Woman Uses Husband’s Insurance

Woman Uses Husband's Insurance
Mrs. Zou, who has high blood pressure, gave her daughter her husband’s insurance card to buy medicine for her totaling 11376.64 RMB, leading in the punishment of Mrs. Zouand her daughter. Mrs. Zou has already suffered from high blood pressure for more than 30 years, and because she only has basic health insurance the percent covered by her insurance is low, and her husband’s card is able to apply for quite a few reimbursements. In order to save money, Mrs. Zou made her own daughter use her husband’s card and therefore has broken the law. Netizens seem angry, one saying that it is truly disgusting, and wondering what the point of the card is if not to use it. Another one asked why an 80-year-old woman buying medicine using her 80-year-old’s husband’s insurance would get unexpectedly sentenced, as the old woman could still live a few years, and this little bit of money could be very useful in terms of medicine. The poor and rich are uneven, the same citizens are getting different treatment!

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