‘Wind-Powered’ Electric Car Built By Chinese Peasant

Chinese "peasant" (rural resident) builds himself a "wind-powered" electric car.

Chinese "peasant" (rural resident) builds himself a "wind-powered" electric car.

One of the top videos on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku yesterday with over 770k views and 2600 comments within a day of being uploaded…

From Youku:

Beijing peasant spends 10,000 yuan to create his own high-speed wind-powered car, able to reach 140km/h

Tang Zhenping, 55 years old this year, a farmer in Beijing’s Tangzhou Wangji Yongle Town who has loved automobiles every since he was small, spent 10,000 yuan and three months time to design, manufacture, and build a high-speed wind-powered car that reaches speeds of 140km/h.

A Chinese farmer outside of Beijing builds himself a "wind-powered" electric car with a 140km range.
"...ultimately creating a 'wind-powered' electric concept car with a top speed reaching 140km/h."

Comments from Youku:


Bullshit 140km/h.


Brother, how come after driving it repairs are needed?


Just being able to build something like this is already not bad, regardless of what it ultimately looks like.


Just 140 km/h? I can step on the gas in my Lamborghini however which way and it’ll be 200km/h.

V死神的召唤V: (responding to above)

Motherfucker, are you a SB? Did you also build your car by yourself?


The “peasants” on the outskirts of Beijing I think should no longer be considered “peasants”.They are a kind of land-owning nouveau riche. Because of land requisitions, many amongst them have assets over tens of millions even hundreds of millions, and have no constraints on their lives. Continuing to look at them with the way we looked at things in the past seems to be a little out of date.


A Santana at 140km/h is already frightening, and this…?


The idea of self-recharging is good. If our youth all thought and took action like this, then American would be nothing.


Looks not bad, but 140 km/h probably isn’t realistic~


He meant each charge could last 140km, even the LZ didn’t understand it properly.


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It’s range that is 140km, not speed reaching 140km/h, do you know how to write titles?


Looks like he said the range is 140km not top speed. Generating electricity from inertia and solar energy is desirable, but this so-called wind-powered electricity generation idea is wrong. Rather than adding a fan on the front to generate electricity, it’d be better to streamline the front of the car to reduce wind resistance and save electricity.


The Xiali steering wheel was the highlight.


This…this… guy never learned the law of conservation of energy, did he?


The title was quite shocking, but what he said was 140km range, not speed. The fan on the front is superfluous, and in fact increases wind resistance. However, this car is still pretty impressive, and 140km is indeed not bad.


Doesn’t matter how fast he can go, the fact that it works alone is already very niu.


Know why those creating this and creating that are all peasants [rural residents]? Because the people in the cities are at the point where they almost can no longer survive! Everything is TM getting more and more expensive, and if they don’t slave away to make money they’ll starve to death. Look at peasants these days, with 2 story villas, all organic food, eating their own vegetables, using their own cooking oil, making their own noodles. There are fishermen, miners, farmers, planters, making over hundreds of thousands each year. And in their free time they build this and play with that, realizing their small dreams, now that’s living.


The electricity the front fan generates is totally less than the wind resistance created, better to dismantle that~


The fan on the front of the vehicle relies on when the car is moving at high speed and the resulting wind resistance to generate electricity. Essentially using power that was wasted to make new power, but when considering energy conversion efficiency factors, the gains do not make up for the losses. Of course, I’m just an armchair “expert”, making empty comments, discussing theory, and whether or not reality is this way is difficult to say. Either way, I admire this uncle.


This kind of spirit/creativity should be encouraged, but peasants are peasants, with poor sense of aesthetics, lacking taste, the things they make summed up in one word: “ugly” [unsophisticated, unrefined, crude]!

What do you think?

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A Chinese farmer outside of Beijing builds himself a "wind-powered" electric car with a 140km range.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • neeon

    hoho sofa

    • The Shadow Knows

      Yo peasant ancestors had enough prescience about your dimwitted obsession with the sofa, they had the wisdom to shat out collective big one on the very sofa you now claim.

  • waihang


    • waihang


  • robin yates

    guys like this inventor should be encouraged, his idea seems to work so I think he needs a big company to take it’s development further.

    • Li Yan


      Bad enough, students over there spend money and years to obtain a lousy piece of paper (degree) and didn’t come up with that before the “peasant” figured it out.

      • jurgens

        Uhh I’m a mechanical engineer, his “invention” is useless, he’s losing more energy to the increased wind resistance then he will ever gain back from that fan.

        • 平凡人

          I agree with you, the energy from the fan is insufficient. If that car runs at 140km/h, I cannot imagine what’s going to happen when it hits something.

          • coala banana

            this “car” can’t run 140km/h, never did and never will, trust me….

          • Patrick

            If you guys had read the comments 140k was the distance, not the speed and the fan on the front is just for show.

        • Fu ZhiGao

          Also, if you look closely at the fan at about 2:40, the blades aren’t even moving while he’s driving.

          I’m no mechanical engineer, but I do remember that due to friction it would lose energy. However, I think he said at about 2:20 that it could charge from solar energy also.

          Throw in a battery, a fan and so on is it possible that it might be able to drive for 140 km without recharging?

  • Oil companies are gonna kill this one.

    • Notorious

      Like they killed the electric car some years ago, had them taken from the owners and destroyed. And these were great cars. They would probably do something to this man to prevent even this little bit of technology from getting out.

      • mankouzanghua

        shenzhen already has electric cabs. They’re nice but expensive for the city to buy.

