Woman Receives Mother’s Transplanted Womb

Woman Receives Mother's Transplanted Womb

One 22 year old woman has never menstruated. She went to West Beijing Hospital department of gynecology to see a doctor, and ended up finding out that she had no womb and no vagina. The woman would like to have her own child, and the only feasible method is to have a womb transplant, so her mother’s womb is currently being transplanted into her body. At present time the patient is recovering well, which is a remarkable sign of China’s progress in its sphere. Netizens praise the actions of the womb-donating mother.

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  • mr.wiener

    No vagina?!…. I think you mean no cervix, or a “blind end vagina”?

    • Necrogodomega

      No no, clearly she had no vagina. Translations, like TV, never lie!
      Also, if this really works it’s amazing. Especially seeing as how many Chinese seem to be convinced that you can’t have children past 35 or you’ll…I don’t know…explode. So this “ancient” womb is still usable so that means their previous knowledge of this subject should now be updated right?

  • sinosoul

    what the f…

  • helsic

    how the f%#ck you live for 22 years and never realize you don’t have a vagina? this is really weird.

  • Necrogodomega

    Ummm…You’re not very educated I guess.
    I was being sarcastic. In fact, I was using fairly extreme sarcasm so it wouldn’t be hard to detect. It’s ok, I’m not sure there is a 2000 year old book about American Sarcasm I can point you too.

    Also, I’m not sure what your comment means besides reinforcing the idea that many Chinese feel you can’t have children past a certain age and I”m pretty sure this Mom is past that age. That’s what I was saying.