Woman Remarries Ex-Husband with Cancer to Donate Liver to Him

Tian Xinbing is looking at his wife profoundly.

Su Dan and Tian Xinbing are in the hospital beds.

From NetEase:

Woman Remarries To Donate Liver to Husband with Cancer, Says Because I Love Him

October 31st, at the Beijing General Staff Headquarters Head Hospital (The 309th Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army), Su Dan donated 590 plus grams of her liver to her just remarried husband Tian Xinbing. In June this year, Su Dan and Tian Xinbing divorced. In August, Tian Xinbing was diagnosed with middle-advanced stage cirrhosis, accompanied with liver cancer, and was in need of a liver transplant. Facing the Institutional Review Board, Su Dan’s words “because I love him” moved the experts present, who approved [the transplantation] with a unanimous vote.

[Picture above] October 31st, before surgery, the husband gazed upon his wife profoundly. That day, at the Beijing General Staff Headquarters Head Hospital (The 309th Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army), Su Dan donated 590 plus grams of her liver, to bring the hope of life to Tian Xinbing.

Su Dan is in tears.

In June, the two had just divorced. But only two months later, Tian Xinbing was diagnosed with serious liver disease, and needed liver transplantation. Afterwards, Sun Dan went to get a physical examination on her own, and then spent another two weeks persuading her ex-husband to remarry her and accept her liver donation. When the Institutional Review Board asked her why, Su Dan replied in tears: “Because I love him.”

Sun Dan is being rolled into the operating room.

October 31st, Sun Dan being rolled into the operating room.

Su Dan is receiving the surgery.

October 31st, Su Dan receiving surgery.

Tian Xinbing is looking at his wife profoundly.

October 31st, before surgery, the husband gazed upon his wife profoundly. The doctor said that the two surgeries had both gone smoothly without requiring blood transfusion. However, Su Dan would still need about six months of time for the liver to slowly re-grow, and preventing the emergence of complications after surgery was extremely critical.

From QQ:

Woman Remarries To Donate Liver to Husband with Cancer, Says Because I Love Him


Su Dan is an Inner Mongolian, while Tian Xinbing is from Henan. Having fallen in love and gotten married, the two of them have been together for almost 10 years, until this June. “We had a difference toward the planning of our company, after a big fight, and with one argument upon another, we got a divorce.”

After the divorce, they still temporarily lived under the same roof, in order to continue working together for the company they both opened.

“In fact, the divorce was very rash, and we probably would have gotten remarried after we had both calmed down. It’s just that this disease has quickened the pace for us to remarry,” Su Dan and Tian Xinbin said.

This August, Tian Xinbing was diagnosed with middle-advanced stage cirrhosis, accompanied liver cancer, and was in need of a liver transplant.

From the doctors, Su Dan learned that there was a liver shortage, and right now, just at Liberation Army 309 Hospital alone there were 10 patients waiting for liver donations.

But Tian Xinbing couldn’t wait, as his disease was getting worse by the moment.


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When Su Dan told Tian Xinbing that she was going to donate her liver, Tian Xinbing thought it was a joke.

But Su Dan was very serious about it. She dragged Tian Xinbing to the hospital, seeking consultations from the doctors. “I want to help him as soon as possible, and with the number of donor livers in such short supply, time is life.”

But Tian Xinbing refused.

“After all, donating liver has certain risks, so if something unexpected happens, not only will I not be cured, she’ll also have hurt her body, and our daughter is still so young.” Every time when Su Dan brought up this topic, he’d stop talking.

Su Dan knew, Tian Xinbing refused her because he was worried of the risks to her. But she also knew, this risk was one she had to take.

She talked with Tian Xinbing about their daughter, and said that their daughter was too young to live without a father. She also brought up Tian Xinbing’s parents, saying it wasn’t right for them to attend their son’s funeral. She also talked about their life together, that she still loved that non-smoking, non-drinking Tian Xinbing who has nearly climbed all the mountains around Beijing. That Tian Xinbing gave her a reason to love life. “I’ve gotten used to relying on you, and without you, I’d lose confidence in life.”

Behind Tian Xinbing’s back, Su Dan went to the hospital to a physical examination on her own.

With the test report, she told Tian Xinbing: “I match the requirements for being a donor, as long as we remarry.”

Su Dan’s parents also came to help persuade their former son-in-law. Up to the moment their daughter was being rolled into the operating room, they were still saying that Tian Xinbing was like their own son. “This decision of our daughter’s is very selfless, and we support her.”

“Even with only a 20% to 30% percent chance of success, she still wants to risk it with em. I’m truly deeply moved.” After two weeks of persuasion, Tian Xinbing had finally accepted Su Dan’s proposal.


