Woman Lay Collapsed in Subway Station for 50 Minutes, Dies

Liang Ya
Liang Ya’s parents are crying while holding their daughter’s pictures.
Liang Ya’s parents crying while holding their pictures of their daughter.

From Sina:

Female Manager of Foreign-Owned Enterprise Passes Out & Dies at Subway Station Exit, Laid on Floor For As Long As 50 Minutes

Southern Metropolis Daily report — On February 17, at 10:29am, 35-year-old IBM Shenzhen manager Liang Ya collapsed on the stairs at the Shenzhen Metro Shekou Line Shuiwan Station Exit C, and lay there for as long as 50 minutes. According to surveillance footage, Liang Ya had gestured for help after she collapsed. 3 minutes later, some city residents had discovered her and notified metro staff. Soon after, metro workers arrived at the scene with police officers also arriving 25 minutes later. At 11:18am, paramedics arrived at the scene and found out that Liang Ya was already dead.


Liang Ya

Liang Ya went to the UK’s University of Glasgow to study for a postgraduate degree in 2004 July, then worked for the Hewlett-Packard Company in the UK for a year after graduation. Liang Ya missed her aging parents very much, and would often make overseas phone calls to chat with them. On February of 2008, Liang Ya returned to Shenzhen from the UK, and worked at the IBM office in Shenzhen where she was was a Japanese project team manager for IBM. She oversaw 18 people, was very hard-working, and got along well with other employees.


Cause of collapse is suspected to be low blood sugar, the exact cause of death is yet unknown

It has already been 10 days since Liang Ya’s death. Over these past few days, Liang Ya’s elder sister Ms. Liang visited the metro station and the local police station with her 80-year-old father and 70-year-old mother, wanting to know the cause of Liang Ya’s death. “We also want to know if there was any problem in how the metro station handled the situation, if it was enough that they called 120 [medical emergency number].” According to Ms. Liang, after so many days, no one from the Metro had paid a visit, not even call, which has left them bitterly disappointed.


Liang Ya’s family is at the scene of the incident.
Liang Ya’s family at the Shenzhen Metro Shuiwan Station Exit C. On the 17th, Liang Ya passed out here and died.

According to Ms. Liang, because her younger sister was only 35 years old and was still single, her parents have not agreed to an autopsy, so it remains unclear as to what caused Liang Ya’s death.

What did the surveillance camera capture in the 50 minutes after Liang Ya’s collapse?

On the afternoon of [February] 25, Southern Metropolis Daily reporters arrived at the Shenzhen Metro Shekou Line Shuiwan Station with Liang Ya’s family, to see the surveillance footage of [February] 17, the day that Liang Ya died. According to metro station workers, normally, surveillance footage would only be kept for 7 days. After the incident, the relevant department of the company had already took away the copy of that day’s surveillance footage. But after knowing that the family members wanted to see it, they sent the copy back. To the man and woman in the surveillance footage who helped Liang Ya, and the cleaning lady who came near many times to check on Liang Ya, Liang Ya’s family members felt grateful for them. Ms. Liang said that although Liang Ya eventually passed away, she still wanted to say thanks to them in person.

February 17

10:29am, Liang Ya faints on the stairs at metro station exit

Liang Ya appears on the stairs at Shuiwan Metro Station Exit C, with a laptop on one hand, and a carry bag on the other hand. There are 3 sections of stairs at Exit C. While at the platform between the second section and the third section of the stairs, Liang Ya stops, leans against the wall on the side and bends down, puting the laptop and the carry bag on the ground. After she gets up, she begins to take off her coat, but before she can, she collapses.

10:30am, lifts up her head, struggles to move her body a little

Liang Ya lifts her head up and struggles, moves her body backward a little. Meanwhile, a middle-aged woman walks out of the metro station and passes Liang Ya. However, this woman walks right past her, giving her little attention.

10:31am, four men see Liang Ya and walk around to avoid her

A woman with a child walks out of the metro station. She glances at Liang Ya with without much reaction walks on with the child. Although she looks back before reaching the exit, she ultimately still leaves. Afterwards, four young men walk into the metro station. Seeing Liang Ya, all four of them slow down at the same time, lean towards the other side and walk pass her, looking at her while walking, soon disappearing into the metro station.

10:32am, a man and a woman report the situation to the metro authorities

A man and a woman walk out of the metro station. The woman has a red coat in her arm, and the man carries a big bag in his hand. While walking past Liang Ya, the two stop for a moment. Upon reaching the exit, they stop, look back at Liang Ya, and appear to say something to each other. Then, they both return to the metro station. When near Liang Ya, the woman bends down and gives Liang Ya a tap, and says something to the man. Afterwards, the man walks into the metro station, while the woman stays beside Liang Ya. Metro station personnel later verified that it was not not until they heard from this man that they learned that someone had passed out.

10:35am, metro station workers arrive at the scene

The man with the bag returns, and says something to the woman with the red coat. The two look back at the metro station. After a while, only after seeing two metro station workers approaching do they leave, though still looking back a few times.

After arriving at the scene, one metro station worker bends down to check on her, while the other one talks on the walkie-talkie. Afterwards, the two stay beside Liang Ya. During this time, many city residents pass by. The curious even walk near to take a look but very quickly walk away afterwards.

10:47am, cleaning lady bends down multiple times to check on her

A cleaning lady arrives by Liang Ya’s side, bends down and says something, and then leaves upon discovering that Liang Ya isn’t responding. About 8 minutes later, she returns to Liang Ya’s side, speaks with the two metro station workers. Then, she bends down and touches Liang Ya’s head with her hand, observes her for a while and gets up again. During which, the two metro station workers talk on the walkie-talkies every now and then, one of them even bends down and checks on her. The cleaning lady goes away to clean.

