Woman Beaten By Group Of Men In Sichuan Yibin Caught On Film

Group of men beating up a woman in a lobby in Yibin County, Sichuan province.

Group of men beating up a woman in a lobby in Yibin County, Sichuan province.

The following is today’s most discussed video on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku with over 3500 comments and 420k views within 20 hours of being uploaded…

From Youku:

Yibin County [Sichuan province] group of men beating women exposed by surveillance camera, perpetrator suspected of being deputy captain of the traffic police

Truly completely lawless, barbaric, outrageous!!! Quoted from a discussion forum: They were caught off guard and completely amazed, subconsciously protecting themselves: “Why are you touching me? We are good girls, not out to sell ourselves.” The other party arrogantly replied: “So what if I touched you?” … Ultimately, it escalated into this scene.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Youku:


That one wearing red clothes is a security guard, right? What is he doing there? Fuck, standing guard as a lookout? Those who hit women aren’t considered men.


To be honest, such a small security guard like this couldn’t be of much help anyway. Don’t expect too much. The other side has a lot of power, a lot of people, a lot of money. Can you really beg this 1000 yuan per month security guard to do anything?


What’s the big deal, China has always been like this…


Fuck, are these still men? Are they still worthy of being men? Go eat shit. 吐吐愤怒


Women are human too!! If they were beaten, there must’ve been a reason to be so vicious!! If a woman killed your entire family, what would you do? Still pretend to be a saint? Beatings must be differentiated by circumstances! Don’t judge everyone [every instance] the same way!! I truly feel disgusted for you fenqing.


Outrageous, are these still men!? If they really are traffic police, then that is really too frightening! Hope the relevant departments will deal with them strictly! Several men hitting one woman, truly animals!


Fucking society! I simply refuse to believe that no one is responsible for doing something about this! Fuck! Once this is posted on the internet, and if still there is no one who does something about this, then society is truly without humanity. The law will punish this, just wait and see! It won’t be long before the legal system and channels will definitely report about this matter! Otherwise, do we keep journalists around just to eat shit [otherwise, what are journalists for]?


Early in the morning, four women enter a certain KTV for a get-together and encounter 7 men reeking of alcohol at the exit on their way out. One man tries to molest one of the women but after the woman resists, she is beaten by the 7 men. Another woman asks him if they still respect the law, and the man says “I am the law!” Saw this report on ifeng [a popular Chinese news portal]!


This society has too many Li Gangs.


That woman also hit at the beginning~ They were hitting each other, but in the end the woman was no match against the man!!! Evaluation complete~~~ The man was more uncivilized/brutal.


Faint, don’t you understand what happened? The woman hit first, and if the man continued to not hit back, then he wouldn’t be a man, he’d be even more useless than the woman. It was all the woman’s own fault.


Without sound, however good the video is, it won’t become big.
Requesting the truth [of what happened]! I especially want to know why these brothers became violent.

UPDATE: This post (Chinese) on a local Yibin online discussion forum has more details. As mentioned in the above translated comments of Chinese netizens on Youku, one of the men had grabbed at one of the women’s face and breasts while at the entrance. The deputy captain of the local traffic police is the man with the bag, who did not stop his friend’s behavior but suggested that the matter be dealt with inside. The women were later sent to the hospital and suffered broken bones and many other injuries. The local police is reportedly withholding information, which many netizens regard as suspicious.

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Group of men beating up a woman in a lobby in Yibin County, Sichuan province.


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A group of Chinese men violently hit and kick a woman in a lobby in Yibin county of Sichuan province.

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