? Investing and buying Chinese product? You’re very funny to even consider this point because the Chinese aren’t the only one benefiting; there’s a reason for the Japanese to invest in the first place, and it is due to profit.

          • typingfromwork

            If you actually think Yasukuni shrine is just like any other war memorial, then you are very ignorant indeed. The fact that there are war criminals immortalised in such a place taints its reputation, and far right groups make pilgrimages to it in the name of Japan’s imperial glory. It’s not only China who protests against the shrine- it has been an issue of contention for South Korea as well. The shrine is meant th glorify the soldiers of Japan rather than be a warning for the destructive meaninglessness of war.

            It is a far cry from the memorials of Germany, which all unanbigously remember the fallen while denouce the actions of the aggressors, such as the Holocaust memorial in Berlin, which is dedicated completely to the victims of Nazi aggression. The Yasukuni is definitely no such memorial- not even infact in the same league.

          • Brett Hunan

            I think that a Japanese PM once apologized to Korea.

            Something along the lines of “I apologize on behalf of the people of Japan that you are upset about the use of comfort women”.

            Never, however, apologized directly for using thousands and thousands of women and little girls (not just Korean- Chinese, Philippine…..etc.) as sex slaves and punching bags for the soldiers.

          • Pete

            Japan does very little to accept responsibility for the war. A Japanese speaking friend told me their historians forget how to use active verbs when describing the war – “a battle occurred, as our soldiers found themselves in combat with …”

            On the other hand, China’s hatred of them is more politics. Give the plebs a common enemy, and the anger will make them too stupid and predictable to turn on you.

          • Chef Rocco

            GodsHammer, you are so dodgy that you sounds like a spokesman for Japanese government.

            If they go the shrine only to honor the fallen soldiers, why haven’t they removed these A-class war criminals out of the shrine? Then Chinese and Koreans would have no grounds to complain about?

            Is a memorials including Hitler and other Nazi leaders inside same to other regular veteran memorials? You must have a bonehead to think so and call these people who disagree with you “brainwashed”!

            Japanese government did apologize many times, but in the meanwhile, their politicians visited the shrine frequently against China and Korea’s protest. Is it OK that after I apologized to you, I spit on your face again and again?

          • The ‘Japan not doing much to apologize’ is somewhat a much more recent thing, and even then, some of it is due to ramifications of post-war U.S policy in Japan. Exchanges between China and Japan in the 1950s, 60s and early 70s were somewhat friendlier than they are today, possibly because of the older Japanese politicians active at the time who were more sympathetic to the victims of the Japanese Imperial forces.

            The consequences of postwar US policy on Japan (exonerating the Japanese Imperial family for example) combined with a younger generation not totally exposed or familar with the zealous and militant Kwantung army has meant that they see no wrong. Mao never pushed for a Japanese apology, and current CCP leaders only push for one, to gain support for their own party.

    • vic2u

      Why Canada still looking for old Nazi war criminals in Canada?

      Why Amerika still fucking with Russia aka USSR?

      You think only white lives worth a shit and Asians don’t matter?

      • Jay

        Only vic2u doesn’t matter.

        Troll is worth less than manure.

        Troll poisons garden.

        Troll filled with hate.

        Hate shortens life.

        Hate more, troll.

        Expand capacity for hate, hate with higher volume and density.

        Die faster.

        • vic2u

          And morons that can’t talk and walk at the same time get run over by big bad bus.

          Jay, I drive a big bad bus.

          What’s wrong with you maggots, can’t stand free speech for others that troll like you do?

          • Just John

            No worries, you reserve the right to troll away all you want and judge others all you want, and we reserve the right to think your an idiot.

            See? Free speech at it’s finest.

          • Jay

            Hate more. Let it fill you.

            Like fire it fills you and warms from within.

            Hate. Hate. Hate.

            Dance, little troll, and hate for me.

            Hate harder! Faster!

            Fill yourself with rage!

            You’re not glowing, yet, little troll. I bet you can’t.

  • john digmeme


    I’ll curse [the Japanese] however I want. Those trying to stop me from hurling abuse [at the Japanese], what are you thinking/who do you think you are? You sanctimonious hypocrites, being so holier-than-thou. Fucking had you experienced the Nanjing Massacre back in the day, then you’d understand!”

    So, I take it this poster experienced the Nanjing Massacre “back in the day”. I’m surprised they aren’t dead yet…

    • Boo

      Maybe you ought to educate yourself on what the Chinese did to the Tibetans. Then you’ll have to hate yourself, too, or is that too inconvenient for you?

      • vic2u

        And “what the Chinese did to the Tibetans?”

        The Tibetans are a conquered people and they don’t know have to behave like one.

        How would the Amerikans like it if the Amerikan Indians went around the world looking for terrorist groups to attack and protest the USA every which way?

        Keep them locked in the reservations or have them assimilated as in the USA.

        What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.

        • Nyancat

          Oh wow you sure are a tool. If you support what happened to the Tibetans and condemn what happened in Nanjing, you sure are a hypocrite. No surprise there anyway.

          • vic2u

            “If you support what happened to the Tibetans and condemn what happened in Nanjing, you sure are a hypocrite.”

            Nyancat, where did I say that?

            I said “The Tibetans are a conquered people and they don’t know how to behave like one.”

            The Amerikan Indians have, they are mixed well and no more than 10% of anything.

            FYI long ago in the US whitey have to killed off as many Indians as the US army can, the Indians did not make good slaves as they were lazy and often drunkards, and they ran off from the plantations repeatedly and make babies with whiteys.

            They are still mostly like that in Amerika but the Indians love casinos so all good now.

            Why can’t the Tibetans be like the Amerikan Indians, just mix?

          • Tengu

            “, the Indians did not make good slaves as they were lazy and often drunkards, and they ran off from the plantations repeatedly and make babies with whiteys.”

            Where do you get your information from?

            This is the dumbest thing I ever heard…somehow I think you’ve actually outdone yourself in the “historically unbalanced department” on this one and I never thought that was possible.

            Show me one example of a Indian being taken to a plantation.

            We took their land and shipped them off to the shittiest part we could find. It was genocide. It’s also called the “Trail of Tears”…look it up while you’re looking up “How the Indian Ran Away from My Plantation.”

            Cultural Genocide….just like in Tibet.

            We took the land and overran the Indian population our own people to erase their culture and push them to the brink of extinction.

            Information you need can be found here:


          • Just John


            vic speaks in fluent stereotype.
            He is nothing but a stereotype troll.
            Actually giving him information does not change him, nor make him say anything beyond stereotype.

            So, he will only understand your point if you speak in stereotype. It’s his language of choice.

            From now on, when you address vic, you are limited to the following terms:
            Tar baby

            Any deviation from the standard vocabulary of the stereotype language will cause vic to not understand, resulting in more stereotypes being throw around to make his point.

          • Tengu

            Is that list carved in gold or can I use “zipper-head” and go with my best instincts.

          • Kip

            I support what happened to the Tibetans, just like any americans will support what happened to the Indians. Ask any drunk Indian what they think of white people, who stole there land, and massacred them by the thousands… oh freaking land of the free, and the home of the enslaved.

      • Just John

        I think you just missed the point completely.
        He was not referencing killings, even the Nanjing Massacre,
        He was pointing out the relative age of said victims of that, and commenting on the Chinese posters comment of “experienced the Nanjing Massacre back in the day”.

        Your reading and critical thinking skills failed Boo. Think you should sue your brain for abandonment.

        • fabulous

          I think you just missed the point completely.
          Boo’s comment seems to be directed more at the original Chinese comment being quoted by John Digmeme than at Digmeme himself.

          With no reason to assume that John is Chinese; why should he hate himself for what the Chinese did?


          The quoted comment is full of hateful language, unlike Digmeme’s two sentences. Therefore, Boo’s suggestion that “you’ll have to hate yourself, too” is most likely directed toward the quoted comment.

          Due to the brevity of Boo’s comment we may never know who he was aiming at or what exactly his point was. But after reading Boo’s comment critically and in context it seems that maybe only his skills in addressing his foe have failed.
          A superficial and only minor mistake which probably doesn’t warrant a comment; negative or otherwise.

          • Just John

            True, it could be the case, in which Boo should have either made a reference to the comment, or else posted somewhere that did not have the “reply” function, because to me, it appears that Boo is responding to John’s comment, not to 活力九族’s comment.

            Something simple like “The guy should educate blah blah”, while when it is in a “Reply” with the words “you”, it appears to me to be a direct reply the John.

            Just my take on it, you could be right and Boo just fails on how to properly form structure to make clear who it is being directed at.

            Of course, it could also be that Boo also is not a native English speaker, and for some reason assumed John was the one writing that, not understanding how “” = 『』.

            Eh, o well, if I am in error on who Boo was directing at, or that Boo misunderstood who the original comment came from, I will apologize, if not, then he/she is still an idiot who needs to learn to read properly. Because, as I said in my post, “Your reading and critical thinking skills failed”.

      • George

        I’m as critical of the CCP as anyone, but this whole Tibet thing is nonsense. Tibet hasn’t suffered any worse than any other part of China.

