Witnesses Say Wuhan 519 Woman Bus Driver Insulted Girls

UPDATE 08/09/23: Another video shows that part of the video where the Wuhan bus driver hit one of the Northeastern men at the beginning of the fight was edited out. More details below.

Last week, video footage from Wuhan bus line 519 showed two Northeastern men from Heilongjiang Province ruthlessly beating and kicking the female bus driver. Chinese across the country were outraged, many calling Northeastern Chinese violent animals. But, some Chinese wondered if the video showed the whole truth, noticing that parts of the video recording was cut out.

Soon, other posters claiming to have been on the bus when the beating happened told a different story about what really happened that day between the Wuhan bus driver, the two Northeastern girls, and the two Northeastern young men who eventually beat her:

From Mop, “Regarding the Wuhan 519 bus driver being beaten!“:

Everyone who has rode the public transportation in Wuhan knows clearly what kind of service attitude that Wuhan bus driver has. Cursing, grumbling, arguing, and driving faster than Schumacher, not stopping fully when people are boarding the bus is a common thing. It can only be said that this incident embodies the long-term bad service values of this department. From the edited video in the announcement we can see,  the female bus driver called the young man’s girlfriend a “prostitute,” leading to the young man violently attacking her. The young men beating people is admittedly wrong, but we should ask ourselves how many people can take such a vicious insult lightly? Also think about why the other passengers on the bus were completely indifferent. If it was really like how it was reported, that the female bus driver was completely justified and in the weaker position, that the young men attacked her, why did none of the many people on the bus come out and prevent/stop it? Not even anyone to say a word? The answer is obvious, that although the driver was weaker, she was unreasonable, and even her words and performance made the other passengers on the bus feel dissatisfied, such as being tough or viciously cursing people. Of course, it also possible the other passengers were just different and wanted to avoid causing trouble for themselves.

From Mop (via KDS), “The 519 route public transporation woman bus driver incident’s true situation“:

This comment was originally on Mop but the original source does not seem to be available anymore, only reposts on other forums (and on Mop) that include it.

Wuhan public transportation is just like F1. I have very clear experiences riding public transportation and taxis on Xiong Chu Avenue [in Wuhan], and have seen my share of public transporation disputes/fights/arguments. Remember the evening news report about a Hanyang old lady riding the bus having her waist sprained/snapped? Last week riding the 556, I also saw a middle-aged person flung from the middle row of seats directly to the back door.

From Tianya, “After clarifying the true situation surrounding the Wuhan 519 bus beating, I feel the young guys are true men, pure!“:

I was in the bus at the time, those two guys and two girls are lovers, after they got on the bus, it seems like one of the guys said: “Our bus is too slow, like a snail?” That female bus driver said: “If you think it is slow, then get off the bus, I do not even care to take you.” After saying this, she turned her head around to spit out the window. That girl said: “We are just joking.” The driver: “Joking? Look at yourselves! Working as prostitutes, right? Whores! Who knows how many men you have been with!” At the time, those several Northeasterner people had not gotten angry. The female bus driver then said: “Poor devils have no money to take a taxi, coming here to sell yourselves!” Here the two girls became a little angry, asking the driver: “What kind of attitude is this?” Hearing this, the driver immediately stood up and roared from above: “If you do not like my attitude, if you do not want to ride, get the hell off!” Then the fight happened.

Looking again at the two young male attackers, because of youthful vigor, when others openly make a personal insult at them and their girlfriends, may we ask, men, what are your thoughts if you encountered such a problem? Slapping the other person’s mouth twice should be the least. Maybe because there were too many people present, causing them to lose control of their temper in embarrassment, leading them to attack so viciously. But though they attacked too viciously, everything has a reason that can be understood.

