Wife Beaten and Raped While Cowardly Husband Hides Nearby

Yang Wu, a husband who hid while his wife was beaten and raped cries.

From Nanfang Daily, ifeng, & NetEase:

Wife suffers beating and rape by Public Order Joint-Defense Force member, husband hides next door “endures disgrace” for an hour

In a rented apartment on Xixiang Street in Shenzhen’s Baoan District, a thin and weak woman lies on a bed, her face ghostly pale, shivering, staring at the ceiling, a bloodstain still below the bed. Suddenly, she sits up on the bed, waves her hands, and bursts into loud sobs. As soon as a stranger gets near her, she will cry out in anguish, viciously bash head against the wall, as if she feels no pain.

———29-year-old Wang Juan (pseudonym) is now suffering from mental illness, having refused to eat or drink for half a month now, and attempted to commit suicide by cutting her wrists innumerable times. On the night of October 23rd, Public Order Joint-Defense Force member Yang Xili broke into her home carrying a metal pipe and a police baton. After randomly smashing things in the place, he then engaged in an hour-long vicious beating and raping of her.

Her husband Yang Wu (pseudonym) hid several meters away, afraid to make a sound, eyes open watching his wife suffer this sudden misfortune, only quietly calling the police an hour later.

Husband Yang Wu responds to rebukes:
“I am the world’s most cowardly and useless husband”

Facing his wife and mother’s rebukes, facing his neighbors’ sighs, Yang Wu can only repeatedly reply: “I’m weak, a coward, useless, I am the world’s most cowardly and useless husband, as well as the most cowardly and most useless husband and son. I can’t protect my family, and have no face living in this world.”

“If I resisted, he would beat me to death”

Nanfang Daily: When Yang Xili brought people and broke in, how did you elude them?

Yang Wu: I’m not a man, I’ve been beaten scared. He bullies me and I can’t fight back either. If I resist, he’ll just beat me towards death. My personality is also to resign myself to abuse, always afraid of trouble ever since I was small, putting up with everything.

Nanfang Daily: Your wife being beaten and violated is something you can also put up with?

Yang Wu: At first I thought it would be like before, where he would break things, beat my wife, and then leave on his own. I didn’t think he would do such an extremely beastly thing.

“If you want to live you can only suffer in silence”

Nanfang Daily: You didn’t think of rushing out to rescue your wife?

Yang Wu: I also wanted to rush out, but he was carrying a metal rod and police baton, and he had two accomplices. I simply wasn’t a match for them. I was afraid of being beaten to death by them.

Nanfang Daily: Why didn’t you call the police at the time?

Yang Wu: He said he was a Public Order Joint-Defense Force member, spends every day with the police, is close-friends with the police, so I was afraid calling the police would be no use. Plus I still need to work and live here, so we can only suffer in silence, otherwise we’d face violent reprisals.

“This is a man’s most humiliating moment”

Nanfang Daily: He dragged your wife into the bedroom. You weren’t afraid something was going to happen?

Yang Wu: I was completely scared stupid, my whole body was trembling, afraid to even breathe heavily, afraid he would find me.

Nanfang Daily: You’re too cowardly!

Yang Wu: I heard the sound of the bed rocking, realized my wife was being raped. The sound was very loud, I was just several meters away. Blood rushed to my forehead. This is a man’s most humiliating moment, and I really wanted to rush out to get a knife and hack him to death.

Nanfang Daily: This kind of humiliation you’re able to bear?

Yang Wu: What could I have done? (cries) I can only blame myself for being useless.

From NetEase:

Shenzhen Public Order Joint-Defense Force member breaks into home, violently beats and rapes woman

October 23rd, Shenzhen Baoan District Public Order Joint-Defense Force member Yang Xili broke into and vandalized Yang Wu’s small shop. When Yang Wu’s wife Wang Juan tried to stop Yang Xili, she was instead viciously beaten and raped. Afraid, Yang Wu hid in the utility room. An hour later, Yang Wu called the police and took his wife to the hospital for treatment, but because he could not afford the costs could only then return home. Afterward, Yang Xili’s relatives threatened Yang Wu demanding that he drop his charges. Yang Wu, when interviewed, said he was the world’s most cowardly man.

Husband Yang Wu holds wife Wang Juan in his arms, both crying.

October 23rd night, Shenzhen Baoan District Xixiang Street, a Public Order Joint-Defense Force member carrying a metal pipe and police baton broke into a small shop, and after randomly smashing things in the shop, he then viciously beat and raped the shopkeeper’s wife. Her husband hid several meters away, not daring to make a sound, only quietly calling the police an hour later. Photo is of November 7th noon, Xixianghe East Community, Yang Wu (pseudonym) and wife Wang Juan (pseudonym) weeping in each others arms.

Gauze wrapped around Wang Juan's wrist, where she tried to cut herself in an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide.

Gauze is wrapped around the wound on the wife’s wrist where she had tried to commit suicide, the wedding ring on her ring finger being particularly glaring.

Gauze wrapped around Wang Juan's wrist, where she tried to cut herself in an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide.

Yang Wu (pseudonym) and wife Wang Juan (pseudonym) embracing each other in tears, the wife’s wrist wrapped in gauze from an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Gauze wrapped around Wang Juan's wrist, where she tried to cut herself in an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide.

Wang Juan (pseudonym) curled up on the bed where the incident occurred, silent.

The mother of perpetrator Yang Xili hurls abuse at Yang Wu's mother.

Noon on the 7th, Xixianghe East Community, in front of Yang Wu (pseudonym) and wife Wang Juan’s (pseudonym) shop, criminal suspect Yang Xili’s mother brings her grandson to block the entrance and hurl abuse, while husband Yang Wu’s 70-year-old mother kneels on the floor asking the criminal’s mother, “where is the justice?”

The rapist's mother hurls abuse at Yang Wu while the police stand by helplessly. She's demanding that they drop the charges.

November 7th noon, Xixianghe East Community, in front of Yang Wu (pseudonym) and wife Wang Juan’s (pseudonym) shop, criminal suspect Yang Xili’s mother brings her grandson to block the entrance and hurl abuse, the local police also present but unable to do anything with her.

Wang Juan hides her face from reporters.

Wang Juan (pseudonym) lies on the bed, silent. She unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist, her wrist now wrapped in gauze.

Yang Wu's mother cries in his electronic appliances repair shop.

Husband Yang Wu’s (pseudonym) mother crying in Yang’s shop.

Wang Juan lies in bed crying, hiding her face from reporters.

Victim Wang Juan (pseudonym) lies on the bed, using the bed sheets to cover her face, not willing to face reporters.

Yang Wu covers his face in tears.

In the face of this kind of thing, Yang Wu covered his face crying. Yang Wu took his injured wife to the hospital yet could not receive treatment because he had no money. He himself says, “I am this world’s most cowardly man.”

Yang's electronic appliances repair shop was only meters away from the local community police station.

The electrical appliances repair shop where the incident occurred was only 10 meters away from the community police affairs office.

Comments from Tiexue:


Forget calling the police, one life for one life, or have the criminal’s wife, daughter, and mother raped to pay his debt. China’s tradition is that you repay your debts with money and repay murder with your life. Even with evolution, traditions must not be lost.


If the government cannot pay attention to the vulnerable, the hearts of the people will be lost, and may never be regained.


That’s right, if [the government] continues to ignore the vulnerable, China may be the next “Libya“.

Misgovernment driving the people to revolt.


Yet again done by a temporary workerFuck, why are they always hiring hooligans and scoundrels to be their underlings, or is the disgusting behavior the same up and down [through these organizations]? The other thing that must be said is, with this man being without courage and uprightness, that woman marrying you is a tragedy itself. There are only one thing for any normal man who encounters this kind of thing—- fight to the death, if it isn’t you that dies, its me.


There’s not much meaning for this man to continue living, so why doesn’t he just kill himself? Fuck, watching one’s own wife being QJ by others, so fucking outrageous!


How can this kind of human scum become a Public Order Joint-Defense Force member? How can this kind of husband still live amongst people? How can those who stood by and watched this not help call the police or intervene?

The law in China has no authority to speak of, the men are already without a sense of courage and uprightness, the ordinary common people are already without a sense of social morality. This is what the current social reality in China, the tragedy of all Chinese people.



Being poor means being bullied, I admit, as a Chinese citizen, we probably cannot count on the so-called law.

But such a cowardly husband, what is he still doing living in this world?


Strange, some people are actually mainly blaming/condemning the victim’s husband. Right, he is cowardly, but being cowardly is not the main reason or direct reason he was victimized.

The main reason is that the cost of committing crime by officials of “the relevant departments” and their underlings is too low. When something happens, they basically can suppress it/cover it up/avoid the consequences, resulting in them abusing their power, in contempt of the law, the big officials playing their subordinates, the small officials and their underlings playing the women of the people.


Yang Wu is indeed not a man, no, not a human.


This person even has the face to cry, he should immediately find some place to crawl into and never come out. Forget whether or not he is a man, he simply isn’t even human.

Comments from Liba:


The person who ought to die is this husband!!!!


What use is this kind of man!!

Yet there are so many!!

Women who are with them will definitely suffer misfortune!

Men should not cause trouble, but should also not be afraid of trouble

When there is trouble at home, he should be the first to rush forth, otherwise what use is he???


I don’t even know what to say. Sigh.


Sigh, this is exactly how society is.
So what if the husband rose up?
Whoever will be raped will still be raped.
It’s just that one more man will be beaten.
Too weak. Sigh.


Both detestable and lamentable. However, it is true that 1 against 3 he wouldn’t be able to defeat them, and when you add many years of being bullied and oppressed, there’s already no backbone to speak of. We can only say this is society’s woe.


If you’ve been to Guangdong, you’d know that this really can’t be blamed on that husband.

In Guangdong, the police are basically don’t do anything. If you called the police at the time, the police simply would not come over immediately, basically it would take over an hour, waiting for the gangster/thug to flee before coming over. The police are even more afraid of drying than the ordinary common people there, and have completely forgotten the duties and responsibilities of being the police.

If that husband had dared to fight back, its very likely he would’ve been beaten to death right then and there. I think no matter whether it is in China or abroad, no matter how much a man loves his wife, the number of men who are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect their wives should be very very few.

What’s is more, the gangster/thug who beats him to death will very likely face no consequences whatsoever, for the same reasons as above, because the local police simply do nothing, not even when a criminal commits assault or murder right before their eyes.

The husband is a coward, but is also someone to be pitied, so why aren’t there anyone who blame this terrible state of affairs [that results in this helplessness]? If the same thing were to happen abroad, the people definitely would not excessively blame the husband. Who they would condemn more would be the police not doing their job. If this so-called Public Order Joint-Defense Force member had been stopped and restrained by the police back when he first started trouble, he definitely wouldn’t have been so cocky and arrogant all the way to today. What more, I’m certain that someone reported him to the police before in the past, but the police ignored it, thus resulting in him becoming bolder and bolder when it comes to committing crime, more daring to commit crime.