    • anon

      In Chinese, he’s more or less saying that if someone truly understood the atrocities committed at Nanjing, one would never feel like defending the Japanese. It’s an emotional argument.

      That sort of mentality is present in these comments all the time, people not giving a shit about what they’re saying and attacking anyone who would try to reason with them.

  • john digmeme

    Also, what’s going on with the images of the newscaster giggling. Even in the ‘real’ photo, the anchor woman is cracking a smile. WTF is that about??

    • Hongjian

      Japan collectively laughted at China’s train accident. Even official anchorwomen couldnt help but giggle at Chinese being killed by “Chinese Quality”.

      Yeah. The hate is mutual. Just China nowadays finally has the longer stick and could just starve those arrogant elitist Japs off rare-earth and ressources if they feel like it… Let the japs laught at Chinese problems – It’s the very last thing they can realistically do.

      • Tony

        Those two pictures are hardly proof that Japan collectively laughed at China. For all you know, they could be smiling over the story of the child being found alive. Post a video that truly proves this.

        • Ray

          Lol Tony, you don’t know about the mighty Hongjian yet?

          He hates all the bad qualities of China, and all Americans and Japanese.

          He loves patriotism of China.

          @John Digmeme
          It doesn’t look like there was a giggle in the real news, I mean if you were facing down and talking your mouth movement will seem like its smiling, remember that funny trick where you fold the pictures on dollar bills where the portrait’s eyes are then u tilt it up and down and it’ll make the portrait smile or frown.

        • To be fair though, there are people within Japanese society who do show mutual hatred with China, and I’m not talking about the militant right.

        • Akira

          I live in Japan and everyday I watch Japanese news, all of them. When that train accident occurred in China it was widely reported – too much perhaps, in my opinion – but the picture showing the laughing journalist is clearly a fake. The woman in the picture is a highly praised professional in Japan and leads an economic program late in the evening. I can assure you that if she had actually laughed when commenting on the accident she would have been strongly criticized. I never saw anyone in TV laughing for that accident. The Japanese can be criticized for many things, but not for this. Certainly some people felt some sort of satisfaction for how the Chinese technology played wrong in that case, but this has nothing to do with the accident itself. Those who manipulated that picture should be ashamed of themselves.

      • Nyancat

        About rare earth minerals, you might want to read this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-14009910 if you are going to argue environmental concerns, I’ll have to point out that’s never stopped any country from mining for minerals, oil and so on.
        About the anchorwoman giggling, you can’t be sure that its even real, PS is a hell of a tool, and people are stupid, so there you have it. Looks like rare earth minerals aren’t going to be so ‘rare’ anymore.

        • vic2u

          She has no rare showing, wrong page.

          Is this a trollobolo thing?

          Green Peace fucks with Japan a lot and they are out there now.

          It will still be rare because it will stay on the ocean floor because the Japanese can’t get it out without US OK.

    • anon

      The main point is that the first image was photoshopped. The person who made the image took the bottom bar of text identifying the broadcast as being about the Wenzhou train crash and pasted it onto a different image of a Japanese newscaster laughing. The second image shows that.

  • Sunshine

    Fucking fenqing and their “everyone who doesn’t hate Japan is a 汉奸” mentality. All this 以牙还牙 stuff, there is no stop to it. Why don’t we do ourselves a favor, put an end to everything by bombing the shit out of planet earth and just exterminate the human race all together. That will be the happiest day of my obscure existence, that will.
    Why are we still so incapable of thinking beyond nationality? If we take half the amount of effort we put hating each other into extra terrestrial ventures we won’t be so hung up on who wronged whom 80 years ago or laugh at who’s getting more disasters 80 years later. Maybe when evolution takes its path, when we are able to think, to perceive things around us with the bigger picture in mind, the fenqing/nationalistic mentality in all its glorious shapes and forms will finally be annihilated from this planet. I will probably not live to see that day, but I take consolation in that it is only a matter of time.

    • Chef Rocco

      Face it, currently nationalism is still the most powerful political force in the world, being in China, USA, Japan or Philippine, and the trend may be likely to remain so for forecastable future unless all nation-states disappear in the world.

      You sound naive when you was talking about annihilation of nationalism. In an ideal world, Santa Claus always sends you Christmas toys, but in reality, your parents have to buy them with their hard-earned money. As nation-states exist in the world and interests of nations are competitive, nationalism would be alive and powerful, period.

      • Sunshine

        I am facing it. Facing and grieving at the same time.

        Globalization is happening, albeit at a very slow rate. Maybe it won’t be perfected in the foreseeable future, but who’s to say for sure that it won’t happen at all? You’re certainly not one to spill such prophecies, or judge my naivety.

        Einstein thought Bohr was naive. Quantum Mechanics still turned out to be something for this world.

        • Chef Rocco

          You still sound naive. You’d better understand the difference between science theories and human organizations/behaviors. Nation-states happens to be the human organizations based on deep root of human natures which seems unchanged for centuries. I am not saying human beings cannot change their own natures forever, but I am realistic enough to say it wouldn’t happen for a very long long time if the earth exists for that long..

          • Sunshine

            Example. It was an example.

            I don’t understand, because the thing is, I’m not saying that it’s going to happen in the next century either. I wasn’t making any projections on behalf of the human race. Even when I was talking about annihilation of the nationalistic mentality, it was preceded with words such as “maybe”. So what are we arguing about?

            Sure, they’re wishful thinking. But since when were wishful thinking a sure sign of naivety?

    • Capt. WED

      LOL. YOU ARE NAIVE. WHY don’t you off yourself first for a change.

      What you are describing is a utopia. Maybe one day we can have reach a utopia like state, but you know reality is a very chaotic place so I’m not sure we’ll ever reach that point before something in the system gives, leading to destruction of everything we recognize today…. Perhaps we can, maybe one way to the that utopia state is to reach the so-called technological singularity…some sort of utopia. But the so called utopia could just as well be a total nightmare–utopia for some the end for the rest. I also think we may be way over out heads with some of this stuff.

      Maybe reality is not so harsh maybe we’ can just wing it and everything will be okay.

      Why are we incapable of thinking beyond nationality? Maybe it’s ignorance? Maybe it’s something innate in all of us (but can be overcom with education but I doubt it; education has it’s limits because dualism).

      • Shhhh

        Takes a phil 101 class and starts running around trying to “educate” other people in the most patronizing tones possible to boost your own ego. Just shut up, you contribute nothing.

        • Capt. WED

          yawn. You are still naive.

          • Sunshine

            Shhhh is a different person.

            I’m obviously not going to peg my life on the abolishment of nationalism… I’m just hoping.

            You and Chef Rocco are just so caught up trying to disagree with me/calling me naive that you don’t see the fundamental similarity between the points you were trying to make and mine. All your “maybes”.. and my “maybes”.. do you see what I’m saying?

            So just.. chill and um.. spend your time doing more productive things rather than repeating exactly what Chef Rocco has been saying.

            Better yet for EVERYONE: Forgive my naivety and ignore my posts altogether. Something to think about for future posts as well.

            Good day.

  • Sunshine

    On a completely unrelated note… is this authentic??

    http://tv.sohu.com/20110801/n315070183.shtml?pvid=tc_news&a=12&b=%E8%8B%B1%E5%9B%BD%E4%BA%BA%E5%85%BD%E6%9D%82%E4%BA%A4%E5%BC%95%E6%81%90%E6%85%8C#38 视频:英国秘密进行人兽杂交实验达3年 半兽人或将诞生 – 搜狐视频-精彩看点从00分38秒开始!


    Feels like a promotion tactic for a new scifi movie.

  • Hongjian

    All americants should be lined up and shot and thrown into the floods.

    • Jones

      Hongjian, I see you made a baby step on being more creative, but you are still showing a lack of real effort. Couldn’t you have said “All Americans should be thrown into the floods and shot”? That’s not a huge change, but it still breaks up the monotony. I implore you, kind sir, please show a little enthusiasm in your trolling! You’re not thinking of your readers! Give us something daring; something SAUCY! Come on, Hongjian, woo wooooo! Let’s see that CREATIVITY!

    • Chad

      I believe the proper term is Americunts.

      • Hongjian

        They are americants now, since cunts imply that they are still willing to do something (even it it is prostitution) to save their own fucking economy. Americants just cant. That’s why.

        • Wade

          dude, americant’s is not the preferred nomenclature. americunts, please

          • Just John

            Yes, and don’t forget Eurofags while you are at it.

    • Tengu

      If I remember correctly even the Chinese Police don’t carry guns.

      While I am a big fan of gun control in the USA, I think you would be surprised at the firepower the average redneck town would bring to bear on your sad little head.

      You’re an angry wee dickless troll.

      Love how you hate irrationally, without any forethought and without any knowledge.

      Would that my world were as simple as yours.

  • 山炮 ShanPao

    I blame the Germans! I mean they did shoot at my grandfather as he flew his plane over Germany and France back in the early 40’s. Fuckers!

    • Chef Rocco

      Tell that to Jewish people, they would spank you for being a loosen cannon :)

    • Irvin

      I blame CPC, my grand father was a surgeon graduate from france and saved countless soldiers during WW2, he was forced to farm and later work as a janitor in the hospital during cultural revolution.

      • vic2u

        He was edumacated in a foreign land, welcome to Canada.