From Tianya, “Complete video recording exposes that she first insulted and became physical, resist the edited video and [TV news] host’s lies!“:

Beating witness recollection: At the time, I clearly saw with my own eyes that she was the first to insult the Northeastern girl getting on the bus. Maybe that Northeastern girl really is a prostitute, but she also was the first to push the Northeastern girl. She thought that on her territory and on her bus, no one would dare do anything about her. What more, she has gotten used to acting like a tyrant. This time, the Northeastern people did not really say anything. The so-called Northeastern people attacking because they were fed up waiting for the bus is completely a fabrication. The Northeastern girl only said “your bus is so slow” this one thing. At least, I did not hear the Northeastern people say a second sentence. But the driver was cursing endlessly and what more, it was she who first made a move before the Northeastern guys got angry.

Did everyone hear that? Many just Wuhan people rushed to the newspaper office and television station to report the true situation. After watching the full video recording, even the Wuhan police had nothing to say, only give them administrative detention for 15 days, dealing with it by giving a light sentence, because they have too many reports of drivers being beat here. Just this one female driver has been hit over 10 times…

From Tianya, “The Wuhan woman bus driver beating incident, I was the person who tried to stop the fight, I want to talk about what really happened“:

At the time, I was at the middle of the bus, I heard a girl at the front say “how come the bus is so late.” I did not hear clearly what the woman bus driver said, but the tone of her voice was not good.

When I was trying to stop the fight at the time, the two young guys did not even hit me, and even advised me to not get involved. But the Wuhan channel twisting and fabricating that I got hit for trying to stop the fight simply made me incredulous. I can definitely attest that I was very moved that despite their the two young guys’ furor, they  were still able to calmly speak to me.

I know it is because they were insulted that they attacked her, that they were so angry.

From Han Net Forum, “Regarding 519 female bus driver being beaten, I was on the bus, I will share about my thoughts and feelings“:

I have seen all the experiences.

First, a tall pretty girl boarded the bus, asked the driver why the bus too so long, attitude was okay.

Then, that woman bus driver probably saw a Putonghua [Mandarin] speaking young girl as being easy to bully, said something in the Wuhan dialect to her.

Then the two sides started a war of words.

Fighting a war of words, the woman bus driver’s Wuhan dialect was definitely stronger.

Then the two Northeastern men helped

Then it was Wuhan dialect vs. Northeastern Putonghua.

Lastly, the female bus driver finished with, “if you do not want to ride the public transit, then do not ride, go take a taxi like everyone else.”

Then that is how the Northeastern first was welcomed…

From Mop, “A Heilongjiang Province person angry post, regarding the Wuhan bus driver being beaten by Heilongjiang youth incident“:

Everyone has seen the video. What the television channel broadcasted was edited. Looking at how the female bus driver originally looked when talking with those two Heilongjiang province girls was so exaggerated, even standing up, getting ready to argue.
Hitting people is indeed wrong, but why do you all not question yourselves if cursing people is right or wrong?
The host/anchorman,  using that kind of language to insult others, do you guys think this is right? Should not the host be calm and objective?
In Heilongjiang province, our girlfriends are being insulted immediately leads to violence, same for me!!
Please do not say the attack was because they were fed up waiting for the bus, the attack was because they were insulted!!!!
Teaching a lesson to those who say cunt, whore, and other bad words, I would do the same thing!!
Will those other passengers who were present please come forth and speak out, tell us what really happened, so it is not just one one side is shown.
I am a Heilongjiang person, I go to Harbin Industrial College, I have been to Wuhan before, your bus drivers are indeed mean.

Many of the comments to these posts are from people who agree or suspect that the Wuhan female bus driver must have done or said something to result in her getting beaten. Others say that these posts are all lies made by Northeastern people.

Here is the video of the Wuhan female bus driver beating again:

UPDATE 08/09/23:

Another version of the video recording that has appeared on the internet. This version appears to have one less edit than the original version above:

It shows:

  1. One of the Northeastern girls complaining about the bus being slow.
  2. The Wuhan woman bus driver responding.
  3. The Northeastern girl responding to the bus driver.
  4. An edit from when the bus driver was sitting to when she is standing.
  5. Both sides arguing.
  6. One of the Northeastern men slapping or hitting the bus driver after she said something.
  7. The woman bus driver immediately hitting him back.
  8. The two Northeastern men then attacking the bus driver violently…with their legs.

Remember, there is still a part of the video that is edited out, but many people know now that the female bus driver was not completely innocent.


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