Manufacturer Says Bloody Egg Due to Chicken ‘Menstruating’

A Chinese egg producer blames the presence of blood in an egg on a "menstruating" hen.

A Qingdao woman who found a bloody mess inside a store-bought egg was told by the manufacturer that the mother hen was menstruating, amusing netizens

A Qingdao woman aroused the collective nausea of the country on Sunday when she cracked open a store-bought egg and discovered what appeared to be a bloody mess lurking inside. As the story spread, reporters seeking an explanation consulted with the manufacturer, who are claiming it is due to the mother hen menstruating.

The consumer plagued with the sanguinary discovery told reporters she found the “special” egg in a carton of eggs recently purchased from an ordinary supermarket in Qingdao, Shandong. The brand of eggs is 昆虫鸡蛋, or “Insect Eggs,” named for the company’s process of feeding their chickens insects rather than feed.

When reporters questioned the factory, a spokesperson named Zhang replied:

If there’s only a few bad eggs, then we’re sure it’s a special case due to the mother hen menstruating.

You don’t need to work on a farm to see the faults in that statement. First of all, chickens do not have a uterus like human females do. Secondly, in the basic reproductive sense of the word, a chicken egg is a chicken’s menstruation — that is, the expulsion of an unfertilized “egg.” Lastly, if somehow the hen was bleeding while “manufacturing” this specific egg, it’s implausible that it would end up inside the egg.

So what caused the color? Experts have two possible explanations. First, the hen’s fallopian tubes could be inflamed from an E. Coli Infection; Second, it could be a result of feed problems while raising the hen. Though the company may pride itself on a “natural” diet of insects for its hens, experts say it’s all just a gimmick.

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Comments from Sina Weibo:


The spokesperson’s brain is menstruating.


Haha, [the spokesperson’s] mother was probably menstruating when he was born.


I…… on a hunger strike

Source: Sina News


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