        • mankouzanghua

          *cab companies, with help from the government

        • Jay K.

          hey good insight on this.

          i often come to shenzhen for business trips, inf act im here now.

          i do prefer taking the electric cabs(they are blue and white and look like a minivan) no fuel extra surchage of 4rmb.

          but you are absolutely right buying one is sooo expensive. i talked to one driver and my memory serves me correct is was well over 200,000 rmb(30k+ usd give or take)

          the cab drivers do get some form of gran money to buy it from the city, but the whole idea of it costing that much just has kickbacks written all over it.

          30k usd can already buy u a bmw 3 series in the us. not to mention this electric cab is domestic made and with lower labor costs that thing definitely is not worth 200,000rmb

          the “physical”/outer build looks good but once u get in it and start to notice the shoddy or minute problems in detail…you just know it’s like a KIA or hyundai quality back in the 80s 90s..and that’s not good

    • StupidAmerican

      or any automobile design student. The general population isn’t well-versed enough to know that this idea is a sham. I know a lot of people believe in the conspiracies. If they applied for a patent and then brought it to the media and then any university it would take off it it were legit. There are tons of independent research groups and million-dollar grants for ideas that work.

      Computational fluid mechanics and thermodynamics should be required before having opinions.

      • coala banana

        well said !

      • Joe

        I was gonna say something, but then I realized there’s no hope for you to see the truth anyway. You’ve already swallowed the blue pill. Too bad.

  • terroir



    • donscarletti

      The pretty ones never learn to cook.

      • terroir

        Damn, it must be the translation.


        Answer: this was referenced in a Simpsons episode. The “neighborhood vigilante” one, I think.

        • eattot


          • moop

            i can’t tell if you are simply making a joke or trying to flame terroir

  • waihang

    Looking at the first picture, I don’t know does he look proud or just awkward in that F1 racer, and why is there a fan in the front, is that maybe the “wind power” generator where he gets the power from, eg. a perpetuum mobile?
    Anyway it seems working quite well.

  • Notorious

    If this man can build an electric car, however slow or whatever, so can the car manufacturers in the U.S. Many of whom also own car brands. They don’t want an electric car because Corporate-America is trying to keep the global community dependant on oil. Power to the people! More electric cars!

    • moop

      “corporate america” doesn’t make more electric cars because people don’t want to buy them. they are too expensive and the charge doesn’t last long enough. it’s not a conspiracy. the us government had to buy chevy volts because no one wants them.

      • Notorious

        Actually, the electric car was built several years ago, and were very much in demand. The owners loved them and people lined up to buy one as a test audience. Ever see the documentary “Who killed the electric car?” Good movie, shows how corporate america works and how car manufacturers and oil companies collude with each other. No one wants the chevy volt because it wasn’t properly marketed. Honda has an electric car, Hyundai has the electric Sonata, and these are in high demand. The problem is that they are a bit pricey and when it’s time to replace the battery it’s very very expensive.

        • moop

          electric cars were briefly popular due to novelty, the environmental badge of honor that comes with buying one, and easy credit where buying a more expensive electric model of the same vehicle was easier to get. fast forward and we are in an economic depression, and consumers don’t have money to spend on more expensive electric cars that not only have a high price tag, but are more or less inconvient at the current technology level. fill a car with gas in a few minutes and drive 2-300 miles, charge a car for hours drive for 100 if you’re lucky. not to mention the costly battery($9,000).
          research needs to be continued to make the electric car more reasonable,convenient, and affordable to the average consumer, and right now it’s not, and they shouldn’t be forced down consumer’s throats until that time comes. the last thing the us economy needs is more subsidies to push people into buying products they don’t want (can’t afford) which would need to be funded by their raising taxes or printing more money out of thin air and be taxed through inflation.

          • Notorious

            Okay moop, corporations don’t try to get rid of products that could put their billion dollar companies out of business… yep, rightl

          • moop

            if car companies sell cars they will go out of business?

          • Notorious

            If companies sell cars that aren’t dependent on OIL, yes, the oil companies will lose majority of their profits. To a tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

          • moop

            and which oil companies out there also produce cars?

          • Notorious

            Now I have to do your homework for you? One of our major brands here in America also runs one of the biggest oil companies.

          • moop

            the question was rhetorical. there are no oil companies which own car companies, perhaps you should do research. its actually kinda funny you would actually make that homework question when i just helped answer one of your questions on another thread. you asking questions without looking up the information yourself is something you regularly do on this site.

          • Notorious

            I also find it funny that you said exactly what oil companies said about the EV-1. “no one wants an EV” – almost makes me think the U.S. has its own wumao. GM killed the EV because the battery being used in it (the rights to this battery was sold to Texacto, which was then purchased by oil company Chevron) can run for 150,000 miles before it needs to be replaced. In fact the battery would last longer than the life of the car. GM purchased the rights to the EV-1 under the “guise” of producing it. THey later claimed no one was interested. But the truth was that they realised the battery – the energy source in it was a threat to their oil empire. Chevron killed the battery and won’t allow the batteries to be used anywhere. The only vehicle running the EV-1 battery is the 2002 Toyota RAV 4.

            CHevron and GM colluded to kill the EV-1 and the power behind it. GM feared such a well built car would reduce the number of cars they would be able to sell, and Chevron feared the battery would lead to lower oil purchases.

            Countries are fighting wars for oil. Do you really think they would allow an electric car to survive?

          • Notorious

            Moop, my asking questions about certain topics is because I want to hear different perspectives on the subject. You were asking because you wanted to say “aha! Wrong!” big difference.

