Woman Pulled Over For Suspected Offense, Slaps Law Enforcer

Woman Pulled Over For Suspected Offense, Slaps Law Enforcer

A female Mercedes driver who was pulled over by a law enforcer for a previously recorded offense at Highway G75 mainline toll station in Banan slapped him twice after she discovered the incident had already been dealt with. Cai Haojie requested the luxury SUV’s driver Ms. Ma to wait after the law enforcement system showed her vehicle had a violation recorded against it. Ms. Ma threatened that she would hit him if there was in fact no fault, which was soon confirmed to be the case. Mr. Cai required hospital treatment for bruising and tinnitus. One netizen commented how fragile law enforcers must be.
Source: Netease

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  • Bman

    A lot of problems stem from this lack of respect for officers, and too much respect for (fear of) those with money. Gimmee the reins and I’ll clean this sh*t up super quick. Hiyaaa!

  • Teacher in China

    Going to the hospital after being slapped by a Chinese tuhao woman earns this guy Biggest Pussy of 2015.

    • Bman

      I wonder what the ‘treatment’ for bruising is? A bag over his head?

  • Foreign Devil

    2 stories this week about female mercedez drivers assaulting policing officers.

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