Woman Wants to Sue Husband to Force Him to Sleep With Her

From Netease:

After Half a Year of Marriage, Woman Wants to Sue Husband to Force Him to Carry Out Marital Duty.

After half a year of marriage, one husband takes very good care of his wife, but is not willing to cohabit with her. “Is it possible to have the court force him to cohabit with me?” Ms. Liu asked a lawyer from the Morning Post online.

This February, Ms. Liu (pseudonym) and her husband registered their marriage. On their wedding night, her husband was extremely drunk and Ms. Liu spent the night alone. Surprisingly, on the second night her husband moved his bedding to another room and again the couple slept separately. Everyday, as Ms. Liu argues with her husband because of his habit, but he never loses his temper at her. He is always trying to soothe her and is very considerate of her in the details of everyday life.

When Ms. Liu asks her husband if he has any physical problems, he denies it, but is also unwilling to go to the hospital for a checkup. Feeling helpless, Ms. Liu, who doesn’t want to get a divorce, asked the Morning Post if she could take her husband to court in order to force him to carry out his marital duties.

A Lawyer’s Take

Yao Xiuxiu, a lawyer from the Hubei Peng Law Office, and Ding Yan from Hubei Zun Erguang law office explained that the husband has a moral and legal obligation to carry out his marital duties, but the court is unable to force a man to carry out obligations involving his body. Because of this, the only way Ms. Liu can solve her problem is by communicating with her husband to find the root of the problem so they can fix it the proper way.

Comments from Netease:

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