        Lucky he didn’t have to drive a cab like the Docs from India.

  • Whether or not you believe or not, I don’t believe that chinese people would ever giggle with glee at Japanese misfortunes.

    It’s just not in their culture……………

    So, anyone taking bets on which item will become the next hoarded item as a result of this? I got some dollars burning a hole in my pocket.

    Whoo!!! Mob mentality FTW!!!

  • Jones

    Man, I sure am glad I am not filled with so much unwarranted hatred and vitriol.

    • Yeah, but where else would we get our LOL’s from?

      This is a whole page of comments about trolling about a story about trolling comments. There isn’t even a subject even debated, just straight-forward “Trollin’: Why We Fight” like a “Starship Troopers” parody commercial.

      Are there even floods in Japan? I can’t see past the hatred and ignorance. All I can say from the unending number of WWII-era war movies on TV: I sure hope China eventually wins the war.

      Yes, LOL’s … because vitriol and blind rage has no room to stop for self-contradictions.

  • vic2u

    When these kinds of things happens in China, over in the west like the UK, USA and Canada wants to hear more about it.

    The west loves bad karma stories coming from China, the worst the better and bigger news stories they can spin from them, and they would always blame the Chinese govt. for the disasters in some way or some how it happened.

    May be it’s Japan’s women, they love the Amerikan GIs very long time and now they are one.

    • Hongjian

      hypocrisy and double standards.

      Chinese lifes are only worth to the west, if they are somehow lost due to actions of the chinese govt. If they are lost due to other things, like the current terror attacks in Xinjiang, the perpetrators are declared freedom fighters and every dead chink was deserved.

      The same with catastrophes and the reaction to it. Spitefulness of Chinese people against the Japs are readily explored in all details, overanalyzed to prove why China and the people are a threat to humanity, while the same spitefulness by the Japs are played down and trivialized – after all, a democracy and western ally just cannot do anything wrong.

      China should just act accordig to their hypocritical delusions and outright nuke those bitches. And line up all americants to shoot them.

      • 0311

        Chinese lifes are only worth to the west, if they are somehow lost due to actions of the chinese govt.’

        So put yourself to good use then an die by your goverments hands…

    • vic2u

      I mean the west is so sad and they feel bad for the Japanese.

      May be it’s Japan’s women, they love the Amerikan GIs very long time and now they are one.

      • Hongjian

        The Japanese arent all loving GI nigger cocks. The mainland Japanese maybe, since they are pathetic beta-fags. But the Okinawans are still resisting and want the americunt rapists out of their island.

        • 0311

          Your girl sure loves it. Now its all so clear.

          • vic2u

            This what the west loves hot sexy cows, on the news for a long long time,

            “World’s most beautiful cow on display in Quebec
            CBC News Posted: Jul 28, 2011 2:20 PM ET “

        • Jones

          Should have fought harder, pussies.

  • Leo

    Funny, all these Chinese netizens act like they’re shit don’t stink. Don’t bullshit and act like you’ve never wanked over Jap AVs which is an industry most of you Chinese men are in fact fueling, why are they acting so high and mighty?

    Get off your high horses, ignorance and stupidity are universal. You nations truly deserve each other.

    • Irvin

      I confess I wank off Japanese AV but I make it a point to never actually buy them and fuel their industry. But my shit do stink, come and smell it why don’t you?

      • Hongjian

        Japanese AV is pathetic and boring as shit. Pedophile and rapist pandering at it’s finest, with all these photoshopped sugar-babes with bad teeth looking like an abomination from some animu and mango with some shitty ugly nips with small dicks making them cry. I can understand why the IJA soldier in Nanjing had to stick their bayonets into the cunts of the women they raped back then.

        JAV is bad and you should feel bad.

        • Alikese

          Wait, wait, wait. Hongjian’s a lesbian?

          Now it all makes so much more sense, you seem to be quite the expert on shitty Japanese pornography for a girl.

          • Tengu

            Which is sad because Japanese porn is the most mysogynistic of all porn. Great knots though!

            Cool…Hongjian’s a muff diver. Must be closeted because she keeps talking about dick so much. Maybe she’s ambisexual like various species of worms.

            America, Denmark, Holland and Sweden if you want good porn.

            Nobody wants to see some schmuck with a baby boner badly banging a beauty from Beijing.

        • Jones

          If their weewees are too small, maybe you should give white guys a shot? OH! Wait! I know! Let’s line up all the Americans and you’ll give them a shot. Amirite? Wowwee

        • Tengu

          animu s/b anime
          mango s/b manga

          How can they be “photshopped sugar babes with bad teeth?”

          If they were photoshopped, wouldn’t they do the teeth as well?

          • Dando Z

            “animu & mango” are 4chanese. /a/ used to be thus.

        • Tengu

          animu s/b anime
          mango s/b manga

          How can they be “photoshopped sugar babes with bad teeth?”

          If they were photoshopped, wouldn’t they do the teeth as well?

  • Angelus

    You know, all the fighting about who is traiterous or not. I agree that Japan had wrongdoings in their past. But has it occured to my Chinese Patriotic Friends here that China ain’t exactly the most “goody goody” country in the world? If you love your country so much to be badmouthing some other country, how about actually do something instead of sitting behind safely behind a computer desk? Besides, showing compassion means ur the bigger man, keep holding on something that happend ages ago and not move on, just means ur stuck.

    • Hongjian

      China (or better Mao) officially forgave the Japanese their warcrimes and declined any reparations right after 1949 in an attempt to normalize relationship so that China had Japan’s support against the USSR for the split to come.

      Guess what? The Japs now claim that nothing of the warcrimes even happened, citing Mao’s general anmesty, while Japanese chemical and biological weapons burried in Manchuria are still killing Chinese people today.

      Being “bigger man” will bring you nothing if you cannot prove that you cant be something else. The Japs thought that China is still weak, so they are hiding behind americas big nigger cock to continue being giant pricks towards China. It’s time that China proves them that they really can be someone else, and that their past niceties are only done by choice and not neccessity.

      China should cut all rare-earth exports to Japan and blow up a nuclear plant. Let them see how it feels to be humilated by ‘lower races’.

      • Jones

        Hahaha but they won’t. Why?

      • Shhhh

        “America’s big nigger cock”

        You must understand that using a phrase like that makes every single person who reads your comments turn against you.

        Which means you only comment for the purpose of getting people upset with you, because you aren’t even trying to convince anyone of your viewpoint.

        Which means you’re a troll, and a waste of oxygen. Be quiet and let other people talk about interesting things without your childish whining gettingin the way.

      • dim mak

        Now that’s just untrue, how many Japanese claim nothing happened? 1% if even that? War crimes are taught in Japanese textbooks, the myth that they don’t is debunked regularly on Chinese forums when they buy them online and translate them

        When I was there most people were politically apathetic, as is true in China
        So why point at each other’s nationalist minorities and make entire countries seem like enemies when they’re not?

      • *snicker* I’m sorry, but it’s just *snort* you must have done some practice stretching for this. It’s like *giggle* super-yoga or something.

        Got me a half-Japanese, half-Taiwanese wife who just loves my White meat. All over it day and night aiming for a half-blood kid. Let me tell you, she is fine as hell and twice as naughty.

        U jelly?

      • Angelus

        True, that they are denying the massacre. Personally i think that’s not a good thing to do as well, and it’s pretty upsetting yes. BUT, It won’t bring anybody back will it now, If it is to be said that Japan is wrong by denying anything, won’t China be a big hypocrate? It’s not that China is telling everything init. Tibet got invaded, and claimed. Denied all across by China. Don’t get me wrong tho, im not saying the Japanese are doing the right thing, i just think it’s foolish to hold a grudge on Anybody if the “Great Leader” already forgave the actions.

        And u would be surprised just how much the “lower races” are depending on Japan, Japan is a BIG buyer from China u know. If they cut the export, and i mean for good? That would do nothing good, harm only. And China already proved themselves to be someone already don’t u think, They actually did cut the export for a while, and guess what happend. Japan is now looking for alternatives=)

      • Tengu


        Have no fear my pointy headed friend. You’ll have nuclear armageddon wish soon enough. The problems stemming from the Fukushima issue are not being felt yet; it’s worse than Chernobyl. (That’s a place in the Ukraine..bad things happened)

        Look at a map, it’s about 950 miles as a crow flies to Shanghai, I’d be scared shitless if I were you.

        It’s not going to be pretty and the Japanese are playing it too close to the vest and are not forthcoming with the true impact. Why? Because they’re screwed, they know it and it’s long, long term.

        USA sent a drone over the reactor because they didn’t believe what the Japanese were feeding the press.

        One of the same drones we’ll use on you when you line us up by the river to shoot us!

  • Capt. WED

    China U scary. U ignorant.


    Damn chinasmack is like self-hate central.

  • Captain China

    I feel that people badmouthing Japan are the race-traitors. China wants a peaceful rise to power, it’s not incredibly violent or warmongering at all, unlike it’s militaristic neighbors.

    China has the ability to rise above this, grit it’s teeth, and move on.

    Not many countries can do that.

    • Hero

      Sounds like bullshit to me. Probably will become even worst than US.

