Woman Dislikes Date With Thrifty PhD

Woman Dislikes Date With Thrifty PhD
A news article has initiated enthusiastic discussion among netizens, one woman was on a date with a male PhD student when he asked the girl to pay because she could get a 50RMB discount, but he couldn’t because his cell phone was broken. The woman originally had a good feeling about him, but because of this she has decided she won’t see him again. Netizens respond that PhD students have superhuman intelligence, and some believe that this is normal. If you can save 50 RMB why not?


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  • guest

    Maybe a wrong mov on his half but maybe he didn’t want to see her again!

  • he should at least try to give her cash latter.
    even if he is not into her, then give her 300 would be considerated.

    • David

      I think he was a jerk for going on a date and not bringing money to pay. I think he was expecting to get her to pay. Loser. She should have paid her half and walked out.

      • same thing happened to me several times. but only small cash, i was not mad at all. but once that guy came to my place latter, tried to give me cash back, i said no and forced him out. he saw no chance any more, then took that 100 back again.
        some people never change, hahaha!

  • wangdaning

    Remember when I was first dating my wife and her friends were appalled that I would not only not pay for her, but wouldn’t pay for them either. Now that she is my wife I pay for everything of course, and her not being bothered by me not paying is one reason I stuck with her.

  • Realist

    Fucking diaosi dating LOL If you can’t afford to pay for both of your activities, including dinner, then you can’t afford to ask her out. Stay home and jerk it to save up or take a pig face out to MacDonalds. Don’t trick pretty girls to go out then destroy her image of chivalrous men.

  • vonskippy

    The 1950’s called, they’d like their chauvinistic attitudes back.

    • Realist

      Men are men; we eat meat, lift weights, support/lead the family, and we fuck the women. This hasn’t changed from when we were cavemen and it won’t change in 2015, 2115, 3015, or until the end of the Homo sapien species. The only thing that does change every few years is “progressive tends” and what to think to be “hip.” The current trend seems to want to turn men into sensitive de-clawed kittens, afraid to offend anyone (unless, of course, media tells you that this certain group of people are mean) and who want help and equality on everything. It’s a test to see who lacks the testosterone to stay the course of real men and only those who pass end up with the real sexy bombshell women instead of B-team shit that average people settle for under the excuse that she’s his “soulmate.” Those trophy girls are like sharks smelling blood; if there is anything unmanly/noncompetitive about you, you get the boot. Quite frankly, I predict a falling out in the coming decade or so, when people ask themselves, why are we turning men into sensitive pussies who want to be not only equal, but practically the same as women? And then a new trend will start where people race to become manly again.

  • kelvin urena

    Just go dutch make life easier!

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