          • coala banana

            thats the typical BS nonsense from someone who never left his country or his own city ! tell me notorious did you ever left your country, have you ever been outside of it ! reading your comments i somehow doubt that, cause its BS you write. When your understanding of the world is USA=World, then you might have a point, but you obviously don’t know shit what is going on in the rest of the world and how many electronic cars are already driving on the streets out side your own bubble.

            In one point i give you right, the US has pretty much missed, cause of corporate greed to push new technologies further forward, and lobbying oil companies get sure that its delayed even further, but please don’t make out of it a fucking conspiracy theory ! I know thats the weakness of people like you, always thinking too much into something, and blaming others, but please get educated first on some issues and then com back with some legit info and not this conspiracy crap.

          • moop

            your example is a battery, not a car. this case limited one battery manufacturer in a gm subsidiary purchased by chevron. chevron does not own or operate a car manufacturer. the 100 miles supposivly attainable by the ev1 has already been reached by other technology, so it didn’t end up having much of an effect.

            you ask your questions out of ignorance, you can nuance it however you want. one can look at the language of the questions and see that they were borne from ingnorance not a desire to generate discussion. this doesn’t really matter

          • coala banana

            she believes in vampires and ghost and is waiting for miracles to happen ! don’t tell me you are surprised that she don’t know shit about what is going on in the world…..

            it was sick to see that ignorant people like that still exist, making out of every own misfortune and incapability to get things done on their own a fucking white racist conspiracy. I stopped the other thread, after i read that she and happy cow really think that the financial crisis was a conspiracy from racist white bankers against the black community :-(, how to have a rational discussion with people like that. Driven by hate and ignorance, thinking out their own racist intolerant bubble, blaming their own incompetence on white people in general…wow !

          • coala banana

            btw moop, take care, 2 more posts from you and she will claim you are a psychotic vampire who wants to suck out her “positive” energy, she will become an angry black girl, call you a stalker, and will think you appose her cause she is black:-))))…which makes me think what she would say when i was in fact a black man :-)….oh, i am sure that i would be branded as one of those self hating blacks….

          • Notorious

            Sigh. coala you cannot stop yourself from obsessing can you? I have traveled outside of this country, which I do when I go to the islands for vacation. Or when I take a cruise to the virgin Islands or St. Tropez. So I do travel a bit. Maybe not to the other side of the planet, but a lazy vacation on the beach or a nice time on a cruise ship is good enough for me.

            Now, go crawl back into your whole, and stop fixating on what I do, stalker.

          • Notorious

            Moop, my example was a car AND a battery as one cannot work at all without the other. The EV-1 was owned by GM, and the rights to the battery was owned by Chevron, so in that sense, car production responsibility belongs to both GM and CHEVRON which means, Chevron was in the business of producing cars. Maybe I did not phrase myself correctly enough in typing in such an offhanded manner. I forget I have to mind my words, which I take responsibility for should someone call me out when I mispeak or type.

            Do not pretend you knew what the EV-1 was, or that you knew it was owned by Chevron before I told you. You knew nothing until I gave you enough information to look it up. I like how you guys get tidbits of info, google, then pretend to be an expert on the subject.

            As for corporations trying to destroy other businesses, I am not at liberty to speak about what corporations do, because to speak on anything in particular would cause me to violate legal-client privilege and could get me in trouble due to working with so many corporations including some of the ones involving the apparatus used to access this web site. My contract does not allow me to speak about certain topics, disclose the firm I work for, or even disclose my background/business connections. No social networking discussions, no media interviews, none of that without getting into trouble. So I will leave it at that. Do not assume because I goof around here, that I am not very much involved in other things. And yes, in addition to being a writer (my dream job) and my day job, which is to serve the soul-sucking corporations of America (and yes, we have two offices on the mainland, one in taipai, and one in Hong Kong.)

            Woring for these corporations on a daily basis, I am aware of how they work internally. Make a new product, that interferes with the likes of … hell pick a brand, and I can guarantee you they’ll be on the phone with us within days to have them shut down.

          • coala banana

            of sorry, then of course i will apologize, i had not idea that you have such significant international experience in your resume, like a cruise to the virgin islands spending a vacation on a beach !!!

            sorry, sorry, with extra sugar on top, i will take everything back and will cause of your cruise ride to the virgin island and hanging out on a beach, acknowledge that you are an expert on internal affairs, foreign policies, and your wide spread knowledge of electronic/mechanical engineering and your deep understanding of thermodynamics !!!

            In addition to that i also publicly announce that I acknowledge your deep understanding of china, its people, its culture, all pros and cons, cause of your huge library of Hong Kong made Kung Fu movies and your to 80% fluent mandarin skills which you acquired by watching this movies !

            Don’t spend too much time on the beach and if you do, weak some sunglasses, to prevent scaring others to death with those goofily eyes of yours !


          • moop

            so the cunt comes out to play, eh? like you are an expert because you watched a biased documentary. the real situation:



            ev-1 was a car, the reason it was shelved is because of the battery to be used which got sold off to chevron

            never pretended to be an expert. i detect you are full of shit as usual

          • Notorious

            Moop, you are too intimidated by women. Sigh. Don’t tell me about the EV-1 because you didn’t even know what it was. Stop. Please. YOU DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING until I told you. guys get so mad when a woman is telling them something but when it’s guys talking they don’t mind being put in their stupid place.

          • Notorious

            By the way moop, if you are calling me a cunt, then you are calling your mother, grandmother and daughters a cunt. The first time I saw you write something on this site, you yelled cunt. These are not the words of a gentleman. you are just another disgusting pig like your friend Coala. From hence forth, I will not have a discussion with you. You are not civil enough, or man enough or human enough to talk to.

