Woman’s Death Ruled Suicide, Family And Netizens Disagree

Woman's Death Ruled Suicide, Family And Netizens Disagree

Woman's Death Ruled Suicide, Family And Netizens Disagree

One month ago a women from Shandong was found dead in her house. The postmortem examination found seven knife wounds total, five of which were on her neck. Her neck’s main artery was cut, and her neck was also sliced one third of the way around its circumference. The local police have ruled this a suicide, and so are not reporting it as a crime. The family feels that this result is suspect, and are applying for a reexamination of the case. Netizens sarcastically commented that under the charge of “Uncle Police” the entire world is at peace.

Source: Netease

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  • Gerhana

    she was probably killed by a big potato and they are covering it up for him. I dont think anyone would commit suicide by slashing his/her own throat multiple times. A person would probably just stab the neck once, the shock from the pain and the blood would stop from further stabbing, and then wait to die. This sounds like a violent crime, the kind of thing someone with a lot of rage (& insecurities) would do to another human being.

    • Sean Van Cura

      I believe it’s possible to stab your self repeatedly but what really counts if it were a homicide is defensive wounds to the hands and blood splatter.

      • Gerhana

        oh yeah…. make sense she would try to cover up with her hands while the killer attacks. If there is no sign of resistance maybe she was drugged / drunk, maybe she knows the killer and the attack was so sudden etc Anyway not much clue is given, I wish they’d give more.

  • Zappa Frank

    if it wasn’t tragic would be really comic.. “must be a suicide Watson!”.. of course! what else?

  • DD Bear!

    i think if i really wanna kill some people, i can do it without any clue.
    i watch and read too many crime cases.

  • Mihel

    She stabbed the knife repeatedly with her throat.
    Case closed.

  • Sad Clown

    And the picture of the young woman shown above is who exactly? Victim? Relative? Police spokesperson? Some random woman?

    And why are her eyes censored?

    So many questions unanswered…