Wife Beaten and Raped While Cowardly Husband Hides Nearby

Yang Wu, a husband who hid while his wife was beaten and raped cries.

Yang Wu, a husband who hid while his wife was beaten and raped cries.

From Nanfang Daily, ifeng, & NetEase:

Wife suffers beating and rape by Public Order Joint-Defense Force member, husband hides next door “endures disgrace” for an hour

In a rented apartment on Xixiang Street in Shenzhen’s Baoan District, a thin and weak woman lies on a bed, her face ghostly pale, shivering, staring at the ceiling, a bloodstain still below the bed. Suddenly, she sits up on the bed, waves her hands, and bursts into loud sobs. As soon as a stranger gets near her, she will cry out in anguish, viciously bash head against the wall, as if she feels no pain.

———29-year-old Wang Juan (pseudonym) is now suffering from mental illness, having refused to eat or drink for half a month now, and attempted to commit suicide by cutting her wrists innumerable times. On the night of October 23rd, Public Order Joint-Defense Force member Yang Xili broke into her home carrying a metal pipe and a police baton. After randomly smashing things in the place, he then engaged in an hour-long vicious beating and raping of her.

Her husband Yang Wu (pseudonym) hid several meters away, afraid to make a sound, eyes open watching his wife suffer this sudden misfortune, only quietly calling the police an hour later.

Husband Yang Wu responds to rebukes:
“I am the world’s most cowardly and useless husband”

Facing his wife and mother’s rebukes, facing his neighbors’ sighs, Yang Wu can only repeatedly reply: “I’m weak, a coward, useless, I am the world’s most cowardly and useless husband, as well as the most cowardly and most useless husband and son. I can’t protect my family, and have no face living in this world.”

“If I resisted, he would beat me to death”

Nanfang Daily: When Yang Xili brought people and broke in, how did you elude them?

Yang Wu: I’m not a man, I’ve been beaten scared. He bullies me and I can’t fight back either. If I resist, he’ll just beat me towards death. My personality is also to resign myself to abuse, always afraid of trouble ever since I was small, putting up with everything.

Nanfang Daily: Your wife being beaten and violated is something you can also put up with?

Yang Wu: At first I thought it would be like before, where he would break things, beat my wife, and then leave on his own. I didn’t think he would do such an extremely beastly thing.

“If you want to live you can only suffer in silence”

Nanfang Daily: You didn’t think of rushing out to rescue your wife?

Yang Wu: I also wanted to rush out, but he was carrying a metal rod and police baton, and he had two accomplices. I simply wasn’t a match for them. I was afraid of being beaten to death by them.

Nanfang Daily: Why didn’t you call the police at the time?

Yang Wu: He said he was a Public Order Joint-Defense Force member, spends every day with the police, is close-friends with the police, so I was afraid calling the police would be no use. Plus I still need to work and live here, so we can only suffer in silence, otherwise we’d face violent reprisals.

“This is a man’s most humiliating moment”

Nanfang Daily: He dragged your wife into the bedroom. You weren’t afraid something was going to happen?

Yang Wu: I was completely scared stupid, my whole body was trembling, afraid to even breathe heavily, afraid he would find me.

Nanfang Daily: You’re too cowardly!

Yang Wu: I heard the sound of the bed rocking, realized my wife was being raped. The sound was very loud, I was just several meters away. Blood rushed to my forehead. This is a man’s most humiliating moment, and I really wanted to rush out to get a knife and hack him to death.

Nanfang Daily: This kind of humiliation you’re able to bear?

Yang Wu: What could I have done? (cries) I can only blame myself for being useless.

From NetEase:

Shenzhen Public Order Joint-Defense Force member breaks into home, violently beats and rapes woman

October 23rd, Shenzhen Baoan District Public Order Joint-Defense Force member Yang Xili broke into and vandalized Yang Wu’s small shop. When Yang Wu’s wife Wang Juan tried to stop Yang Xili, she was instead viciously beaten and raped. Afraid, Yang Wu hid in the utility room. An hour later, Yang Wu called the police and took his wife to the hospital for treatment, but because he could not afford the costs could only then return home. Afterward, Yang Xili’s relatives threatened Yang Wu demanding that he drop his charges. Yang Wu, when interviewed, said he was the world’s most cowardly man.

Husband Yang Wu holds wife Wang Juan in his arms, both crying.

October 23rd night, Shenzhen Baoan District Xixiang Street, a Public Order Joint-Defense Force member carrying a metal pipe and police baton broke into a small shop, and after randomly smashing things in the shop, he then viciously beat and raped the shopkeeper’s wife. Her husband hid several meters away, not daring to make a sound, only quietly calling the police an hour later. Photo is of November 7th noon, Xixianghe East Community, Yang Wu (pseudonym) and wife Wang Juan (pseudonym) weeping in each others arms.