      • Angelus

        All countries that have power will become bullies. It’s just a matter of time, and History can prove it.

  • Capt. WED

    But I know you all hate me anyway. That’s okay cos that’s the nature of things. There’s always gonna be someone you hate. Dualism.

    >>> that’s okay. I’m happy <<<<

  • Jess

    China vs Japan

    Who would win in a war? China has more manpower, Japan has better technology.

    • lol

      Japan does not have better military technology.

      • staylost

        Um, it wouldn’t really matter. They’d just “7.23 Wenzhou” it. Can you imagine China’s first aircraft carrier, whose pilot was trained in just ten days, colliding with the rest of China’s fleet.

        China had the power to resist Japan in the 2nd world war, but corruption, betrayal for greener pastures, and apathy won out. (This is a insult toward the leadership, not the common soldier.) I don’t see what has changed.

    • Hongjian

      China blows up a nuclear plant near Tokyo and whole of Japan is contamined with radiation. Instant win.

      • Just John

        I think you should volunteer to become the suicide bomber for the mission.
        You will even get 40 virgins when you get to heaven.

        • Justin

          If they’re Chinese virgins, they are probably all WoW players. Sorry, I just had to say it.

          • Just John

            Given that females don’t play games, a proven fact, didn’t you know, or visit the internet, unless it is to shopping sites, then what you just alluded to, I will just try to pretend I never heard…

            Guess that means Arabs get a better heavenly deal?
            At least their 40 virgins are women….

          • lol

            Actually I know a few girls who play WoW…it shocked me at first too.

  • Fort

    i dont know if u suckers know but if Japan goes under their will be no more JAPAN Av for you losers to wank over. idiots

  • Sean

    The history of Japans actions in China was nothing short of horrendous and should never be forgotten. However speaking as an outsider, when one hears of certain segments of the Japanese or Chinese community gloating at the others misfortune it not only reflects a poorly upon that individual and will be used as justification by the other side next time, but internationally it does not show either nation in a very good light portraying each as unsympathetic and bigoted

  • Chef Rocco

    Fauna, why not you post the discussion about the monument for Japanese explorers in Fengzheng county here? It has been a controversial and intriguing piece.

  • staylost

    Brainwashed to hate people you don’t even know. It is always a good reminder that evil is real and we should stand against it.

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    Every Chinese forget their own issues seeing Japanese streets on water :p

    SHA B

  • 平凡人

    There is so much hatred here instead of sympathy. History is the past which we learned from it, becoming a stronger nation in all aspects is what we should aim for. Cursing and laughing at people’s misfortune bring us no where. What’s wrong with the education system today?

    • vic2u

      Some people know that Japan wanted the USA to drop the A Bomb on China and nuke BJ back in the 50’s.

      And some people know that the USA is helping the Japanese to get armed with nukes aka WMDs.

      What’s China to like about the Nipponese?

      • Just John


        Last I heard, the Japanese were the most outspoken, anti-nuclear weapons country in the world.

        Something about knowing first hand what the bombs do.

      • 平凡人

        Not sure where you get your facts but I would sure like to know more about it. For your information, in the late 80’s Japan is China’s biggest creditor, there was a loan given by Japan to China for infrastructure development; first negotiation by Hua Guofeng, negotiation closed by Den Xiaoping.
        We need to read more and know more before we pass remarks.

        • Hongjian

          All paid by Mao’s and Deng’s general anmesty against the jap warcrimes.

          Hell, Deng’s only mistake wasnt 6.4. – these faggy students deserved every bullet – it was that he didnt fight harder for Diaoyutai.

          As again. Repeadedly many general secretaries and paramount leaders betrayed the nation of China. This is what the CCP should fix ASAP – Zero tolerance against fucking japs trying to encroach Chinese territory.

          • 平凡人

            6.4, you were not there, I am born in the 60s, am now going to 50. I agree Deng had no choice, he did what was right at that time. However, missing friends and school mates…..

  • Justin

    Yeah the overly nationalistic crap is pretty disgusting, but every country has its assholes. If you look at the message boards for Yahoo! news on any story about China/the Middle East/Europe or any other country that America has some kind of beef with, you’ll see the same sort of sentiments coming from America.

    • b. prichard

      Correct. People are the worst. Be deeply suspicious of anyone who refers to him or herself as a “patriot”. Patriotism is about the emptiest personal philosophy one can hold. Trying to bask in the reflected glory of accomplishments that didn’t involve oneself.

      • Irvin

        Agree 100%, all patriots are actually sheep without their own philosophies and thoughts.

      • pervertt

        Who was it who said that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. The comments of the Chinese “patriots” disgust me. There is something quite revolting about individuals indulging in schadenfreude when a neighbour (albeit a former enemy) is in strife. If these idiots are representative of wider Chinese society (and I hope they’re not), the country has quite some way to go before it catches up with civilised norms in the rest of the developed world.

    • Anon

      It’s true that you can find ugly comments anywhere, but I simply don’t believe that the proportion and level of vitriol is comparable. And I read this stuff for myself, I’m not relying on ChinaSmack’s selections.

  • Hongjian’s small penis

    “hiding behind americas big nigger cock”- Hongjian
    hands if Hongjian’s has one of the most amazing cases of penis envy in history…lmao!!!

    It’s cool Hongjian, size doesn’t matter if your’e not getting laid anyway…

    • Alikese

      Hongjian is a girl so it should be “Hongjian’s huge manly vagina” not “Hongjian’s small penis.”

      • Tengu

        Maybe it’s a very sly reference to her clitoral attributes!

    • ander

      I was just thinking about Hongjian’s inferiority complex after reading some of his posts~

      Such massive trolling with such a teeny-weenie. Pity his poor girlfriend.

  • pitbull6

    Don’t you just love these mainland hicks?

    As bad as they Japanese are during war, they never ever hurt THEIR OWN PPL. Their brutality/cruelty to their enemies in war are despicable but atleast they take care of their own.

    Unlike these commie mainland pigs who would not think twice to poison, kill, maim, cheat THEIR OWN PPL for MONEY and POWER.

    Ponder upon that and think who are the worse among the two.

    “5 thousand years of civilisation” and it never taught you guys some civility?

    • vic2u

      That’s right.

      Be happy and be glad they don’t kill outside the family, it’s a mafia thing.

      But one day they will, then you and your family will be killed.

      • pitbull6

        seriously the Commies do not have the balls to bully anyone else other than their own ppl or any other minorities that have less than them.

        Atleast the Japs dare to go against everyone around them during WW2.

        the first sign of war and the first one to flee would be the CCP members and leave the commie plebians to die. War?! hahaha what a laugh

        • anon

          Study up on history. The Japanese Empire hurt their own people plenty during war, just ask the Okinawans.


          And really, no one who actually follows Japanese domestic news would ever say Japanese people don’t fuck over their own for money and power or self-benefit. Happens all the time. Stereotyping Japanese as saints isn’t realistic or reasonable.

          Finally, the Chinese may well bully others when they have the balls, just as the Japanese did when they had the balls. You misunderstand having balls as being innate. That wasn’t the case. The Japanese only had the balls to go against everyone when they felt they were strong enough (and then when they were stupid enough). Same as Germany, same as any aggressor in the history of conflict. Few people go bullying others unless they feel they have a decisive advantage. The Japanese were no different. The Chinese likewise.

      • Tengu

        I have some experience in that whole “Cosa Nostra” thing.

        “Cosa Nostra” literally means “this thing or ours”…OURS being the operative word…families are left alone, so it’s NOT a “Mafia thing”

        You’re mixing them up with the Colombians or the Mexican Cartels.

  • Song of the Article

    – Insane Clown Posse

    a special 50c

  • Irvin

    Chinese people did more harm to themselves than any outside source ever could.

    This also remains true to any civilization. Take the african slaves for example. Blacks always blame the white for their slavery, but if you read up on history the white people actually traded for the slaves with local african tribes. War profiteering perhaps but without the cooperation of the locals it would’ve been much harder.

    As chinese we fucked ourselves up pretty good, selling off HK, macau, civil war, culture revolution, 6.4…….etc

    If we weren’t so divided and weak japan could never commit those atrocious act during the war.

    Even to this day we continue to fuck ourselves, fake eggs, recycling waste into cooking oil, poisonous milk, selfish and fucked up policies of the government, inferior domestic goods and services….

    We’ll sooner destroy ourselves from within than without.

    In any problems we can always look back and reflect and if we’re honest we can see that there were always something that we could have done but didn’t.

    It’s always easier to blame others than looking into a mirrior.

    • Irvin

      In addition, anyone that’s not blind can see that it’s against china’s interest from a logical or economic point of view to be anyone’s enemy or war with anyone.

      We’re the world’s manufacture, chances are no matter where you go you’ll see tags with “made in china” printed on it. We’re selling to everyone and everyone is our customer. YES even japan, just google how many chopstick alone they import from us yearly.

      Any chinese that truly cared about the well being of their country would advocate harmony. Each dead japanese is one less chopstick we can sell to them. And that’s just bad business.

      • Hongjian

        Sorry, but harmonious world is bullshit.

        Ever wondered why Japan could ever muster the power to fuck with China?