          • coala banana

            “You knew nothing until I gave you enough information to look it up. I like how you guys get tidbits of info, google, then pretend to be an expert on the subject.”

            yeah, moop, you knew nothing ! :-)))) without notorious you wouldn’t know shit ! :-))), go to google and then come back pretend you are an expert ?? without her pointing you in the right direction you wouldn’t know a thing ! admit it ! come on ! say it !

            she is of course not allowed to speak freely, cause she could get in trouble by violating her clients interests ! BUT, i tell you what she could say would blow our minds !!! She works for ALL the corporations out there, some of which are connected with contents of her posts, BUT she will of course not mention ANY names, cause of obvious reasons !! She IS bonded by her multi national corporative contracts, so PLEASE show some fucking understanding, that she CAN NOT speak about certain topics or disclose ANY sort of her background and business connections !!!!

            Please !!! don’t think that cause she is virtually living on this forum, that she is not a big roller and is not involved in “other things” too !!! She works for all this corporations and she is well aware off how things play out behind the scenes. You have NO IDEA !!! so please stick to your google and wiki knowledge and don’t dare to question he competency !!!

            Thats it !!! hope you got that now ???

            BTW, did i mentioned that she also believes in vampires and miracles, had her ass beaten and kicked out by her husband, had no dick for the last 15 years, is a fat black chick with frog like eyes, blew cocks on toilettes was fucked doggy style on a bus !!??

            Don’t know about you, but she IS my hero, not THE best internet troll, but amongst the better ones !!

          • moop

            nope, not intimidated by women, which i guess is your other favorite form of victimhood to play. my wife runs the show more or less at home and have always gotten along better with women than men.
            you made a paranoid and controversial statement about a world conspiracy between oil companies and car companies. i called bull shit. you come with one example thats not even really an example. car companies will sell cars that runs on anything if it allows them to sell more cars. they are not beholden to the oil industry as your posts claimed.
            if a car company developed a technology that allowed them to make cars that could run on practically nothing tomorrow and they were able to sell it at better profits than a regular car then they would do it, and do it quickly whether it ran on oil or republican tears.
            you continue to devolve, and you’re full of shit. your argument doesn’t hold much water with just one example, nor does it hold much water logically. car companies don’t care what makes their cars run as long as it helps them sell more cars. the good thing is that gas prices are high and that has lead to consumers pushing for companies to make more fuel-efficient and alternative fuel cars. until the oil companies start buying up cars and car manufacturers your conspiracy theory will be a mastabtory fantasty

          • Notorious

            Moop – any man who would type or even speak the word “cunt” to a lady is vile repugnant thing. There is no way on earth you respect any woman. Though tempted, I won’t even throw your wife into the argument (you mentioned her) though I am oh so tempted. So I’ll leave it at that. a man would never utter such a nasty and vile word, online or anywhere. You are cleary a nasty individual.

            As far as your comments about oil companies, you have to also be the dumbest piece of shit on earth, if you believe anything you just wrote. PLAIN DUMB, naive, and blind. You keep thinking corporations care about people. You keep thinking corporations don’t file lawsuits day after day to keep other companies from putting products on the market that benefit the public and offer better prices. You keep thinking those things, just because you are the most naive person on earth. Like I said, I don’t associate or talk to people with vulgar mouths in life, so I cannot talk to you here. Please do not address me again. You truly disgust me.

          • moop

            hm, what a cunt thing to say. i have no problem with the word cunt, it’s just another word for bitch, or more literally vagina. me calling you a cunt is just like me calling you a bitch. i used that word because i felt like it would get a stronger reaction out of you. i took it back and apologized the first time i said it, but i won’t this time because clearly my first impression of you was correct. you are a cunt, and as your posts on this site have shown, a pompous cunt. a 45% fluent in chinese cunt. a multi-talented overly-modest singer-writer-big corporation-secret-weilding cunt.
            i have never claimed that corporations care about people. they care about money. in most businesses, especially one with customers, you have to cater to people, like giving them what they want at a price they are willing to apy for it.

          • mr. wiener

            Calling someone a “front bum” just doesn’t have the punch as “cunt”. Nice harsh sound to it makes it great for abusing people.
            That said, I would use it sparing, As language is a tool and abusing your tool is an exercise in mastubation.
            Also, I was appreciating the tone of the argument at the start. Then it kind of degenerated a bit. Try to keep things nice would be my advice. Why? I hear you enquire…
            Well ..winning an flame war on the internet is a bit like winning a gold medal in the special olympics….It doesn’t mean anything ..and at the end of the day you are still retarded ;)

          • moop

            haha, good advice. things went down hill quickly, to be honest i think notorious was more mad at coala in the beginning and then it spilled over into our conversation and the more nasty exchanges began.

            ps. front bum is an amazing word. i don’t know if i could get away with using it though

          • coala banana

            notorious, in my humble opinion, and i hate to interrupt such valuable conversations:

            him calling you a “cunt” and you calling him “the dumbest piece of shit on earth” doesn’t make you necessarily a less valuable cunt, hope that this fact provides with at least some comfortable fuzzy feeling ?! I am just trying to make you feel good about yourself.

            However, i would claim its better to be a “cunt” then a “piece of shit”. I hope you can see, feel and even smell the benefits of it. Try it yourself, lick another girls pussy or your own and then compare this taste by licking someones asshole, or your own, and you will know what i mean !

            Just try to be helpful, no intention to interrupt the conversation, so please, feel free to keep on ……..

          • coala banana

            “Well ..winning an flame war on the internet is a bit like winning a gold medal in the special olympics….It doesn’t mean anything ..and at the end of the day you are still retarded ;)”

            wiener, most of the time i really value your comments, you come up with a lot of sense, fun and humor, BUT i wouldn’t want to agree with you on this quote you just posted. It sound good, rational and even a bit funny, but just one the first sight !

