Win Tickets To See Jolin Tsai in Concert in London!

Jolin Tsai in a crown.

Jolin Tsai in a crown.

Chinese pop superstar Jolin Tsai will be making her first ever concert appearance in Europe with her MYSELF WORLD TOUR stop in the UK at London’s Wembley Arena this coming 21 October 2012!

For chinaSMACK fans in the United Kingdom, we have four (4) free tickets to go see Jolin Tsai perform live in concert!

What do you have to do for the tickets?

Just take a photograph of yourself somewhere in the UK wearing hot pink and holding up a sign that says “I Love chinaSMACK & Jolin Tsai!”. Then submit it by completing the form below by midnight October 11th.

Pick a good backdrop, strike a pose, and take a gorgeous picture. We want to see who you are and where you’re from!

What are some important things to know?

  • You must appear in your photo. Bonus points for what kind of hot pink is visible on you. Be creative.
  • Your “I Love chinaSMACK & Jolin Tsai!” sign must be clearly legible in your photo. Bonus points for sheer audacity.
  • None of the above may be edited into your photograph through photo manipulation. No photoshopping!
  • Tell us about your photo and your experience taking it. Be sure to explain where in the UK your photo was taken and what’s visible in it.
  • Multiple entries allowed but only one prize per winner. Entries may be posted on chinaSMACK after contest ends.
  • Photo Limitations: Between 900×600 and 1800×1200 pixels in dimensions, .jpg format only, and <2MB file size.
  • Eligibility: Entrants must be currently in the UK and available to attend the concert at the aforementioned date and time.
  • Contest Deadline: Thursday 11th October @ 23:59 China Standard Time.
  • Winners Announced: Winners will be contacted directly and announced on chinaSMACK on Friday 12th October. Tickets will be mailed to your address in the UK, so double-check your information before submitting your entry form!
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Ready? Here’s The Entry Form:

Your Full Name

Your Email

Your Phone Number

Your Mailing Address

Your Photo

Tell Us About Your Photo:

That’s it! Repeat for each submission you have. Good luck!

Contest is Closed! Thanks for Participating! See the Winners Here »

Don’t think you have a chance at winning? Still want to see Jolin? You can buy tickets on the official concert website »

Jolin Tsai in a crown.

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