        They were united under a facist militaristic goverment and ideology that accepted no of such self-hating emo faggots who advocate appeasement policies like you. And even after Japan lost and was nuked, their people’s culture of singlemindedness still remained and made them a great economic power of unreachable unity.

        China isnt weak because of those pussy things you mentioned. China is weak because it always had too many people like YOU!

        Yeah, what an honour to sell the great japanese masters chopsticks and the great americunts cheap shit. Yeah, just lick their balls and let them insult you for being an inferior race just to please them to continue buying your shit. Yeah, embrace their democratic ideals and plunge your own country into chaos and civil war again as the western world wishes to be. Yeah, do everything just to please the great western world and the japs for the sake of HARMONY.

        Fuck You.

        You are the cancer that is killing China inside.

        Only facism and militarism can save China. Only totalitarism and fanatic single-mindedness being the leading ideologies replacing the meek and sheepish traditional chinese culture can unfuck China and solve the societal problems of division and corruption.
        If naysayers and dovish appeasement fags like you continue to pollute the chinese people’s minds with your hippie-shit, China will never become a great power that demands respect through fear in the world, like any great power should. It will always remain the cocksucker of corporatist america and looked down upon by the shitty japs.

        Go sing Kumbaya somewhere else and open a blog writing your faggy feelings in it untill the MSS invites you for tea after raping your sorry ass with a 15″ shanzai-maglight.

        • Tengu

          Moment, moment …one cannot be “unfucked”, once that puppy is popped there’s no going back.

          “…even after Japan lost and was nuked, their people’s culture of singlemindedness still remained and made them a great economic power of unreachable unity.”

          Excellent point and very well made.

          “China will never become a great power that demands respect through fear in the world, like any great power should.”

          You need more than one refitted used used aircraft carrier to be “feared”, the Italians have more aircraft carriers.

          If you promise not so sell me any “cheap shit” and I premise not to make any references to “an inferior race”…will you lick MY balls…I’m just asking nice!

    • typingfromwork

      My my, you’re being a bit emo for having the most dynamic economy anywhere in the world.

      Man up. For fuck’s sakes you still think like a knave. You need to realise that in many aspects China is the equal, if not the master of those who once before looked down on her.

      Free your mind and grow a pair, and then you can actually contribute something to society instead of moan about shit all the time.

      • Irvin

        And you should grow a brain.

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    It’s very important that people have something to talk about beside the Wenzhou train crash! Glad to see that a bit of Sino-Japanese BS is keeping people’s minds on all of the issues that don’t matter! Long live stability and stupidity, they go hand in hand.

  • Carly O

    China and Japan will be rivals as long as people are reminded of the tragic history the Japanese inflicted on Chinese soils. I have seen photographs and documentaries of what the Japanese did, beheading men, women and children, raping girls, pregnant women and teenagers, beating them and than killing them…these things did happen and it’s the unchangeable truth, the people that they’ve ruthlessly killed and raped weren’t just victims of war, or rather, an intrusion, but they did not deserve to die like that. They had families and loved ones, I can’t imagine being a man forced to watch my own wife being raped by a Japanese soldier. Inhumane is an understatement, the Japanese back then deserve nothing more than to rot in hell, saying this, I am fully aware that their failure to conquer China is a taboo in Japan and many Japanese people today have no idea what their ancestors did. Even so, some of their attitudes towards China is still belittling, I think this is what will fuel China’s brewing hatred for them. I do not condemn the Chinese for discriminating the Japanese, for what had happened to their ancestors is something that we can never empathize with. Japan has had a turbulent past with China that goes back centuries, even dynasties back. Initially, they had been on good terms with China but once they reaped the benefits from what they have been educated with, they try to invade China, multiple times may I add, especially navy battles in which they too, ruthlessly watched the Chinese drown whilst they saved foreigners. Every life taken heartlessly from the Japanese will never be forgotten, you may argue that this is the past and people should let this hatred go and other cliche talk on peace and love, I would just like to reiterate that the helpless suffering the Chinese encountered centuries ago and even in modern society all feels like yesterday for them. Without really knowing what happened, without really looking into each account of cruelty and learning about all the rape and murder that took place, I don’t think one blindly just condemn the Chinese for ‘wishing’ bad upon the Japanese because behind that is the weight of generations of hatred. That hatred isn’t going to just dissipate. Though I also wish that the world and be peaceful and countries can all be allies, reality just isn’t that way and it unfortunately will not be…at least not in our lifetimes.

    • Just John

      How many Chinese did the Japanese kill during the Nanking Massacre?
      Best estimates to date appear to be around 300,000.

      How many Chinese did the Chinese kill in the cultural revolution?
      Well, millions….
      “The famine caused the deaths of millions of people, particularly in poorer inland regions”
      Battle Deaths: 406,000
      By Guomindang (KMT): 1,524,000
      By Communists: 850,000
      By Warlords: 350,000
      SUBTOTAL (Military + Civilian): 3,130,000
      Famine/Flood: 6,500,000”

      Not to mention that during the cultural revolution, China also had Chinese raping and killing Chinese.

      Japan was an “External” perpetrator.
      China was an “Internal” perpetrator.

      As someone who went to school how much education is dedicated to the two events.
      From what my wife has informed me of (Since she is Chinese, not me), about 1 page for cultural revolution, while they covered the Nanking Massacre for about 1 week.

      So, who has killed the most Chinese?

      Not really arguing with you, just giving you the relevant information so YOU can make an informed decision.

      Does this matter to the Chinese? Probably not, but still shows hatred based on bias, not on factual representation.

      • typingfromwork

        Yes, but does that excuse the Japanese from what they did? Nope, what they did during the war was barbaric and needs to be properly admonished, and the Japanese need to be more sincere in their appology.

        The CCP needs to be taken into account as well for their wrong doings in the past decades. But I will give you this little hint. When China becomes fully democratic and done something about the atrocities of the Cultural revolution years, people will still demand that Japan should atone fully for her sins during the second world war, just as South Korea, a full and functional democracy, still demonstrates against Japan’s callous attitude to her past misdeeds to this day.

        • Just John

          I love how people always talk about how they need to be more “sincere”. Maybe you need to paint the picture of what they need to do to meet these “sincere” points of reference.
          Maybe you think they need to grovel? Maybe they need to crawl on their knees from Hong Kong to Beijing? You don’t accept their apology? That is fine, but guess what, that does not mean that one was not made, or in this case, many…

          They have apologized numerous times (Publicly over 50 times, pretty much every single decade since their ancestors committed those acts). Go look it up.
          They have offered money multiple times. Again, look it up.

          You want to hold someone up for their crimes, feel free.
          All those old men and women who might have had a hand in those crimes have probably all died, or are so old they probably can’t remember because of senility.

          I doubt anyone is saying that the Japanese that committed said crimes should be forgiven. I think most peoples sentiments is get over the whole “The sins of the father” issue, because the people alive and active in Japan now are the people who learned from it, not the people who committed it.

          Just give it up… Learn, grow, but people are trying to say over and over and over, get over it…

          • Hongjian

            Japanese apologies remain unsincere as long as japese politicians are still visiting the Yasukuni shrine honouring warcriminals.

            It’s like if Angela Merkel offers money to Israel while still visiting a shrine dedicated to Hitler. I bet you that the kikes wont like that.

            Simple as that.

            “Just John” or “Just A Retard”?

          • Just John

            Here here, spoken like a true troll.

            Keep on (t)rolling Hongjian.

            Trolls: The Town Drunks Of The Internet

            A study conducted by researchers at Northwestern University has reached a conclusion that many of us have entertained but dismissed as “not having a study conducted by researchers at Northwestern University behind it.” Namely: trolling is like being sloppy drunk.

            According to the science guys:
            A new study has found that anonymity gives people the same feeling of abandon as power and alcohol intoxication.

            “Although these pathways appear to be unrelated on the surface, they all lead to dis-inhibited states through a common psychological and neurological mechanism,” said Jacob Hirsh of the university’s Kellogg School of Management.

            Dr Hirsh’s colleague Professor Adam Galinsky said the loss of inhibition led to “significant behavioral consequences”.
            Ah, “loss of inhibition!” Is any combination of words sweeter to the ears (and livers) of trolls and drunkards alike? To be a troll is to be transported back to the heady days of frat house “Pre-Saturday Night Party” parties, where the cheap beer flowed like cheap beer and many bad decisions were made, most of them irrevocable.

            Much in the same way that alcohol can turn a fertile mind into a karaoke-singing, one-man party bursting with OPINIONS! (and some vomit), trolling can turn a regular, possibly decent person into an apoplectic nightmare full of half-formed rejoinders and circular logic, which often devolves into schoolyard name-calling flame-outs (well, a schoolyard full of drunks…) or sudden exits from the conversation, presumably to go “sleep it off” on the bathroom floor.

            There’s more from the professor, which explains a lot of what we see here at chinaSMACK on a daily basis:
            When people lose their inhibitions, they often behave in a manner more consistent with their true motives or character. At the same time, they also tend to be more easily influenced by their environment.

            “In effect, dis-inhibition can both reveal and shape the person, as contradictory as that may sound,” Professor Galinsky said.