            Winning a gold medal at SO, means a lot for the once participating in it. This folks train hard and can do some amazing shit. Im case you mean that it means shit for someone healthy being the winner in a competition with a bunch of retards, then i take it back !

            On the other side, even THEN, i would claim that notorious, being half frog half angry black women, could indeed give a gold medal in the special olympics a while new meaning.

            Thanks !

          • mr. wiener

            CB, tell me that isn’t a soft marshmallowy P.C side of you briefly peeping above the slick of your confident womanizing surface?
            You old softy you!
            O.K no picking on the impared. That was low I’ll admit.

          • Little Wolf

            moop…I have always had high regard for your comments and consider you an intelligent motherfucker. But calling “notorius” a cunt? That’s coala and Hongjian-type shit.
            (shaking my head)
            Seriously, dude.

          • coala banana

            thanks wiener,

            i appreciate that ! it takes lots of balls to admit a mistake on the internet and apologize for it, much harder then in real life !

            Thats true greatness ! To jump over his own shadow admitting a mistake ! Props for that, the forum is saved !

          • moop

            yeah, you may be right. but i’m going to stand by it for the time being. maybe i’ll feel bad about it later, but i don’t right now.

          • coala banana


            i can’t recall that i ever called someone a cunt ? Damn, I barely even call someone dumb or stupid.

            HJ and Capt.Wed and some amateur trolls like notorious and happy cow do that all the time, yes, they really use some bad language, BUT ME !!!??? Are you sure ? Care to point me to one post where i called another member such names ???

            Thanks !

          • DRaY

            You guys are all a little nuts… If certain governments (America or CHina) wanted electric cars there would be electric cars. Plain and simple. The automakers and the oil companies are making money and hence they dont give a shit about alternative fuels. If a country with a large enough demographic said they were seriously investing in electric vehicles you mean to tell me it would be impossible???… America sent ppl to the moon 50 years ago and there used to be subsonic passenger aircraft 30 years ago, and we cant make a FUCKING ELECTRIC car!!?? Sounds like Orcish Mischief to me!!!! Corporations own America, I think China will be the bastard that leads the way in this electric revolution, as long as they have access to the technology, because they cant come up with a fucking thing on their own.

          • Little Wolf

            I could have misread…but you haven’t really showed much discretion here with your bullying of notorius. Since last week you’ve been dumping on her. Ok…the woman has strong opinions and gets a bit rambunctious sometimes but from my view she’s just trying to participate in the threads. I think you have some interesting things to say but this coala/notorius feud is boring the shit out of me.

          • Ruaraidh

            There are electric cars, the point is the economics of them make them unattractive to the mass market. In a few years when the production cost have fallen, charging points are more prevalent, technologies are more matured and petrol prices are higher you might start to see the market share of electric cars increase.

            Anyone who thinks there is some grand conspiracy has a tragic lack of understanding of game theory and economics. Companies happily undermine each others revenues for a little profit all the time. Any sort of anti-competitive collusion between oil producers and all car manufacturers would be impossible to maintain and impossible to hide from regulators.

            The idea of a government being involved is also laughable. If the USA or any country had a practical and economical electric car, they would stand to gain economically much more from it than they would lose from a decline in oil profitability. No country held back industrial nitrogen-fixation to protect the guano industry.

            Conspiracy theories are interesting, they seem to stem from minds that accept their own stupidity and impotence, but seek to transfer responsibility for personal failure onto an all powerful elite. Why this elite seem to have nothing better to do with their time but conspire against idiots will never occur to the conspiracy hypothesist.

          • moop


          • Bruce Tutty

            The reason we don’t have better electric cars is because regardless of all the cute conspiracy theories, the science says that there isn’t an economic way to make batteries with enough charge density, without making them hugely expensive.

            This is a sham, because even if it a *range* of 140 km, if its wind powered, why would it have a range?

            Therefore the only way i see it working is to have the fan in the wind all the time, charging a battery to power the car on it’s 140 km journey. I admire this guy for making this car with what he had to work with, but its not revolutionary.

          • Notorious

            Wolf, no worries brother. They cannot stop me from posting anywhere. And you are right that it has been ongoing. My views and opinions are no more crazier than anyone else’s here. Hell, everybody is posting some crazy stuff. Moop, I think I had posted something particularly benign one day when he randomly called me a cunt. He said it because he knew I was black, and he’s a southerner white person who hates black people> and this is what they do on the internet. They say things they cannot say to a black person’s face. He couldn’t think of any excuse at the time, then he came back and apologized and said he was sorry. This, was a word he had not called anyone else on this site no matter how crazy an opinion is posted. And you know we have some crazies here. Then he did it again. The word cunt doesn’t bother me, it’s the motivation behind it, and why he randomly picked me. When he said it I just ignored it and kept going. Then he proceeded to follow my comments and post obnoxious things behind them. I ignored it for a while then made the error of opening a can of words by lowering myself to even speak to such a person. I won’t make that mistake again.

            No explanation is needed for Coala, he’s already used every racial slur in the book, including calling me a “mixed breed”. The only reason he attacked my eye, is because some africans have protruding eyes. He couldn’t make fun of my complexion because it’s smooth, wrinkle free, and probably not dark enough to ridicule. Couldn’t talk about my hair either. So he went with some weird argument about my eyes being large and froggy, which in any case, they are not. He was looking for a particular black feature to hone in on, but couldn’t find fault in my features so he choose my eyes. Which is so dumb and ridiculous considering everyone can see my eye for themselves. He’s just trying to jedi-mind fuck everyone into believing there is something wrong with it by obsessing over it.