Public opinion is all blaming this husband. Well great, now that beast is not the focal point~!


So lawless~~~ what a sin~~~ How do you live this kind of life!
I’m heartbroken for them.


Could you not have children like pigs? With only 1k something in monthly income and having to raise four children and an old mother. Poor people get bullied by others, this is how it is, but isn’t part of the reason you’re poor something you yourself caused? No matter how poor you are and unable to afford condoms, in a city like Shenzhen, you can just go on the streets and ask for them. I refuse to believe [government] family planning staff wouldn’t give some to you for free. Even if you were a stud, using ten a day should be enough, right??? Fuck, having so many children, all given life by someone but with no one to raise/provide for them. A man who can’t even protect his wife has what bullshit business raising descendents. Only by dying out would you be any help to improving the human race.


When I first saw this news, I was really shocked, angrily condemning as I was filled with moral indignation, how could there be this kind of person?

The perpetrator so outrageously daring, the victim so completely useless, cowardly to this extreme.

But thinking some more, in that kind of environment, knowing keenly what the result of fighting back would be, or to put it another way, what would I do if it were me, so, I’m silent.

Now entering again into this topic thread, I want to say that when it didn’t happen to us, we can only think of ourselves as brave/courageous.

If we were passersby, for me, the most probable result is to abstain from getting involved, pretend to not see, which is the so-called being indifferent.

But if it were a close family member, I think I would do everything I can to fight back.

Because at that moment, one wouldn’t have the time to think too much…


The people who are supposed to protect the people have now become gangsters/thugs. and wives must depend on small and weak husbands risking their lives to protect them to live safely in their homes, otherwise wives can only suddenly and unexpectedly suffer violence and ravaging.

Is there still any law in this society? The taxpayers have raised a bunch of good-for-nothing garbage.

A video…

At the beginning, surveillance footage is shown showing Yang Xili walking around the store, hitting the wife, and then forcing himself on her. Later in the video, the husband is asked why Yang Xili beat him in the past. His reply is that Yang Xili would want him to drink with him and if he didn’t, Yang Xili would beat him, that Yang Xili would come everyday to drink.

What do you think? What makes you the most angry in this news story?

2011 November 10 UPDATE:

  • More translated details from the original Nanfang Daily article on Shanghaiist

The following video on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku has been viewed over 2.8 million times since it was uploaded 18 hours ago.

The suspects have now been arrested and five people have been suspended pending investigation.

There are also reports indicating that Wang Juan, the wife, has previously had relations with Yang Xili.

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  • typingfromwork

    What a fucking useless man.

    So near, yet sofa…

  • FirstTime

    was the husband hiding under the SOFA?

  • Dynasty

    Yellow inside and out.

  • jim mao

    A lot less piling-on in here than I had anticipated. As easy as it is to vilify and immasculate this guy, the fact that he was put in a position like this has already rendered him impotent and it would be grossly misplaced to judge him from our position of safety. I feel strongly for this man, who will have a much better understanding of the saying “its better to die on your feet than to live on your knees” than we ever can. I hope that his wife gets the support that she needs to get through this and an appropriate sentence is passed to the man who felt powerful enough to dehumanise a community.

  • sunkissedgoddess

    LMAO!! This is truly tragic but hilarious at the same time. The last picture showing the distance between the shop and Popo station had me in tears.
    This dude sucks at life. truly. and he clearly knows that. There is a docility about Chinese culture that would create situations and people like this.
    I have never been raped before but I know if the time came it would be a fight to the death. So I’m sure his poor wife didn’t fight too hard for her life seeing that she wasn’t physically injured too gravely. Two birds from the same feather flock together. ie. they clearly saw something in each other.
    I’m going to blame everyone for this.

    • > There is a docility about Chinese culture that would create situations and people like this.

      No there isn’t. And stop judging him from your nice comfortable chair. If a guy with a gun starts raping your wife what could you do? They might not have had a gun but it was practically the same thing.

      • GodsHammer

        You must be new bro… yes there is a certain ‘acceptance’.

        • MAOCUNT

          Most people probably would not do a thing.

          I still remembered in high school there is a time a gr.9 Chinese dude getting his crap beat up by some gangster kids for no reasons at all. The “China Patriotic” kids in school always says Chinese people need to work together and how the communist party is improving Chinese lives just walk away as fast as they could.

          At the end, I go in and bring the guy out but did not do anything against those gangster kids after it is five pretty big guys (and I guess I was kind off lucky, they did not do anything to me when I was getting the guy out other than calling me names like chink). My friend actually thought I was a nuthead for doing that as I could got myself beaten up as well (noted he is white and we are in Canada, so this is not really just a Chinese* thing). However, what pissed me off is afterward, I overheard those “China Patriotic” kids laughing at how funny it was for the niner to be beaten up. But yep, that day reinforced my belief that anyone who supported the CCP is morally corrupted or stupid.

    • jon

      Agreed. Chinese “have no souls”. They just don’t care. Stoïcism is the true religion of China.

      • jon

        That, however, is the direct result of being governed by the grandsons of the cowards.

    • Ray

      It can be a fight to the death if its 1 v 1, but in this case it’ll just be a fight to your death.

      • Just John

        In that case, they would have had to kill me, because I would have used everything at my disposal, even my PC, which I love almost as much as my wife, to beat, bludgeon, stab, mutilate, etc. the perpetrators with until they were down, or I was.

        • Agreed, it only takes a couple of well-placed kicks with a steel-toed boot (that I always, safety nut), a clawed finger in an eye, an elbow to the bridge of the nose, etc. to narrow the odds.

          Way I see it, the rapist was the boss, but he was pre-occupied, which leaves the other two. Now assuming they also have batons, you’re going to get hit, but you know that going in and you make that sacrifice for your wife. Pain is something that passes and if you have enough willpower, you can push it away for now.

          Point is, that in a fight like this, you’re looking to seriously injure, maim or kill, there are no reservations or considerations made. If there’s an open shot, you take it, because you want to end it fast and get to your wife.

          As for the police, they are just as culpable due to their uselessness and inaction. The fact that there’s a community police station 3 doors down is simply astonishing. In a proper country like Canada or Australia or the UK or France etc. The officers of that precinct would have a shitstorm of a media circus camped in front of the station going over teir records with a fine tooth comb. They’d never live down the shame that they failed to do their duty. In china…. They just ignore it and pay people off.

          • Austin McCree

            Oh yeah. I’m sure when your wife is being raped by someone who could kill you without consequence, you’ll be able to recall this essay to heart immediately.

    • Technowolf

      Wow. I’m seriously lost for words that you would write such a comment. Reading this article made me so angry, most stories on here, although proper crazy, do not surprise me for China tbh, but this just takes it to a new level, and you say sth like this. Theres a difference between trolling and being a human being dude.

      • Dr. Jones Jr.

        That’s probably the point. People who troll don’t really want to be humane–they have no incentive, given that they’re anonymous on the internet. We all get a glimpse of the abyss within them, which is yet another reason to just ignore the trolls.

    • Brett Hunan

      All callous, insensitive tools should be lined up and….. raped.

      • DRaY

        Wow… This article almost makes me want to cry…. Such a helpless person lacking the confidence and fortitude to even help his wife….. I mean hit the motherfucker with a lamp, frying pan, rock knife… Something!!!!! WOW … I can’t even believe that was a real story.

        `I mean I know Chinese are pretty docile people, but this is just pure cowardice, 1 guy!!! I mean if it was 10 guys with weapons, that would be different.

    • markx

      Sunkist. To find that funny is appalling.

      And it is easy to put words on paper about your own bravery and how you would fight, but you know nothing of what these people may have dealt with in the past.

      I suspect you are very young and don’t really understand this.

  • Looking at the body language of the suspect’s mother, she feels so self-confident.

    • I know!! It’s unbelievable.

      It’s like she’s trying to leverage herself and show off how much power she/her son has. Like, how dare the husband and wife accuse him of raping and beating the wife being a f*cking psychopath when the video evidence clearly shows it.

      She’s more concerned about saving her/her son’s face than about finding justice for the poor victim or victim’s husband.

      Completely inhuman, no wonder that sack of sh*t turned out the way he did…


      • Patrick

        Ding more words written solely for posting length

  • Andy

    Look at the filthy peasant clothes of the perpetrator’s whore mother and fat son !

  • k

    I hate bullies. If this had happened from where I am from, there would of been a nice sized group of good ole’ boys going after this guy before the police ever reached him.

  • Jack

    It’s very easy to judge when none of us were in that situation. I don’t think anyone is really in a position to chastise him.

    • jeffli

      You useless commentators ! You would shit your selves too, If I loudly pounded on your door right now! screaming I was gonna beat you fkrs black and blue and screw your wife / sister / children.

      you krs would hide behind your refrigerator!

      You fking brave net junky knts!
      with no compassion!

      Oh yeah easy to criticise the the poor bugger isn’t it? Its NOT ONLY in China but everywhere in the world you’ll find people scared of authority. Hey You brave Wackers can go to FKN’ Nigeria and sort the police there….just for a practice snack.

      You wackers! try living poor in a police state!
      I feel sorry the the lady who got beaten and raped, and also sorry for her wimp husband (at least he’s honest!) and you FKRs are so brave c’mere and take a piece o’ me! …… I’ll give you all NOT 3 NOT 4 and a fist full of colours!

      Internet lowlife Brats!

      • Ray

        You are talking about the chinese comments right? Cause other than that sunkissedgoddess up there everyone is agreeing with your point.

      • Rawlie

        Wow! I didn’t know you could still get PCP! That’s one hyped up Jeffli!

      • theelemur

        Anyone harming so much as a hair on my wonderful Chinese wife’s head is going to get a measured response in the range of an elbow to their face all the way up to a bullet in the caliber of my choosing from my fine firearm collection.

        • Justin

          1. Your fine firearm collection that you own inside China? Don’t bullshit, guy. This is China where practically no one has guns; not even cops and least of all not this guy.
          2. This would never happen to you because you are not a poor shopkeeper in China, so it’s easy for you to say whatever the hell you want.

          I feel sorry for the guy. I’d like to think I’d act differently in his situation, but the guy had been terrorized for quite some time, and probably what was going through his mind was that the guy has at least some measure of power being part of the Join Order Public Safety Force and that had he attacked him, not only would he have been killed but they actually might have killed his wife too as a punishment. And then the perpetrators would get away with it because they could claim that he and his wife had actually attacked them. If you think about it, hiding was probably the best, most logical thing he could do to save himself and his wife instead of dying just so he can appear manly to a bunch of sorry armchair quarterback fucks on Chinasmack.

          • theelemur

            I live in Texas, USA. If I owned firearms in China, that would mean I’d have the power/connections to hire a squad of armed thugs. You’re right about not being in the shopkeeper’s shoes. I live in a different country with a different culture.

