Woman Leaves Blind Date Because Man Is Too Handsome

Woman Leaves Blind Date Because Man Is Too Handsome

A 29-year-old Wuhan woman had recently been on a very interesting blind date. Since she became single 3 years ago, her family and friends have all been trying to set her up with someone. When someone has nominated a supposedly very handsome man, Ms. Liu agreed on a dinner date. Upon arrival, when she saw that her date looked like someone out of a Korean drama, with thick bangs and a tender face like a girl, she left immediately. She said his “beauty” was so shocking, she left without saying a word. When the reporter contacted Ms. Liu’s date, he laughed and said he is actually a “real man”.

Source: Tencent

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  • I love Sexy Chinese girls

    A “real man” with a think bangs and girly face. OK.

    • mr.wiener

      Yeh,we have those types in rugby, we call them wingers.

  • Zen my Ass

    I appreciate her pragmatism: a too handsome man may be a womanizer or simply too difficult to keep. A victory for all the average looking guys of the world.

  • what a waste :P

  • Amused

    Well look on the bright side. I’m sure his bf is pretty stoked she wasn’t into him.
    His mother might not be so happy…

  • Super Bunny!

    if a girl is not rich enough, better do not go with too handsome guys.
    my experience totally!
    normally good looking guys look for short cut, once they find a rich girl, the cold war is started.

  • sure I glad I don’t have problems like this
    Im ugly as fawk

  • obviously

    the commenters are too jealous haha

  • Bman

    Where did the reporter come from? Who told him how to contact the guy? Doesn’t anyone notice how fishy this all seems…? And if this woman can be “shocked” by a man’s looks, she’s definitely got to get out more.

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