            These two are just a couple of guys taking their racial anger out on the internet. They are not even brave enough to troll another man, for fear of being belittled whereas with a female they are more comfortable ignoring it. Especially a black female because they think “race” is their troll trump card.

            It’s pathetic. I will continue to post and will just ignore them. And if they continue I’ll just report it to the web master or whoever runs this place becuase they are disturbing the integrity of the site by constantly steering it off topic. No one cares about black or white issues it’s CHINA SMACK, ie , we re supposed to reflect on news from CHINA.

          • moop

            playing the victim again. i’ve told you before and apparently i need to say it again: i’ve never jumped on your posts because you are black. i’ve jumped on your posts becuse you’ve either said something incredibly stupid or something controversial. you can continue to believe you are a victim, or you can own up to the stupid shit you say and not be so indignant when someone calls you out on it. i may be more aggressive than others on here, but as can be seen from a lot of follow up posts from others, my feelings about the subjectss we have had arguments on don’t exactly fall on deaf ears, they may not agree with the manner in which i present myself or my language, but many understand and agree with my main points.
            never said anything racist to you, the closest being that i said you were “devolving into the angry black woman stereotype” and that wasn’t even racist. i’ve made some statements about race which you don’t agree with, you’ve made statements about race i don’t agree with. you speak on conspiracies, i say they’re fantasies. so by all means continue to paint me as a racist who hates women and i’ll continue to expose you for what you are: a fucking idiot.

          • The Shadow Knows

            Moop: This could have been an interesting thread about cars, but I had to stop here and say something. Reading the entire thread and glancing over other ones, out of the three of you (notoriuos, coala banana, and you) you just come off as one of the whiniest, weakest, trolling douches I’ve seen in the last five years or so. Not the worst ever, but one of the worst. You might want to stick to “Your momma” jokes or something.

          • moop

            well, anonymous guy who has never posted on this site before, i’ll take that as a compliment

          • jeffli

            “o the c**t comes out to play, eh?”
            Moop called it first here!

            I side with Notorious
            1. Mopp started the C*** ACT! – not gentlemanly at all, However your wifes’ [Ahem] is not bad bad! haha! WHo’s Yo’ daddy Mop ? I am ! Why? Cuz I did (|) +.|. to yo moma! yeh! Yo moma! haha wasssup?
            but I digress! :-) XO to Moopsie

            2. Oil companies stand to lose a lot if demand for petrol decreases.
            B.P. (British Petroleum) has invested a lot into solar energy. They buy up patents for better performing Solar Technologies and not implement them! – Fact!

            Chrysler/Ford/GM was withholding manufacture of more advanced internal combustion engines, The Chrysler (Lean burn – hah what a joke!),GM and Ford were the last to be installed with electronic fuel injection and closed loop (O2 sensor)engine management systems as standard running gear until mid to late 1990s!
            (Euro and even cheaper Jap systems were already using “jetronic” or analogs thereof type systems)
            thus consumption by Chrysler/GM/Ford owners was greater leading to higher than necessary demand for Oil!
            lets not forget about 2 gear ratio inefficient Automatic gearboxes that were in vogue at the time! Hmmmmm?

            take a look at the very late late adoption of Hybrid or diesel(biodiesel) technologies by the Chrysler/Ford/GM ‘cartel’,
            now, in order to make these “special” electric motors the C/F/G cartel are bleating about shortages of rare earth metals! (used in high tesla magnets for these designs)

            I hope Notorious will allow me to say “Bollocks!” to the US car industry! yes Colaca banda and moops(ies?) “Bollocks” to you too! Get yo fat arses on a pushbike!

            Get with the program and sell your Pink Hummers you fiends of our beloved green earth!

            Oh and Notorious remember Moopsie is slang for C**T! (one that has expired its use by date and is totally F’n finished!)

    • hooots

      You guys have WAAAAAYYYYY too much time on your hands. Don’t you have novels and doctoral theses to be writing, jobs to be doing, people to be hanging out with, kids to take care of????? Something needs to pull you away from this blabbering. Go build a car or something. Damn.

      • Alan

        Agreed, can give you a headache reading all that arguing….perhaps a text character limit needs to be set in each posting.

        • cc

          I quite like the word cunt.

          • moop

            why do you hate women?

          • cc

            I don’ hate women, I think the cunt is a beautiful site to behold and comes in all shapes and sizes, I especially like the large pissflap variety as they are so chewy.
            Plus cunt is such a nice word to describe so many people, it has such good context.

          • moop

            waiter, there’s a labia in my soup

          • cc

            Big chewy ones that hang over your nose.

    • ZlsetrdX

      So what? If people start using electric cars, the energy demand will grow even more and our current energy sources for massive consumption are not very Earth-friendly anyway, so we are still doomed. I think electric cars would be good but not a huge improvement. And only conspiracy freaks can believe “Corporate America” will collapse were oil discarded: they just move onto the new business and survive, like the same companies moved from telegraphy to telephony then to mobile telephony.

  • MrT

    April fooled!

  • tony

    Cool story, always follow your dreams because its all we have! Everything else is expendable lol!

  • TheBigWhite

    “Directly into the wind” powered vehicles using nothing but a propeller is actually a possibility, no laws are violated. This guy’s propeller wouldn’t work though, it is way to small and probably not connected to the transmission system. Maybe it charges the battery when it’s stationary.

    • Rick in China

      I don’t think so. Many factors….the power of the wind required, the fact you’d need to be parked facing directly into a persistent wind, the fact it’s basically ground-level, meh – that little fan is useless and likely does nothing. It would have less impact than simply using copper/magnets inside wheels to generate charge.

