Wife Killed In Fast Lane As Husband Changed Burst Tire

Wife Killed In Fast Lane As Husband Changed Burst Tire

A man from Hangzhou who was returning from a trip to Fuyang is in deep remorse as his wife was killed whilst helping him out as he changed a tire on a highway fast lane after a blowout. With traffic being too heavy in the other lanes, Mr. Zhou was unable to pull over to the hard shoulder after his tire burst. Preferring to save time, rather than call for assistance he set about changing it himself after placing a hazard triangle 50m from the car. After imploring his wife to return to the car after getting out to take photos and put the fallen triangle back up, she was hit by a BMW and killed.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    Wtf? “Unable” to pull over?
    Need some more info on this one guys. Sounds like he’s an asshat with a bullshit excuse at first read, but you know…. one would like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • Paul Shanahan

      Unfortunately, even if he was able to pull over into the hard shoulder (I don’t know what Americans call it – emergency lane?) it would probably have made little difference as Beijingers simply use that as an overtaking lane or overspill lane when roads are busy and out in the provinces it’s even worse – its just an extra lane to weave in and out of seemingly at random. The traffic police sit around watching these violations and do nothing.

      • Amused

        True there’s no police in the sense that we in the West use the word here, but you’ve got to try and get to the side of the road. Its still got to be better than setting up camp in the fast lane man. At least its an ATTEMPT to get out of traffic and not be an asshole or statistic.

      • Edward Kay

        Happened many times over in my country. Some people are just blind. Putting the triangle, hazard light and open the booth won’t make any difference. If your car breaks down, lay out a spike strip and sit far far away.