‘Wind-Powered’ Electric Car Built By Chinese Peasant

Chinese "peasant" (rural resident) builds himself a "wind-powered" electric car.

Chinese "peasant" (rural resident) builds himself a "wind-powered" electric car.

One of the top videos on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku yesterday with over 770k views and 2600 comments within a day of being uploaded…

From Youku:

Beijing peasant spends 10,000 yuan to create his own high-speed wind-powered car, able to reach 140km/h

Tang Zhenping, 55 years old this year, a farmer in Beijing’s Tangzhou Wangji Yongle Town who has loved automobiles every since he was small, spent 10,000 yuan and three months time to design, manufacture, and build a high-speed wind-powered car that reaches speeds of 140km/h.

A Chinese farmer outside of Beijing builds himself a "wind-powered" electric car with a 140km range.
"...ultimately creating a 'wind-powered' electric concept car with a top speed reaching 140km/h."

Comments from Youku:


Bullshit 140km/h.


Brother, how come after driving it repairs are needed?


Just being able to build something like this is already not bad, regardless of what it ultimately looks like.


Just 140 km/h? I can step on the gas in my Lamborghini however which way and it’ll be 200km/h.

V死神的召唤V: (responding to above)

Motherfucker, are you a SB? Did you also build your car by yourself?


The “peasants” on the outskirts of Beijing I think should no longer be considered “peasants”.They are a kind of land-owning nouveau riche. Because of land requisitions, many amongst them have assets over tens of millions even hundreds of millions, and have no constraints on their lives. Continuing to look at them with the way we looked at things in the past seems to be a little out of date.


A Santana at 140km/h is already frightening, and this…?


The idea of self-recharging is good. If our youth all thought and took action like this, then American would be nothing.


Looks not bad, but 140 km/h probably isn’t realistic~


He meant each charge could last 140km, even the LZ didn’t understand it properly.


It’s range that is 140km, not speed reaching 140km/h, do you know how to write titles?


Looks like he said the range is 140km not top speed. Generating electricity from inertia and solar energy is desirable, but this so-called wind-powered electricity generation idea is wrong. Rather than adding a fan on the front to generate electricity, it’d be better to streamline the front of the car to reduce wind resistance and save electricity.


The Xiali steering wheel was the highlight.


This…this… guy never learned the law of conservation of energy, did he?


The title was quite shocking, but what he said was 140km range, not speed. The fan on the front is superfluous, and in fact increases wind resistance. However, this car is still pretty impressive, and 140km is indeed not bad.


Doesn’t matter how fast he can go, the fact that it works alone is already very niu.


Know why those creating this and creating that are all peasants [rural residents]? Because the people in the cities are at the point where they almost can no longer survive! Everything is TM getting more and more expensive, and if they don’t slave away to make money they’ll starve to death. Look at peasants these days, with 2 story villas, all organic food, eating their own vegetables, using their own cooking oil, making their own noodles. There are fishermen, miners, farmers, planters, making over hundreds of thousands each year. And in their free time they build this and play with that, realizing their small dreams, now that’s living.


The electricity the front fan generates is totally less than the wind resistance created, better to dismantle that~


The fan on the front of the vehicle relies on when the car is moving at high speed and the resulting wind resistance to generate electricity. Essentially using power that was wasted to make new power, but when considering energy conversion efficiency factors, the gains do not make up for the losses. Of course, I’m just an armchair “expert”, making empty comments, discussing theory, and whether or not reality is this way is difficult to say. Either way, I admire this uncle.


This kind of spirit/creativity should be encouraged, but peasants are peasants, with poor sense of aesthetics, lacking taste, the things they make summed up in one word: “ugly” [unsophisticated, unrefined, crude]!

What do you think?

A Chinese farmer outside of Beijing builds himself a "wind-powered" electric car with a 140km range.


Written by Fauna

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