Woman Seriously Maims Small Child

Woman Seriously Maims Small Child
One 6-year-old boy in Hunan woke up Ms. Liu with his noisy playing, so she grabbed a kitchen knife and scissors and wounded him, cutting off his genitals and three fingers and causing permanent damage. Liu’s family members say that she is sick with schizophrenia, but the boy’s family don’t acknowledge this version of events. They believe that two children were at the scene, but only their son was harmed. The top netizen comment said that this little bastard going to other houses to make noise is just the household’s poor teaching of the child, they should probably accept their bad luck. But most netizens condemn Ms. Liu’s actions.

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  • Toasty

    Obviously she deserves all the punishment she will get, and hopefully the favorite Chinese excuse of mental illness will not get her out of it. However big a brat the boy was being, and i’m sure he was being an infuriating little shit, he didn’t deserve this.

    The article doesn’t mention what time of day it was. Was it during the night or was she having the ‘Chinese sleep’ in the middle of the day?

  • Jahar

    Holy fuck.

  • WghUk

    Fucking sick. She should be executed!

  • normally i dont read this kinds news.

    • Aeschylus

      Me neither, and this is another one I wish I hadn’t. Fuck.

  • Claude

    Holy shit. Pure evil.

  • Chaz

    Some people really to rein in their noisy shitlings…especially the “little prodigies” that blow trumpets, saxophones, and trombones after 9pm in apartment buildings!