            The end result is that power, alcohol and anonymity can all inspire either strong pro- or anti-social sentiments in people.
            The study may help explain why anonymous commentators on the web often appear to hold extreme views.

            Extreme views? Anti-social sentiments? Random hollering about someone’s day job? It’s all here. And for all the talk about “not feeding the trolls,” it’s hard to resist, especially when they’re packing a buzz and getting the conversational munchies. Besides, who wouldn’t want the chance to respond to a non sequitur composed of misspelled words and terrible analogies? We really want to take the high road, but the troll road is like a free ride straight downhill into STFU-ville. (Plus, the troll booths are closed! Bonus!)

            Sooner or later, if the subject matter is contentious enough, the chinaSMACK comment threads are overrun with loudmouth drunks/trolls, not unlike the state of Wisconsin on any given night. (Or afternoon.) Ugly words are exchanged and brash statements made, most of them sorely in need of a citation. Hours later, it becomes a wasted blend of ALL CAPS shouting and any number of logical fallacies, before presumably heading quickly downhill to muted futile sobbing and calls to former sexual acquaintances.

            And much like the virtual alcoholics they are, the trolling commenters will rarely let a day go by without a quick pull from the hip flask labelled “Submit,” even if they’ve got nothing more than a quick “FUD” to spit out like an accidentally swallowed cigarette butt. Even the worst of hangovers won’t stop the trolloholic from popping in quickly to call someone a liar or misread the byline on a post.

            So, keep this valuable information in mind, chinaSMACK readers, the next time you find yourself trapped in an elliptical argument with an armchair Hongjian: they’re just drunk on trolljuice, a potent blend of ignorance, anger and “chicken hawk syndrome.”

            How else would you explain vic2u’s one-man flamewar, in which he paints every disagreeing commenter with a broad paintbrush dipped in self-hatred (often mistaken for “mockery,” but the acidic taste of bile gives it away), painting everything the same ugly shade of misanthropy?

            Don’t let the Anonymous Coward label fool you, though. chinaSMACK is filled with thoughtful and humorous Elijah’s, while also serving as a host for a variety of proudly-named trolls. The real trolls are the commenters who show up for one reason: to insult as many chinaSMACK readers as possible while simultaneously trying to re-frame the debate around their own twisted logic. You’d think it would be harder to type with such an outsized chip on your shoulder, but the internet never ceases to amaze.

            Trolls, like the ones singled out above, are like the uncle you purposely uninvited to your wedding. The one who shows up anyway and spends the entire night alternately abusing the open bar and the wedding guests, bitterly decrying organized religion and the institution of marriage to anyone who will listen and others who are actively eyeing the exits. He swaggers around in a state of progressive drunkeness, alienating people left and right, before collapsing anti-climatically in the coat room after making a last-ditch pass at your newly-minted sister-in-law.

            As the hangover ebbs, he remains secure in his belief that he “totally ripped those backwaters rubes a new one” when in all reality, all he did was pound home the fact that people hate him for a reason.

            Trolls, just remember that your spluttering anger and misplaced indignity is often a source of amusement for us. Other times, it’s just the same old shit, like when dad starts hitting the sauce and pounding out angry letters to the editor decrying the city council’s recent decision to change local street signs to initial caps only. Sure, he seems to be truly perturbed by this now, but by the next day, it’s just another piece of paper that ends up going straight from the Smith-Corona into the nearest wastebasket. The only difference is that, thanks to the miracle of THE INTERNET, the “angry letter” can be submitted instantly, 24/7, requiring nothing more of the brainstem-operating troll than the minute amount of hand-eye coordination needed to push a button.

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          • typingfromwork

            You can go and look up how few times the Emperor of Japan has actually offered nothing more than an few brief words on the subject.

            By the way, look up the number of “comfort women” who have campained for decades for official recognition of their mistreatment and compensation, yet all successive Japanese governments have willfully ignored their cases and seem content to wait it out until they all die of old age.

            I guess you come from a country that has never suffered such extreme violence from another. In which case you are unfit to pass judgement on the way people feel about the matter.

            Why don’t you tell Jewish people world wide to “grow up” when they are confronted with Holocaust denial? “Get over it! Hitler wasn’t so bad! Don’t you understand the current crop of neo-nazis are nothing like the old ones? sheesh!”

            By the way, your little tl;dr rant against Hongjian? Kinda implies that you’re trolling up a stink, too.

          • Just John

            Rant? Nah, it was a funny article about trolling I found. You should read it before you categorize it.
            Also, you should notice, it was not my article either, it was from another source that I plainly cited, but guess you failed to read it and just started mouthing off about it, hmmm?

            As for my “ancestors” not being subject to brutalization, my “ancestors” are comprised of:
            1. American Indians
            2. Jewish Germans.

            Please repeat what you said? I don’t know about what?
            You don’t know Jack shit about me, and Jack left town.

            And yes, while I will agree that Japan would not compensate comfort women until it was forced to by court (http://www.jpri.org/publications/workingpapers/wp77.html), I would also not say that over 50 apologizes (I will agree that some seemed halfhearted, while others did not) is “nothing”.

            But again, your main point does not matter, because I was discussing Japans current population. I already stated that the population who committed the atrocities don’t deserve forgiveness. I also just as plainly said that the whole “The sins of the father” is a lame argument, and that they need to get over it since the generation that is experiencing these disasters is NOT the same generation.


          • anon

            That techdirt trolling essay was quite amusing.

      • Jay K.

        in the end it all comes down to not ow many you killed but who insulted whose mama.

        simple terms its like this, i can talk bad about my mother but you cant.

    • Disgusted

      I wonder how you justify 70 million Chinese that died under Chairman Mao vs 11 million Chinese that have died in the second world war. How would you justify your reasons for my ancestors and relatives that died during Chairman Mao…That is was okay, because they died under the same circumstances from Chinese…For that fact is the main reason that many people like yourself cannot move on…


      • vic2u

        Disgusted, go look up some real history on how millions of Chinese that died under Chairman Mao, I am not gonna tell you were to go for it but the truth is there.

        Try looking in to how the UN lead by the USA blockaded China from buying food and medicine for the Chinese people back in those years.

        And the USA banned all countries from trading with China until Nixon came into office.

        Go to Cuba and see how the UN and Amerikan blockade works, may be you can appreciate the millions of Chinese dying from hunger and starvation under Mao.

        It’s out there just look harder and you too will find the truth.

        And it won’t be from Chinese textbooks but from western history archives.

        • Dave

          Try looking in to how the UN lead by the USA blockaded China from buying food and medicine for the Chinese people back in those years.

          The Heavenly Kingdom needed aid from Western Imperialists?

          • nusgai

            Again, go look up some real history. Try googling “great leap forward grain exports”.

            Go to Cuba and see how they have absolutely no post-1959 cars (esp. no Ladas) or planes, no computers, no cell phones, and no foreign embassies, because “the USA banned all countries from trading” with them.

            Really, it’s out there just look harder and you too will find the truth.

        • Uh? That’s so wrong, it’s funny. Many countries already had existing trade with China before Nixon came into office. But other than that, Mao refused aid from most countries. His policies didn’t help either, the GLF, and Cultural Revolution weren’t anybody’s fault but Mao and his cronies. Ask Liu Shaoqi that… oh wait, Mao got rid of him.

          Seriously though, the information you just gave was more about Cuba than China.

          • nusgai

            Err, UN blockade against Cuba?

          • What I was generally trying to state was that everything about a ‘blockade’ which occurred against China by the U.S is nonsense, and sounds like a rehash of what the U.S did against Cuba.

    • Irvin

      All you angry people should just go and do something about it instead of trolling here and asking for an apology.

      When the cop told Arnold in Terminator to fuck off what did Arnold do? ask for an apology? nope! he said “I’ll be back” and drive a fucking truck through the front door with guns blazing.

  • eattot

    if one day, japan began to sink, what will china do?
    i do not think US would help them, china still is their best place to go.
    no matter how rich it is, small state always hard to play a big role.

    • Alikese

      And what if Taiwan floats off into the sky, who would help them? Probably China.

    • Tony

      Ha, we could put the entire Japanese population in North and South Dakota (approximately the total area of Japan) and revitalize the Midwest economy. We have the space – I don’t think China does. I can see it now – Bullet Trains from Fargo to Rapid City.

      • vic2u

        There are almost no real Japanese left in North Amerika.

        The Japanese in North Amerika now looks like whitey/Latino people or blue eye Filipinos, can’t tell any more.

        “Bullet Trains from Fargo to Rapid City.”

        The US will have to move the red man out of there first.

      • Alice S

        You take them if you really want them then.

    • Alice S

      I hope Jappland sinks ASAP. And I’m glad you think the darling US won’t help them! :)

  • Andy

    Even Jewish people put the Holocaust behind them and moved on, but the Chinese are always bleating on and on and on about the events of WW2.
    Sure it was a tragedy, but the thing that seems most obvious from their hateful comments, is that it undermines their self-image and national pride that their collective asses were kicked by such a tiny country.

    In fact you have to go back a long, long time since China won a war against anyone of significance.

    • typingfromwork

      >Jewish people
      >put the Holocaust behind them

      Um, what? Holocaust memorials, TV programs, films, Books… Memorial days all around the world, to remind people that such a terrible event can never be repeated again.