      I think you’re wrong by “directly into the wind” powered vehicles. I’ve no way to prove it via math/aerodynamics/physics, but consider the wind resistance created by a prop large enough to generate enough charge to move the rest of the vehicle forward against the wind that’s charging the vehicle in the first place, I imagine you would need significant power assistance from another source….. gas or electric or whatever.

      • Alan

        I imagine you would need significant power assistance from another source….. gas or electric or whatever.

        Indeed, much like aerodynamics, engines would be needed surely?

      • Alan
    • TheBigWhite

      No really, it’s possible


      The above though goes downward with the wind at first, then exceeding the speed of the wind and maintaining a speed higher than the wind for indefinitely (going against the wind). It is also possible for a boat to travel upstream using an unpowered propeller. It’s possible because the propeller cuts the wind at an angle! Very unintuitive, but the math does add up.

      • Rick in China

        Please show the math which adds up – not just an image of a big ass propeller on wheels.

        I’m not saying it’s not feasible in certain circumstances with specific environmental effects or scenarios to build momentum/whatever, because there may be circumstances to make it work which I’m unaware of, but to say the “math adds up” to make something that can go against the wind and essentially build energy while being completely unpowered — is RIDICULOUS. If it was the case, we wouldn’t need coal, gas, nuclear power. *sighs*

        • Alan

          to make something that can go against the wind and essentially build energy while being completely unpowered — is RIDICULOUS. If it was the case, we wouldn’t need coal, gas, nuclear power.


          A big ass super plane like the A380 or new 787 doesn’t get up into the sky by the grace of god alone. Power is essential.

        • TheBigWhite

          Here’s a pointer:


          Or just search for DDWFTTW.

          This was a good read: http://www.wired.com/autopia/2010/08/ddwfttw/all/1

  • coala banana

    BS !

    1. reaching speed up to 140km/h is pure BS, 20-30 km/h are more likely

    2. wind power my ass, he just took out some parts out of a forklift and put them into a chassis he tinkered together.

    3. the ventilator in the front is a joke too, no way such a small propeller is able to create enough energy to…the whole fucking article seems to be misleading….wind power ? when need to connect the propeller to a power source so the propeller can charge the accumulator is not wind power, and wind alone can not make such a small propeller turn long and fast enough to create enough power..maybe to turn on some light bulbs ?

    4. even range of 140km is BS, i doubt he has ever tested it, 4-8 km are more likely

    its nice that this man has found a hobby, but technology wise its not even on the level of western college students 30 years ago…..dont understand me wrong, its not impossible that a chinese grandpa in some rural area around beijing, can come up with some new technology which could change the automobile industry worldwide, and thanks to the laws of quantum mechanics its proven that its even possible for a monkey typing senseless on a PC keyboard, that given enough time, he might by chance type Marx’s The Capital correctly word by word……its just veeeeery unlikely.

    I think thats the power of western technology and thinking, which makes chances that new breakthrough technology is developed outside the western hemisphere very unlikely. You can not just jump into something new by ignoring research and development. Thats also the reason chinese cars suck and will never make it into the global market. They know how to built a car and can even copy some, BUT they do it without the hundred year R&D experience and QM europeans have. They can be to a degree successful in their domestic market, but thats it. China can just survive as long as it remains the mass production factory of this world for parts and cheap ass shit, which guaranties that most of them can get a job. I worked and studied for years in germany at we’ll known institutes, and i also worked in chinese institutes in join venture programs, and can say that they are pretty much decades behind everything i have seen in europe…..even you give them the finished product, the procedure and documentary right in front their noses, they somehow manage to mess it up all over again….! I realized soon that this country has just one value and that is their cheap labor, so i joined with some HK partners and we let them do what they can do best: cheap ass shit ! fuck, even that, they mess up from time to time….they WILL NEVER become another Japan…its the people which suck in china, high tech or cheap as shit, its still the people…so give this grandpa as much props as you want, fact is, his “car” sucks. Why people always tend to blow things out of proportion ??? he invested some time and money to tinker something together, so please keep it fucking real, you guys sound like when describing his shitty “invention” that he is some sort of second Tesla !!! Ridiculous ! Yeah, compared to the ordinary nose drilling and spitting chinese you see on the street, he is indeed a genius, but compared to a 2nd semester german student of engineering he is pretty much backwards !

    • eattot

      you can write a book since you really love writing and have some special talent at this.
      i already find a good name for your memoir___my struggle: bullshit history

      • coala banana

        love you too baby ! always have, always will…you and me baby, it will always be you and me against the rest of the world !

      • hooots

        hahaha true. I don’t know how he is employed. He spends more time on this site than I thought physically possible. He’s going to die like those gamer kids who play WOW for 3 days straight without getting up to take a piss. I’m thinking a Darwin Award is in the making… I’m sure he’s written a 2,000 page obituary for himself already.

    • Fu ZhiGao


      I’m not going to bother to read all of what you wrote, but if you can listen to what he said at the very end, he says that right now he can get about 140 km in the car per charge and that later he wants to get at least 200 km out of it in the future (达到二百公里以上,这是我的理想).

      Yeah the article is misleading, but so are a lot of things in the online world in China.

      • coala banana

        i know what he said, and thats the reason i pointed that out in point 4. of my post…..the title was misleading too, so i pointed THAT out in point 1.

        however having said that, i find that both points, range AND speed, can’t be achieved with this vehicle. I think he was talking about 140 as a theoretical number and not that he really tested it. My mandarin is far from perfect and i didn’t understand some of it while he was talking, but i understood that he never mentioned that he actually tested the possible range….and where he could test it ? I doubt that he has ever driven this car more then around a few streets in the area where he lives….