            It’s not only about “save himself and his wife instead of dying just so he can appear manly to a bunch of sorry armchair quarterback fucks on Chinasmack”. Killing that rapist may save 50 women in the future. There will always be wolves in human society. I believe it is your responsibility to be a sheepdog or the wolves will do what they please.

          • Marsvin

            So what if the rapists also have easy access to guns like they do in the states? Who’s to say the poor scared guy will fire first and make his shots count, rather than the criminals who might do that sort of thing every day? The idea that anyone with a gun is automatically capable of self defense is a myth, and a dangerous myth at that.

          • theelemur

            You’re spot on about training. Just because you have a firearm (or a knife, or a katana, or a staff, or any other martial weapon) does not mean you know how to use it. Marksmanship is a perishable skill and a lot more high level training goes on than you realize. Here in Texas you can attend innumerable schools which offer shotgun, rifle, pistol, and carbine training. Two of the biggest names in the business are here: Thunder Ranch and CSAT (where you can learn from Paul Howe – a survivor of the incident which the Black Hawk Down movie was based on).

            Regarding criminals with guns vs armed citizens: criminals want to make money, not get into firefights. Training takes money and time. Criminals do not train. In addition, those who carry tend to train…a lot. There’s a programmer in my office who is under 5′ tall, but can draw, aim, fire, and reliably hit moving targets in well under 1 second because of his IDPA participation. Another guy is a sysadmin and trains/certifies Houston Police in his spare time. Another is a research lead and he belongs to the XD shooting club and puts thousands of rounds downrange during dynamic training sessions. I don’t carry, but I train as well. It’s part of being a responsible firearms owner.

            TL;DR – Criminals overall suck at gun use and don’t want a fight. US gun owners tend to practice more and out gun the criminals. What ifs can go on forever.

    • Patrick

      I think this is likely the most realistic post. There’s a lot of armchair Rambo’s posting right now. This man’s anguish says it all. Plus he’s likely right – he’d be dead. Tough decision with no good outcome.

    • Alex

      R u sure? I’m ready to kill, to die and to go to prison for defending my beloveds… He couldn’t call the police? fuck, he was only one man!! How easily to get a knife and run against him? cut his throat and kill the pork! He’s raping ur wife!! Fuck if then I gotta go to prison or been killed as well! No one touch my wife, or sister!

  • Irvin

    It they ever design a superhero called “captain china”, he’ll probably be holding one of mao’s red book instead of a shield. And he’ll probably be bullying and raping people.

    • Basstard

      dont forget his ability to spew radioactive mucus in the path of his foes. and baijiu vision..

      • Anon

        Thats a low blow you 2. Captain China as of now though, is any obscure pollutive industrialist using a checque book and cheap goods as a weapon.

        No raping or baijiu b.s. or else Captain Whatever-Nation-You’re-From will be carrying a shield made of Renminbi, though he still might be bullying people – in the Middle East that is.

        ‘How can this kind of human scum become a Public Order Joint-Defense Force member?’ – Worries doesn’t it? China’s lowest level association criteria and dispensation of authority needs a social overhaul if this article is true.

  • Hippie

    The man had a pipe, a baton, and his shaft. Technically 3 weapons. What a pussy, wouldn’t it be ironic if he was raped later in life.

  • mr. weiner

    Poor useless bastard, and now the papers are all focusing on what a coward he is instead of doing anything about that rapist shite. *sigh*
    I don’t fear the bulllies. I fear the anger of a half billion meek men when they finally stand up against their oppressors. It’s going to be medieval.

  • staylost

    I find it amazing that anyone who calls themselves human can manage to focus on what the victims did wrong in this case.

    What is wrong with everyone?

    • Just John

      You didn’t know?
      China has a “blame the victim” mentality when it comes to rape (Yes, generalizing. Not all are like this, but you still see a social stigma towards known rape victims).

      “You should not have so seductively cried out while he was hitting you. You should not have seduced him with your weakness and vulnerability”

  • Fu ZhiGao

    He’s been terrorized by this person before, the perpetrator is buddies with the police, and came in with two accomplices and armed.

    Honestly, what was he going to do?

    He’s a victim, too. Don’t blame him.

    Sad that the police here are so useless.

    • Irvin

      Oh the police aren’t useless, where money is involved or their job is on the line you’ll see them do wonders.

  • Jesus

    The netcitizens from Mainland China should demand the authorities to appenhen and punish the culprits!

  • mrnightcat

    Demonising the husband is stupidly narrow-minded, though I suppose I didn’t expect much less from the media or article comments.

    Perhaps the husband should have gone in Hollywood-style, tearing off the bastard’s nuts and holding his wife up in victory. Yeah, and have his arms, legs and ribs smashed by the man’s pipe, baton and two mates waiting outside before they break more things in his store and THEN make him watch as his wife is brutally beaten and raped. Oh and throw in a several year prison sentence for attempting to attack an “officer” and a promotion for said police bastard for “valiantly catching the violent criminal”.

    The husband did nothing, it’s regrettable but in the spur of the moment he was terrified of the obvious consequences and let’s not sit here and pretend the above wouldn’t happen. The husband will feel ashamed all his life and the wife will sadly never stop feeling violated and traumatised. But, is that worse than a beaten and bruised husband; bankrupt, bones broken all over and unable to care properly for his children, a still raped wife, and on top of that, not only a likely prison sentence for the husband but the very real threat of that officer coming back to wreak more havoc, perhaps even on their children?

    The police have already demonstrated their attitude clearly. They refuse to take any responsibility, claim that since he was a “temporary worker” (he wasn’t of course), they don’t have to take blame and therefore put their own face far above the victims and their family. The police would NEVER help that couple, and that shouldn’t be hard to predict.

    • pervertt

      I disagree. It is not narrow minded to belittle this useless excuse of a husband. He deserves all the criticism he can get, because he allowed his fear and sense of self-preservation to overcome any instinctive desire to protect his own wife. If he is a victim, it is only of his own timidity. This “man” does not deserve a wife.

      • 覃伟忠

        OK pervertt. the guy was a pussy, but who the fuck are you to judge, punk? if he had faced the attackers (who had him hopelessly outmatched) and actually survived, he would still have to endure the shame of a raped wife, PLUS – what you probably arent taking into account and he probably did – this story wouldnt even have made the news because he would have been arrested for attacking the officers, and the violent police criminals who “subdued”him would have been awarded medals and praised in the media after raping his wife. Then we wouldnt even have a story to comment on because noone but the people in that room wouldve ever known. it was a hopeless situation. we all think of ourselves as brave and courageous, but this was a HOPELESS situation. if you dare to be callous enough to judge him, i wish the same fate to your wife and we will see how much better you fare.

  • This is really depressing to read .. I mean the comments on the original post.

    As for the guy, why is he the focal point? He’s a victim too. 3 guys, armed and violent. 99% of the commenters on that post would have done the same thing.

    • Irvin

      I agree, being a coward isn’t a crime. assault and rape is. Most of the problems in china more or less attribute to the weird rationale of it’s people.

      • MAOCUNT

        Third, I agreed being a coward isn’t a crime especially in mainland China when those enforcing the laws are criminals themselves. After all, the founder of the PRC is one of the biggest murderer in human history.

    • jon

      The Chinese people blame the guy for they do not want to realize the cold hard truth: they are that guy. By blaming that guy they are subconciously blaming themselves. They hate their own weakness, their own cowardice, their own society.

      • coala banana

        no wonder small japan had an easy game invading china. not much has changed since then. Even china has now a huge army and armory, but somehow i think that when the worst case would happen, most of their soldiers would prefer to duck or run.

        I saw this 2 days ago on TV, and it was disgusting. The rapists family even threatening the victim and her family. Useless police and useless country and society.

        This is not the question about fighting skills or who is stronger or what could happen. From my point of view this is a pure moral question. If one decides to fight, there is always the chance to loose, but if you decide not to fight, then you have already lost. Its questionable if this weak husband could in any way protect his wife, but the only thing i know is that something MUST be done, and as long as i could breath i would go at this guy again and again, no matter about the consequences.

        Its kinda like the small girl which was ignored by the passers by. Seems that “some” people just don’t have certain attributes in their genetics and can’t jump over their own cowardliness when it becomes necessary, or they are just plain ignorant.


  • This man is not worthy of 50c

    I dedicate this song to him

    Coward of the Country
    -Kenny Rogers



    now and always


    • It’s “Coward of the County”, not country, it’s a small regional division within a state.

      It doesn’t really fit this situation, though. That song is about a guy who was asked by his father not to fight. He was bullied his whole life and took it, because his dead father made him promise that he wouldn’t get involved in violence. But when his tormenters raped his girl (while he was at work and not around to protect her), he tracked them down, locked them in a room and beat the shit out of them.

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    Wow, that guy who beat up that other guy’s wife and then raped her is such a “manly man.” A model for men over the world.
    Why is it that attempts to display manliness and authority in China often end up being so pathetic, from “let the leaders leave first” to “I’m going to beat and rape your wife at gunpoint and think I’m badass for it.” Nothing in the least cowardly about either, right?
    Perhaps these are the sad effects of baijiu-drenched brains?

    • kevinnolongerinpudong

      And this guy’s a member of the Public Order Joint-Defense Force? It’s cases like this that lead me to believe that the only hope for changing the current system in China is using no-holds-barred violence against their officials and authority figures. Yang Jia and Qian Mingqi had it right.

      • Anon

        Imma harmonize a baijiu bottle over your bad mouthing badass if you mention baijiu in this light again. Try dissing beer in Egypt and see if the response is the same. And no violent incitement please! This is China, not some 3rd world country. No holds barred re-elections or no confidence votes only.

  • JY

    China Smack,

    This story , among most stories, tells a story of injustice but is a silent relay.

    You do nothing beyond promoting these horrible stories, among others.

    I have come to this site often to read the stories you pick up. I too, am not innocent.

    One could argue you are just an aggregate. But you are not. You choose these stories.

    Two points as made in above comments:

    -I feel terrible for the husband. Helpless and powerless to do anything. Whether by his own will and/or circumstance.

    -I feel terrible about parts of China. A story like this comes out and well, that is it. Like most of the things I read here.

    In summery, the negativity of the world seems to keep us interested but we then turn to our daily lives.

    This story is terrible. It has put me off to reading any of these stories anymore. While your stories inform, it does not promote action.

    When you dont stand up for the people around you, who will protect you when they come for you? I guess nobody.

    • I don’t understand. We translate this news because it is popular and widely discussed on the Chinese internet. Do these news stories on the Chinese internet also only inform but do not promote action? Should I stop reading these stories on the Chinese news websites or discussion forums because you say they only inform but do not promote action?

      • Don’t let this guy bother you, Fauna. It’s obvious he’s upset by what he sees going on in China “these days”. But he has no target to direct his anger towards.