      So, Chinese people “Bleat on” about WW2? What ignorant use of words. The events of WW2 should never be repeated, and that’s why it is important to remember them.

      • Just John

        Actually, I had the pleasure of being in Germany recently, and made a few friends.

        Me and a friend got into a discussion about this.

        He was telling me about how when he travels through Europe, many people tell him things like “Go back to your country, Nazi”, or smirk and “Heil Hitler” at him.

        Do we need reminded? Sure, so history won’t repeat itself.

        Should we stereotype all people from a country who’s ancestors committed an atrocity? Well, if you think that, then I think pretty much every country will have some level of “blame” to forever carry.

        Are the Chinese the only ones who harbor these feelings?
        If my story did not paint it well enough, the answer is no.

        Does that mean that Chinese should move on?
        Yes, we all have to move on, or we just keep playing the victim card, instead of actually living, and at some point it just becomes petty and stupid.

        It is not about forgetting, it is about growing out of your insecurities about the past and learning to embrace those who have never wronged you, not blaming them.

    • Irvin

      Not all chinese share Hongjian’s sentiments.

      And just how did we not moved on? We became the world’s 2nd largest economy, we hosted an olympic game, send a man to space, and we got slushy at 7eleven.

      I say with the exception of a few minor idiots, the chinese people as a whole moved on pretty good.

      • China’s 7-11’s Slushees only come in two different flavors, not as many as other state-of-the-art 7-11’s of first world country’s the world over, but that’s okay: they both taste like authortative captitalism – overly sweet, but always with enough bitterness to fill you up.

  • fag

    i wonder if there are this many whiteys sticking up for the chinese on some japansmack when they were laughing it up about the train crashes.

    fucking weeaboo faggots make me sick

    • ander

      They’re there.
      Check out some of the trolls on Japan Today.
      And the timing couldn’t be better:
      The A-bombing anniversaries.

  • I_love_China

    Japan kills a few million and become hated by Chinese forever. Mao kills 70 million and is revered as the shinning light of Chinese. I guess the Japanese should have tried harder, maybe the Chinese would have more respect for them if they could kill as effectively as the ruling party in China.

    China uses Japan as a blindfold for the native people. It is always better for a country to have an external enemy. It breeds nationalism and channels hate to one external target that is then used to blind people to the horrors committed by their own people.

    I have to say that the China we know is a despicable place. Chinese people are inherently warm hearted and good people, but they don’t trust anyone or respect anyone outside of their own little circles and this then makes their actions towards others seem bad and therefor the people appear much worse than they actually are. However, the malicious comments posted by these people about the misfortunes of others offers us a clear idea of what is acceptable in this corrupted society.

    • Correct! The ‘external threat’ which is Japan has been more or less hyped up in recent decades to help reinforce the mandate of the CCP on its’ hold of the country.

      • vic2u

        Two whites don’t make it right.

        “the China we know is a despicable place.”


        And to Brett, well you know what you know, nothing.

  • Appalled@everything

    Wow. so many idiotic responses for Chinese. Sure, you have absolutely every reason to resent the Japanese who committed atrocities IN THE PAST. but hmm, well you know the world kind of moves on.. it is usually called progess, development… isn’t that part of your “China is a developing country” tout? I mean. People who are suffering from these disasters had NOTHING to do with your great grandmother being raped and murder. NOTHING whatsoever, and only a tiny fraction of the government, those who would discredit and deny, or teach lies and chose to sway the truth to brainwash their people are those who you should hate. Not the MILLIONS of others who are just Japanese because they were born there.
    Seriously. You lot who are happy this has happened are ignorant and pathetic. when you can’t get your new iPhone or iPad want to appreciate how good and valuable Japan is to your material lifestyle.


    • Disgusted

      “Schadenfreude” …it is alive and well in Chinasmack

    • anon

      Everything you said about keeping your hate for those who deserve it and not generalizing everyone else into it I agree with entirely. I just wish more people inside and outside of China, and especially here, would actually consciously keep that in mind.

      And just a nitpicking point, the iPhone and iPad are actually assembled in China (remember Foxconn?), not Japan. There may be some components made there but I think that may more be South Korea…many of whom also hate Japan with a vengeance. Just sayin’.

  • Dave

    The Chinese hate and mock Japan, while the rest of the world hates and mocks China.

    Amusing, really.

  • typingfromwork

    Some Chinese netizens use tragedy as an excuse to spew hate over in Japan.

    Many Chinasmackers use this as an excuse to spew uninformed hate on China.

    Why sink so low, Chinasmackers?

    ps. it’s not like there weren’t some voices calling for reason and compassion in the original Chinese posts. But it’s easier to focus on the negative, right?

    • Just John

      O, get off your high horse.

      Do I need to point out where you have done the exact same things?

      At least I admit that I troll, what about you?
      Maybe you should go back to work, instead of typing on an internet blog at work…

      • typingfromwork

        Woah woah, john, what is with all these personal attacks? Calling someone an “idiot” is really… inmature. So you admit that you troll. Hmmm. I guess that part about you being Native American and Jewish was your attempt at “trolling”, too? But you sounded serious in that post so I’ll let it slide.

        I don’t think I have used this flood as an opportunity to talk smack on the Japanese. But hey, this is the internet so whatever. Unsubstantiated comments are FACTS!

        Your arguement from a few posts back was basically “since Chinese people killed more Chinese than the Japanese are off the hook”, which is a pathetic arguement by any standards.

        Why are you such an angry man? Is trolling a way to get rid of your stress and daily frustrations? Don’t worry mate, I do it too, but mostly on other topics. This one piqued my interest, so I’m being a bit serious about it.

        Anyway, you seem like an intelligent fellow at heart. Just don’t end your arguements with ad hominems, it makes you look like a twat.

        inb4 >didn’t end with ad hominem

    • anon

      I agree.

      For some reason, I’m surprised Just John is getting on your case though. It doesn’t match my impression of him as a commenter here but maybe I’ve gotten some people mixed up?

      • Just John

        Eh, we all have our good and bad days.

        Sometimes one just gets to drunk on trolljuice.

        Other then Hongjian and vic2u, much love for all my fellow chinaSMACKers.

      • Just John

        o, and at typingfromwork,

        I apologize. I actually ment it as more of a lighthearted jab then what it is after recovering from my previous day’s “trolljuice” hangover.

        Somewhere along the lines, my brain and fingers did not get the same message.

        Maybe I should go see a doctor, see if a wire snapped somewhere :o

        • typingfromwork

          Hey no problems man, sometimes a little trolling will cure what ails ya.

          You made some excellent points with regard to the need to get rid of the victim complex, which is fair as it creates a mental glass ceiling that is ultimately self destructive.

          It is also true however that the ultraconservative elements within Japan have constantly blocked a full evaluation of the past, with the refusal to recognise “comfort women” and the Nanjing Massacre, which would be nothing of consequence has it not been for the fact that they hold considerable clout within Japanese politics.

          Anyway, it’s always good to talk.

  • Yaya

    They really need to get over it…so much pride, ego and hatred from generations who didn’t live through it…you don’t see the french and the german still bashing on each other.

    These people are right: http://answers.echinacities.com/node/866

    • vic2u

      Just like the blacks in the USA, they really need to get over it…..
      black pres., blacks on whitey girls, blacks running Amerikan shit companies and blacks screwing the country to 3rd world status.

      And they still want more. They really need to get over it…

  • Ping

    talk about holding a grudge, most of you weren’t even alive during WW2… do u think all of W Europe (jews) hates Germany today? pillaging is an unfortunate part of victory on the battlefield, China hasn’t won one to know that.

    • Alice S

      I’m not sure if my/others feelings have anything to do with the 2nd Sino-Jap War…

  • some_guy

    Just as figured. Westerners and non-Chinese feverishly defends Japan as some country with no wrongs while demonizing China as a country full of ugly, barbaric savages. Typical. You guys who cannot read Japanese have NO right whatsoever to defend the Japanese. Do you guys have any idea how Japanese mock the Chinese to this day? Just go watch Channel Sakura, Zaitokukai, Fujisankei, and Yomiuri to see how Japanese mock and hate Chinese. Books that describe Chinese as inferior beings are national best sellers in Japan, while no books in China can be racist against Japan because of the whole “harmonious society” bullshit. Polls have also repeatedly show that the percentage of Japanese who hate China FAR out numbers the percentage of Chinese who hate Japan EVERY SINGLE TIME. So do some research before accusing that Chinese hate the Japanese while Japanese are such nice people, because it’s just the opposite.

    • vic2u

      And the Nipponese are the KKK of Asia.

      They call themselves the superior (yellow) race.

      But Westerners and non-Chinese and expats are blind to all that, they just want the west and most of Asia to hate China.

      • Alice S

        Japs Japs Japs

    • Hongjian

      The west will support whoever claims to follow their shitty religion of democracy.
      Back then in WWII KMT China claimed to be that democratic cocksucker – and the West supported China.
      After China became red, the US issued a general anmesty over the Japs, protected their warcriminals and whitewashed the entire japanese history to be a history of peacefulness and harmony, while at the same time declaring the China they’ve supported just before as the den of evil and a history full of conquest and injustice.
      Nowadays, the japs can be as racist, as bigot and as xenophobic as they want – the western world will support them regardless and downplay every shit they are doing, while at the same time declare every of China’s moves being a threat to whole humanity.


