Woman Inquires About Forced Demolition, Kicked In Stomach

Woman Inquires About Forced Demolition, Kicked In Stomach

A woman from the Xiaowan area of Xiangzhou who went to inquire about the forced demolition of her family’s property was kicked in the stomach by a man believed to be the sub-district’s head. Resident Pei Gang (alias) said that his wife Zhang Junpu, who had gone looking for Fang Zhiguo to gain closure on the decision, was fortunate not to have been seriously injured after being told, “I’ll kill you with one kick”. The event, which was caught on video, shows Zhang’s assailant bearing a striking resemblance to Fang. Netizens wondered why a head would dare to attack someone in the street.

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  • James

    kill him in his sleep

    • Helmuth the Elder

      In America, woman kicks you.

  • Amused

    I’m really surprised Chinese people don’t settle these things quietly. Once they figure out the powers that be have sold them down the river, you’d think they’d be all about getting these people alone somewhere nice and remote.

    • takasar1

      Because they see progress. If you’re parents were living in mud hit villages, travelling miles everyday Just to get water and then, 40 years later you live in cities, withsmartphones, cars and computers, you can be forgiven for thinking the system has done good for you. Which it has.

      • Amused

        Tell us all about that when you’re the one getting kicked in the stomach :)

        • takasar1

          You don’t need me to tell you anything. Ask any of the hundreds of millions of rural peasants instead who have taken it for all this time

          • mr.wiener

            Which is fine and true…but power becomes arrogant when unchallenged.

  • Vance

    And why would he need to? Don’t the powers that be get what they want there?

  • Adam McMurchie

    Hey guys, I am sure you agree China smack has lost its appeal without the big stories now. I am fluent in Chinese and my Chinese wife as well are interested in posting latest translated news stories here. Any idea who we should contact? I sent an email to the contact us link but no reply. ta

  • Mihel

    In other news… woman hits man’s foot with her stomach.

  • appleseed

    In 2012, a farmer was killed by the government during the forced demolition…Compare with that event, the man is a real gentleman…┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍

  • Jahar

    I don’t know what’s worse, that people who work in the government can behave this way and get away with it, or that people who would do this can get a job in the government to begin with.

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