        So instead of finding an appropriate target, he attacks the only thing he can safely go after from his comfortable chair… you and your website.

        Once he’s made you the bad guy, it’s okay for him to rail about the things that really bother him. He’s just a little impotent bully.

      • the number of men who are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect their wives should be very very few.

        I don’t think that’s true.

        If the same thing were to happen abroad, the people definitely would not excessively blame the husband. Who they would condemn more would be the police not doing their job.

        The police came when called and arrested several people. Maybe they could have done more, or done it sooner.

        The man and his accomplices deserve the harshest punishment the law allows.

        Nothing excuses the behavior of the man who just hid there and listened to his wife being raped. That’s not acceptable anywhere in the world. Run and get help, or call the police, if you’re unable or unwilling to fight.

      • Ed

        Fauna, sorry but I agree with JY

        Why don’t China smack try looking for the better news and translate that for us. Not all news in China is terrible or shocking, Chinese society is not full of despair.

        Maybe look for other news source as China Smack readers need a more rounded view of Chinese society.

        I too am still waiting on China smack to clean up and start posting positive news about China and Chinese people too.

    • jiayi

      A journalist’s sole mission is to bring stories like these to the attention of the public. Keeping a neutral stance is what journalists/translators have to do. What can Fauna really do about it? But the point is, she brings this story to the attention of people who might actually be able to do something about it. The fact that it’s being reported as an inflammatory and widely debated story proves that this is NOT the norm, and not seen as acceptable in Chinese society, too. You seem like a sensitive, intelligent person, and yes, like all negative news stories, sometimes these articles can be rather disheartening and paint a strange picture of China and it’s people. And yes, this particular article disturbed me more than most. If you find these kind of topics disturb you, I guess the only advice I can offer is to simply stop reading them, right? Sometimes the internet isn’t the best place to do soul searching. Cheer up!

    • Technowolf

      So you would rather heinous crimes go unreported, possibly letting these criminals get away with it in a country with a messed up judicial system just so Chinasmack doesn’t demonize China or so you have to read articles that make you feel sad?? I’m quite sure that because of Chinasmack such articles have a much higher chance of appearing in foreign news now, which should receive praise and not your dumbass remarks. Maybe you should just live in Disneyland.

    • 平凡人

      Chinasmack can only report and translate. What Chinasmack reports are basically on the Chinese website as well. Thus you should ask the Chinese authourities why are they not doing anything about?
      Chinasmack is a website for English speaking people to voice their opinions and make people aware. The power of the media is what a lot of these websites are capitalizing on. For your information, many “villians” in China have been reprimanded due to reports on the website, this is already an improvement; at least there is some freedom of speech.
      What actions do you expect Chinasmack to promote? What are you suggesting here? Are you a politician or part of some organization?
      Chinasmack will report and let the authorities do their job if they have the conscience. Get real here, Chinasmack is not spider man or some marvel super hero to uphold justice.

      • Just John

        Odd, I am pretty sure I saw Fauna flying over Shanghai the other day in her Superwoman costume, rescuing women from rapists, stopping muggings, and helping little old women across the street. She even flew down and plucked a stranded cat out of a tree and giving it to the cute little girl before flying away.

        • 平凡人

          No, that was not Fauna but my girlfriend after I bought her an I-phone 4.

  • Hongjian

    This mentality is the reason why little Japan could rape China back then, with all Chinese sheeples literally cueing up for their torture and execution at the hands of the invaders. Beta -shitheads. Beta-shitheads everywhere.

    This nation has no hope. Never had any hope, and will never have hope, until the chinese traditional culture isnt crushed and wiped clean from the face of the world.
    A culture that traditionally endorses cowardice and corruption, betrayal and sheming, which reveres con-men and crooks as national historic heroes, and let their children learn the writings and poetries of traitors and spineless mongrels cannot give birth to anything but deranged criminals and apathic A-San-type beta-males.

    China needs fascism, bloodlust, class-struggle and militarism as its national ideologies and culture, replacing this corrupt but meek sheeple mentality consisting of unbelievable greed and dumb materialism on the one side, and pathetic Beta-mentality on the other. Replace it with a fascist war-like culture like the Spartans, Mongolians or Japanese, so that this nation, that has so much potential may eventually defeat its inner and outer enemies. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

    Nowadays China only proves over and over how right Mao, and his ideological ancestors of the may 4th Movement 1919, under them Lu Xun, were with their violent cultural revolution. Absolutely nothing of value would be lost, if we had a second one.

    China’s culture is a pile of shit and should be lined up and incinerated and purged, before we line up the americunts to shoot them.

    If pathetic apathy, cowardice and corruption can propell this civilization for so long, hate and rage may just as viable in becoming this nation’s high-octane kerosene. It would be worth a try.

    • jon

      What do you expect. Because of WWII the coward communist ambushed the brave nationalist, now the ones running the country are the cowards. Cowardice is rewarded in China.

      • Hongjian

        IIRC the nationalists were the first ones who fired at the commies during the second united front in 1941.

        Nonetheless, the KMT was just as shit and cowardly as any other one. A Chiang who withheld critical weapons from most of his troops in fear of betrayal and illoyal commanders, and warlord-troops who ran more than to fight do not deserve the heaven’s mandate either.

    • mr. weiner

      “China needs fascism, bloodlust, class-struggle and militarism as its national ideologies “.
      What do you think happened during the cultural revolution mate? China goes through these convultions every 2 centuries or so, then settles back into it’s “Sheeple” state [great word that one, did you make that up? bravisimo!].
      Ain’t 5000 years of cicilization a wonderful thing?

      • Tengu

        I was a lot happier when she was just shooting and gassing us.

        Now we’re being incinerated and purged. I’ll never know what to wear!

    • Baichi

      Hongjian I agree!

      Chinese people weak and like sheep. They follow the man with the biggest staff and the fiercest dog and never learn to think for themselves.

      But even under Mao they were still weak, they just followed what he said blindly and never learn to think for themselves.

      Really most of them are just gutless farmers, always being ruled by others. It’s been like that for thousands of year and has not changed. There must be something fundamentally wrong with their own culture. Even the farmers of France will go out and protest when they are wronged, but Chinese just bend over and take it up the ass.

      The last time there was bravery in China was during Tianmen square with students who were westernly educated, maybe that is what is needed. If you are taught that you have no rights and are weak you will grow up weak. But if you are taught you have rights and should fight for them, then you become strong!

    • guizi

      About cowardice in China, I sometimes think there is a big gap in cowardice and bravery in China.

      I think this rapist and his mother is very brave, which I think is not a proper word, but anyway I use. The mother seems to not have any feeling of guilty and condemn the victims family. Surprisingly “brave”. And when I read crime news in China, I again think that many Chinese criminals are very brave. Corrupted officials receive huge amount of money and have several mistresses, cars, houses and so on, and China has a death penalty for such crimes. Aren’t these corrupted officials brave? Chengguan too are very “brave”. They in front of the public beat up old ladies and such.

      So perhaps, when Chinese people get something they can be very brave. Without that, they are very coward. Sorry for very simple generalization.

      • Kojika Buto

        *golf clap*


      This nation had no hope because of Maoist ideologies opposed by Mao. He is the bastard that killed off all the righteous and courageous people that dared to speak out against him. Today, the CCP is doing exactly the same. To save China, we need to topple the CCP, their ideologies and I cannot believe i am saying this, but if necessary, we need to eradicate their supporters.

      • Hongjian

        Was exactly the same before Mao.

        What do you think happened to General Yue Fei of the Song-Dynasty who fought the Jin in the North?
        Bravery was always looked upon by the people, but hated by those in power who gained their positions with traditional confucian sheming, backstabbing and bribing.

        As the comrades of 1919 and Lu Xun already saw, confucianism and traditional chinese culture is the cancer that was killing China for 5000 years.

    • pervertt

      “A bad system makes a good person behave badly, while a good system makes a bad person behave well.”

      Not my words, but those of General Liu Yazhou. Bad people are allowed to occupy positions of power in China and examples are made of good people who stand up for themselves or the common good.

      China’s current system is not bad, but rotten to the core. A docile population that allows itself to be shoved around by whoever it is in power is going to be fucked, if not by some foreign power than by thugs masquerading as politicians. Reap what you sow.

      • MAOCUNT

        After you said that, it reminds me of a very good quote from Confucius.

        “One should feel ashamed to live in poverty in a government that governs well, but when the government governs poorly, one should feel ashamed in living in great wealth.”

        Seeing in Chinasmack that all these rich second generation (like those street racing in Vancouver) showing off their wealth and think that people are jealous of them…This is really terrible, China need much moral/cultural reforms; one that is against the teachings of Mao and his class struggles. Perhaps, one should reminded of the hundred schools of the Spring and Autumn period in a modern context.

    • > China needs fascism, bloodlust, class-struggle and militarism as its national ideologies and culture, replacing this corrupt but meek sheeple mentality consisting of unbelievable greed and dumb materialism on the one side, and pathetic Beta-mentality on the other. Replace it with a fascist war-like culture like the Spartans, Mongolians or Japanese, so that this nation, that has so much potential may eventually defeat its inner and outer enemies. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!


      Just kidding.



  • John Wayne

    This is why in America, people are allowed to bear arms in their homes. It would be a “light ’em up and scoop ’em up” deal.

    • Marsvin

      You’re right. Giving all 4 people involved in this story a gun would’ve definitely made the situation better. Better to be a man standing on a pile of bloody corpses than a coward right?

      • Llanero

        Yes. Another man rapes your wife and you should kill him. Full Stop. If you can’t kill him, you should at least die trying to so that you don’t have to live like the coward in this story.

        • Tengu

          In this situation, my money’s not on the husband.

          If you’re so aggressive that you have no fear bringing your buddies in to fuck up a guy and rape his wife, chances are it’s not the first time you’ve done it and odds are you’re better with a piece than the husband.

          He WOULD have died trying.

          • Llanero

            Probably, but maybe not. Criminals often rely on the fact that their victims will be too fearful to fight back. If you do, you can catch them by surprise and maybe even get the upper hand.

            You should also practice using your piece regularly so that a punk like this won’t be better with one than you are. I understand though that this husband lives in China and defending his family with a firearm isn’t an option. But he could have fought and maybe given his wife a chance to escape.

          • John

            I disagree. Bad Guys (BGs) are cowards, that’s why they “bring their buddies” to crimes — they don’t want a fair fight, 1 v. 1, even if they are bigger, stronger, more aggressive and more experienced than the victim.

            Guns are called “equalizers” because they put the most timid and weak man (or woman), on an equal footing with the largest, strongest, and meanest BG.

            If you ever watch videos on in the internet where “victims” turn the tables on BGs by pulling a gun and shooting at them, you’ll see that 9 times out of 10 the BGs turn tail and RUN away!

