Woman Kills Noisy Baby: We’ll Just Have Another One

Woman Kills Noisy Baby

A Hebei woman viscously murdered her 2-year-old son after she became enraged from being woken up by the baby’s crying. When the baby continued to cry after the woman bashed its head on the ground, she then choked it and muffled the sound with plastic bags and blankets until it suffocated. Following the child’s death, the woman and her husband, who is accused of bearing a false testimony to protect his wife, buried the body. After the incident, she told her husband “We’ll just have another one.” She is not expected to be given the death sentence, and factors such as her mood will be taken into consideration during the trial.

Source: Tencent

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  • CertUI

    Why don’t we have any more comments from Chinese netizens? It was the major strenght of China Smack. Let us know if you need more money from Patreon :)

  • Sticky

    “viscously murdered”?

    You meant “viciously”

    Viscous means sticky.

    • mr.wiener

      But that just sounds worse.

  • 42

    In most western countries the psychological state of the perpetrator is a factor for the level of punishment one gets. If a person is proven to be physiological not sane at the time of committing the crime, the punishment will be less severe and even get treatment for his or her condition.

    China is becoming too political correct, I say, death sentence, immediately!

  • redlobster

    A practice dog might have shown her that motherhood is not her thing.

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