Wolfberries Illegally Harvested, Environment In Danger

Wolfberries Illegally Harvested, Environment In Danger
Recently thousands of people went to the grasslands of Qingzang to illegally mine black Chinese Wolfberries, which are currently selling for around 80 RMB per jin. Most of the grassland belonged to herdsmen who had a contract with contractors that helped protect their land, however this security couldn’t stop the illegal knife-wielding miners from breaking through. This destroyed the local ecology, and will lead to desertification. Many netizens condemned these actions, the most popular comment was a netizen asking “why can’t you harvest it in the wild?”


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  • we have this plant around our village home, these old women always pinch fresh green heads away. people here like to eat wild plant too much!
    never see anyone does it, but all disappears all the time!

  • Amused

    One guard with a high powered rifle and a license to do the necessary and you’ve got no problems anymore. Or, less radically you COULD invest in something called education….

    • Rmb.Shanghai

      but if the people are educated then the government cant control them anymore

    • jin

      Why don’t you educate these 40-70 year old farmers without any education.

      • mr.wiener

        What use is there living in an authoritarian state if you aren’t prepared to be authoritarian?

        • Haha

          Dictators gonna dictate!

  • Foreign Devil

    harvest it in the wild? Is that a good solution?

  • Jahar