Witnesses Scramble To Loot Cash Spilled On Street In Beijing

Beijing residents scramble for cash on the street.

100 RMB bills spilled on a street next to a gas station in Beijing, China.

From NetEase, Tiexue, XiCi:

Captured on camera: Looting money on the street next to a Beijing gas station

Recently, a man riding a motorcycle near a Beijing PetroChina gas station was involved in an accident, his backpack was carrying a large amount of 100 yuan bills, and as a result….

A gas station attendant risked his life to protect the cash, but a crowd scrambled around him.

Witnesses scramble to pick up the spilled money.

Chinese people scrambling to grab the cash spilled on the ground.

Chinese people fighting for money spilled on the street.

Comments from NetEase:


I’ve seen so much that this is no longer surprising [strange]~ If they didn’t scramble [for the money], then they wouldn’t be people of the Heavenly Kingdom [Chinese people]~ You should know this louzhu, that we are now a [people, society] without faith and without moral standards…


Seeing this got me wet from excitement! This brother sure is rich!


The louzhu posted these screen captures with ulterior motives.
Foreigners would also scramble [for the money]. This has nothing to do with whether a person’s character is high or low, it is basic instinct.
Louzhu is a SB, evaluation complete.


Louzhu is a stupid cunt to the extreme, yet another person who hates Beijing creating rumors about Beijing [trying to make Beijing look bad].


Those who do not know the truth, I recommend you avoid commenting too quickly, and not so easily voice support with the louzhu.
We don’t know if these people were stealing the money or protecting the money, so it isn’t appropriate to comment on it.
Nowadays very few people pack this much cash in their bags, [and] it all just flew out after a traffic accident?
A netizen said it right, people don’t wear long-sleeved clothes in Beijing during this season. If the louzhu is just trying to get eyeballs, then I can only gently say: You’re a pig!


This was real, but it was something that happened 10 years ago, and it was on television before, I remember. This money was just stolen by the guy riding the motorcycle. He was nervous/panicked as he tried to escape, and I think he threw this money right as he was about to get caught.


This is what the capitol’s citizens are like, Beijing people have the lowest characters in the entire country! Beijing people are the worst garbage!


All fake bills!

Would this have happened where you are from?

Instinct. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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DJH is a student currently residing in Madison Wisconsin USA, who spends the long cold winters locked inside his apartment scanning through Chinese media in order to improve his Chinese reading/writing ability.


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