            In 49 out of 50 states in the USA law-abiding citizens can get a permit to carry a handgun in public. In 41 of those states getting a carry permit is as easy as getting a drivers license. Law-abiding Asians need to push these laws in their countries too. Esp for women and the elderly to be able to defend themselves.

          • Niue

            And when you see how easy it is to get a driving license in the U.S, that’s saying something…

            But seriously, your answer to such a tragic situation is to throw a deadly weapon into the mix? I fail to see how it is supposed to make it all better… But I can imagine a lot of terribly wrong and deadly outcomes, that’s for sure.

            And also, IF firearms were allowed in China, the husband could probably not even afford one (he doesn’t even have money for the hospital!), BUT the common thugs and thieves, who terrorise and rob people for a living, would surely invest in one for their whole “gang” right away. Then the already useless chinese cops will be even less willing to do their jobs (“no way I’m getting in there, I could get killed!”), even if they had guns themselves.

            So, YAY to guns! More fun ways to shame, rob and rape poor people… Coming to your country soon!

          • Just John

            Charlton Heston: (actor Bob Legionaire) “Damn it, George, you just don’t get it! Guns don’t kill people.”
            George W. Bush (actor Timothy Bottoms): “They don’t?”
            Heston: “No! Bullets do! Guns just get ‘em going really, really fast!”

            I especially like this one:
            “Hydrogen bombs don’t kill people — people kill people. The bomb is for self-protection and it also has a deterrent effect. If somebody knows you have a nuclear weapon in your house, they’re going to think twice about breaking in.”

            So, where is my right for thermonuclear devices?

          • Llanero


            There was already a deadly weapon in the mix. A firearm would just even the odds so that the woman and the husband would at least have a chance against an overly aggressive asshole. As it was, they really had no chance at all and would have definitely been better off if they had been armed. There are no guarantees however, and speculating on what would have happened is pointless. The best you can do is to learn from this husbands experience and make sure you don’t end up making the same mistakes.

            As for not being able to afford medical care, what the hell? In the U.S. liberals are always going on about how much better the rest of world’s health care is compared to ours, but even in the U.S. nobody is denied medical treatment because of an inability to pay by federal law.

      • GodsHammer

        Yes, you pussy. I’d kill everyone in your province, state, city etc…. if it meant that my mother/girlfriend,sister etc was saved that experience. Jail? Gladly take that in exchange for being able to wake up everyday with the knowldge that I wasn’t a total fucking COWARD. But maybe that’s just MY viewpoint.

        • markx

          Yeah GH, You like to THINK how you’d act – but if you came from a society where the system rendered you powerless, and then you’d been trodden on for 5 or 10 years, it’d pan out a little differently than you like to think.

          Perhaps read up a little on the pituitary-adrenocortical and pituitary-gonadal hormones involvement in the mediation of the effects of defeat.

          Unfortunately your body, and how your mind has been trained, dictates how you might respond under various circumstances.

          • GodsHammer

            I’m pretty well read on the subject of hormones my friend. And there is a reason why a billion dudes can live shoulder to shoulder and still get their asses kicked by far fewer men.
            I am not faulting the man, I am faulting his existence.

            I am AMONGST THE SHEEP, YET NOT OF THE SHEEP, if you get my drift. I don’t have to wonder how I react, I’ve been in situations that demanded action. I know myself. do you know yourself?

          • markx

            I do indeed.

            When much younger I tended to reacte too quicly and violently to physical assualt (verbal never did worry me)

            I won more than I lost.

            The losses were, however, revealing.

    • Tengu

      Not in All states….

      • Llanero

        Thankfully most of them do, and soon all of them may. I can’t understand why anyone would live in place where the government denies people this basic human right.

        • Just John

          How to explain this:
          A Chinese man meets a Chinese woman.
          They engage in an act called sex.
          At times, the act causes a chain of events that results in a state called pregnancy.
          After 9 months, this state normally ends, and out of the woman’s genitals pops a new person.
          That person then becomes a citizen of said country that they were born in, with various exceptions, regardless of the countries views on human rights.

          Any other questions?

          • Llanero

            So any time a Chinese man meets a Chinese woman they engage in this act called sex?

            Interesting culture, but how would explain the low birthrate then?

            Anyway, I see what you mean, not everyone is free to migrate but I am still surprised that some people who can move to a place that respects their right to self defense, don’t. For example, why any American citizen chooses to live Illinois is a complete mystery to me.

    • Tengu

      I hate to be involved in this whole conversation if you must know since it hits a little close to home. My daughter is a rape victim…I posted about it a while ago. No I wasn’t there, I found out two years later. She hid it from her mother and me.


      When you start stating that “Bad Guys” are cowards you’re not comparing apples to apples.

      You’re talking ordinary clowns who think they’re career criminals, guys who wake up, look in the mirror and think they’re John Gotti.

      Same scenario in the US , where “everyone should have guns” this would be a cop and his buddies going into a guys house and raping the wife of some who has a “carry permit”.

      They would have zotzed him as soon as he came out of the room.

      Everyone likes to think a gun is going to keep them safe, but practicing on paper targets at the range with your Oakley’s and ear plugs on with your buddies is different than real time.

      Reaction times only get faster the more you do it and the easier it is, it becomes second nature. Same reason some people run away from gunfire and others run towards it.

      IF the guy managed to get a round off, he would have shit when he saw the damage, blood, bone splinters, arterial spray. NO ONE goes through that and ISN’T shocked the first time and that pause in his reaction time would have killed him.

      To think he’s going to pop his combat cherry by coming out of his bedroom guns a blazing and take them all out…is a little unrealistic.

      In reality this guy should have whacked these three dipshits preemptively, it was bound to happen and it seems like it was escalating, but he’s a nobody, was scared, powerless, traumatized and living in fear.

      “You see what power is – holding someone else’s fear in your hand and showing it to them” – Amy Tan

  • dilladonuts

    I’m sure the same has happened all across the globe, but whenever it goes public it’s definitely not a good look for the men of the offending nation.

  • roger dodger

    damn…its easy to condemn the husband for being unable to defend his wife but, if he’s a coward he’s a coward what can you say. Its the criminal we should be cursing out

  • Chadwick

    I know enough Chinese friends who say the government and police are corrupt beyond all belief. So I can understand what the husband meant when he said the police would not help. With a country of over a billion you could have a revolution the likes of which the world has not seen.

    Americans always insult us Canadians calling us socialist because we have universal health care. In Canada if a woman is raped and needs medial attention, that person will not be turned away because they have no money. Our free health care is paid for by our taxes, and I am happy that my taxes go to helping anyone who needs it. And for that Americans call us socialist. Obama wanted to implement universal healthcare, and for that Obama is called a socialist.

    A true government is balanced neither Socialist or Capitalist. I could never live in America, I would never feel safe because they are so capitalist and you need money to protect yourself. I could never live in China, I would feel unsafe because they are so communist and you need money to protect yourself. How could a socialist turn away someone who needs medical attention because they had no money!? IT GOES AGAINST SOCIALISM!!!! Communism is as corrupt as Capitalism. As long as people are corrupt no government will be a perfect government.

    This world seriously lacks compassion and wisdom and has an abundance of ignorance and hatred.

    America is ignorant, China is corrupt.

    I don’t blame the husband, I don’t blame the rapist, I blame the society in which they grew up in. For shame.

    • Please continue staying irrelevant, Canada. By the way, socialism (as well as communism, but I digress) works better in countries with smaller populations.

      This is why China’s government is irresponsible, USSR failed, why the government of the US realizes that it’d be extremely painful to adopt a socialist system with 310M people, and it’s why you’re ignorant. Go read up on some of Voltaire’s writings on different governments in different states instead of throwing around buzzwords like a baboon with a monocle.

      • Amazed

        You know, you are wrong. The large populations should do better with socialism but the rich would have to be poorer and they control the governments. It won’t happen in the US. If fact the government of Canada is also adopting privatization of the medical plan. But the people that are rich are few and the middle and poor always fight for keeping it.

        • The more people to govern, the more overhead it takes to govern them. More intervention and regulation is more overhead.

    • Noondog


      You might try doing actual research on the US health care system. If you are raped and you don’t have money, no hospital can deny you. This is US Law, all hospitals are required to provide necessary care regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. So shut up your socialist spouting and try actually looking into it.

    • Just John

      Nah, I insult Canadians because they waited like good sheeple for the rulers of England to hand over the country to them, instead of actually standing up for themselves.

      See, nothing to do with socialism.

      • You mean used diplomacy and peace to build a country? IE: The only time in history…. Isn’t that the peak of civil evolution that people are intelligent and peaceful enough to TALK things over without resorting to seeing who’s stick is bigger?

        I suppose Canadians could have dressed up as Native Canadians and slandered the tribe’s names while destroying government property and other felonious acts. Then the Canadians could have imported tens of thousands of slaves to build up the economy and then gone to war with each other over it.

        If only the Canadians didn’t have Tommy Douglas propose universal Healthcare, than millions of Canadians could be unable to seek medical aid due to non-coverage. And then there would be different levels of service based on how much money you make…

        If only the Canadians had a two-party system that allows private corporations to hire special people to bribe officials running for office without limit. Then Canadians could proudly say that their elections were indeed bought or that the Prime Minister was truly a puppet.

        If only the Canadians had deregulated their banking and financial industries…………………………

        See? Everything to do with socialism.

        • Just John

          Actually, for one, I don’t make fun of Canadians at all, that was just me trolling, but yes, I do have my feelings on how Canada just put up with shit from England until England was done with them.

          Second, other than your first paragraph, you did not say anything relating to my comment, but instead decided to throw out things that had nothing to so with it.

          I addressed the fact that Canada waited like a good puppy for independence, not that I am pro socialism or anti socialism.

          So refute my fact instead of going into irrelevant tangents.

          • I did address your comment, both parts.

            I refuted your claim that Canada “waited like a good puppy” by pointing out the evolutionary superiority of a nation truly embracing peace and diplomacy as means to an end. I further illustrated how this method is superior to the American method of dressing up as aboriginals and dumping tea into the Boston harbour (which was a felony at the time.)

            It was you who made the connection between Canada being worthy of mockery and socialism. I simply turned it around and showed that Canada was worth more than petty mockery BECAUSE of socialism.

            I normally agree with your points of view, American stereotypes about other countries are ridiculous, easily refutable and downright tedious. Even as a joke, they’re not worth repeating. Chadwick made several salient points comparing chinese Canadian and American society and you’re the one who decided to lower the conversation to “irrelevant tangents”.

          • Just John

            No, it was not me that made a connection with “socialism and mockery”. I in fact stated that my feelings had nothing to do with their socialism.

            please see:
            “See, nothing to do with socialism.”

            And mostly, I was making fun of Chad, not Canadians as a whole, because he seems to feel that everything negative that people view about Canada is around socialism:
            Americans always insult us Canadians calling us socialist because we have universal health care.

