Manufacturer Says Bloody Egg Due to Chicken ‘Menstruating’

A Chinese egg producer blames the presence of blood in an egg on a "menstruating" hen.

A Qingdao woman who found a bloody mess inside a store-bought egg was told by the manufacturer that the mother hen was menstruating, amusing netizens

A Qingdao woman aroused the collective nausea of the country on Sunday when she cracked open a store-bought egg and discovered what appeared to be a bloody mess lurking inside. As the story spread, reporters seeking an explanation consulted with the manufacturer, who are claiming it is due to the mother hen menstruating.

The consumer plagued with the sanguinary discovery told reporters she found the “special” egg in a carton of eggs recently purchased from an ordinary supermarket in Qingdao, Shandong. The brand of eggs is 昆虫鸡蛋, or “Insect Eggs,” named for the company’s process of feeding their chickens insects rather than feed.

When reporters questioned the factory, a spokesperson named Zhang replied:

If there’s only a few bad eggs, then we’re sure it’s a special case due to the mother hen menstruating.

You don’t need to work on a farm to see the faults in that statement. First of all, chickens do not have a uterus like human females do. Secondly, in the basic reproductive sense of the word, a chicken egg is a chicken’s menstruation — that is, the expulsion of an unfertilized “egg.” Lastly, if somehow the hen was bleeding while “manufacturing” this specific egg, it’s implausible that it would end up inside the egg.

So what caused the color? Experts have two possible explanations. First, the hen’s fallopian tubes could be inflamed from an E. Coli Infection; Second, it could be a result of feed problems while raising the hen. Though the company may pride itself on a “natural” diet of insects for its hens, experts say it’s all just a gimmick.

“Menstruating Hen” is currently #1 on Baidu’s Top 10 Searches.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


The spokesperson’s brain is menstruating.


Haha, [the spokesperson’s] mother was probably menstruating when he was born.


I…… on a hunger strike

Source: Sina News

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Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.

  • Matt

    Patriotic Egg

  • Extra protein?

    I felt a little bile rising as I typed that…

  • 山炮 ShanPao

    Manufacturer? So the chicken said this ey?

    Now it makes sense.

  • Perieven

    That’s something really disgusting, by th way, why would this happen?

  • dilladonuts

    watch chinasmack turn into a bunch of egg experts now

    • Castro

      well, I for one Am an egg eggspert. I wrote the highly acclaimed paper on the reason why eggs are so depressed. Obviously because they only get laid once and the only one who ever sits on their face is their own mother!


      • Irvin

        but you still cannot answer the age old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg.

        • Lalala

          Chicken came first, an egg has to COME OUT of the animal.

  • mr. weiner

    Competition for worst chicken/egg pun starts …now!

    • Which one do you want first?


      • mr. wiener

        Looks egg-zactly like a hangover cure I had the other day.

        • moop

          i’d shell out some dough for that recipe. was it eggscellent? i always feel like i have a big yolk around my neck after i drink, and my head feels a little scrambled

          • mr. wiener

            You crack me up, but if you pay close att-hen-sion I’d send you the recipe for a good cocktail. It’s no egg-zaduration to say it will lay that hangover to nest.

          • moop

            thank you mr. weiner, although i must say i am a little appre-hen-sive to try new things.

          • Come on moop, don’t be a chicken about it. You’ll never get to the top of the pecking order by clucking over the small things.

        • moop

          one more comment like that and i’ll fly the coop

          • lonetrey

            You guys are getting way too cock-ey, this ain’t the place for men who are too chicken to try out the more egg-treme jokes!

            Honestly, you guys couldn’t even make the chick sitting next to me crack a smile.

  • Bruce Tutty

    The dyes leaking out of the fake yoke

  • Bruce Tutty
  • [email protected]

    fakety fakety fakety fake. loopyloopyloopyfake cluck cluck. My menstruating chicken just produced a new species loopyloopyloopyfake cluck cluck. Mormonism is a legitimate religion. dumbdummbdumbdumbdumb that’s all folks.

  • Peye

    What is the big deal here ? If one does not like an egg as this , try an other one or two or three. Has the world gone nuts or what ? Seems anything is news these days.

    • anon

      The big deal is the response by the egg producer.

      • 山炮 ShanPao

        This is what I am talking about brother. You need to see, some people just don’t care.

