Woman Removes Clothes To Search For Run-Away Daughter

Woman Removes Clothes To Search For Run-Away DaughterIn Chengdu one woman, half of her upper body exposed, is trying to find her daughter who has leukemia and left their home. This gave rise to a lot of attention, so she has casually thrown off all of her outer clothing, only wearing her undergarments while holding a placard of her daughter’s information and giving flyers out to passersby. Quite a few people who encircled her expressed that her not wearing a shirt was unsightly. People also called her search into question since she left her bank account on the sign for donations, which many think is just to swindle people out of their money. Netizens are also in favor of this line of thinking.


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  • vonskippy

    So does she and her daughter have identical birthmarks on their boobs or what? How does striping in public help find a missing person?

    • LostRambler

      Attention from the press I assume?

  • cheater!
    shameless! bad thing is maybe she is from yun nan, damn it!
    my father always gives money to these street beggers, i tell him many times do not , but can not help!

    • David

      You don’t like people from Yunnan? I was there for two weeks, very friendly people.

      • im from yun nan.
        i mean this cheater is a shame for me.

  • Amused

    Hey I support this! After all I also take my gear off and run around nekkid singing “Born Free” when I need to find lost women as well…

  • Foreign Devil

    Daughter probably ran away because mom is psychotic.

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