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Beijing News: Since you two have already divorced, why are you still willing to take this risk for him?

Su Dan: Marriage is not a form, it’s the contents that matters, it can’t be explained through a divorce certificate or a marriage certificate. We have gotten involved together in so many ways, child, parents, family members, emotions, each others’ memories. It has become a kinship. If I don’t do it, I’d feel troubled inside.

Beijing News: The surgery removes a part of your body, have you been afraid?

Su Dan: We witnessed a example at another hospital, where a man ultimately died from an infection after surgery. This is something we personally experienced, where just previously he was still talking and joking with us, but after surgery, so quickly passed away, so it was still very much a shock. But I want to fight this, and I really look forward to this surgery giving my husband a new life, and get rid of his diseased liver. I have found myself some inner support. We must go on together, because after all, he’s the father of our child whom I’ve lived with all day for 10 years.

Beijing News: What sort of inner support did you find for yourself?

Su Dan: I think mentality is very important. It isn’t just me giving him encouragement, but him also giving me courage. After the diagnosis, he only moped around in the beginning for the first few days, but very quickly he returned to his normal self, even smiling and laughing when watching TV. I don’t know why myself, but I just think that giving, to this kind of person, would be very worthwhile, a person who is a true man.


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Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 919160646:

True love is forever! Hope you live happily ever after. Recover soon.

腾讯网友 若水含冰:

If the woman is sick, would her husband do the same?

腾讯网友 麒麟产业:

Nonsense… this kind of report is only for [the author] making a contribution fee… and there’s no need for comments either… Overall, the man’s liver problem is the outcome of suffering from his wife’s bad temper… she donated to free her conscience from condemnation… Why did they get divorced? There’s nothing without a cause in the world…

腾讯甘肃省网友 七七: (responding to above)

How can there be a person like you, so dark in the heart?

腾讯网友 一切都好!:

If it was my wife, she’d run away faster than a rabbit.

腾讯网友 冰: (responding to above)

If your wife was ill and was in need of your donation, you’d run away faster than a rabbit’s dad.

腾讯盐城市网友 阿东:

I shed tears after reading this!!! This woman is so great/mighty… I feel the greatness, the selflessness, and motherly splendor of women in a moment of crisis! Sigh… we all need a purification of the soul! Salute to this woman.

腾讯网友 冬日芳菲:

Su Dan: Marriage is not a form, it’s the contents that matters, it can’t be explained through a divorce certificate or a marriage certificate. We have gotten involved together in so many ways, child, parents, family members, emotions, each others’ memories. It has become a kinship. If I don’t do it, I’d feel troubled inside.
I relate to this passage very much.

腾讯网友 一生平安:

Because of love, true love reveals itself at the time of misfortune, with love, there is hope. I’m so moved, I hope all men treat their wives well.

腾讯网友 高山流水:

Very touched. There’s real love in the world. May good people be safe always.

腾讯网友 三生缘:

I’m so touched that my tears are running. I pray for them, hope they recover soon, and live happily!

腾讯网友 724985999:

Love is great, hope you recover soon. Love is forever, hope you grow old with each other.

What do you think? Have you ever been a donor? Do you think you would be able to do the same thing this woman has done when the time comes?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • The Acidic Hasidic

    i dont understand, can you not donate body parts without being married?

    • The Acidic Hasidic

      also sofa

    • Rick in China

      I was thinking the same…and having to face a review board, interrogating you why you want to donate an organ (or a part of one) to your ex- is beyond me..unless it’s to find out if there is financial motive or mental illness involved or something.

    • I am not sure how it is in China, but here in Germany (if I remember correctly), if a family member would donate an organ (if the requirements meet of course), you can directly get one. If not, you would need to wait months or even years to get one from some foreign person.

  • I am always surprised how many Chinese really feel “touched” by such a story. Sounds like it was taken directly out of an asian drama…
    Talking about “true love”, “happiness” and things like that, when they just see this story without even knowing how their whole marriage was like or why they initially divorced.
    The article even said that it needed 2 weeks of persuasion for him to accept it. If it would be true love, then they wouldnt have divorced. He would directly accept the liver.

    It just needs one story, so that Chinese will talk about true love, happiness and things like that…

    • donscarletti

      I’m tempted to wildly hypothesise what this woman must have done for him to require two weeks to decide whether to die or forgive her.

      • mr.wiener

        I’m more tempted to think when she said “because I love him” she actually meant “lets see that bitch of a girlfriend of his match this…He’s mine I tell you! Mine!!”
        Mind you I am a cynical and jaded old bastard.