            To be honest, if anything, I would just make fun of Canada because you have more icemass then land mass=P (And no, please, I don’t really care if it is true or not, so I am out because I am not going into a whole “US” vs. “Canada” thing).

            Basically, if you feel hurt that I mentioned anything about Canada, get over it. I disagree with many of Chads points, such as his “communism is corrupt capitalism” and “America is ignorant, China is corrupt” as well as he doesn’t understand what Obama did so is trying to compare apples and oranges.

            Basically, nothing to do with you, Canada, or anything else. I just completely disagree with most of Chads views, so was teasing him about one small point that should not have much mattered instead of starting some political battle.

            Anyways, given that I am not here to take up the political activism on this story, I am washing my hands of this entire particular post.

            Good day and don’t get caught in a walrus stampede.

          • John

            Canadians were loyal to the British (not English) crown, instead of rebelling as the American colonies did. Of course, the rebels were successful because of French support (two super-powers using proxy smaller countries to fight their wars) and also because the will to enforce British supremacy over the American colonies was lacking in the British parliament – very similar to America’s defeat in Vietnam, where the will to win was lacking, or severely challenged at home. But sadly, this has left America with a legacy of achieving things through violence – hence the appallingly large prison system in America, the many wars it has fought rather than resorting to diplomacy, gun crime at home, civil war and slavery – in contrast to their peaceful northern neighbour.

        • > I suppose Canadians could have dressed up as Native Canadians and slandered the tribe’s names while destroying government property and other felonious acts. Then the Canadians could have imported tens of thousands of slaves to build up the economy and then gone to war with each other over it.

          Dont insult Boston Tea Party like that.

          Insulting THE Tea Party is just fine.

  • JSakamoto

    While no doubt the husband is cowardly, the real blame should be put on the perpetrator. No one here knows the whole story of why the husband was so afraid to intervene. It sounds like the rapist was bullying this man for a long time.

    Hopefully this incident is a spark for social change. It has to start somewhere. I don’t think this incident is indicative of China as a whole. In a country of over a billion people there are bound to be stories like this. Also remember by most measures, violent crime in China is on the low end when compared to other countries (including murder, which is about 1/4 the US rate)

    I won’t say what I would have done as I’ll probably be accused of false bravado hiding behind a computer screen but my advice to the man who was a coward when his wife needed him most is this: You really have nothing to lose now, time to declare war on the bastard who hurt your wife.

    • kevinnolongerinpudong

      “Hopefully this incident is a spark for social change.”
      I would like to think the same.
      But how many incidents do there need to be? Going back just a few months, I immediately think of the Wenzhou crash, the Shanghai metro crash, Yueyue, and now this poor dude.
      These incidents pile up one after another, yet in the end nothing happens at all, nothing changes. I think that’s the most disturbing part.

      • JSakamoto

        Agreed, but there could be change but it’s not public knowledge yet. For example, maybe there was a similar incident to the Yueyue incident that happened in China but this time the onlookers helped due to their remeberence of the Yueyue incident, but the incident wasn’t covered by the media. you never really know. Change is gradual and barely noticable sometimes.

        I guess only time will tell if there is real change.

    • Cyrus Howell

      I lived in GuangZhou for one year and found that some policemen there were repeatedly drunk and very arrogant because they knew nothing would happen to them. One slammed the front door to a hotel nightclub so hard the glass fell out on the floor. The night club manager and hotel manager could do nothing about it because they did not want trouble. It is a shame when policemen act like street gang members.
      The policeman in this story acted like a wild animal, and police must separate criminal police officers from normal police officers. It reflects badly on the whole organization. The police authorities at the top are just as gutless as the husband. This guy may have been extorting money from these small shops (from the people who were afraid of him). When I lived in China some of these abusive police were former Red Guard.
      If I was the judge I would sentence him to five years in a cage at the zoo.

    • guizi

      > In a country of over a billion people there are bound to be stories like this.

      Totally agree. China has 14 billion population, there are more crimes, very natural. What is important is crime rate. It is very annoying to see people bashing China just from few incidents.

      > Also remember by most measures, violent crime in China is on the low end when compared to other countries

      BTW, is this true? I have not seen such statistics, though I too think China’s violent crime rate is low considering that it is still a poor country.

      • GodsHammer

        REPORTED crime is lower. There is a ton of violence here…just not terribly effective. Here the gravity of the crime is determined by the damage caused…not the intent.

      • JSakamoto

        I have seen the violent crime statistics on a university website a few years ago. It seemed accurate because it also listed the murder rates per 100,000 people of many countries and I’ve seen the same rates on other websites too. Murder is the most accurate indicator of violent crime because it’s the most likely to be reported and most easily definable worldwide.

        In generel the countries with the highest murder rates are in Africa and South and Central America while those with the lowest are western Europe and East Asia (China included). I don’t think there is any doubt America is a more violent place than China (far more violent).

        • guizi


          > Murder is the most accurate indicator of violent crime

          I agree.
          Some time ago, I discussed the crime in Japan and foreign countries with foreigners. At that time I read several books about crimes including yearly reports by the Japanese Police. I found out that crime rate is really difficult to measure and thought that the murder rate is the most reliable and easiest indicator when comparing crimes among countries.

          • GodsHammer

            No…murder rate is the best way to gauge the severity of the violence or the effectiveness of the . Violent crimes also include basic assault. In North America we’d get charged for basic fistfights regardless of the damage done…here it’s all settled for a few hundred rmb as long as the actual damage is minimal (bones and blood). That way they have to do less paperwork and everybody wins.

          • JSakamoto

            GH, it’s all pure speculation if you say Chinese are less effective than other societies at finishing the job, so therefore they have a lower murder rate. You have no statistics to back up your claim while I do. I know statistics can deceive but a murder rate 1/4 that of the US can’t be ignored.

            Put it this way, where do you feel safer: walking alone late at night in Detroit, St. Louis, L.A., or any major chinese city? I’ve done both and I know my answer is clear.

          • I’m from Detroit.

            You know what they say?

            Better the Devil you know.

          • GodsHammer

            Statistics are made of reported incidents. Unless you’ve been in trouble in China you’ll never understand how the process works and why you’ll never be part of the reported percentage. Add the Chinese tendency to not make official complaints plus the governments ability to manipulate official figures, and you’ll see why I find it hard to take STATS from China seriously.

          • JSakamoto

            You still didn’t answer my question about where you feel safer. BTW are you Chinese? You sound like a lot of my chinese friends. The use “feelings” to come to conclusions and never facts or hard data.

        • Austin McCree

          Sorry, but I think this is partially in accurate.

          In more developed countries, the chance of a violent crime such as a rape will more often be followed by murder. In some African countries for example, the penalty for rape, burglary, or physical assault are so low that it’s sadly commonplace.

          • Austin McCree

            By the way, I understand we’re only comparing China and the U.S. here, but let me reiterate my main point: two societies can be different enough that the murder rate isn’t an accurate indicator of violence. The way Chinese police act, it makes me think the U.S. and China do have that difference.

    • Stupido

      Except not having anybody to take care for your 4 children and raped wife.

  • Amazed

    All these comments are depressing. People, the guy has 4 kids and a wife. If he is dead will your great Chinese culture take care of them? He did the only thing he could do but you ridicule him. He knew you would and he feels shame. Its just like the 18 people that walked past the little girl dying in the streets. Just like the dead newborns in Shandong, (probably all girls). Did any of the people that did these things feel shame after? Have you figured it out yet? Your country is corrupt. Your minds don’t work right. Money is your number one goal in life. Human suffering happens all over the world but is seems Chinese people have forgotten what humanity is. No one will save you. You will destroy yourselves. No one will invade you, no one will help you, no one will care. Stop thinking with your closed minds and think about what is reality. The food, the air, the soil are poisoned. All to create wealth for the few rich and their overseas partners. Sadness is all I feel for you as I have many Chinese friends but they all seem to turn their heads the other way and not face the reality of their situations. I hope this family can overcome these problems.

  • 平凡人

    This guy must have all along been terrorized by the so called “Joint Defence Officer”. I am sure there are cases like this around the world, I have read so many; mostly at gun point. The key here is not the “hopeless man”‘; why are there bullies around and they get away with bad deeds. Also why the public has the perception that the bully is close to the law enforement officers? Unless it is true. This place is screwed, history repeating itself.


    Isn’t that one of the Chinamen’s main mottos? Self-preservation always comes first…..

    • DRaY

      “He who see’s a fight and runs away lives to run another day!!!!” Motto of cowards everywhere.

  • My Name is Lee

    Oh my God~!
    Leaving a dying child on the streets was bad enough.
    But this hits the roof… having your wife raped in front of you doing nothing… maybe he got paid or something…

    • Tengu

      平凡人 had it right, this guys has been “terrorized”, consider it torture, living in fear every day, both he and his wife.

      Fear that they would do something to him at any time, fear of retribution.

      Fear or death or physical harm coming at any moment, out of nowhere is a very powerful tool and these guys were very good at it.

      “Men ought either to be indulged or utterly destroyed, for if you merely offend them they take vengeance, but if you injure them greatly they are unable to retaliate, so that the injury done to a man ought to be such that vengeance cannot be feared.”
      Niccolo Machiavelli

  • Cyrus Howell

    I find this sad because in one photo the wife seems to be pleading with her husband, “Please let me die.”

    • JSakamoto

      Yes it’s so sad. If they both really can’t go on living, I hope they take the pieces of shit that ruined their lives with them to their graves. If you’re gonna go, you might as well go out with a bang and get your revenge. Well that’s the way I think.

      • Just John

        So, bully jihad?
        I say you should supply the man’s C4 jacket, and I will supply the woman’s.

        Why? Because women are smaller, and I won’t have to buy as much C4=P

        • JSakamoto

          Exactly, use what ever means necessary in war. It could even include going after the perp’s family members to get back at him, if you can’t get to him personally. Yes it’s extreme and ugly and not saying I would do it but for some people that will be justice. You sound like you’re half joking but I mean what I say. Extreme situations call for extreme actions.

          • markx

            In here we see a lot that is wrong with this world, from the comments of the “brave” judgemental Chinese posters, to those of the “Rambo- like” self imagained Western heros. Luckily a majority (of foreign) commentators here seem to have a better understanding and some sympathy.

            But then we have thoughts of revenge against the offender’s family.

            I cannot for one second comprehend how anyone could consider hurting an uninvolved family member as any sort of justifiable retribution. (though that nasty looking Grandma needs a bit of a severe talking to!)

            That sort of retribution is probably even worse than the crime of the original attacker.

          • JSakamoto

            You cannot imagine hurting the offender’s family because you’ve never been in the victim’s position, and neither have I. But I’m just saying those thoughts will go through some people’s minds when you’re traumatized like that. These kinds of things happen in war all the time and I believe it’s human nature for these thoughts to cross your mind.