      See that propaganda?
      Sounds pretty similiar to what the US spouts about Tibet’s or Japan’s history nowadays eh?

      Now compare this shit with what the US spouts about China nowaday.

      Fucking western hypocrites. Weaboo fucks should all be lined up and shot.

      • Why does the US have citizens of every nationality in the world living here. Everyone wants to live here because of the opportunities and freedom. Do not hate what you do not understand. If you were to live here in the US life would never be the same for you again.

        Chinese and Japanese people are very smart. It is people like Hongjian and Vic2u that have deep rooted emotional problems and the low iq’s really show through here. I predict that the Chinese will be the number 1 economy before long.

        We have people in the US like Hongjian and Vic2u, they hate black people, they hate what they do not understand.

        There is a saying in the US “Do not put anyone down until you have walked a mile in their shoes”

        There is also another saying in the US, it is called “little penis syndrome” It means that some people have to act mean and violent to make up for where they lack in penis size.

    • Disgusted

      What you stated is untrue and false. You don’t even live here in Japan…I do, so don’t make false statements about what you said…We don’t mock you, you are mocking yourself…There is no place for hatred in our world…so nexttime you drink your Starbucks in your so called “anti-China” society in your mind…think twice about the freedoms your present country that has fought for you…

      • some_guy

        You live in Japan? Then go read Sankei Shimbun. Go watch Channel Sakura. Go read anything published by 文芸春秋、扶桑社, etc., and then come back and tell me that Japanese people don’t hate Chinese. Mocking Chinese (and Koreans) is a national past time for them.

    • dim mak

      Just as figured. some_guy clings onto his old hatreds despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

      Breaking news: every time you say this you come up with 0 proof.

      I speak Japanese, I challenged you to provide evidence, and all you could come up with was a Youtube channel. The only thing even remotely mainstream in your list is Sankei, and that thing has next to no circulation. How does Yomiuri stack up compared to say, Huanqiu? Which books are national bestsellers, exactly? Look at the PEW global opinion reports, both sides feel more or less the same about each other.

  • Bill

    Nobody should ever forget the atrocities committed by Japan in World War 2, especially in Nanjing. However, almost none of those people who committed the crimes are still alive!

    My father fought against the Japanese in the war. He flew a U.S. P-51 fighter plane over Japan, and they made many attempts to kill him. After the war, when I was a kid, he wouldn’t let me say bad things about the Japanese because it was racist. Hatred is easy; forgiveness is more difficult.

    • vic2u

      Well my uncles were killing and chopping the crap out of the Japanese in that war too.

      For 4 months they burned, shot and chopped those Japanese until there weren’t any left and later they nuked them to toast.

      Just before my uncles dead, they gave away their war pictures.

      Some pics showed GIs with heads in hand and the Japanese balls being cut in halves.

      They had a US military funeral and it was grand.

      So, well they love Japan and they go there often before.

      • Jones

        Were your uncles members of non-English speaking militaries? Your English is odd.

        • vic2u

          Yeah they speak Amerikan.

          • Tengu

            It’s referred to as “speaking English” NOT “speak Amerikan.”

            His “English is odd” is an understatement.

            “Just before my uncles dead”, “they go there often before”

            You’re not a native English speaker …


            Rudyard Kipling did say:
            “The last Englishman alive will be an Indian.”

          • Jones

            So are you claiming that your uncles are American soldiers? You’re not very good at making things up.

  • OscarStealzYourCandy

    What’s wrong with all you people, mainly Chinese (I don’t want to point out a certain race, but this situation calls for it.)?!

    I’m Mexican, and the United States has wronged Mexico many times. Even now, controlling Mexico’s politics in their favor and in the process making living conditions in Mexico worse for many. Violence, drug abuse, rape, etc is at an all time high thanks to the USA.

    But I don’t hate the USA nor do I want them to suffer for their mistakes.

    Even if Japan has wronged China in the past (and I will admit that what history teaches is more inhumane than what China deserved.), don’t we owe it to ourselves to help one another out so that we may all, one day, live in peace and atonement?

    Even if this comment leaves no impression on the reader, or if it only breeds more hate, I still hope that one day, there will be no more borders and there will be no more racial aggression. I’m naive to think something like that will happen, but I’d rather be naive than carry so much hate for a past that has no future.

  • Skritt

    Laughing at death is never a good thing. I laughed at and derided the Chinese government for their handling of the situation, but never for the loss of innocent lives.

    I think its disgusting that many Chinese people still carry the hatred of the second world with them, yet lock people up who complain about more recent issues perpetrated by the Chinese government. Many American and British soldiers and people were killed by the Japanese and Germans and yet now we get along great. Hate the past, hate the government but not the innocent people in street.

  • FYIADragoon

    lol at the guy talking like he experienced the Nanjing Massacre. Didn’t know men over 84 used the internet in China, and still maintained such a passionate hatred, at that.

    • vic2u

      Almost ALL the whiteys and expats on this site have never seen the 70 million dead Chinese under Mao and they have no idea what really happened in Tiananmen Sq. long ago.

      But they have and still maintained such a passionate hatred for China, go figure.

    • Tengu

      Now he’s seen the 70 million who died under Mao. and even SOME whities, but not ALL have seen the 70 million themselves.

      There really aren’t that many “whities” out here who have a “passionate hatred” for China.

      In fact I believe quite the opposite to be true, although I have absolutely no empirical data to back this up, but that’s never stopped your blathering. If we are in fact expats AND “whities” AND we’re on this web site, I would go so far as to say it proves an affinity and an interest in China, the people and the culture.

      Sure there are some who are here simply to put gasoline on an already burning fire, but I would venture to say they are the exception and not the norm.

      Much like yourself….”Abbie-something.”

  • Shuang

    Fucking nationalists! When will these people stop being so racist!?

    • vic2u

      “Japan was increasing the size and strength of its submarine fleet, while strengthening its troops and the capability of its radars along its south-western coast, which are closest to Taiwan and the sea lanes the Chinese navy has been using most frequently.”

      As soon as the US and the Japanese show some respect for China’s #2 spot in the world.

      • Just John

        Way to leave out the “rest of the story” there zipper-head.

        Care to elaborate on the reason behind this move by the Japanese (I know, because I also read the Japanese blogs too)?
        I assume you will paint it inaccurately yet again.

        • vic2u

          People who read the news already know the reason, like you know why too.

          So why you ask if you know, like to unzipper-da dickhead?

  • Kelly

    wow, OK, i will not give 1 cent to 红十字会…..

    • ander

      Don’t give any money to that corrupt Chinese wannabe charity.

      Try the International Red Cross instead.

    • Alice S

      Neither. But it didn’t even come anywhere near me LOL. Everyone donates for someone else, not JApps!

  • JuanPride

    You know what…before criticizing Japan, tell first your Chinese govt to get out of our territory..get out of the West Philippine Seas and don’t bully us anymore..I admire the Japanese people of how discipline they are..and how kind they are..but Chinese people that I’d met are not disciplined and have attitude problems..they throw garbage every where..spit everywhere(yuck!)…Trying to invade the West Philippine Seas? ha, That is a sign of a greedy and ambitious country.What are you proud of? Being in the second spot of the world’s largest economy by selling fake and low quality products?

    • Angelus

      U do know Iphone’s, television’s or you name it all *high quality* products are made in China right?=p i don’t see the phillipines producing anything great as well=p

      • Justme

        I have been following this site for well over the year and laughed and giggled and pondered and learned a lot too.

        What is sad is the lack of intelligent remarks now. I was appalled at the Chinese reactions and on here too.

        I was glad to see Irvin’s post reminding people that Chinese did an awful lot of horrific crimes towards their own. Have they forgotten that ? Or the new generation is totally unaware of this ?

        PS: I like Terroir’s comments . He always cracks me up.

        • Angelus

          You know, it’s always the gov. that fcks the country up. Doesn’t matter where you are. The “people” are just civilians. Japanese or Chinese, doesn’t matter does it now. Where people dies, it’s tragic. But indeed though that there are a lot of negative comments, but i reckon that would be in every country no? Read an article a few years back about a group of 100 japanese dudes going to China getting mass prostitutes, on the day when Japan invaded China or so. Hate is everywhere, Forgive is that hard thing to find.

  • Disgusted

    For all the sick negative comments from the mainlanders…God is listening to you…Typhoon Muifa is coming for you…payback is a bitch, ne?


    • Angelus

      it’s called the rain season.

      • If we follow the line of logic espoused by some on this page, the answer is simple: everyone living in Shanghai is Japanese.

        • Tengu

          I thought the was something up when I was there in July!

          All the Shanghainese were taken over by by Japanese cocoons, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” style (the one with Kevin McCarthy.

          • The source of infection is quite insidious, actually: Japanese anime emoticons and gestures. Chinese have been “sweating”, “V-signing” and “bleeding from the nose” so often that there is no discernable difference.

            From the X-Files: “It’s not whether not not you’re paranoid, but whether or not you’re paranoid enough.”