    • Strangerland

      I think the marriage requirement is because she was already outsider and if she tried to be a donour then her liver would be given to the first on the queue list. If you’re family, then you’re allowed to donate directly to the person, even if he is on the last queue in the waiting list.
      I’m trying to be positive here, maybe the husband needed 2 weeks before he finally agreed- because he too doesn’t want to jeopardize his wife’s health- and if the story is right then he also worried for the daughter. Also, the story above stated they’re divorcing in rash- maybe this sickness just open their eyes and made it possible for them to reconnect.
      I don’t think it’s that unbelievable, true love happens everywhere in this world, it’s just not always reported to the mass. It definitely makes me a bit green with envy, plus hoping that I’d have my own story too someday.

      • Rick in China

        I think it’d be awesome if this guy divorced her again immediately after he regained his health.

        • Seppo1

          I think it would be awesome if you were stRicken in China…with a terminal illness

        • Wow Rick…..tough crowd.

    • erguotouplease

      can you guys just stop being so gloomy and paranoid ? this is a touching story of true love. just embrace the fact and wish them luck.

  • Alphy

    Re-marrying because of the want of donating a liver?? How does that make any sense? I think it’s two separate issue. One of liver donation out of love and compassion, the other is the re-commitment (if you can call it that) of re-marring the same guy you divorced.

    • Nilerafter24

      I’m guessing that it’s the law here. You have to have some kind of relation to the recipient in order to donate an organ to them.

    • Strangerland

      My guess is in China there is also waiting list. If she donated without marrying him her liver would go to the people before her husband in the waiting list. I guess in China they can donor directly to family, that’s why she persuade him to remarry so he could get her liver directly.

      • Ryo

        That’s really not fair. Bring “married” and “un-married” is so easy. It’s almost like flipping a switch. They can get divorced right after the procedure to get around this law. There should be like a 6-12 months waiting period before they can get any benefits from being married.

        • Rick in China

          That’s a ridiculous statement. If she wants to donate her liver to him they shouldn’t require being married in any case.

        • Strangerland

          Well I don’t know about that being fair or unfair- I think for this couple things work out in the end. Benefits of being married? Or is it true love awakened by a disaster? I’d never know since I was never in their shoes. All that I know is this, they’re adjusting themselves to their country’s law. Every country has their ups and downs in law, and for them I’m glad their arrangement works out for the best possible outcome.
          I can see it in a cynical light, I can doubt them or be unhappy for them.
          Yet for now, I choose the opposite. I just want to be happy for them, be glad they do what they want to do, and just be appy for that little girl who may be has another chance to have her happy family together. Congrats to the happy re-married couple. Wish them all the best.

  • elizabeth

    True selfless love. So rare nowadays.

    • Andy

      Rare is the best way to cook liver – with faver beans and a nice chianti of course,

      • thepeoplewhocommentheresuck

        @andy: loser

  • Nilerafter24

    I’d never be able to live with myself if something went wrong and my wife ends up dying. Too painful.
    But hey, kudos to them. True love prevails.

  • Getrealson

    He should’ve just grabbed a few falun gong people until he found a match. I’m sure the government wouldn’t care!

    • Seppo1

      alternatively: a-rab terrorists, Pakistani villagers, or south american coca/hemp farmers, or Iraqis, or Sudanese, or Syrians, or Iranians, or Mexicans, or Vietnamese, or North Koreans, or………..Their lives aren’t worth much by some other standards

      • bored

        Difference is that the US does not execute them to harvest their organs afterwards .. I think

        • Seppo2

          You’re correct.No organ harvesting, they just harvest the resources from their land

        • truthspeaker

          No, that would make too much sense. Instead they just slaughter them and steal their shit.

      • themig

        japanese organs are the least wanted with all that hepatitis C in them :P

        • Seppo2

          You’re in the wrong circlejerk. This site is for friendless USA fucktards telling other USA fucktards (and some HK people that forgot their own history) that China is bad. Try Japanrub….I think the name was something like that

  • linette lee

    she is doing also because she has a young daughter, and she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up without a daddy. She is a selfless woman. I think if I have a young daughter I wouldn’t want her to grow up without her daddy neither.

    • Fire

      you can be selfless too, if you want

  • Fire

    sweet, life without love is no life at all, no matter how good or harmful the love is. Su Dan lives the poetry she cannot write.

  • [email protected]

    Sure this lady did, because sure as shit, no member of the Chinese public would have done it.