            Don’t believe me? Just visit a comment board (Yahoo, CNN) for an article dealing with Islamic terrorism. You’ll see comments like “just nuke all of them”, “turn the whole place into a glass parking lot”, “kill them all so they can’t reproduce”, etc.

          • Anon

            @markx, they’re false flag posters trying to draw out the real psychos.

            That would mean that you’re an authentic poster in a sea of contrived people who may not even be people but AI posting under random names.

          • markx

            JSAK, Iknow I would never do that. I couldn’t hurt an innocent to get back at someone … it woudl not even enter my mind to consider it ….. but you have given me a little more insight into the mental makeup of those who inhabit this world.

    • guizi

      The wife cut her wrist, and now in a hospital for treatment. The victims family moved to another place. So sad.

  • harry

    A bit of advice to you, buddie.

    Pick your time, be a man and sort him out. H deserves only one answer to this. It will be worth it.

  • dim mak

    …This wouldn’t have happened if Chinese citizens could own guns!

    Discuss (:

    • 平凡人

      That will crazy. Most people I encountered here has short fuse and they do things without considering the consequences. Most people here cares a lot about “face”, this is a fundamental problem.
      If they can own guns, I am packing up and leaving this place for good. Will not accept any job offers to work in China.

      • Just John

        So, basically, you are claiming it is a country full of children, right?

        I mean, your description fits. Children tend to not think about the consequences of their actions, and instead act on whims because they do not have the experience that forces them to think about what the end results would be.

        Of course, maybe you meant they do not care about the consequences, and maybe rationalize it using something like “it will not be me”, which is a whole different issue.

        • 平凡人

          You are right in both ways, many act like children and many do not rationalize.

    • hooots

      I have the “guns” discussion often with Chinese people because I’m American. They want to know if I had a gun in America. I can proudly say NO. No one in my family has a gun. Although, probably most other people I know have at least 1 gun in the family. They are all scared to go to America because there are so many guns. But, the truth is I would say China is far more violent than America. I could never prove that because of course all statistics coming out of China are probably lies to some degree. I have never been a victim of violence in America but have been a victim twice here in China.

      My Chinese friends and coworkers tell me that if people could have guns in here in China, they would all kill each other off so fast. Just watch what happens when they have a small fender bender… Think if they had guns. Everyone would be dead within a quarter mile.

      Guns are terrible things and this is the last place that needs them.

      • GodsHammer

        This place is overpopulated…so is it really the ‘last place’ that needs guns? Mull that one over.

    • BeijingRafl

      why not just do like the people did in feudal Okinawa. When the Samurai took away their weapons, they learned how to fight with their bodies: karate!

  • Foreign Devil

    If a guy was regularily bullying and shit disturbing in my shop. . and I leaved in a lawless place like China,I’d purchase a nice machete and keep in close by.

  • Peasant

    Fauna, you are selling your China.

    • Just John

      I do not get why you believe this?

      You understand, anyone from around the world can access this information, right?
      The reason most don’t is because there are relatively few people living outside of China who read Chinese.

      So, she takes the information given in a language that few outside of China read, and translates it into a language that many people can read.

      So, exactly what is your point? That she makes the information more easily accessible to others? Is this suppose to be a bad thing?

      • dim mak

        She posts bad things about China in front of foreigners.


        • mr. weiner

          Ever read a book called “the Ugly Chinaman ” by Bao Yang?
          He based it on another book:”The Ugly American”.
          People should be allowed to critic their society and culture, even to foreigners because if you hide it all under the mat nothing will ever change. I’ll critic my own culture and listen to the criticisms of others…as long as what they say is correct.
          If you don’t like the site, vote with your feet.

        • Misaki

          The Great Firewall could censor chinaSMACK at any time.

          The fact that it has not happened suggests that its stories are not harmful to China.

          Also, thought it was interesting that the NYT included this in its recent series on Apple Inc. : http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/25/chinese-readers-on-the-ieconomy/

          I have also seen chinaSMACK referenced as a news source (on I think, user-submitted content for Yahoo news maybe…).

          If you live in China and would like to avoid having these “bad things” reported, maybe you should help to fix those problems. A short how-to:

    • Boiler room

      You’re forgetting that Fauna is Chinese. And if all those negative generalizations thrown around about Chinese people here are even remotely true, then don’t expect too much out of her. In order to keep her website successful, she’s willing to sit back while all of us foreigners bash the crap out of her country and people. Where is her dignity?
      Fauna, it’d be interesting if you created a site translating all of the comments in English into Chinese for Chinese people to see.
      Seriously, don’t you ever get tired of having every article you translate, no matter the topic, turn into not much more than a “Chinese people suck” rant? Aren’t you Chinese? Doesn’t it bother you?
      You are interested in the differences between Chinese people and “Western” people? Well, by welcoming people to talk smack about you, your culture, and your country all day, I think you’ve just clearly illustrated one.

    • guizi

      She is making money from Chinese news, and porno and China bashing make more money. There is nothing other than that, because chinaSMACk is neutral, no moral, no judgement whatsoever.

  • dim mak

    What a fucking pussy.

    Afraid of a few rural migrant shits?

    My ancestors are from Guangdong and if it were me I’d face those punks 3v1, subjugating them with DIM MAK (look it up) while their pitiful blows bounce helplessly off my hard, Cantonese muscles.

    • JSakamoto

      After you’re finished with them you should tie them up and have a nice meal of spicy hot pot then take a steamy shit all over their faces and rub it in and force them to eat it or else you’d torture them. That’ll teach em to never bother you again.

  • TFF

    Why is the guy leading reporters into his home at once to shove multiple cameras and microphones into his suffering wife’s face while she tries to hide under the bedsheets? The most sympathetic reading of this second round of poor husband behaviour I can come up with is that he was desperate for the cash and potential media pressure for justice.

  • Rick in China

    Everyone’s raggin so hard on the guy for being a coward. He was afraid he’d get killed. Sure, it’s not how I _know_ I’d react, but he is also a victim here. The guy who *raped his wife* should get 100% of the blame, not the dude for being scared shitless and being a pussy….some people are just pussies.

    Yes, he’s useless and can’t protect his family. Not everyone can. Especially from 3 dudes who routinely beat their asses, and are acting violently with some pipes/clubs. Anyone who sits there calling him a useless coward etc should think about this hard: How many times have you went to jack up 3 bigger dudes carrying fuckin pipes? Oh, none? Oh, NONE? That’s right, so shut the fuck up already.

    This is a horrible comment: “The person who ought to die is this husband!!!!”.

    • GodsHammer

      Sorry Rick, but you are barking up the wrong tree on this one. It’s YOUR house…YOUR wife (sub sister, mother, friend child etc)… where does your well-being actually come into it at all? If in your own house you can’t figure out how to kill/disable, maim, brain etc someone who is causing harm to your loved ones, what use are you?
      The man came in before and slapped his wife and beat him in his own shop?? Are we for fucking real here??
      I don’t expect everyone to be the monster that I am, but I do expect that a MAN be prepared to stand up for his own family against a REGULARLY OCCURRING MENACE.

      The headline should have ended, “last seen beating a local shopkeepers wife”. I won’t say that CHINESE are pussies because thats not true. BUT on any given patch of land there are only allowed so many MANLY men… the rest are all filler material and drones. In the animal world they’d never even have had a mate therefore decreasing the chance that he pass on his defective cowardly genes.

      • mrnightcat

        GH, you need to think more into it than that. Rick’s comments are reasonable.

        It’s far from just a question of his own manliness and ability to protect the family. If you understand Chinese society, you’d understand that if he fights back violently and even wins, it’s still his entire family at stake; his actions may be noble, but frustratingly and tragically, the outcome can easily be worse. Why?

        The “officer” obviously has connections up high and should the husband win, there’s little doubt the husband will either be beaten himself later, or be arrested then jailed; the rapist is unlikely to face severe discipline. Fired at the most. Then the family has no breadwinner and other family members may have to sacrifice vital work to raise the children. If the husband doesn’t win? Commendable he may be, but he’ll be beaten to a pulp. He’ll have no money to go to hospital, will likely be too injured to look after his family, may still have police action turned on him and oh – the wife will STILL be raped or beaten. His two mates are waiting outside in any case.

        It’s easy to just point at the husband and say he was a cowardly bastard. I expect a lot was going through his mind. The terror and shame of the whole incident firstly, then secondly what I said above. It’s extremely awkward to feel that the outcome of him hiding away was likely better than the outcome of him fighting back; feels almost criminal to say. These are just about the most cliché words possible right now, but this is China. He was a poor, migrant worker with no connections and he may have known, that despite how heart-shreddingly shameful it seems, that he at least still has bones and a life and can try his best to pull the family back together again.

        I personally think the officer only faced a shred of punishment because this story was reported by the media, evidently very widely. If it was kept quiet, whatever dealings were done behind police lines would be too.

        • GodsHammer

          Brothers, trust me when I say that I understand his position…but I am unable to find an excuse for it. If I had some asshole in my neighborhood regularly come into my shop and create havoc, break shit and beat me and my wife… he’d meet with an accident long before the rape incident. When my kids grow up without a father at least they can speak of dad with pride instead of shame.
          I will go down every time as a villain instead of a coward.
          I will go down every time as a murderer instead of the murdered.
          I will go down every time as the hammer instead of the nail.
          Regular life may fuck me over but some glorified ming gong with dubious connections will not be the reason.

          • markx

            It’s easy to be tough and brave, when you don’t understand the position of the truly oppressed.

            Consider that he had been bullied and beaten for years by someone in a position of power, and had absolutely no-where he could turn for help.

            When things reached this awful state, he had those years of helplessness programmed already into his brain.

            It makes us all feel good to huff and puff and talk about our violent capability, but don’t believe similar things could not happen to us.

            A book: “A Woman in Berlin” … when the Russions came, the writer (female) notes the menfolk “vanished” or became “invisible” (and the women were raped) … and this was without years of oppression beforehand, the men simply knew if they objected or fought, they died.

            THe man involved in this case? The absolute worst type of human scum on this palent, confident that he had complete (and joyful) mastery over these people, and exploited it in any way he could. Truly, he should be burnt and discarded as rubbish.

          • markx

            I would not be surprised if it will also be found he had raped the wife previously, and she was too intimidated to mention it to the husband. Shame can be hidden if no-one knows, but now it happened in front of the husband.

          • GodsHammer

            The oppressed are the oppressed because they are easy to oppress… does that make sense? ;)

          • markx

            Not really. Anyone can become oppressed given enough beatings.

            Years ago I knew two real bad b**teds. Both were notorious brawlers, one was expecially crazy, and would fight anyone under any circumstances. Known as Mad Dog, he was never known to be beaten, and he NEVER gave up.

            He good friends with the other guy, who was bigger, quieter, but nastier, and looked like he was carved out of big slabs of bone and gristle.

            One day they had a falling out, which quickly became an all out brawl. The big guy got the upper hand punched Mad Dog senseless, and threw him down the stairs. Over the next two hours or so Mad Dog came up those stairs 6 or 7 times, fighting, and each time went back down unconcious.

