Woman Finds Out “Fake” 50 Bill Worth Over 500,000 RMB

Woman Finds Out “Fake” 50 Bill Worth Over 500,000 RMB
A woman from Wanzhou who believed that her 50 RMB bill was a fake discovered that in fact it has an expected auction price of over 10,000 times its face value. Ms. Zhang was given the bill as change after shopping at a farmers’ market in 2007. On getting home, she cursed as she noticed it had a blank vertical line near its center. However, it was later confirmed to be a “defective bill”; a genuine bill with flaws due to printing errors. After storing it away for years, it was recently estimated by an auction house to be worth 500,000 RMB. One netizen said 51 RMB would be too much for it.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    Man, they really need spice up the money here in a bad way :/
    Wouldn’t hurt to put some more folks besides the old, bald, fat guy with the mole on his face on the money. Zhou En-Lai was nowhere near this fucking ugly. Just sayin’.

    • Bman

      I would thumb up your comment but i fear reprisals. I had to register my phone number with my passport last month and I’m quite sure theyre watching me..

      So to sum up, I dearly love all political leaders.

      • Amused

        If it would help America could loan them Susan B. Anthony…

    • James

      i like the old bills. fuck mao

    • Jahar

      It used to have lots of different people. The party just kept adding his face to more and more bills, to remind the people of their legitimacy, or some such nonsense.

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