Gauze wrapped around Wang Juan's wrist, where she tried to cut herself in an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide.

Gauze is wrapped around the wound on the wife’s wrist where she had tried to commit suicide, the wedding ring on her ring finger being particularly glaring.

Gauze wrapped around Wang Juan's wrist, where she tried to cut herself in an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide.

Yang Wu (pseudonym) and wife Wang Juan (pseudonym) embracing each other in tears, the wife’s wrist wrapped in gauze from an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Gauze wrapped around Wang Juan's wrist, where she tried to cut herself in an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide.

Wang Juan (pseudonym) curled up on the bed where the incident occurred, silent.

The mother of perpetrator Yang Xili hurls abuse at Yang Wu's mother.

Noon on the 7th, Xixianghe East Community, in front of Yang Wu (pseudonym) and wife Wang Juan’s (pseudonym) shop, criminal suspect Yang Xili’s mother brings her grandson to block the entrance and hurl abuse, while husband Yang Wu’s 70-year-old mother kneels on the floor asking the criminal’s mother, “where is the justice?”

The rapist's mother hurls abuse at Yang Wu while the police stand by helplessly. She's demanding that they drop the charges.

November 7th noon, Xixianghe East Community, in front of Yang Wu (pseudonym) and wife Wang Juan’s (pseudonym) shop, criminal suspect Yang Xili’s mother brings her grandson to block the entrance and hurl abuse, the local police also present but unable to do anything with her.

Wang Juan hides her face from reporters.

Wang Juan (pseudonym) lies on the bed, silent. She unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist, her wrist now wrapped in gauze.

Yang Wu's mother cries in his electronic appliances repair shop.

Husband Yang Wu’s (pseudonym) mother crying in Yang’s shop.

Wang Juan lies in bed crying, hiding her face from reporters.

Victim Wang Juan (pseudonym) lies on the bed, using the bed sheets to cover her face, not willing to face reporters.

Yang Wu covers his face in tears.

In the face of this kind of thing, Yang Wu covered his face crying. Yang Wu took his injured wife to the hospital yet could not receive treatment because he had no money. He himself says, “I am this world’s most cowardly man.”

Yang's electronic appliances repair shop was only meters away from the local community police station.

The electrical appliances repair shop where the incident occurred was only 10 meters away from the community police affairs office.

Comments from Tiexue:


Forget calling the police, one life for one life, or have the criminal’s wife, daughter, and mother raped to pay his debt. China’s tradition is that you repay your debts with money and repay murder with your life. Even with evolution, traditions must not be lost.


If the government cannot pay attention to the vulnerable, the hearts of the people will be lost, and may never be regained.


That’s right, if [the government] continues to ignore the vulnerable, China may be the next “Libya“.

Misgovernment driving the people to revolt.


Yet again done by a temporary workerFuck, why are they always hiring hooligans and scoundrels to be their underlings, or is the disgusting behavior the same up and down [through these organizations]? The other thing that must be said is, with this man being without courage and uprightness, that woman marrying you is a tragedy itself. There are only one thing for any normal man who encounters this kind of thing—- fight to the death, if it isn’t you that dies, its me.


There’s not much meaning for this man to continue living, so why doesn’t he just kill himself? Fuck, watching one’s own wife being QJ by others, so fucking outrageous!


How can this kind of human scum become a Public Order Joint-Defense Force member? How can this kind of husband still live amongst people? How can those who stood by and watched this not help call the police or intervene?

The law in China has no authority to speak of, the men are already without a sense of courage and uprightness, the ordinary common people are already without a sense of social morality. This is what the current social reality in China, the tragedy of all Chinese people.



Being poor means being bullied, I admit, as a Chinese citizen, we probably cannot count on the so-called law.

But such a cowardly husband, what is he still doing living in this world?


Strange, some people are actually mainly blaming/condemning the victim’s husband. Right, he is cowardly, but being cowardly is not the main reason or direct reason he was victimized.

The main reason is that the cost of committing crime by officials of “the relevant departments” and their underlings is too low. When something happens, they basically can suppress it/cover it up/avoid the consequences, resulting in them abusing their power, in contempt of the law, the big officials playing their subordinates, the small officials and their underlings playing the women of the people.


Yang Wu is indeed not a man, no, not a human.


This person even has the face to cry, he should immediately find some place to crawl into and never come out. Forget whether or not he is a man, he simply isn’t even human.