            He eventually stopped coming up, and never took up the issue again.

          • DRaY

            I would love to have seen those 2 guys you mentioned going at it sounds fucking awesome!!!,,… But i digress….
            I WOULD FUCKING DIE FIGHTING!!!!! Death is death!!! Now if they were gonna torture me i would think twice… I have nightmares about being tortured, but again, I digress. I would find weapons and fight these fuckers … I would never sit back or hide while a loved on is being harmed/tortured!!!!
            I can’t even fathom the mindset of these hopeless people…. Thank God I was not raised in this part of the world… BUNCHA FUCKING SHEEP.

  • [email protected]

    This story is so fucked up I don’t even know where to begin.
    So I wont bother. Absolutely fucked up.

  • dilladonuts

    This is worse…. Good ol Penn State/NFL player witness child rapping and does nothing.


    • dilladonuts

      i mean NFL coach

  • JSakamoto

    If only there was a way to send this rapist and his 2 accomplices to a max security US prison. There they’d be given no mercy as they’d be gang raped up their poop holes and forced to be someone’s girlfriend for life. Then they will know how it feels to be so helpless.


      They should sent to those reformed camps within PRC itself and let their organs get harvested! This would make a show for all the party members how they should reacted.

      But we know this is not going to happen, this is PRC after all, when the law are criminals and the criminals are the law enforcers. It would be a much luck if they were even apprehended and sent to prison.

      • JSakamoto

        Death is too easy for this sad piece of shit. He needs to have his manhood forcefully taken from him every day by 5 black guys. Do they sodomize you with a rusty pipe in a reform camp? They should with this guy.

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  • Fathom

    To those who are quick to criticize the poor hapless man,please come down from the high pedestal and open your eyes wide to see clearly that there are still many poor hapless souls even at this moment around your neighbourhood !It is not a problem if you have all the means to protect yourself or families,but almost all the time,I can only see the more powerful scums bullying the hapless weaklings.Should we give the weak the rights to kill the bullying scums and a guarantee not to be prosecuted?

  • lonetrey

    I’ll say it right now. I want to care less about the husband/wife and care more about the rapist.

    The so called cowardly man… I can’t judge him. I don’t know him. I don’t know what the rapist is like, how powerful he is, what he could do to the husband.

    My heart goes out to the victim.

    And as for the rapist?… well, I’ll be hoping to see him burn. (not literally. Punished in a humane way. Many many, MANY years in jail.)

  • John

    Niue, yeah, making getting a concealed weapons license as easy as getting a drivers license does say something — it’s getting CLOSE to say that we Americans truly have a RIGHT to Keep and Bear Arms, like our Founders intended.

    Since 1986, we’ve gone from 9 states with “liberal” concealed handgun carry laws to 41. NOT ONE state that liberalized their law has EVER gone back! All the fear mongering (“blood in the streets,” “shootouts over fender benders”, etc.) has turned out to be FALSE.
    (search for “Radical Gun Nuttery Right to Carry map”) EVERY state that has passed Shall Issue has seen violent crime rates DROP (http://www.NRAILA.org/Issues/FactSheets/Read.aspx?id=18&issue=003). Blind fear, based upon ignorance, can best be overcome with facts. Dr. John Lott provides a lot of them in the 3rd edition of his excellent “More Guns, Less Crime”. For those who prefer video, there a many showing how law-abiding citizens have used guns for self-defense at: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheArmedCitizen?blend=3&ob=5#p/u

    Interesting aside: the antis were all predicting great increases in gun crimes once Washington DC was forced (by SCOTUS in the Heller and McDonald decisions), to allow the private ownership of functioning firearms. Guess what? Violent crime went DOWN! Of course, the mainstream media (MSM), never told you that because it doesn’t suit their political agenda (http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/09/30/media-silence-is-deafening-about-important-gun-news/).

    All law-abiding HUMAN BEINGS, not just Americans, have been endowed by their Creator with the Right to Self-Defense and the Right to Keep And Bear Arms. Hopefully, with the internet, the truth will get out and will stand up for their rights and fight against criminal and political evil-doers!

  • Edz

    Why are we mocking the victim here?

    The guy is poor, him and his family have been bullied for a long time, the police don’t give a shit and he is demoralised. How do you expect a demoralised person to fight back? Also his wife just got beaten and raped, he can’t pay the medical bills and the perpetrators walk away as if nothing happened. Cut this guy a break.

    Netizens should be focusing their energy on conducting a “human flesh search” for the perpetrators to f*** their sh*t up and the media should be hounding the police. But this is China after all. I’m not surprised at all about the outcome.

    I also think this story and a lot of other stories on China Smack show that the current society in China is unsustainable. The small majority in power can abuse the poor majority in the short term. But one day another Mao Zedong, Pol Pot or Hilter will win popular support and when 1 billion pissed off people want to have a revolution.. I’m on the first plane back to Australia!

  • wayne morris

    China is the most fucking placeto live in, the communist criminal den, where people get rape and beaten by goverment official.

  • Dan Danger

    Most the Chinese here guys calling the husband a coward talk big but do the same thing most likely in his place unless they could call 15 or 20 friends to come over and help. In a one on one situation here the guys freeze up unless it is one on one against a woman. Wait, even then they prefer at least one or two friends just to be sure.

    • Chest Rockwell



      Q: How many times have you seen an insanely gorgeous Chinese woman with an ugly dweeb or a fat toad-ish looking guy?

      A: So many, I’ve lost count.

      Q: How many times have you seen the ugly dweeb or the fat toad-ish guy treat the insanely gorgeous woman with absolutely zero respect, often even coming to blows?

      A: So many, I’ve lost count.

      Q: How many married Chinese men have girlfriends on the side AND also regularly go out to the “chicken bars” at night for a little rub’n’tug, leaving the wife at home with the kid(s)?

      A: So many, I’ve lost count.

      It’s really mind-boggling to see these sad Chinese men not giving a shit about their women. Treating them the way they do…hold on a minute, I’m an idiot…I shouldn’t be surprised at their actions towards women…they deal with everything in the same way…the environment, the elderly, the hospitals, the zoos, their families, their employees, their customers, their factories, their safety, their rules and regulations(if any), each other…

      Many Chinese don’t care about anything but themselves and what they can get away with for themselves.

      Silly bastards think that they are the shit…

      In one word: Pathetic.

      • me

        she’d previously beeen stuck by the coppers already – wot a slut

        shuda divorced here immediately

        • markx

          It appears she did not get a lot of say in the matter.

      • dilladonuts

        Q: How many times have you seen an insanely gorgeous American woman with an ugly dweeb or a fat toad-ish looking guy?

        A: So many, I’ve lost count.

        Q: How many times have you seen the ugly dweeb or the fat toad-ish guy treat the insanely gorgeous woman with absolutely zero respect, often even coming to blows?

        A: So many, I’ve lost count.

        Q: How many married American men have girlfriends on the side AND also regularly go out to the “ strip clubs ” at night for a little lap dance and if rub and tug was more affordable it would be preferred, leaving the wife at home with the kid(s)?

        A: So many, I’ve lost count.

        Many crackas don’t care about anything but themselves and what they can get away with for themselves.

        Silly bastards think that they are the shit…

        In one word: Pathetic.

        All you stupid white boy’s act soo tough on the internet but rarely act this way in real life… In real life all you ever hear is ” dude, why you doing this? ” ” dude, why you being soo serious ” when they get confronted for their bullshit.

        • JSakamoto

          Good post, you are exactly right. This is a bashing board for China and Chinese people, especially chinese males. Most of the bashers are insecure assholes who pretend to know about chinese culture, love chinese women and chinese food, but of course hate chinese men since they’re all so bad.

          • mr. weiner

            I thought you were Japanese?
            Non the less I think you are right. Whilst I definitely think there are some asian guys who don’t measure up to my standards of “manliness” ,there are also far too many pompous, self -opinionated white dickheads all too eager to critic asian society now they are living here [which is just poor damned bad manners really]. I’ve learned a lot from the country I now call home [China lite=Taiwan] and I hope to give something back ,other than unconstructive bitching and moaning.

          • JSakamoto

            You are right I am Japanese. But what does that have to do with my post. I am also an American and know how Americans (especially whites and to a less extent other non-asian races) love to demonize asian males while praising the virtues of asian women and culture and food.

            Good for you that you’ve seen the light. As for me myself, I admit I don’t really care for Chinese food, don’t find the culture especially appealing, and many people there get on my last nerve. BUT I LOVE Chinese women. If it wasn’t for that my interest in China would be far less and I wouldn’t even be on this website and that I admit with no hesitation.

          • mr. weiner

            Sakomoto San.
            My bad,I speed read your initial post as “hate chinese men since we’re all so bad” instead of “they’re” [“Aha! pronoun problems” to quote Daffy Duck.]

          • 覃伟忠

            Man, I love the women here too. Married one, and that is the only thing sustained my interest here. Originally I was interested in the culture but after a few years realized its just a pile of bullshit. I was in Japan 2 years and the culture and indeed entire experience of China never measured up to my time in Japan. But I gotta say, Chinese males really are pathetic (very often). They generally treat women with little respect (less in general than whites/others), are more cowardly (love to fight and be the biggest badass when its 8 of them and one of you, but dont have SHIT to say when its one on one, always yelling “HELLOOOOOO!!!!!!” over there shoulder when they race past on motorcycles or if they are in a large group, but never when walking past you alone) ETC. ETC. ETC. so basically, yeah, everything you said is true. And I dont feel insulted by that for some reason.

          • Austin McCree

            Which of these views is accurate?

            A) “I am also an American and know how Americans (especially whites and to a less extent other non-asian races) love to demonize asian males while praising the virtues of asian women and culture and food.”

            B) “Asian men treat their women poorly, so they flock to us because we’re outgoing, friendly, and interested in learning about their culture.”

            C) Neither of them, they’re equally pointless generalizations of very diverse demographics. I’m sorry JSakamoto has had bad experiences with white guys taking his women away from him, but he shouldn’t lower himself to the same type of standard he’s speaking out against.

    • Too true, group mentality at work.

  • BeijingRafl

    I truly feel for this family. They were truly victims, and they had been for so long that even their courage has been sapped. Sadly, the husband is going to suffer far more than the rapist, and he will punish himself more viciously than anyone who hates him will.

  • wayne morris

    hey you guys, we all know he is coward, we are all talking about his cowardly.As the matter of fact all chinese people are coward. their goverment people bully them for years and years. no one have a fucking guts to raise their voice and fight back. communist chinese official had terrorised,beaten and raped many chinese women civilians and no one know, and it is still continuing to do so, because nomal civilians scared their shit out. i had live in China Shenzhen for six years, i had seen my own eyes that police constable eve teasing chinese females passing by, these police constables are just like goons.China is a fucking shitty place.

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