Woman Burns to Death After Trying to kill Husband’s Mistress

Woman Burns to Death After Trying to kill Husband’s Mistress

A tragedy took place in Jinan, Shandong, when a woman attacked her husband’s mistress with gasoline. After dousing herself and the mistress, she ignited the flame, which killed her and led to the mistress and her nine year old daughter being badly burned. Firefighters and police rushed to the scene and extinguished the flames, and afterwards found three water bottles that had been used to hold gasoline. The man involved was not present during the conflict, and the case is currently still under investigation. The woman and her daughter are in the hospital undergoing treatment.

Source: Sina

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  • moop

    The only tragedy is that the 9 year old was hurt

    • So you think two indiscretions invalidate two people’s entire lives, respectively? The murderous one maybe, but I think we should be far enough beyond the bronze age that adultery isn’t a crime of capital punishment.

      • You do know when the Bronze age was, right? And it doesn’t matter what is capital punishment in your own country or not, but that we will stand in judgement for our sins, and we all have plenty (lying, lust, fornication, homosexual acts, adultery, drunkenness,etc.) when our body dies in just decades. Yet the Gospel, which wasn’t written even close to the Bronze age, and eye-witnesses gave testimony to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, shows we can be saved by grace…repent and believe. God bless.

        • Guest


          when did chinasmack get infected with christian fanatics? i’ve noticed multiple comments to this nature on other articles recently.. :s

        • KamikaziPilot

          Are you insane?

        • Teacher in China

          Don’t forget perhaps the greatest sin of all – taking any excuse to post obnoxious religious drivel on forums. If it were real, there’d be a special level of hell for people like you.

        • Typical Christian. No knowledge of their own religion. The original proscription on adultery was one of the Ten Commandments, which was, supposedly, recorded first during the bronze age when Moses lived.

          Learn both history and your own stupid made-up religion before you pretend you can correct anybody.

        • loki


          “Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbour’s Wife”
          ok BUT…. coveting thy neighbour’s husband, is perfectly acceptable


          well is it too soon for a burn in hell joke?

        • Sean Van Cura

          Jesus was a huge fag fyi

          • mr.wiener

            The best way to confront a bigot is to not be one yourself.
            1st warning.

      • Vance

        I have to say, adultery is extremely destructive. This is not an opinion. This is the knowledge of experience. This does not excuse crap like that in the article above, but those that don’t think they can only sleep with one person for the rest of their lives should not get married. Period. Once married, if your spouse isn’t doing it for you, communicate with him/her and work it out. The ones that truly suffer are the children, such as the 9 year old above. I have seen it. Trust me. It is a horrible thing. The choice is at the alter, not 15 years later just because you see some hot babe somewhere or some cool guy.

        • My experience of 12 years in an open relationship, which is inclusive of 7 years in an open marriage, is that if you’re not consumed with petty jealousies and simply support your spouse without limiting and constraining them, everybody is happier. Some things I can’t give my spouse, some things they can’t give me, but because we want each other to be happy we don’t feel slighted if we get some of those missing elements from other people. In the end our abiding loyalty is to each other, but as free people, not possessors.

          • loki

            I Agree 100%.. If all parties involved are informed and adults. then they can make up their own minds to go or stay.

          • Vance

            I assume you entered into that relationship with that understanding. We were happily married for 12 years and content to be so. SHe cheated and I don’t know why. I suspect too much alcohol with the wrong people. It killed her soul as much as it did mine. she tried to come back and restore the marriage but her mind just was not right after that. IN addition, the idiot she cheated with issued threats to her son and my life to convince her to return to him. The end result of this long and complicated story that I can’t go into in much depth is that I raised a little boy as son for 2 years and lost him because the idiot did dna to prove the boy was actually his after 2 years in my care and took him away from me forever. That was absolutely devastating. So adultery is destructive. What you are into is not really adultery in the spiritual sense because you have agreed to an open relationship, therefore no one is betrayed.

          • Indeed, my wife and I had a clear understanding before we were married. Indeed, she’s just starting to do a YouTube show about open and poly relationships in an attempt to demystify them: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc7i9kDAyMIPzQWTKhJUKfg

      • moop

        nope, not necessarily. but i’m 100% ok with a would-be murderer winning a darwin award

    • Jahar

      The mistress did nothing wrong. Even if you think she did, she didn’t deserve that.

  • Wow – reminder of the horrible things we are capable of doing when we allow anger/rage to consume and control us.

  • what an idiot. She should have burn the husband instead.

    • Vance

      It is harder than you might think to blame the person you have loved for who knows how long in this case. Even though that person betrayed you. You have grown so used to showing that person love that you cannot even comprehend that the person even did it to you. So you direct your anger to the home wrecker, who is just as guilty of wrong. But you can’t kill them, no matter how much they might deserve it. This is why adultery is bad. People get hurt.

      • of course I wasn’t serious.

        But honestly, the person I care (or have cared about -after the adultery) is responsable for our relationship. The lover has nothing to do about it, I don’t care about her, as she doesn’t care about me. He is the one important for me. So If I have to have conflicts with anybody will be with him. That’s my logic.

        rip english

        • Vance

          HaHa, Of course I didn’t think you were serious about burning the guy, But you were correct about that he is the main cause of all this. The blurb here doesn’t even say anything about the husband. My big thing here is to note how destructive to everybody, especially innocent children, adultery is. ONce people make a vow to stay with someone, they need to stick to it as much as humanly possible.

  • FYIADragoon

    Should have lit the husband and the mistress on fire. That poor child, having to have a whore for a mother.

    • Vance

      Yes, I agree. Also unfortunate that the child suffered for the stupid things adults do. But thatis what happens in adultery. It is the innocent children that suffer.

  • UserID01

    It’s like… why are you mad at the mistress? She didn’t make a legal and/or spiritual contract to sleep with you and only you. Be angry at your husband. HE made the promises. HE broke the vows. Be angry at him, not the mistress. Hell, even if the mistress KNEW he was married, that doesn’t excuse the husband at all. Nobody MAKES anyone else cheat. People like these, who blame the third party for their partner’s infidelity, will always confuse me. You can’t seduce a partner who’s already happy, satisfied, and content in their relationship.

    • loki

      dude…. are you serious?

      • UserID01

        Yes, I am. You can’t “steal” a person who doesn’t want to be stolen. If someone is coming onto me, I tell them, politely at first, no thanks. Not interested. I don’t even have to use the defense of “I’m married,” or “I’m in a relationship.” All I have to do is state that I’m not interested. That’s all you need to know. Now if someone is approached and they’re already open to the idea of having a romantic relationship with someone other than their partner, well, then you have to be mad at that person. THEY know they’re in a relationship. The third party might not. What happens after the question of “Can I have your number?” is asked is entirely personal responsibility.

  • Guest

    if my husband cheated on me i’d go after him, not the mistress and her young child :( hopefully their burns aren’t too serious and disfiguring.

  • Chris Bullock

    Good timing, since I am recieving advice to study abroad in Jinan

  • DD Bear!

    do the same, fk young guys is so wonderful.
    i am still wondering if i am a person fit for marriage. but as my sister said, no matter what, marry several years to see, if unhappy, then dump.at least my friend looks better than most chinese guys, also lives in big new house alone, and quite an amount of engaged money, if had kid, will give me more, also can invite my parents live with me to cook for me and be with me.

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