Woman Wants to Sue Husband to Force Him to Sleep With Her

From Netease:

After Half a Year of Marriage, Woman Wants to Sue Husband to Force Him to Carry Out Marital Duty.

After half a year of marriage, one husband takes very good care of his wife, but is not willing to cohabit with her. “Is it possible to have the court force him to cohabit with me?” Ms. Liu asked a lawyer from the Morning Post online.

This February, Ms. Liu (pseudonym) and her husband registered their marriage. On their wedding night, her husband was extremely drunk and Ms. Liu spent the night alone. Surprisingly, on the second night her husband moved his bedding to another room and again the couple slept separately. Everyday, as Ms. Liu argues with her husband because of his habit, but he never loses his temper at her. He is always trying to soothe her and is very considerate of her in the details of everyday life.

When Ms. Liu asks her husband if he has any physical problems, he denies it, but is also unwilling to go to the hospital for a checkup. Feeling helpless, Ms. Liu, who doesn’t want to get a divorce, asked the Morning Post if she could take her husband to court in order to force him to carry out his marital duties.

A Lawyer’s Take

Yao Xiuxiu, a lawyer from the Hubei Peng Law Office, and Ding Yan from Hubei Zun Erguang law office explained that the husband has a moral and legal obligation to carry out his marital duties, but the court is unable to force a man to carry out obligations involving his body. Because of this, the only way Ms. Liu can solve her problem is by communicating with her husband to find the root of the problem so they can fix it the proper way.

Comments from Netease:

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战神李源霸 [网易四川省资阳市网友]:

If you like to get penetrated thats fine, but don’t waste other people’s time! I don’t have a problem with homosexuals, but for the homosexuals that are keeping eligible women out of reach, I recommend killing every one that you see!!!

江左闲人啊 [网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友]

[Chinese text is a rhyming poem]
Not sleeping with your wife
Means you are definitely gay.
For her, an affair is better
Than guarding an empty room

easonjoey007 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

I’m sure a bunch of people on this message board will say “Please get in touch with me”.

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There are only two possibilities. One is that his is gay, the other is that his genitals are defective. Either way, it’s unbearable. You should leave him.

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He’s a gay that is just hiding it so he could be married. [a common practice in China where pressure from traditional older generations has led to many unwanted marriages]

统一100 [网易湖南省网友]:

A gay who is just lying to the woman.

天台村长谭大柱 [网易广东省深圳市手机网友]:

My name is Wang and I live next door, if you need some help just come see me.

痰王 [网易帕劳手机网友]:

I want to get in touch with her husband…

NO.10 [网易河南省平顶山市手机网友]:

He must be forced to carry out his duties!!!

厚颜无耻就是你 [网易吉林省长春市网友]:

Shit, If you still aren’t fucking, just sue to have him forced! Make the police hold him down as you fuck him! Embody our legal state, the dignity of law!!!

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      Yes I just randomly looked at this site again after basically consigning it to the virtual dustbin. For the owners good on you for listening!

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    How come no one is assuming shes just hideous or smells bad?

    • Zappa Frank

      i like you interpretations. But this time, if that was the case, why did he marry her?

      • enochrox

        Maybe he was lonely or… drinks too much? :)

    • nineteen85

      I really must commend you! Quit blaming/assigning disorders to the man. It could very well be the woman! They’ve could’ve met in the autumn, and decided to get married the following year(February). And under all those clothes, and layers, one cannot smell anything. It’s only when those come off, that one knows one is in a gas chamber!

      Disclaimer: This is merely conjecture and NOT spoken from experience. I repeat, NOT from experience.

  • WghUk

    Something is definately wrong with him…physically.

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    comments are hilarious…. it’s a kind of sad that is only the first story in months and that likely we will read another one in the middle of the winter…

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  • Foreign Devil

    A marriage of convenience.

  • hahaha!
    if he can take care of her well and make a kid with her also allow her cheating then its fine.

    • David

      If he will not have sex with her, he cannot have a child with her.

      • just several times would not kill him.

        • David

          I think many times would be OK but I guess HE thinks it will not.

        • IranianCyberArmy

          how can he erect?

          • if a man can take care of me well, i dont mind this kinda marriage. but never cheap mfker just wanna fk for free then run. he married her , already take the responsibility. not as most guys in city just want free sex. then look for a rich woman to marry.

  • Dan

    Sounds like he’s either gay or was coerced into this marriage.

    Either way, he’s gotta do something about it.

  • Vance

    This is weird. He sounds like a very considerate husband EXCEPT for this, and it sounds like he didn’t want to engage in sex with her from the very beginning. Like some kind of psychological problem that shuts off his sex drive. He owes it to her to go to a psychologist to find out what is wrong, or if he knows, then tell her. Nice to see the old format.

    • ClausRasmussen

      He’s gay

    • guest

      I am wondering if this is an arranged marriage and they haven’t got used to each other or at least on the man’s part.

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    Holy Shit!! Netizen comment?!?!?! Is it Christmas already?

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    Do what they would do in the States, divorce the guy and take all his money.