Comments from Liba:


The person who ought to die is this husband!!!!


What use is this kind of man!!

Yet there are so many!!

Women who are with them will definitely suffer misfortune!

Men should not cause trouble, but should also not be afraid of trouble

When there is trouble at home, he should be the first to rush forth, otherwise what use is he???


I don’t even know what to say. Sigh.


Sigh, this is exactly how society is.
So what if the husband rose up?
Whoever will be raped will still be raped.
It’s just that one more man will be beaten.
Too weak. Sigh.


Both detestable and lamentable. However, it is true that 1 against 3 he wouldn’t be able to defeat them, and when you add many years of being bullied and oppressed, there’s already no backbone to speak of. We can only say this is society’s woe.


If you’ve been to Guangdong, you’d know that this really can’t be blamed on that husband.

In Guangdong, the police are basically don’t do anything. If you called the police at the time, the police simply would not come over immediately, basically it would take over an hour, waiting for the gangster/thug to flee before coming over. The police are even more afraid of drying than the ordinary common people there, and have completely forgotten the duties and responsibilities of being the police.

If that husband had dared to fight back, its very likely he would’ve been beaten to death right then and there. I think no matter whether it is in China or abroad, no matter how much a man loves his wife, the number of men who are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect their wives should be very very few.

What’s is more, the gangster/thug who beats him to death will very likely face no consequences whatsoever, for the same reasons as above, because the local police simply do nothing, not even when a criminal commits assault or murder right before their eyes.

The husband is a coward, but is also someone to be pitied, so why aren’t there anyone who blame this terrible state of affairs [that results in this helplessness]? If the same thing were to happen abroad, the people definitely would not excessively blame the husband. Who they would condemn more would be the police not doing their job. If this so-called Public Order Joint-Defense Force member had been stopped and restrained by the police back when he first started trouble, he definitely wouldn’t have been so cocky and arrogant all the way to today. What more, I’m certain that someone reported him to the police before in the past, but the police ignored it, thus resulting in him becoming bolder and bolder when it comes to committing crime, more daring to commit crime.


Public opinion is all blaming this husband. Well great, now that beast is not the focal point~!


So lawless~~~ what a sin~~~ How do you live this kind of life!
I’m heartbroken for them.


Could you not have children like pigs? With only 1k something in monthly income and having to raise four children and an old mother. Poor people get bullied by others, this is how it is, but isn’t part of the reason you’re poor something you yourself caused? No matter how poor you are and unable to afford condoms, in a city like Shenzhen, you can just go on the streets and ask for them. I refuse to believe [government] family planning staff wouldn’t give some to you for free. Even if you were a stud, using ten a day should be enough, right??? Fuck, having so many children, all given life by someone but with no one to raise/provide for them. A man who can’t even protect his wife has what bullshit business raising descendents. Only by dying out would you be any help to improving the human race.


When I first saw this news, I was really shocked, angrily condemning as I was filled with moral indignation, how could there be this kind of person?

The perpetrator so outrageously daring, the victim so completely useless, cowardly to this extreme.

But thinking some more, in that kind of environment, knowing keenly what the result of fighting back would be, or to put it another way, what would I do if it were me, so, I’m silent.

Now entering again into this topic thread, I want to say that when it didn’t happen to us, we can only think of ourselves as brave/courageous.

If we were passersby, for me, the most probable result is to abstain from getting involved, pretend to not see, which is the so-called being indifferent.

But if it were a close family member, I think I would do everything I can to fight back.

Because at that moment, one wouldn’t have the time to think too much…


The people who are supposed to protect the people have now become gangsters/thugs. and wives must depend on small and weak husbands risking their lives to protect them to live safely in their homes, otherwise wives can only suddenly and unexpectedly suffer violence and ravaging.

Is there still any law in this society? The taxpayers have raised a bunch of good-for-nothing garbage.

A video…

At the beginning, surveillance footage is shown showing Yang Xili walking around the store, hitting the wife, and then forcing himself on her. Later in the video, the husband is asked why Yang Xili beat him in the past. His reply is that Yang Xili would want him to drink with him and if he didn’t, Yang Xili would beat him, that Yang Xili would come everyday to drink.

What do you think? What makes you the most angry in this news story?

2011 November 10 UPDATE:

  • More translated details from the original Nanfang Daily article on Shanghaiist

The following video on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku has been viewed over 2.8 million times since it was uploaded 18 hours ago.

The suspects have now been arrested and five people have been suspended pending investigation.

There are also reports indicating that Wang Juan, the wife, has previously had relations with Yang Xili.


Written by Fauna

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