Woman Catches Child From 10th Floor Fall, Awarded 200k

A Chinese woman in Hangzhou, China lies on a hospital bed after catching a child who had fallen from the 10th floor of a residential apartment.

A Chinese woman in Hangzhou, China lies on a hospital bed after catching a child who had fallen from the 10th floor of a residential apartment.

From Sohu:

Two-year-old child falls 10 stories, female neighbor who opened her arms to catch her knocked unconscious

July 2nd 1:30 in the afternoon, in the Baijin Hai’an residential community in Hangzhou’s Binjiang district, a 2-year-old little girl suddenly fell from the 10th floor. Below, a 30-something woman bravely and selflessly rushed over and caught the child with both arms, stupefying the property management personnel who witnessed it! At present, the little girl is in emergency care, while the female rescuer, who isn’t related to the girl’s family and has suffered a relatively serious injury with a broken arm, has been called the world’s most beautiful mommy by netizens.

Wu Juping talking on her mobile phone while recovering in the hospital with a broken arm.

X-Ray of Wu Juping's fractured arm, sustained from catching and saving a falling child.The Hangzhou residential apartment building where a 2-year-old child fell and was caught by "Hero Mom" Wu Juping.

Comments from Sohu:


What is a hero? What is a role model? This is a hero, this is a role model! To this mother, I salute!


All the praise in the world seems inadequate, all the honor in the world is unable to represent the respect I have for you. I wholeheartedly wish you a quick recovery.


The greatness of a mother’s love, a magical strength.


China’s women and truly brave! All those men only [standing by] watching!


True great people can only be discovered in moments of danger. Everything she did was what she believed should have been done, with nothing strange, and no special reasons.


I’m the same as this most beautiful mother also in my lactation/breastfeeding period, my baby 7-months-old. After seeing this news, my tears immediately began flowing! I salute this heroic mother!


This wasn’t a small matter and actually was very dangerous. I salute this mother. I’m extremely moved!


Only after you have children will you understand, just how precious a little life is. Actually, no matter whose child it is, the love is all the same, and my little girl is 4-months-old now. I am deeply touched by this kind of motherly love.

Wu Juping lies on a hospital bed smiling at her 7-month-old son. This woman has become a "Hero Mom" after catching a neighbor's child who had fallen from a 10th floor apartment.

From ifeng:

Alibaba rewards “Hero Mom” with 200,000 yuan “Ali-award”

From Liba:

Alibaba announces that it will reward “Hero Mom” Wu Juping 200,000 yuan

July 3rd, Ma Yun [Jack Ma] posted a microblog message praising Wu Juping as a hero. Jack Ma said: “After World War II, a child asked: ‘Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?’ The Grandpa said: ‘No, but I served in a company of heroes.’ It has been an honor to have worked with you Ms. Wu for seven years, may the child and you have an quick recovery.”

This morning, Alibaba Public Relations Director Gu Jianbing announced on his microblog that Alibaba will reward Wu Juping RMB 200,000 yuan as an “Award For Touching The Heart of Alibaba”, and that “Wu Juping will be given paid leave during the period she is in the hospital and in recovery”.

Comments from Liba:


Alibaba sure has a lot of humanity… This Jack Ma is a good boss… Indeed [she] should be rewarded…


I wonder what state agencies/institutions/organizations are going to do.


This is a good boss, 200,000 is nothing for him, but it has gained him face and has advertised [his company]~ And what more, the person involved now has [financial] security [don’t have to worry about medical expenses].


[She is] worthy of the reward. It can also be said that [Jack Ma] has just done an image advertisement for his own company.


This was very well handled, a win-win result.
There is a big difference between those who know how to do business and those who don’t.
What more, had he spent 200,000 on an advertisement, it wouldn’t even be as gei li [effective] as what he did this time.


200,000 is not too much nor too little, just right!


It isn’t as if Jack Ma is short of money, him doing this even brought him more benefits than it cost.


Jack Ma is not bad!!! With this it looks like I should continue using Taobao to do right by him~~~~


Jack Ma truly is a first rate IQ and EQ person!!! What a good boss~~~

Have you ever saved a life? As a stranger? Were you injured in the process?

What do you think of Jack Ma rewarding his employee for her heroic act?

Wu Juping resting in the hospital with a fractured arm sustained from catching a 2-year-old child who had fallen from a 10th floor of an apartment building.

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