10:55am, most of the passing city residents walk around in avoidance

The cleaning lady returns again to Liang Ya, bends down and checks her. At this point, many city residents pass by, ad upon seeing this scene, they all walk away leaning towards the other side. A young man walks near and watches for quite a long time, and seems to say something to the metro station workers. Also, another man and woman stopped by the exit, watched for a little while before walking away. Only the two metro station workers and the cleaning lady remained by Liang Ya’s side.

11:04, multiple policemen arriving at the scene.

Multiple police officers arrive at the scene. One officer approaches Liang Ya and touches her, but Liang Ya doesn’t respond. Another officer walks to the exit from time to time to look around. According to the police officers who responded to the incident, Liang Ya’s arms were loose at the time, her fingers pale, and she didn’t respond to their questions. Because they were unclear about Liang Ya’s condition, they could only wait for 120 to handle this.

11:08am, an old man gestures to use first-aid CPR

An old man arrives at the metro station exit, where he stood watching, every so often speaking with the workers at the scene. According to the surveillance footage, his hands kept doing a pushing-down gesture, apparently suggesting that the workers perform first-aid/CPR.

11:18am, paramedics arrive at the scene and pronounce death

Paramedics arrive at the scene and carry Liang Ya to the metro station exit where there is light. But after examination, they found that Liang Ya had already died.


Comments from NetEase:

网易河南省洛阳市手机网友 ip:125.43.*.*:

Mainly it is people’s compassion that has collapsed.

网易四川省成都市网友 ip:222.209.*.*:

1. Collapses at 10:29am.
2. A man and a woman report this to metro station workers at 10:32am.
3. The metro station workers arrive at the scene at 10:35am.

1. 110 [the police] first receive the call at 10:30am, which means as soon as the woman had collapsed, there were people nearby who saw it and called the police. with the police arriving at the scene at 11:04am.
2.The medical emergency dispatch center receives the call at 10:46am, arriving at the scene at 11:18am.

1. After 110 received the call, they arrived 34 minutes later, not fast enough.
2. After the emergency medical dispatch center received the call, they arrived 32 minutes later, not fast enough.
3. People at the scene not rashly attempting to give aid is understandable. If you haven’t had training, rashly giving aid can also be very dangerous to the victim!

上帝之城的路飞 [网易河北省保定市网友]:

I suggest CCTV create a law program with the theme of “To Help or Not to Help”, focused on reporting the incidents of people falling down throughout the nation every day, with investigative reporting on those fraudulent false injury extortion incidents. Broadcast it daily, and make this show as widely known as Fazhi Jinxingshi [a law program of Beijing TV that focuses on the development of legal institutions and society], to be used as a warning for the bad guys, and give good people a sense of security. I believe the ratings will definitely be high! Those who agree, ding!

网易北京市手机网友 ip:111.204.*.*:

If it were abroad, she might not be dead. It’s China’s corruption that indirectly killed her. Rest in peace! Live well in heaven!

Comments from QQ:


Although nobody dares to help people up these days, people can at least make a phone call, can’t they? Besides, there’s a surveillance camera nearby so what are they afraid of? Still, nobody did anything, truly pitiful. So young, and just by looking at her one can tell she an educated person, and therefore couldn’t possibly been trying to scam others. I hope our country can implement the relevant regulations and system to prevent something like this from ever happening again, to protect those who do good things.


Don’t blame the passersby for being indifferent. The lack of humanity, the decay of morality, they are all caused by a society lacking justice! When you call 120, they arrive and ask you for a dispatch fee, refusing to drive you to the hospital without a deposit. Similarly, cases where people have been unscrupulously extorted by those they’ve given help to can be found everywhere. Even when they are exposed by evidence, they get away without any punishment! May I ask, in a environment like this, how dare you ask me to “lend you a hand”?


Help? Give first-aid? Who would be responsible if she happens to die in the process? When someone collapses like this without any warning signs, the best thing to do is call 120. Let the paramedic help her.


Normal people don’t know how to provide first-aid, or they may be too worried to do anything. But the metro station workers should have taken emergency measures/action. [When] a passenger collapses on the metro station stairs [and lies there] for 50 minutes then dies, the subway company should compensate.


It’s those sons of bitches who fake injuries that turned our society into such a mess. Those shameless old men and old women, they are the ones who killed her.

★Lucky star:

We can’t blame the passers-by for this. Few people knows anything about first-aid, and no one dares to move the injured. You are no different. So stop blaming people. She would still be alive if someone helped her up or cover her with clothes [to keep her warm]? There must be something wrong with her health. Even if she had low blood sugar, it wouldn’t be this serious! There was an example, a baby-sitter tried to carry out a first-aid on a baby but did it wrong and killed him. So who should be responsible [in this case]!


Help, and she lives, and there’s no harm done, then everybody is happy. Help, and she dies, then you’re in big trouble. If someone who knows nothing about first-aid tries to save her but instead kills her, who should be held responsible then? For a general public that knows nothing about first-aid (those who have a common medical knowledge are an exception), calling 120 and 110 is the wisest option. Nobody should think themselves noble or immoral, what happened in that moment is the most real.


It’s heart-aching to see this. Only by severely punishing and sentencing those who extort money [by faking injury] can good people have the courage to help, to lend a hand without being extorted.


Those extortioners really need to be dealt with. Where can we still find any human compassion nowadays? When there is already no more human compassion, does this still feel like a nation?


I’ve been to Shenzhen, and felt [the people there were] very cold and indifferent [towards each other].


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