Woman Assaulted By Ex, Now Permanently Disabled

Woman Assaulted By Ex, Now Permanently Disabled

One female graduate student and her boyfriend have been in love for eight years, but the boyfriend attacked and left her with a lifelong disability. The pair were buying a house together, but had a disagreement and split. The boy then called her to beg for one final meeting. In the end the woman’s mother discovered her daughter bleeding from the head with her mouth and nose taped shut in her boyfriend’s place. She had a heartbeat upon resuscitation, however she had already suffered serious injuries. Netizens respond that whenever you associate with animals, there is danger.

Source: Netease

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  • Yap

    This happens when you choose men on their ability to buy a house and a car instead of their ability to love and forgive.

  • Jahar

    If there’s an article about someone being disabled it would be nice if that disability was included.

  • when i was in my 20s, i just wanted to marry a guy i love. i never asked or talked abt house. but still failed.
    now i am 30, i thought i would be singel 4ever, but just one man shew up, chasing me to my home , begging me to marry, promise me big house and trouble free life….

    • Vance

      Are you going to do it?

      • why u ask? u wanna marry me?

        • Vance

          I didn’t think you wanted to get married. I was actually curious. You’ve talked before about some guy who has been offering a whole bunch of stuff for you but it seemed your were not very interested. I was just curious if this was the same guy.

  • David Fieldman

    This son of a bitch must be jailed for life for intentional homicide. However, in China, sick and depraved vermin like him can always pay off the family and get off without even spending anytime in jail. If the court orders him to pay, and they must, they must ensure the payments continue for the rest of the natural life of this unfortunately disabled woman.

    Too many incidents like this in this sick society.

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