Woman Refuses to Turn Off Phone on Plane, Detained 5 Days

A woman's hand holds a white Apple iPhone next to an airplane window.

A woman's hand holds a white Apple iPhone next to an airplane window.

From NetEase:

Woman Who Ignored Instructions and Repeatedly Made Calls on Plane Detained for 5 Days

Beijing Times report — While on a flight from Changchun to Beijing, Yu X used her mobile phone to make calls multiple times. Not only did she ignore flight attendants who asked her sto stop, she also exhibited a nasty attitude refusing to turn off her phone. After the plane landed, she was was summoned to the police station. At present, Yu X has been given an administrative punishment of 5 days detention by the airport police.

Last year on December 28, Yu X took an Air China flight from Changchun to Beijing. Just as the plane was about to land, she took our her mobile phone and called those who would meet her at the airport. When flight attendants found out, the immediately went forward to stop her, but Yu X objected. It was only after the urging by surrounding passengers and flight attendants that she finally turned off her phone. However, not long after, Yu X again turned on her mobile phone to make a call. Flight attendants again approached her to stop her, but with a nasty attitude, Yu X refused to turn off her phone and even criticized the flight attendant for making a fuss about nothing. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to convince her to comply, flight attendants had no choice left but to report it to the police.

Beijing Capital International Airport Public Security Sub-Bureau [police] arrived on the scene after receiving the report and after the plane landed, they lawfully summoned Yu X to the eastern airport terminal police station for investigation. Under questioning by the police, Yu X still did not recognize the severity of her own misbehavior, claiming that she often makes calls on planes, has never been caught before, and believed there actually isn’t much [negative] effect from using a mobile phone on a plane.

It was only after the police explained the pros and cons that Yu X finally understood and confessed to her behavior. Police punished Yu X with an administrative detention of 5 days.


Police Reminder

Making a phone call on a plane may result in civil prosecution

A senior Air China captain told this reporter that when he encountered a passenger using their mobile phone during landing, “I noticed something wrong with the instrument landing system”, because “the signal was not stable, with brief but major oscillations”, and had to land with the help of visual consultation [look out the window, not rely only on instruments]. He says the signal from mobile phones can interfere with on-board equipment. If this is combined with pilots being unable to see visually due to weather or other reasons and adjust for the deviations caused by signal interference, it can be an extremely big danger to the plane’s safety.

Airport police point out that according to regulations in the Law on Public Security Administration Punishments, using equipment that can interfere with the navigation systems used on an in-use aircraft and refusing to comply with instructions to stop shall be punished with detention lasting 5 days or less. According to provisions in the Civil Aviation Flight Regulations, using portable electronic equipment such as computers and mobile phones on a plane in violation of regulations can be punished with a 2000 yuan fine.

According to Civil Aviation Administration of China’s Public Security Bureau’s 174th Order, violators can also face civil prosecution by the airline. “Those who use mobile telephones and such remote controlled electronic devices in violation of regulations and persist despite the instructions and warnings of flight crew, their devices may be temporarily seized and confiscated. Those who have been instructed to stop but refuse shall be subdued and transferred to airport police for handling and subjected to lawful administrative detention as punishment; those who cause flight delays may be lawfully required to pay compensation for losses.”

Comments from NetEase:

网易广东省广州市手机网友 ip:119.130.*.*

Detained for 5 days. Could self-centered people like this, whose actions don’t consider other people’s personal safety, can it be considered harming public safety?

灬人艰不拆灬 [网易甘肃省手机网友]:

These kind of people are usually those who like to zhuang bi. The moment they get on a plane, they have all sorts of calls, all sorts of chats, all just to show that they have someone meeting them at the airport, how busy they are, when in reality they fucking don’t even take a plane more than a few times the entire year but finally they have such a rare opportunity to zhuang bi so they have to seize it!

游侠126 [网易新疆乌鲁木齐市网友]:

Both selfish and stubborn.

网易四川省宜宾市手机网友 ip:125.64.*.*

There are more and more people like this… I don’t know why! She should’ve been punished more severely! You don’t have to care about your life but what gives you the right to risk other people’s lives?! Ignorant people sure are scary!

游荡在非洲 [网易坦桑尼亚手机网友]:

People like this should be blacklisted, where no airline will let them fly in the future.

跟贴局特约洗脑员 [网易河南省郑州市手机网友]:

Making a call on a plane [飞机上打电话] and masturbating on the phone [电话上打飞机] are two different things. This woman’s bad habits haven’t been fixed. [This comment does not translate well.]

36bbb41287a349b076e68346 [网易河北省张家口市手机网友]:

For bad people to have money is truly a disgusting thing.

8c369c23f144dde45dec976e [网易河南省郑州市手机网友]:

Sigh, a Chinese person yet again, just when can [our countrymen’s] characters be improved?

拉登偷单车 [网易湖南省长沙市手机网友]:


网易上海市手机网友 ip:180.154.*.*

Honestly, how is there that much bullshit to do when taking a flight?! And fucking calling the person picking you up at the airport, would it have killed you to wait a couple of minutes?

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