    • Jaz sem douchebag

      waahh look at me… I’m a cloac spewing banana man full of white smegma around my teeth nothing to do the whole day but check my narcissistic position on da Smack… I can make a hen out of a feather, and thanks to my delusional belief in having a MSc degree in electrical engineering I am able to deem this peace of schitz vehicles properties with an accuracy of 99,97% and I’m already working on my next bs essay, stay tuned my fellow frats you are going to be blown away and I know already I am popular among my low life wolfy violent lover fans…. sorry have to stop writing now because my pimp skank deliverer Mladic is calling me….

      • coala banana

        good to see guys like you can keep track…if nothing else :-)))….tell Mladic my regards, he was a great man !

        • I am доуцхебаг

          waahh look at me… I’m a cloaca spewing banana man full of white smegma around my teeth nothing to do the whole day but check out my narcissistic position on da Smack… I feel so good when I have all attention on me no matter for or against me makes my ego immensely hyped putting a primitive grimace smile on my face, and I adore warlord Mladic almost as a god which makes me emotional and shedding a tear recalling my young days as a balkan rambo warrior sprinkling lead in all men and sprinkling sperm in all women, with their consent of course…. btw I have a new bizz idea as I usually use to have too many of but this one is going to set new records when I start sell my new book on my first hundred brothel visits around the world on taobao… stay tuned for more bs…

  • Castro

    sooo what ? the BatMobile was Rocket Powered !!

  • 123

    At the last part, did he say:”现在(其他or咱?)这车能达140公里,我的要想拿到达到….”

  • GodsHammer

    This front fan generator is nonsense. It is a huge hindrance and the blades are made all wrong even if he wanted to have some sort of dynamic aero generator. His also, was made with readily available EV parts made in China. This is a Highschool Project level toy and useless because as one Chinese poster pointed out, it is vainly trying to counter the law of Energy Conservation. a KERS could be used for braking but that is about it.

  • yesyes

    “Little Weiner Little Weiner!!!!!!!”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “Did you hear about the god-damned stinking peasant who made his own car?”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “Stinking fucking son of a Nip Bastard.”

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    “Who does he think he is?”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “We must steal the technology.”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “We must steal the technology and feed the stinking upstart peasant to his own pigs.”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “We must steal the technology and send his wife and daughter to Hainan to whore for the rest of their lives.”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “Do you remember when we stole the technology from Gucci?”

    Little Weiner hesitates, he knows it wasn’t technology but just a logo.


    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “And when we busted into Google and took all sorts of user info?”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “And do you remember when we took the IOC for a ride convincing the stupid hairy foreigners that Glorious China would be a more open and free-er society if Beijing won the Olympics and how in fact we tightened our enslavement of the masses?” EVIL LAUGHTER HERE.

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “These were great successes for The Ever Victorious Party and The Glorious Motherland!!!” Big Pu’s eyes shine like the fanatic he is.

    “Yes Big Pu!!!! Yes Big Pu!!! Yes Big Pu!!!! Ten thousand Yes Big Pus!!!!! Ten thousand Victories over all the foreign dogs!!!! Ten Thousand Year Reich for and Uber Alles Sig Heil Glorious Communist China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “Well, we can’t let some stinking peasant working on his own overtake the Wise and Ever Victorious Communist Party. We must settle this!!!!”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “Do you have a gun?”

    “Yes Big Pu, but it’s missing some parts which are locked-up in a department and the Man With The Key is never around.”

    “Do you have a knife?”

    “Only a knock-off small Swiss Army knife that broke when I was peeling an apple.”

    “Your kitchen has a cleaver?”

    “Yes Big Pu. I clean and sharpen it after each meal I cook but never before I finish cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floors, washing the toilet, polishing my wife’s shoes, shining the lights so they are brighter and can save us and the Glorious Motherland money.”

    “Get it and get a bus ticket and go kill the stinking peasant and drive away with his machine and we will drive the Americans into their graves.”

    “Big Pu.”

    “Yes Little Weiner.”

    “What will you do?”

    “I’m going to enjoy some stir-fried dolphin and garlic and then play sandwich with a couple little Mei Meis.

    • mr. wiener

      It’s kind of like reading the comics page, I’m getting used to it.

    • Little Wolf

      Absolute twisted genius, yesyes. You go boy!

    • waihang

      this is boring

    • Castro

      I liked it,,, big pu,, hehe. :-p

    • [email protected]

      bloody hell

  • titiwansak

    smelly peasant hope it crashes into a chicken

  • typingfromwork

    Fucking. Awesome. Car.

    Looks like it came straight out of a cartoon. Damn stylish to boot.

  • Jonlene

    The inspiration and the passion of science really appealed him to make such invention.I hope China will have more people like him.

  • Bunny99

    It can go 140 km/h if he pushes it off a cliff (and the cliff is high enough)

    Next, if North Korea kidnaps a few Chinese peasants they can build it a rocket that works

    like India’s

    • jeffli

      But where is the rubber band? Wind up car?

      Hey its a great go cart! powder blue, twin fins, Ooooh its just sooo cute! cuter than a GeeLee QQ!
      140km/hr? 吹牛!

  • chris

    Look at this disgusting little monkey, has he not heard of the combustion engine, his car is ugly and can’t carry anything, if only he had a human brain. China needs to be dealt with harshly

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  • Dr SUN

    Lets see the super rich “princes’ driving this in china and across the world to support Chinese invention.

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  • siva