  • x1sfg

    I hope the process goes well. An organ transplant in China’s shoddy medical system would scare the white off rice

    • Seppo1

      The cost of a simple medical procedure in some other countries would scare the white off seppos

  • peye

    to x1sfg: Medical systems all over the world are in need of improvements, depending on a nations state of development and other factors. It is easy to be critical. So x1sfg you should put your expertice to work, get to work and help solving problems. My opinion you do not know too much about what is happening on this planet.

    • Seppo1

      You are entirely correct with your comment peye. Constructive criticism is valuable. Ignorant jibes come from either social retards, or people with an agenda.

      • mr.wiener

        So which one where you again? I like it so much better when you are actually contributing to the discussion like in this case.

        • Getrealson

          My bet is Capt Wed

          • Seppo1

            I’m guessing you still watch/read seppo news daily. Fucktardism doesn’t leave you seppos easily. It is up to you sad ‘blinker wearing’ simpletons to change the tone of the conversation here. Clean it up and I will ease off.

  • hun

    i like how this is news because it’s unimaginable in china

  • Daniel Tynan

    So many Chinese guys marry their wife and then employ her in their business. I think this is a bad move. Your wife shouldn’t be your business partner or even manager/employee relationship. .. .

  • Seppo1

    1000RMB to anyone that can be the matchmaker for me and the US people I have spoken with on this site…in fact, make it 5000RMB. I would like to win this discussion

  • Seppo1

    I feel sorry for Chinese people having to put up with the retardation of cunts like moop. Now if he was to come out and say what he thinks ‘in person’ I would think better of him.

  • Seppo1

    I will wait

  • elizabeth

    It’ll be good to have more of these stories. I am sure there are more like Su Dan who defy the negative preconception many have of the Chinese.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Too few and far between, I’m afraid.

      • truthspeaker

        No they’re actually the norm, I’m afraid – stupid white fuck. Too bad the kikes and other assorted hook noses of your vile media refuse to acknowledge this fact, as well hanjian whores like Fauna

  • elizabeth

    I mean, even the trolls and naysayers are silent…or dumbstruck…so far :)

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Oh shut the fuck up. Do you really think the average Chinese person gives a shit about you or any other foreigner, no matter how much you kiss their asses? Go ahead and live in denial and believe that, as you said to me before, you’ve never seen them do anything xenophobic or negative towards you. Yeah, just keep telling yourself that.

      Now, I don’t know you and I don’t know how life in China is for you, but for a lot of us it’s kind of shitty most of the time. Being critical of China and voicing our issues is not wrong. Perhaps you should get off your liberal self-righteous high horse.

      Also, your condescending attitude is so unbecoming. Really, why do liberals think that it’s cool to patronize people who have a different opinion? “Dumbstruck”? really? Is that what you’re calling it? You know, it is possible for even the most frustrated and disillusioned expats in China to accept that there are good things about this place. By the way, a lot of ‘naysayers’ already posted criticisms if you’d care to look below at the the comments, if that’s not too much trouble for you.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Bro, go fuck yourself, aight?

      • Liberals are 100% fucking retarded.

  • a Villain

    When I read the message, I was doubting the motives of the women. Would it not make more sense that the Chinese guy threatened her to take the liver even without her consent? Would explain the tears as well.

  • a Villain

    She probably was threatened by her ex-husband. My guess, he would have taken the liver without her consent any day.

  • vincent

    Nice to see articles like this once in a while.

  • Irvin

    “Marriage is not a form, it’s the contents that matters, it can’t be explained through a divorce certificate or a marriage certificate.” I wish I can find more women in china that thinks like that. That’s exactly how I felt about marriage, not a piece of paper, but a promise.

  • Guest

    In case anyone was wondering, I was banned. So long guys.

  • 3arlyBoy

    L.o.v.e. ♥ :)

  • Beijinger in Beijing

    “Su Dan is an Inner Mongolian”

    This makes sense now. Han Chinese would never do something like this.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      …from the horse’s mouth

    • truthspeaker

      Go ahead and phone all your Nazi friends at the State Dept and tell them there are no Han Chinese in Inner Mongolia, so they can’t drop their separatist propaganda. Stupid white fuck.

  • dim mak


  • SuperHappyCow

    Heartwarming. Lots of people tell you to be nice to people, but few tell you to be good, while even fewer are good.

    She’s amazing. :>

  • There’s something about this story that really doesn’t add up. It doesn’t help that the article itself has very few important details.

  • Heroic

    Disqus seems to have ruined the comments section on Safari. Can we go back to the old system. Disqus sucks terribly.

  • I’d do her.

  • elizabeth

    Hopefully, it will no longer be fashionable to give someone the middle finger.