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    Wow! An actual story with translated comments!!! I thought I was seeing things when this popped up, but the elephant next to me said he saw it too.

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    Why sue? Slap the white privilege out of him.

    • guest

      You do know the husband is mostly likely to be Chinese?

      • LeanatanHannin

        Oh, sorry, I got mislead by the photo describing about the news, I guess it’s insinuating that whites are more suitable when it comes to this case. Yes, those pro-western Chinese husbands needs a good slapping to twist their direction to their own identity and stop being so obsessed about western stuff when westerners don’t give a cow’s milk to Chinese’s culture.

        • guest

          You are quite right all Chinese husbands need a good slapping.

          • LeanatanHannin

            All Chinese husbands? Wow, your dyslexia is showing full force my friend.

          • guest

            Yes, all Chinese husbands as you said.

          • LeanatanHannin

            Yup you’re profoundly dyslexic. Thanks for dispelling my doubts.

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            Oh no, I thought we were voicing our thoughts, I apologise if you misinterpreted them. I kinda of read these things on the fly-by I am kind of busy doing several things at the moment.

            But talking of dyslexia maybe you need to check yourself out given that no were in the article is it mentioned “white husbands” or “pro-Western loving chinese husbands” plus the confusion of relating the picture to the written text..

          • LeanatanHannin

            Yes we are voicing our thoughts, and I’m just giving opinions to yours. Please don’t copy my esque, it’s not like you got a genuine loyal to help you fight for the violation of my copyright protected esque. Thank you very much. Well if you have several things that need to be done, you don’t need to keep on replying to me and prove your blatant dyslexia revealing your poor reading comprehension about my context. You know I’m mislead at the first place right? You know I express anything that comes into mind right? What does this have to do about dyslexia? Are you all right nut-head, are you suffering some hallucinatory episodes? Just wake the snack-bar up, it’s not good for your health man.

            The picture depicts an ethical white men getting sexually frustrated and unsatisfied, ditto to that pseudo-Asian looking women as well. That’s how my opinions about white comes to mind, it’s that here is the internet and I can express anything I want.

          • guest

            Asian! She looks more Latin American than Asian! Please don’t stereotypical or jump to conclusions about “white men” or me for that matter, not only does it make you look bad but also trollish as well. But I guess as we’re assuming things about others guess it’s ok to say it’s the first weekend you had dry in ages? Must be rough on you voiding the drink?

            You know I am just as easily mislead especially as the article mentions a normal chinese guy. Yes, you are right that normal chinese husband does require slapping, as you said. You see why I was mislead I simply just wanted to express anything that came to my mind.

          • LeanatanHannin

            What you do is simply stealing my esque and my own pure opinions about you and paste it onto your text introducing column delivering it to me as an extreme banal retort without your true opinions, perceptions and reasons about me, I mean, how am I going to take something that is copied from me by a thoughtless joker like you? I don’t look bad, it’s not like I lack of ideas who need to pick-pocket someone’s esque and deliver it to the opposition as a banal retort. Troll? Say yourself, and for the sake of a malodorous cow’s foetus, what normal Chinese husband requires slapping I still can’t reach up to your autistic and dyslexic world, I only know that every pro-western Chinese men needs a simple slap to wake themselves up, you’re the one who is actually trolling, but I really do appreciate it, judging as how you use the most self-denigrating way of trying to prove more and more your dyslexia, you used that way to make an argument humiliating yourself in an attempt to deliberately distort the context of what I said about Chinese men, I really do appreciated it. As I had stated before, I express any opinions and thoughts that comes to my mind, if you’re really too lazy or you’re just innately dyslexic to read what I said, I could be as unfortunate as you. You’re dyslexic not because I say it out to you, it’s because you prove yourself over and over again by changing my original implications of the context that pro-western Asian men should be slapped to get them a culture wake up, PRO-WESTERN ASIAN MEN, do your school teach you how to spell? Write? Read? Don’t copy my esques and sentences, go use your own reasoning skills, what? Don’t tell me you have a brain of a nut-job?

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            Yep, I am too lazy to read like you, Mr stickly brown fingers. I just don’t know that got into me I blame others about their lack of reading comprehension, while typing away on my mobile device and its auto-incorrect, I simply can’t tell that the picture is different from the text but it don’t matter I just say the first thing that comes to mind. Yes, those normal Asian husbands need a good slapping.

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            Yep, you’re good at being dyslexic and irrational, a troll conformed. Get out of here.

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            Ooh don’t lose character you are only just starting to get funny!

            But oddly, I was just thinking the same thing about you.

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  • UserID01

    Putting aside the the presumptions and guesses as to the guy’s reasons for not wanting to sleep with his wife…

    Why on earth does the wife even believe a judge can FORCE someone to engage in sexual relations against their will? The guy doesn’t want to have sex, divorce him. Find someone else you’re willing to marry and you have sexual compatibility with.

  • jaded

    Just knock her up then she will get off his back.

  • mike921

    Another local ‘man’ with no game…

    • Alex Dương

      Seems like you and he would get along well.

  • Jun Andersen

    What…whhhhat? I guess it must be some kind of psychological disorder resulted from a catastrophic childhood.