Woman Literally Dies For A Cigarette

Woman Literally Dies For A Cigarette

Woman Literally Dies For A Cigarette

The host of a wedding in Jiangsu has distributed candy and cigarettes to the attendees according to local custom. When the wedding party formed a motorcade a 70-year-old lady suddenly stepped forward and demanded a cigarette for her husband. But the driver didn’t realize the woman was hanging on the car window, and as the car increased speed the old woman fell to the ground, lost consciousness, and after a failed rescue attempt died. The top comment asked if losing one’s life in order to get a cigarette and ruining the day of the newlyweds was worth it.

Source: Netease

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  • vonskippy

    So the lesson here is “carry your own damn deathsticks”.

  • Amused

    So yeah. The evidence that grabbing a firm hold of a moving vehicle is not exactly a winning maneuver is really beginning to mount. Didn’t work out for that cop that got drug down the street by a driver he was trying to stop either.

  • wangdaning

    She gave her life for what? Cigarette culture here is retarded. I am a smoker, but I would never expect to be given a cigarette. The line comes when people think giving a cigarette is a sign of respect. It is not, in fact it is lethal. Anyone who smokes should know they are killing themselves. Weddings, funerals, birthdays, give cigarettes, feel slighted by not getting a pack, get killed. Stupid