        • anon

          You’re confused. Answering his question about what is the big deal here doesn’t mean I think he should care. It just means I care to answer his question.

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            Are you autistic by any chance? I am pretty sure he is not really asking what the big deal is… its a figure of speech. I am also sure he doesn’t need you to spoon feed him the obvious info about the significance of the manufacturers words to this story.

            Its not difficult for anyone to understand the story. He is just saying its bull… and you jump in like he doesn’t understand what you can understand. Bah.

          • staylost

            It sure looks like she doesn’t understand from what she wrote, or she would have said “What’s the big deal? So what if some idiot said that menstruation caused this?” rather than referring to the finicky egg eater.

            In general, I’d guess the egg is fine to eat. More iron. Likely that the chicken’s uterus was bleeding when the egg was first formed though.

          • Irvin

            “fine to eat”? have you read the part about a possible e.coli infection?

          • anon

            You’re trying too hard, ShanPao, and it’s funny that Peye’s own comments contradict your appraisal.

            Experience tells me never to assume too much of others, especially when they’re suggesting it isn’t a big deal because the person could just try another egg, as if the story was about the egg itself, then searching the internet for explanations for the blood spot, to “clear up the confusion”, and reporting back his findings.

            The way I see it is that I took Peye’s comment seriously and then even contributed to his effort to explain the phenomenon by providing another source with an image and explicit explanation that blood spots can be big and seep throughout the egg white too, as in this case.

          • staylost

            Newsflash! Scientists have just discovered 100 years ago that “germ theory” is real! Things like E. Coli can actually be killed… JUST BY COOKING THEM!!!!


            If you are the type of bright young man who takes his eggs raw, congratulations you, than E. Coli is the least of your problems!

  • Indeed, giving the explanation that hen is menstruating is stupid.

    However, the post author’s explanation why it was stupid is stupid not less.

    1) In reproductive sense chicken egg is not menstruation, since menstruation mainly consists of the cells shedding from the uterine wall.
    2) It is VERY plausible and logic for blood produced in hen’s body to end up inside of egg. Actually, in unfertilized eggs, this IS the only way how blood can be inside of egg.

  • Dat Ankle

    Blood or not, that shits nasty.

  • andywattbulb

    Why is this news?

    • Wu

      It’s not really “News” per say. It’s what people are searching for on the web. I don’t think ChinaSMACK is the best place for news, seeing as most stories start out in English and are about the Chinese reaction to the story, then relayed back to us in English…
      “Olds”might cover it better.

  • Kong

    Lol, Joel. We love you; don’t let 小气 people like me get you down. I often speak harshly, but I have tofu at the heart of it.

  • Peye

    Go to . Perhaps this willl help to clear up the conf

  • Peye

    Go to Poultry Glossary under B find Blood Spots. Seek and you shall find.

  • glcn

    That is so gross, ya gotta be yoking me.

  • Rod

    Crap. And I was just starting to eat breakfast too.

  • Castro

    If you think that looks gross, go check out Balut sometime.


    • mr. wiener

      tastes like chicken

  • Jeffli

    Menstuating chicken?
    Shoot the people responsible for feed ing the chicken poison, get the egg lab tested for everything including rat poison!
    Don’t trust the farmer nor the distributor.
    Something is really wrong! and get health checks.

    Oh CHINA! Oh CHINA! you are killing your selves!!!

    Is the central government going to do something or what?

    Milk is bad

    Rice is bad (this point is funny …china can grow decent rice..ha!)

    Orange juice is bad

    Eggs are bad

    Meat (glows in the dark!) is bad!

    fish is bad

    Watermelons exploding is bad

    C’mon Govt. What are you doing –

    • Jeffli

      The egg comes from the Laboratory!
      when testing your blood for virus or bacteria, some processes use eggs. ( vaccine production etc)

      now the Laboratory eggs riddled with human / animal blood are dumped on the consumer market by unethical people.

      They next time someone cries innocence when avian flu or pig flu starts up in China (citing the CIA or whatever stupid story) I’ll btch-slap them.



    • Suicidal tendency

      Well, that said, nobody’s hanging Monsanto…

  • sm


  • Xiongmao

    Eggs? Who cares. KONY 2012.

  • Andy

    Insects eh ? Probably tastier and more nutritious than Chinese ‘food’.

  • Min

    this is what happen when chickens are constantly feed steroids. let chickens be organic.